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What to do if your child suddenly had lice ...

Что делать, если у ребенка вдруг появились вши...

As practice shows, lice in a child can appear at any time, and even in the most, it would seem, clean family. Therefore, parents need to be prepared in advance in order to be able to recognize the presence of parasites in children on time and begin effective treatment.

Most likely the infection of the child with head lice, as the most common in children's groups. But the louse's lice in children are much less common, and with a regular change of underwear and hygienic skills, even a casual parasite of this form does not survive on the child's clothes.

Infection of children with pubic lice is a phenomenon rather exceptional and occurs in isolated cases (for example, from infected parents, and sometimes even in public pools).

Below the photo shows the head lice on the baby's hair:

Фото головной вши в волосах

Головная вошь на пучке волос

Infection with lice and symptoms that develop in a child due to the activity of these parasites, in medicine are called pediculosis, and in the popular way - lice. Distinguish, respectively, head, ward and pubic pediculosis. All these diseases can be differently dangerous for the child.

Dangers associated with infection with lice

Pediculosis itself causes multiple unpleasant symptoms in a child. Most often the disease is characterized by:

  • itching in places of lice bites
  • appearance of characteristic reddish color of bite marks
  • the appearance of gray-blue spots on the skin
  • pustular lesions of the skin.

Pustular lesions are usually the result of combing bites of lice and getting into the combing of secondary infections. In the absence of treatment, the development of the disease can go further and lead to the appearance of ulcers and pyoderma.

In the next photo - the characteristic crusts on the places of scratching when the lice of the child's head are infected:

При постоянном расчесывании мест укусов вшей на коже образуются корки

If a child has lice, his body can respond to parasite bites by an allergic reaction with rashes, fever, nausea and vomiting, headaches. To do this, even a few parasites, the enzymes of which when bitten, get into the child's blood.


Lice are very dangerous in infants whose immune system is not yet fully formed. In developed countries, the infection of a child at this age is almost impossible due to good sanitation in maternity hospitals, but in the third world, babies sometimes begin to suffer from bites of lice in just a few weeks after birth.

Louse lice and much less often - headaches - are carriers of pathogens of typhus and recurrent typhoid, as well as some deadly rickettsiosis. These diseases are characterized by severe leakage, blurred symptoms and the likelihood of a fatal outcome. Therefore, it is necessary to fight against lice in the child immediately after the discovery of parasites, and in the ideal case parents should clearly know by what means and exactly how such a struggle should be carried out.

Here are some more photos of head lice:

Фото головной вши при сильном увеличении

Головная вошь способна очень крепко держаться на волосах за счет специфического строения лапок


"As soon as the kindergarten began, the child often began to appear lice. We publish them promptly, but this epic does not cease for a month. The worst thing is that a child has an acute reaction to lice - it sprinkles all over the body, the temperature rises, and so on until the lice are removed. We already went to swear to the administration, a complaint to the doctor was written, but still there is a child in the garden or several who have lice and who infect other children. Even if you hire a nanny and leave the kindergarten! "

Lyudmila, Ivanovo

Where and how to search for lice in a child

To detect lice in a child can be on several characteristic features:

  • Itching, because of which the child often scratches his head.
  • As well as traces of bites on the scalp. Such bites are small, have a bright pink color and a red center.
    Следы укусов вшей на коже малыша
    Наиболее легко такие укусы заметить на шее и за ушами ребенка
  • The presence of nits on the hair - lice eggs. Nits in a child are usually noticeable better than in adults, due to the lower density of hair. They look like small white dots on the hair. Гниды на волосах напоминают скопление белых точек
  • And, finally, the presence of lice themselves on the hair. Usually, they become especially noticeable when the head is heavily infected, but with careful examination of the hair, single individuals of parasites can be found.

In the video, Dr. Komarovsky explains in detail how to determine the presence of lice in children. To do this, you can use a simple table lamp - with its light nits in children in the hair become particularly noticeable:

The photo below shows the head of a lice infested with lice, the nits are clearly visible:

Так выглядят гниды на волосах

Trying to recognize lice in children, you should first check the head, the upper part of the neck and the place behind the ears. Significantly less often there are lice on the eyelashes of the child, and sometimes on his eyebrows. Typically, they prefer to parasitize pubic lice :

В случае заражения ребенка лобковыми вшами их бывает можно увидеть даже на ресницах

Лобковая вошь и гниды на ресницах

Еще одна фотография: хорошо заметно множество гнид

Head lice in children look like tiny light bugs swarming in their hair.

Сама головная вошь в волосах ребенка выглядит как маленький светлый жучок

Signs of lice in the child do not appear all at the same time. Most often at first, attention is paid to the behavior of the baby, which often scratches his head, and only then bites and insects themselves begin to be detected. Therefore, you should always pay attention to how the child behaves, and with obvious signs of anxiety to inspect it.

Where and how can a child catch parasites?

Almost always the child becomes infected with lice only in the team from another child or adult. The most actively distributed lice in the kindergarten and school, where children are constantly involved in games and fights, use toys and household items together.

В детских коллективах, например, в садиках и школах, наиболее легко и быстро распространяется головная вошь


Lice are transmitted from the child to the child already when there are no characteristic signs of them for the infected kid yet. Therefore, a child with lice can go to a kindergarten or school and infect peers for several weeks, until he finds parasites.

Sometimes lice are transmitted from relatives and friends who play with the baby and spend time with him. In more rare cases, parasites infect a child in public places and even in swimming pools.


"There were lice in our kindergarten. And the child brought from there an infection, we treated it, told the director of the kindergarten, and two months later - a new infection. And so - three times! Once after infection at home, he got a second child. Imagine lice in a child in 2 years! He has no hair really! We no longer knew where to complain, we wanted to leave the kindergarten. Have not yet written a complaint to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. I do not know who called the director there, but on the second day a brigade of doctors from the regional center came to the kindergarten, found several children who had lice all the time, and forbade them to go into the garden. And that's all. After this, the child has never been sick. "

Irina, Vinnitsa

It should always be remembered that the peak of infectiousness of children in kindergartens falls on the beginning of autumn, when the infants infected for the summer give out their lice to the rest.

Головная вошь уцепилась лапками за волос

After the autumn scandals, everyone is usually treated, and until next spring there are only separate precedents of the appearance of lice in the kindergarten.

Once again, we note that measures to remove parasites should be taken immediately after the signs of lice in the child were found.

Appearance of lice: are they exactly?

Lice are difficult to confuse with other parasites: almost no bloodsucking arthropods bite in the scalp, lice live in the hair. Sometimes the hair can be bitten by a tick, but the tick bites in children are single and do not cause constant itching.

In the photo there are a few lice:

На фото представлены вши разных размеров: от личинок, до взрослых особей

For comparison - a picture of a tick (note, it has 8 legs, and its lice have only 6):

У клеща 8 лапок, а у вшей их всего 6.

And in the next photo - the larva of the bed bug:

Личинка постельного клопа при увеличении

Accidentally met on the clothes the louse differs from bedbugs in small sizes and light color, and from fleas - the same light color of the covers of the body and the inability to jump.

Платяные вши на одежде

Lice and nits in children always occur simultaneously, and usually not one or two parasites are found, but a whole settlement of them, consisting of adult individuals, larvae of different ages and nits. Lice are practically the only parasites that can be found in large quantities on the baby's hair.

Safe means for children to fight against lice

To combat lice in children, the following means are usually used:

  • Special shampoos from lice - for children fit LiceGuard, Hygiene, NOC. Such drugs as Pedilin and Medilis for children should not be used due to high toxicity and strong side effects. Шампунь от вшей LiceGuard хорошо подходит детям
  • Creams - the most famous Nix and Nittifor. The latter can be used only for children older than 5 years. Крем от вшей Ниттифор применяется у детей от 5 лет
  • The combs from lice and nits are absolutely safe means, requiring to achieve an effect of about 5 days of persistent combing out of the child's head. Гребень для вычесывания вшей и гнид AntiV

На фотографии показаны вши, вычесанные с помощью гребня

Before deciding what exactly to louse a child, one should learn about the possibility of using this or that remedy in children of the corresponding age. Pediculicidal sprays for children are usually not used because of the danger of insecticide entering the respiratory tract. The only exception is Nyud's spray, which contains no poisonous substances.

The order of lice in a child

The lice remedy is applied to the head in doses and the order specified in the instructions, and the required time is maintained. After this, the drug is washed off, and the hair is combed through strings by an antiparasitic comb (for example, you can use a comb for combing lice and AntiV nits). You can not use combing, but then with a high probability, the treatment will have to be repeated.

Применяя гребень от вшей, волосы ребенка нужно вычесывать тщательно, прядь за прядью

Children can not treat the head with strong toxic preparations with ovicidal action, and therefore some nits on the hair will often remain alive. They are either combed by the crest, or the larvae emerging from them are destroyed one week after the first treatment of the head.

For a better combing of nits in a child, you can pre-treat the head with a solution of lemon or acetic acid. These tools weaken the attachment of nits to the hair. It is important only to observe the correct concentration of the solution.


"At first I did not even know what to do if the child had lice. About kerosene did not even think to poison him. I did not dare to buy any chemical shampoos. But the crest helped me. I bought LiceGuard, I combed my head for a week, fainted from these nasty things. But I combed it out! Nyudu is highly recommended now, but I have not tried it. They say it's safe for the child. "

Olga, St. Petersburg

Toxic drugs from lice can not be used as preventive.

Today, a remedy for Nuda lice, which does not contain substances toxic to the child, is a good remedy that can be used for prevention.

Спрей от вшей Нюда

Prevention of infection of the child with lice

Prevention of pediculosis in children is difficult, because it is usually difficult for a child to achieve all the necessary hygiene rules. However, in any case, to reduce the risk of infection of the baby lice can be the following measures:

  • Encourage the child to use his or her clothes and hygiene products.
  • To teach children not to contact closely with their peers-tramps.
  • Avoid places where infected people may appear.
  • Do not allow the child to play with children who have signs of lice (tangled dirty hair plus frequent scratching of the head).

In any case, every few days a child should carefully examine and comb his hair. If even a single specimen of the parasite is found, you should immediately consult a doctor for a recommendation for treatment. Independently to choose means of struggle against lice it is undesirable, as the child can have an individual intolerance of this or that drug.

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