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How to deal with wasps on the balcony

Давайте посмотрим, как нужно правильно бороться с осами, если они вдруг решили облюбовать ваш балкон и устроили себе здесь гнездо.

The owner of any apartment at least once in his life may find himself in a situation where a wasp is found on his balcony or loggia. Occasionally, the wasps that accidentally fly to the balcony in most cases do not represent a problem - it makes no sense to struggle with them, it is enough just to open the window and release them to freedom.

Another thing is when these uninvited guests decide here (or somewhere nearby) to settle down by building their own nest. In this case, the wasps on the balcony are beginning to pose a serious threat, because they are unlikely to tolerate indifferent people constantly coming to the "fresh air" and disturbing them. Very soon unpleasant neighbors will begin to sting all household members indiscriminately: animals, children and yourself, after all.

Соседство с осами на балконе не назовешь приятным, ведь они могут ужалить кого угодно и в любой момент.

This means only one thing: the struggle with the wasps on the balcony must begin immediately. Once you notice that the encounters with these insects have become permanent, you should immediately look for ways to get rid of them, without waiting for the growth of the aspen nest.

To once and for all to withdraw the wasps from the balcony, one must first try to find their nest. And not always it is located in sight and directly inside the loggia or balcony - there are a number of nuances ...

As a rule, wasps on the balcony settle in the fall. A young female finds among the rubble of old things a secluded place for wintering, and in the spring - with the onset of heat - begins here or build a nest under the ceiling. In the event that the owner of the apartment at least a little will miss this moment, it will be already difficult to get to the insect dwelling - it will become too much and they will be able to defend themselves.

Следует помнить, что осы могут весьма активно защищать свое гнездо, иногда нападая на человека всем роем...

Most often, wasps on the balcony are planted:

  • under the ceiling inside;
  • under the cornice outside;
  • outside under the windowsill;
  • in pipes for draining rainwater;
  • between walls and plating - both inside and outside;
  • with a lot of junk - right in front of him.

На фотографии показан пример осиного гнезда

Despite the variety of places suitable for building a nest, finding its location is usually not so difficult: to understand where to look for the dwelling of insects, it's enough just to sit still for half an hour on the balcony and observe exactly where the wasps are flying. If such observations did not help, then, most likely, the nest is located somewhere outside, and behind the wasps you need to watch from the window.

Если после наблюдения за осами вы не смогли увидеть их гнездо, возможно, оно находится снаружи балкона.

Пример осиного гнезда под карнизом балкона.

But to begin to disassemble trash on the balcony or push aside the shell in search of a nest should not be categorically: the wasps can suddenly attack. For a successful outcome of the fight against insects, it is necessary in advance to at least roughly represent the location of their nests, but it should be looked for carefully.

On a note

The wasp nest in the beginning looks like a small cone-shaped gray cast with honeycombs attached to the ceiling or wall. In the cracks or pipes it is not at all visible, but it is noticeable how insects constantly fly in and fly out from there.

In the photo - nests of wasps at different stages of construction:

На фото показана начальная стадия постройки осиного гнезда.

Насекомые делают свое гнездо из бумагоподобной массы, поэтому таких ос и называют бумажными.

Awning nest on the balcony: the main methods of destruction

So, let's assume that the first task is safely performed: the nest of wasps is either already found, or there is a clear idea of ​​where it is. Now you need to destroy it. And it is to destroy, but not humanely to remove and carry away, because in the latter case there is a high risk of suffering from bites (with a large number of them it can even be life-threatening).

Как бы вы ни хотели устранить осиное гнездо с балкона быстро и безболезненнно, будьте готовы к тому, что насекомые так просто не отступят, да еще и могут серьезно вас покусать.

Just drive the wasps from the balcony, swinging, for example, a newspaper, does not work: they will defend their nest until the last. Insects can either be destroyed, or capitulated and left the balcony in their power.

How can you get rid of the nest of wasps on the balcony? There are several effective ways to dwell in detail.

The first - one of the longest methods of struggle - is to directly infect the wasps themselves. It will take a few days (or even weeks), but it will work well if the owner rarely visits the balcony.

To remove insects in this way, one takes a simple piallet, a tin can or a plastic bottle, in the walls of which large holes are cut out. Inside the improvised trough is poured half a glass of beer and honey is added (you can do without beer, the main thing here is a sweet bait). Here, half a teaspoon of borax or boric acid is added (they serve as a poison), after which all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

At night, when the wasps are inactive, the feeder with poisoned bait is installed near their nest, and the door to the balcony is tightly closed. If in a few days all the bait will be eaten, and live wasps will still remain, one more portion of the mixture will have to be added to the feeder.

Борная кислота токсична не только для тараканов, но и для ос, поэтому на ее основе можно готовить отравленные приманки.

Practice shows that sooner or later (as a rule, it takes a week or two), all wasps die without exception. By the way, they also feed their larvae and uterus with poisoned bait.

This method of excretion can be applied also in the event that the wasps are planted in the attic.

Особенно часто осы строят свои гнезда на чердаках деревянных домов.

The second method of combating wasps on the balcony is burning the nest. For obvious reasons, this method is extremely fire-dangerous (burning a nest will be a big flame), so it is reasonable to apply it only in cases where the home is, for example, on the outer concrete wall of the balcony or under the ceiling away from the plastic lining and wallpaper.


Burning the wasp nest - although the most effective way of destruction, but at the same time the most dangerous. You can not use it if there is a nearby paper (including wallpaper), wood and furniture, plastic, textiles, carpets.

In order to realize this method of getting rid of wasps within the balcony, even in the evening you can pour gasoline or kerosene into the bottle of household chemicals, and cover the container with a spray gun. The nest of the wasps is practically paper, and therefore flares up quickly enough - it is only necessary to sprinkle it a little overnight with a combustible compound and immediately set it on fire.

The third method is fast enough and fireproof, but requiring a certain skill is the drowning of the nest in the water.

Метод утопления осиного гнезда в ведре довольно непрост в исполнении, но достаточно эффективен.

It should be noted that this method of combating wasps has one peculiarity: insect dwelling should be attached in the middle of a flat ceiling, otherwise it will be problematic to realize the method.

To remove the wasps from the balcony by this method, the bucket is taken, filled to the brim with water and at night rises so that its edges abut the ceiling, and the nest is completely immersed in water. Within a few hours, the water tank must fit snugly against the ceiling, therefore, as a rule, it is supported from below by any suitable object, for example, a regular stepladder.


Before you remove the bucket, you should still be safe and knock on it with a solid object. If the buzzing wasps after that is not audible - it means they were killed. Otherwise, it is very dangerous to lower the bucket!

Прежде чем убирать ведро с водой, убедитесь, что осы уже мертвы.

By the way, this method can be successfully used and in the country cottage, if there, for example, there is a nest of hornets - the nearest relatives of wasps. In addition, along with the first method of destruction, the third can also be used to deduce the wasps from the attic.

Шершней или ос, поселившихся на чердаке, также можно уничтожить при помощи ведра с водой.

And, finally, the last of the most effective ways of exterminating wasps is the use of insecticides against them. This method is very effective, but somewhat laborious.

Take a tight and necessarily sealed (without holes) plastic bag, which pours a little of any powerful tool from the wasps (you can read about them below). At night, the package is put on the nest, and the neck of the polyethylene trap is attached with adhesive tape to the surface around it so that the wasps can not get out. The insects will die within a few hours, so do not rush to check the effectiveness of this method.

Существует довольно много инсектицидных препаратов, пригодных для уничтожения ос.

After destroying the wasps in any way, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences it is always necessary to check whether there are any remaining insects in the nest. To do this, it is enough to knock on it with a long stick or a metal rod.

Means for the persecution of wasps

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when the wasps are planted on the balcony is their extermination with insecticide chemicals.

To date, quite a few similar products are being produced, and some remedies for domestic insects can be used as a poison. Here, for example, are some of them:

  • Carbophos - a relatively inexpensive, but effective (although it has a strong unpleasant odor); Немного устаревшее средство для уничтожения насекомых - всем известный Карбофос.
  • Get is a powerful modern insecticide, odorless and relatively safe for humans; Современый инсектицидный препарат Get хорошо подходит также и для уничтожения ос.
  • Tetrix or Cucaracha - one of the most powerful means, however, it is not easy to find them on sale, they are expensive and very strong smell; Средство профессиональной дезинсекции Тетрикс
  • Sinuzan; Препарат от насекомых Синузан
  • Microcin; Средство Микроцин Плюс
  • Minap 22; Средство от насекомых Минап 22
  • The Delta Zone; Микрокапсулированная суспензия Дельта Зона
  • Cucaracha; Инсектицидное средство Кукарача
  • Executioner. Препарат Палач

And etc.

An important point to pay special attention to is that in order to combat wasps on the balcony, it is better to use liquid concentrates diluted in water for subsequent spraying in the form of a spray, or aerosols ready for use.

Для борьбы с осами на балконе лучше всего использовать раствор инсектицидного средства, либо уже готовый к применению аэрозольный препарат в баллончике.

But the powders here, alas, will not work (you will not sprinkle them with a nest, but the powders may be suitable for preparing poisoned baits).

In order to drive the wasps from the balcony or loggia, you can also use some standard garden products to protect plants from pests.

If you like the option of cooking poisoned baits, then for this in sweet syrup you can add all the same insecticides: Get, Delta-Zone, Cucaracha. Good are also gels from cockroaches, which you can simply anoint in several places near the nest. Adult wasps will eat the poison themselves, as well as bring it to their homes for feeding larvae and uterus.

Security rules for the destruction of wasps on the balcony

Fighting the wasps on the balcony, no matter what method is used for this purpose, the event is still not safe. Insects are ready to protect the nest even at the cost of their own lives, and for a person multiple bites can be fraught with serious consequences.

Начиная борьбу с осами на балконе, не забудьте заблаговременно защититься от их укусов.

That is why in order to avoid an attack, all work on the removal of wasps should be carried out:

  • in the closest possible clothing, gloves and, preferably, the mask of the beekeeper;
  • at night, when the wasps are inactive and do not see well;
  • quickly, so that the insects do not have time to react;
  • with an open door to the apartment, so that in the event of an attack, the wasps are always ready to retreat.

If something went wrong, and the wasps began to attack, you must immediately escape into the room and close the door behind you. After half an hour or so, the insects will calm down, and the attempt will be repeated.

How to get rid of accidentally flying wasps on the balcony?

If, on your closed balcony, the wasp flew by accident, it should not be killed: it will not do any harm, but on the street it will be of much use.

Случайно залетевшую на балкон осу лучше всего просто выпустить обратно на улицу.

A single wasp is very easy to catch and release. To do this, it is enough to take an empty matchbox, cover it with a glass or wall and, without moving the boxes from the surface, close it. Open it, respectively, you need already outside the window, so that the insect could fly away.

Similarly, you can catch a wasp with an empty glass jar. Sometimes you do not even need to use the lid, but just quickly put the jar out of the window.

What to do to prevent wasps on the balcony from starting up again

As you can see, deducing wasps is a rather laborious process. Therefore, like in many other areas, it is much easier to prevent a probable problem than to eliminate it in fact.

To prevent the emergence of wasps on the balcony, one should only observe simple rules:

  • Do not allow on the loggia or balcony of the accumulation of old unnecessary things, among which the wasps successfully hide or find convenient places for the nest;
  • cover all the cracks between the walls and the skin;
  • install a thin grate outside the pipe to drain the water;
  • if the balcony is open, regularly visit it and inspect the ceilings and walls.

In general, on well-groomed, clean and glazed balconies, wasps are simply physically unable to settle. So make certain conclusions and always keep clean not only your apartment, but also the balcony!

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Vyacheslav :

    To catch wasps and hornets should be very simple. We take a bottle for 1.5 liters, cut off the conical part of the bottle, taking, for example, 1 cm of the cylindrical part. We turn the cut conical part of the bottle down with a neck (remove the lid) and insert it into the rest of the bottle, naturally, with a neck in the direction of the bottom. The edges of the connected parts must coincide. Secure the connection if it does not hold. Although with a thoughtful cut, the docking will be tight. Pierce the hole or two in the place of contact of the parts, pass the wire or rope, tighten and tie up next to the location of the flight of wasps, hornets. It can be a balcony, a bush of grapes. Before the suspension, pour the compote into the trap, you can and sour. All wasps, flies, hornets will be there. Still not a single one got out of there, the mind did not have enough to fly into the center of the neck. A lot of drowning (half a bottle pour the compote), flies climb the edge of the bottle up, rest on the conical part and scream (buzz): "I'm here, save!" They do not "drink" ordinary beer, only according to USSR prescriptions.

  2. Anonymous :

    On the balcony under the floor is a nest, how to get rid of? Paul parse or what? Arrive, even at me attention zero! As to his home, where he saw 4-5, how many more - I do not know.

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    Vacuum cleaner to the rescue.

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