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What to do if the child is suddenly bitten by a wasp

Давайте поговорим о том, какими должны быть действия родителей в случае, если ребенка укусила оса, и посмотрим, что в такой ситуации нужно делать в первую очередь...

What to do if a child was bitten by a wasp? The first thing is not to panic with the baby (as young moms sometimes do) and stay calm. In the vast majority of cases, the biggest trouble with a wasp bite in a child will be a pronounced edema and severe pain.

However, even these symptoms are sometimes enough that the whole day on vacation or at the cottage was spoiled both in the child and in adults. In addition, the Internet, to which young parents first turn, is simply full of various "horrific" stories from "life" that also do not add tranquility. Of course, the described severe consequences of wasps stings sometimes happen, but it happens so rarely that it is simply useless to take them as an obligatory outcome.

Adults know that if a wasp has bitten a child, severe pain will certainly appear, but in about a day it will almost completely pass.

В большинстве случаев укус осы не имеет серьезных последствий для ребенка, и неприятные ощущения довольно быстро проходят.

Next, we'll see what parents need to do first, so that the consequences of a wasp sting of a baby are as quick and painless as possible. And also we will note what to do in those rare critical situations when the child's life can directly depend on the right actions of the parents.

But first things first…

On a note

Wasps are different. Ordinary paper, often found stinging, rather painful, but in no comparison with the long, very slender, brown or black color road wasps - they are considered to possess one of the most painful bites in the world of insects in general. After the attack of these wasps, even an adult can have a painful shock, and there's nothing to say about the child. However, fortunately, road wasps are much more rare than paper wasps, and bite only in exceptional cases.

Укусы дорожных ос очень болезненны, но, к счастью, эти насекомые встречаются значительно реже привычных нам бумажных ос.
На фотографии показана бумажная оса

For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that some of the "horrors" about the bites of wasps still have a real basis. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, all this does not happen with children: various complicated allergies, systemic reactions of the body and intoxications are more characteristic of adults.

The reason for this is rooted in immunology: the sensitivity to allergens that are part of the aspen poison, increases with each new bite . In this respect, the child's organism is a "clean sheet of paper", which simply has not yet accumulated the necessary "experience" for the development of a violent allergic reaction.

As a rule, hypersensitivity to any substance appears in an organism that has already encountered this allergen repeatedly. Simply put, for each subsequent sting, some people (and their minority) react more sharply and sharper.

Некоторые люди с каждым новым укусом становятся все более чувствительными к яду насекомых, и это может быть опасным.

An average adult healthy person does not have a similar response, since his body is able to produce protective antibodies and quickly neutralize the poison that has entered the bloodstream, and the baby's immune system is simply not familiar with it yet.

Thus, if a wasp is bitten by a child, the consequences of this will in most cases be entirely due to poison toxins, rather than the development of an allergic reaction. Pain and inflammation, of course, will be - but without the symptoms of allergies (eg, hives and fever).

Последствия укусов ос у детей обычно ограничиваются местной реакцией в виде небольшого отека и боли.

Only occasionally, in exceptional cases, a child can begin a systemic reaction to a wasp sting. This is a topic for a separate conversation (we'll look at it a little later), because such situations are much more dangerous and require the use of powerful drugs, and sometimes even hospitalization.

The first actions after a bite

So, if a child has already been stung by a wasp, first of all it is necessary to try to remove or neutralize at least part of the poison that has got under the skin.
To do this you need:

  • suck poison out of the wound - if you start doing this immediately after a bite, you can significantly reduce the degree of swelling;
  • attach a tampon soaked in table vinegar or lemon juice (alternatively a piece of apple or onion) to the bite site - the poison of the wasps has an alkaline medium, therefore it is partially neutralized by acid;
  • After 2-3 minutes, apply a cold compress to the site of the bite.

Чтобы предотвратить распространение осиного яда по тканям, полезно будет приложить к месту укуса холодный компресс

It is important to understand that it is completely impossible to avoid the appearance of pain and swelling, because you are still dealing with a very strong poison. Therefore, after the wasp has bitten the child, all actions should be aimed at reducing the amount of poison in the tissues - firstly, and, secondly, - to ensure that unpleasant sensations pass as soon as possible.

In addition to first aid measures, you also need to know what not to do with a wasp sting:

  • there is no point in wasting time searching for a sting in the wound: the sting of the wasps, unlike the bees, never leaves the victim's body after the bite; Осы не оставляют в ранке свое жало, в отличие от пчел
  • you can not panic and fuss: this will make the child even more worried, it is better just to regret the baby and try to explain to him that everything will soon pass;
  • it is strictly forbidden to squeeze out the poison: it will not flow out again, but it will be necessary to spread faster in the tissues due to the increase in blood flow with pressure; А вот чего не нужно делать после укуса насекомого - так это пытаться выдавливать яд из ранки, так как это лишь ускорит его распространение по тканям.
  • in the absence of obvious symptoms you can not smear the place of bite by any means from allergies from your medicine cabinet: the side effects of "adult" ointments in a child can be even harder than the consequences of the bite itself.

It is worth noting that most often the osus bite the child by the finger or hand, and this, fortunately, is the most "easy" option. Worse, when an insect is attacked, for example, a person or, especially, the neck or throat of a baby.

Если укус осы пришелся на лицо или шею ребенка, то реакция может быть более выраженной, чем в случае поражения рук или ног

In any case - in whatever part of the body the wasp bites your child - you should know which methods will reduce pain, swelling and subsequent itching.

Methods for eliminating pain, itching and swelling

To combat the characteristic consequences of bites, there are many good and proven means. All of them can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Special (and necessarily appropriate for the age of the child) drugs after insect bites. Examples include the children's balms Gardex Family and Gardex Baby, Mosquitall Spray Balm, Insectline Balsams and Picnic Family. Most of these funds only reduce itching. Remove the pain can drugs such as Fenistila, Sovenola and Menovazin, but their use in the child is possible only strictly in consultation with the doctor. Бальзам после укусов насекомых Picnic Family
  2. Soap solution and ammonia (standard "zelenka" and iodine can be used only in the last place). Мыльный раствор также может быть использован при обработке пораженного места
  3. Folk remedies: chopped parsley root, dandelion juice or garlic. Для некоторого уменьшения последствий укусов ос на природе можно воспользоваться соком одуванчика

It is important to understand that the edema from a wasp sting will be observed in the child in any case: even when the drugs will dull or relieve pain. The fact that swelling arises from the destruction of cells affected by poison tissues, so while the body itself does not "clear", the place, in which the wasp stung, will be inflamed.

The bites of the wasps in the face, throat or ear area are very dangerous: the poison here can cause a breath-threatening swelling.

Укусы жалящих насекомых в область лица и шеи могут быть иногда опасными для жизни.

Even if the wasp has bitten the child by the ear in the area of ​​the lobe, adults need to carefully monitor the baby's condition, and with the slightest doubt, take it to the doctor. In the event that the bite of a wasp fell on the mucous membranes of the eye, you can not delay - you must immediately go to the hospital or call an ambulance.

Если оса укусила ребенка в глаз, то лучше всего не медлить и вызвать Скорую помощь

Finally, if the bite of a wasp has occurred in the area of ​​the child's throat, developing swelling with an increased likelihood can lead to serious problems with breathing. It is for this reason that a significant percentage of deaths occur as a result of insect bites, so the child's condition requires special observation and, in case of worsening, the reaction speed.


"We had this last summer. I do not even know what to advise you. Lesche was then three years old, his wasp bit in the neck, but only from behind. He did not immediately show us, but suffered a long time. He's like that, Spartan. They themselves noticed that his neck was missing somewhere. But in addition to severe swelling there was nothing, breathed normally, ate. After a couple of days everything went away, we did not even smear anything. "

Kira, Severskaya village

Bites of oes in infants

Of course, any parent is very worried about his child, especially if the baby is only a few months old. Nevertheless, there is no specific specificity of ostal bites in infants.

The main problem that a parent of a bitten special baby will necessarily have to face is the child's strong concern. If a baby has bitten a wasp, an adult needs to take the measures described above to neutralize at least some of the poison, reduce swelling and severe pain.

На фотографии показано жало осы - оно гладкое и не застревает в коже, поэтому насекомое может использовать его многократно.

The more experienced parents advise at this time to distract the child, for example, to bathe in the cool water, in which he will cease to concentrate on the pain from the bite. However, special preparations are produced for babies - for example, Gardex Baby, intended for children from one year, but in the absence of an allergic reaction that can be used for babies from 6 months old, or a cream Rescuer, allowed for children of any age.

Бальзам Gardex Baby может применяться у самых маленьких детей для снятия зуда после укуса насекомых

In addition to these drugs, a small child can successfully apply and folk remedies such as garlic, soda and parsley root.

It is worth noting that in infants the pain from a bite of wasps usually passes faster than in older children, but the "lump" itself, if it appears, is retained for a longer period.


"A one-year-old child was bitten by a wasp. Well, the cry was, the hour, probably, could not reassure him. And then immediately let go. And the wasp bite him by the ear, we were afraid, as if on the face did not spread, but there even bumps were not special. So, only the ear protruded. He could not sleep on this side, woke up. Smeared him with a Savior, my grandmother rubbed sour cream. I do not remember exactly how much this edema was holding, but the bite of it stopped already the next day. "

Elena, Krasnoyarsk

First aid kit at the dacha: what you need to have with you to always help your child

Planning a trip with a baby to nature or just outside the city, it is necessary in advance to prepare a first aid kit, which must include a small set of tools for the timely provision of assistance to the child with bites of wasps or any other insects.

Собираясь с детьми на природу, нужно обязательно иметь в аптечке средства первой помощи при укусах насекомых

Никогда нельзя быть заранее уверенным, что отдых на природе обойдется без встречи с осами.

You can roughly focus on the following drugs:

  • Rescuer - a universal first aid (including with bites of wasps);
  • gel Fenistil;
  • delicate children's spray or balm type Gardex;
  • Suprastin - for every "fire" case (together with the drug should take instructions to be able to correctly calculate the dose for the child).

Если у ребенка уже имела место аллергическая реакция на укусы насекомых, то, выезжая на природу, стоит взять с собой антигистаминное средство, например, Супрастин.

After your baby was bitten by a wasp and you gave him first aid, the child should be watched in any case - in spite of the fact that the danger seemed to pass.

If the bite of a wasp has fallen into the eye or mouth, if the child has started to increase body temperature, there was a rash at the site of the bite or other parts of the body, there was a headache or nausea - the baby should immediately be taken to the hospital.

Before this, it is advisable to call the "First Aid" and, after describing the situation, ask for advice. Perhaps on the way to the hospital - on the recommendation of the doctor - the child will need to give Suprastin, but independent treatment in this case is unacceptable.

Be on vacation attentively, take care of yourself and your child, and if the trouble does happen, behave properly and keep your self-control.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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