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Can lice appear nervously?

Действительно ли вши способны появляться у человека от нервов? Давайте разбираться

Only from nerves, without other causes and infection from other people, lice on their heads can not appear. Existing ideas that eggs or lice themselves are dormant in the scalp, while a person is calm, and begin to swarm and cause itching only with nervous excitement, are pseudoscientific myths that are illogical and not confirmed by any studies.

Nevertheless, speculation about how lice on a nervous basis appear are widespread, not only in the provincial area, but also among the urban, well-educated population. This should be treated as a remnant of popular beliefs.

However, the idea of ​​whether lice can appear on the nerves, in some respects even has a connection with science.

Даже сегодня версия о том, что вши появляются на нервной почве является очень распространенной в народе


I never understood when my grandmother told me where the lice are taken from a man on a nervous basis. No matter how nervous a person is, the lice themselves are insects, and they just will not appear. But at the university, that's exactly what happened. I broke up with my beloved, with scandal and tears, I was very upset, I started my studies, and started. I scratched my head, I sinned on an allergy, I could not sleep, and then I began to detect nits. A couple of times on the pillow found the lice themselves, and I had to go to my parents for a week to poison this muck with kerosene. Now I understand that lice from stress - this is quite real.

Alena, Mirgorod

How do lice on your head actually appear?

Specialists-parasitologists have long found out how lice on the head and other parts of the body appear. The only way to get lice on a person's head or body is a direct transfer from another person. Usually such infection occurs at close intercourse, kisses, embraces, sexual acts, games, wrestling.

Вши могут попадать на голову как при прямом контакте с зараженным человеком, так и через общие предметы гигиены

It is also possible to carry lice through hygiene and hair care products - combs, towels, hair bands, hair clips. However, this method is more rare and an important role in the spread of lice does not play.

On a note

The pubic louse can also be transmitted in standing water along the water - all lice are resistant to hypoxia and do not perish in water for two days. There are cases of infection of children with pubic lice in India when swimming on public beaches of rivers in poor areas.

The louse, who spends most of his life on clothes and underwear, can with this clothes and spread, provided that several people wear clothes. Even the head louse can be transmitted through fur caps.

Головная вошь вполне может перекочевать на вашу голову с чужой шапки

Платяная вошь обитает на одежде, которая и может стать источником заражения

There is an opinion that is not rejected by scientists, that a person in a state of emotional arousal is more attractive to lice. These parasites are guided primarily by the smell, and the nervous person is more active sweat glands and it produces a stronger and stronger flavor.

However, given the inability of lice and their inability to fly, their reaction to the smell of a nervous person can only be explained by their transfer from one host to another, but not a spontaneous appearance. Therefore, even if the dependence of the probability of transmission of lice from the nerves is present, then on the spread of these parasites it affects very little.

The main popular theory of whether lice on a nervous basis can get lunatic is based on the following:

  • a quiet person lice and their eggs are dormant in the head, not showing any signs of themselves.
  • Lice from stress appear, reacting either to thoughts in the head, or to a constant allocation of sweat, and immediately after the appearance begin to actively eat and bite the person.

Согласно народной теории вши и их яйца дремлют в голове спокойного человека до поры до времени

Illogical in such a theory a lot.

Firstly, she does not explain how initially lice find themselves in the head and where they come from, nerves. After all, by inheritance they are not transferred, but if they are transferred from another person - why do they stop for a while?

Secondly, today it is known that lice can not starve for more than a few days. Accordingly, a dream in their head for many years is a scientific nonsense.

And, finally, it is not clear what a nervous person turns out to be so much more attractive source of food than a calm one, that on the last lice they can not even actively eat.

On a note

This theory has several options. Among them - the appearance on the head of the cones, in which the lice swarm. Allegedly, even photos of such cones are available. This is also a fiction: lice can not settle under the human skin. However, often another parasite - subcutaneous mites are confused with subcutaneous lice.

Хотя вши и не могут поселяться под кожей, но могут стать причиной укусов и раздражений

Часто подкожными вшами называют совсем других паразитов - чесоточных клещей

Obviously, such theories are peculiar atavisms of the people's picture of the world, which are gradually becoming obsolete. However, because of their existence, many people use the wrong ways to control parasites and even contribute to their spread.

Lice from stress: is it lice?

Another answer to the question, whether lice are from nerves, lies entirely in a different plane: lice from stress are not lice at all, but a common allergy or dermatitis on a nervous basis.

Indeed, the appearance of lice on the nerves can easily be confused with the signs of any skin disease on the head, giving off an itch. For example, psoriasis is characterized by itching with a wave-like intensity of manifestation. Most of all, he gives himself out at moments of emotional arousal. And before an experienced dermatologist accurately diagnoses the disease itself, the patient may feel that he has lice on nerves.

Симптомы кожного заболевания псориаза вполне могут проявляться на фоне сильных переживаний

Dermatitis can also appear on the nerves, and lice to them have not the slightest relationship.

Sometimes for the appearance of lice on the nerves of the soil can be taken scabies, the causative agent of which are not lice, but mites. True, scabies are more often localized on the hands and on the body, but mites can also settle on the head. Here they are and live in the skin itself, not showing outside and causing severe itching during their movements. Of course, scabies also does not come from nerves.

To distinguish scabies from lice (infection by lice) can be due to the appearance of itching on that part of the body that is not covered with hair, as well as the absence of nits on the hair and visible points of bites.

In the photo below, traces of the presence of lice are visible - it does not matter, on the nerves of the soil there were combs around the bites or simply from the itching:

Следы укусов бельевых вшей

In another photo - the hand of a person infected with an itch mite:

На фото - проявления чесотки на коже руки

However, to find out whether lice can be from nerves, or not, is not enough for a person already suffering from them. He needs specific instructions for action.

How should I be treated with lice?

For whatever reasons the appearance of lice is associated - on a nervous basis or indeed through transmission from another person - treatment should be started immediately.

In especially neglected cases, scalp, bitten and itchy, can be treated with soothing balms or lotions. But the first priority in infecting lice requires the destruction of the parasites themselves. They disappear - the signs of the disease will disappear.

Fighting lice is quite troublesome, but not difficult. Previously, the head of the infected was treated with kerosene and put on it for a few hours. Lice from this perish. Today, for the same purpose, special shampoos with lice poisons, toxic to insects, but harmless to humans, are used.

Шампунь Педилин с успехом применяется для уничтожения вшей

Sufficiently effective are also special combs against lice, which comb out and adult insects, and nits. However, if using kerosene or insecticide shampoo can get rid of lice in a few hours, then the comb will have to tinker for several days.

Гребень от вшей AntiV

To combat pubic lice use special ointments and shampoos. In all cases of controlling lice, shaving of the hair cover is an effective measure, especially in the summer, when the head is exposed to active sunlight.

A few more myths about lice

The myth of how lice appear from nerves is not the only one associated with these parasites. There are still a few surviving beliefs, in which a large number of people believe more willingly than in the facts proved by biologists. For example, many are convinced that lice and nits are different insects. In fact, nits are lice eggs in special shells.

Гнида вши на волосе

Фотография гниды под электронным микроскопом

Proving, whether there are lice from nerves, some experts admonishly explain that lice appear from the mud on the very head or in the house. These theories are close to those that professed in ancient Greece, and today science convincingly proves that it is impossible for lice to self-grow from dirt.

There is even a theory that lice are original cancer cells that can appear in the body on nervous soil and die only with the death of the host organism. This tale is as ridiculous as it is terrible. And, finally, the people are very popular with lice . Many healers are convinced that special spells will be enough to rid the sick person of parasites. Obviously, no matter where lice on the body or head come from, it's impossible to drive them out with spells alone.

To the record "Can lice appear nervously?" left 24 comments.
  1. Arina Mazur :

    Lice with nerves will appear. This is always warned by anesthesiologists that after the operation, lice may appear, because people are nervous.

    • Alina :

      No. Can not.

    • Darkness :

      Mdaaaa ... It's as if a man would have arisen somewhere in the forest from the fact that the planet has stress because of wars ...

  2. Anonymous :

    From nerves - yes maybe, but they often appear in a person who has a headache.

  3. Alain :

    Thank you for the correctly presented information. I searched for a long time how to convince people that lice are not formed from the air and they can not be conjured or weeped. Although I have the idea that people who do not particularly see nits, confuse them with hair falling out from the root, taking a light root for nits, tk. many say that they themselves disappeared after the person calmed down (combed, removed damaged hair and everything). I will not argue with anyone, it's just a guess)

  4. Natalia :

    Lice on the nerves are. She herself did not believe. When problems started in the family and there was no one to tell, then the first signs also got there. First, her head was itchy, and then she took off the white louse from her eyebrow - she hung in a thread. Before the mirror began to rake up a strand of hair and still pulled out a few pieces. And everyone was white and the belly was transparent. I could not get it out. Has bought or purchased dear or expensive spray, and to sense is not present. I calmed down a little, and my head stopped itching. And the lice were gone. The second wave of problems - and again white and small, two pieces. And the most interesting is that there is not even a nit.

  5. Anna :

    People, are you out of your mind? Lice from nerves ... It's the same thing as worms from nerves, or syphilis from nerves. What you need to be to think that pediculosis can earn stress ... Not in the Stone Age, gentlemen!

  6. Tanya :

    Lord, even after the article, people manage to keep stupid! I hate to bear such a heresy. Well, there is not them under the skin, no!

  7. Catherine :

    Yes, ahaha. Today, three adult women assured me that lice live with us all their lives, and when they die, they run from the person as "rats from the ship".

    • Victoria :

      And you asked the pathologist? What are you saying so confidently. So I'll tell you, my familiar man works there, says that not only white lice leave the body, but parasites of all kinds. If you do not believe that a louse can itself start, then try each time to wash your hair and, without drying your hair, turn them into a shovel every time. At you they too will appear. Only, again, convince yourself that they brought from the street))

  8. Yulya :

    And I was generally lucky. Daughter brought this infection, she was taken out, and I'm pregnant. All this is now with me. Shampoos do not help. Sprays, too. Horror ... Hunting on the wall to climb. I think my hair is dyed. Today, shampoo from fleas for animals washed. The most interesting thing is that I practically do not have nits.

  9. Anonymous :

    She left with her child to visit her grandmother without her husband. I was very sad and nervous without him. There was an itch from nowhere. We look, and there are white small lice (not like I had in my childhood, but the big ones are dark). Neither the child, nor the grandmother with long hair, who slept with us, they were not ... No means helped from the pharmacy. We arrived home, and everything went away. HOW and WHY? Unclear…

  10. Anonymous :

    And where did life come from on the planet?

  11. Nikolay :

    He served in the Northern Fleet, 19 years was. In connection with the anniversary (hazing) was a terrible stress. It was combed. He found large transparent lice, hiding in linen folds. After 2-3 days disappeared. On the Navy - the perfect purity! DO NOT take it. It was just from the nerves. Negation is nonsense. I'm 56 years old, I'm not lying.

  12. Elena, 27 years old :

    At one familiar lice all life are not deduced. She is 56, she lives with children and grandchildren, none of them have one, but she has a full head.

    • Tatiana :

      Oh, I have this situation: I took a foster girl, but we can not get the lice out. All Moscow epidemiology was visited.

  13. Elena :

    Delirium, full of nonsense! Never in my life will I believe that lice from nerves, how many in life lived and were nervous, at least one saw. We still live in a society, you can get infected easily ...

    • Anonymous :

      From the nerves there are lice, I assure you! I have 10 days at home alone, I do not communicate with anyone live, only by phone ... WHERE DO they come from ?!

  14. Anonymous :

    For several days my head was itching, but today I found a fine transparent lice. I began to comb out, I found a few more. I checked with my daughter with long hair: no, and there is no nit. Where do you think they came from?

  15. Nadia :

    So you wrote in black and white that you can get infected in public places. A daughter is not picked up - rejoice. And you, perhaps, in the transport close stood with a lousy, but whether it is not enough where.

    Here I two days already struggle with a dotekuju a pediculosis. I read about the life cycle of lice. I will smear every 2-3 days, so that hatched immature lice will die. We are not in a neglected form, thank God. Four lice were caught, no more were found. Last time, I cut my hair 4 years ago. She fought for three months and spat. But she was not even three years old.

  16. Anonymous :

    I'm constantly nervous and my lice appear, I'm already tired ...

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