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What do the dream books say about the appearance of lice in a dream

Посмотрим, что говорят различные сонники о появлении вшей во сне

The image of lice Dreams are usually classified as a signal of impending problems and troubles. This can be found in old as well as in completely modern editions.

This negative attitude has been formed since the time when lice were everywhere inhabited in human dwellings, causing many troubles and inconveniences to representatives of all classes - from the poor to the kings. Then the first dream books and the oldest interpretations of the appearance of lice in a dream began to form.

What is said about the lice in a dream, Miller's dream book and others

To get the most complete interpretation of your sleep, it is useful to apply directly to several different sources and compare the data obtained.

Сонник Миллера трактует появление вшей во сне как сигнал предстоящих бедствий

So, the most authoritative - Miller's dream book on head lice explains as follows:

  • a lot of misfortunes and troubles will come upon a person
  • either in the dreamer's family someone will get very sick
  • also possible attacks of enemies, intrigues and intrigues.

Another guide says that lice, a dream about which was unpleasant and memorable, indicate a future anxiety and troubles that take a lot of time and effort (Aesop's dream book). The modern dream book predicts a danger to human health, the intrigues of detractors and losses.

It is worth paying attention to the interesting interpretation of the Dreams of the Epiphany of September, November and November: it says that a dreamer who is bitten in a dream lice was close to receiving a well-deserved good profit, but his indecisive and timid behavior spoiled everything.

Согласно Соннику именинников сентября, октября и ноября, если вши во сне кусают, то нужно пересмотреть свое отношение к ситуации в жизни

In such cases it is recommended to recall similar situations and reconsider their attitude towards them - perhaps, still it will be possible to fix everything.

The English dream book predicts sad events: a debt hole, a misfortune with a person sleeping or close to him. Another opinion is held by the Eastern Dream Book: people who are expected to have rich wealth and fortification of their financial situation will see lice on their heads.

Lesser Veles dreams of a lice in the hair explains in two ways: on the one hand, they predict sadness and an unpleasant surprise, on the other - heralds the improvement of material well-being.

Малый Велесов сонник

По мнению авторов некоторых сонников, вши во сне обозначают финансовое благополучие

Much depends on how exactly a louse dreamed. Depending on her actions and the actions of the dreamer, the meaning of sleep can vary. For example, the dream book of Simon Kananit sleep about the lice on his head treats this way:

  • to see a dream: lice on the head of a friend or relative - good luck in business, profitable partnership;
  • but to see a louse on your own body - to failure and disease, a weakening of vital energy.

Sonnik Tsvetkov also offers a variety of options:

  • a louse on one's own body can mean a replenishment in the family;
  • lice in the head of another person promise a dreamer a sadness, quarrels and grief.

Head and pubic lice in a dream: what's the difference?

In real life, lice can live not only on the head, but also on other areas of the body covered with hair, and on clothing (so-called underwear lice ). Often this image is projected into sleep, changing its meaning is sometimes dramatic.

Появление бельевых вшей во сне может иметь совершенно иное значение, нежели появление головных или лобковых вшей

На фото - бельевая вошь и ее гнида

If lice on the head usually indicate the person himself, his health and surroundings, then the lobkov's lice can be interpreted as a symbol of the person's unconscious, intuitive and personal, moral experiences and aspirations. Often they signal about changes in relationships, predict separation or stagnation in their personal lives.

Если во сне появились лобковые вши, это может быть сигналом о проблемах в отношениях

No matter how licey they are, dream books still tend to give them a negative meaning in most cases. Although not always.

So, the louse pubic Dream of the birthday celebrations does not consider such a bad sign. It heralds a quick material gain, the acquisition of profitable orders and new business contacts that will help in promotion.

Некоторые сонники предрекают улучшение благосостояния, если во сне появляется лобковая вошь

At the same time, the Interpreter of the Eponymous People of January, February, March and April advises to be cautious: pubic lice can be a signal of dishonor and deceit, as well as unforeseen sufferings and insults. The American dream book pubic lice is a signal to the fact that the dreamer's personal life is not all right. Perhaps you should reconsider your relationship with a partner and try to make them more attractive to both.

It is interesting

Almost the same as the appearance of lice in a dream, dream interpretations and dreams with fleas. However, fleas in a dream are generally seen less as a symbol of good events in the future. Bad omens from the appearance of fleas in a dream - illnesses, failures, quarrels and grief - are quite similar to predictions for cases of the appearance of lice.

If pubic lice have dreamed of a young unmarried woman, this is not a very good sign. Perhaps her upcoming marriage will be upset or unsuccessful. Such a dream is an occasion to reconsider your attitude towards a partner and make sure that he behaves honestly and openly. Perhaps, his behavior is a vested interest.

Lice in a dream crawl and swish in their hair: what does this mean

The most common dream, which treats almost any dream book: lice on the hair. This is due to the fact that lice most often live on the hairline of the head, and the subconscious mind remembers this image. It is important in this case, the dreamer has to crush the lice, or not.

Вши на волосах - наиболее частый образ этих паразитов в сновидениях

Увидеть вошь на волосах во сне  может обозначать нерешенные проблемы

Old and modern dream books treat sleep with lice in the hair in different ways. One can say with certainty: lice on your head determine that sleep has the most direct relation to the dreamer, and not to his close ones or friends. Therefore, it should be interpreted, focusing on their own life situation, desires and problems.

So, dreaming in the head of a louse, Wangi's dreambook explains unresolved situations that weigh and embarrass the human mind. Lice personify negative thoughts and aspirations, ways leading to a dead end.

Сонник Ванги объясняет появление вшей во сне как результат тупиковых ситуаций в жизни

Miller's dream interpretation on the head treats differently: they warn about the future confusion and uneasiness that can lead to global changes in life. We need to carefully look around and prevent everything that prevents the achievement of the goal.

If you dreamed such a dream: lice in your hair climb and fall from them - you need to treat it with caution. According to the Ancient Eastern dream book, a dream with such a plot warns about the presence of enemies, secret ill-wishers and wiles. It is possible that the dreamer will try to substitute at work or blacken him in the eyes of his superiors to gain his own benefit.

The English dream book and the dream book of Simon Kananit advise not to be upset, but to rejoice when you see a dream with lice in your hair: it will attract the dreamer luck and money that will be received through a gift or a bargain.

В Английском соннике вши обозначают подарок в виде денег

In dreams, very different situations related to these insects may also appear. The natural reaction of most people when they see lice is to crush them or destroy them in another way. In dreams, too, it is often carried over, which is what every dream book says: killing lice or catching them is not at all such a bad sign as it might seem.

Давить вшей во сне может быть благоприятным знаком

So, for example, the Muslim Dream Book destroying lice considers the phenomenon quite innocuous: killing or catching these insects exaggerates the welfare of the dreamer, attracts luck and protects him from enemies. Such a dream symbolizes the destruction of evil and darkness, the transition to prosperity and happiness.

Уничтожение вшей во сне, по мнению некоторых сонников, предрекает удачу в жизни

Small Waleses dream book, the destruction of head lice treats like this: you need to beware of your own mistakes, which can lead to the collapse of the whole enterprise. We need to double attention to monitor all cases and in time to eliminate all inaccuracies and problems.

The number of lice in a dream will help to better interpret it

For a qualitative and complete interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to pay extra attention to details. So, for example, one louse dream book is usually significantly different in the treatment of many lice.

One louse, found on the head, body or clothes, symbolizes one problem or situation that currently disturbs a person.

Подсознание превращает какую-то нерешенную проблему в образ одной вши во сне

It can be either a negative event or complications at work, and a happy event: moving, giving birth to a child or a wedding. The important thing is that this event dwarfs all the others, and the dreamer is too fixated on it. Sleep warns about the need to maintain a balance in all areas of life and to keep track of any changes that are happening around.

On the other hand, many dream lice consider some dream books to be associated with small everyday affairs, trouble, getting money or a pleasant event. It is believed that the more lice, the greater the scope will reach this event.

Увидеть много вшей во сне обозначает наличие множества хлопот в жизни

At the same time, some guides, for example, the dream book of Nostradamus, Freud and the autumn birthday, warn: a large number of lice on the human body - a very bad sign, and should be prepared for a serious illness or financial collapse. And bad news can concern both the dreamer, and his close people, relatives and even colleagues. There is a rule: on which of the acquaintances was noticed a louse or many insects, so that the predicted events will occur.

The dream interpretation of the XXI century gives the following interpretation: one louse points to the need to throw all mental and physical forces into one thing, which will soon bear fruit of success. It is important not to waste your energy and not to abandon what has been started, to be patient. This is a good enough sign, which foreshadows a positive change, coupled with some difficulties.

According to this dream book, a large number of insects in a dream has the opposite meaning. Do not pay too much attention to those who are not worth the little trouble and trouble. They are currently surrounding the dreamer and interfere with his daily life, but these troubles will disappear by themselves. It is advisable not to get irritated over trifles and be tolerant of others - it is this approach that will help to calmly take care of life's troubles.

Sometimes it is difficult enough to interpret a dream, because there are a lot of dream books, each of which gives its own unique interpretation. To get closer to the truth, it is necessary to remember your dream as best as possible, carefully restoring all its details. After this, it is necessary to decide what the main impression was left by the dream. It can be joy, disappointment or bitterness, and maybe just disgust, caused by the appearance of unpleasant insects.

Сонник Нострадамуса - сегодня один из наиболее популярных

The most authoritative is Miller's dream book, as well as the dream books of Freud and Nostradamus. But this does not mean that other guidelines should be neglected. Each of them helps to make a more complete picture and apply it to your life.

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    Somehow I had a dream, in which lice crawled along the body. Unpleasant feeling is the same. But in different dream books, the values ​​are not the same. But everywhere it means to trouble, I hope will cost :(

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