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Bites of laundry lice

Укусы бельевых вшей заметно отличаются от укусов других насекомых. Как их распознать - узнаем дальше.

According to their symptoms, the bites of underwear lice are in many respects like the bites of other blood-sucking parasites of man , but they also have their own peculiarities. Basically, the bites of underwear lice are specific to the sensations of a person, and in the photo to consider their obvious differences from bites, for example, fleas or bedbugs is difficult.

Укусы блох на ноге

Укусы постельных клопов обычно располагаются на теле в виде дорожки


Linen lice in the people are called lice - a special form of head lice, which spend most of the time in the folds of a man's clothes, and on his body creep only to be filled with blood. They also put eggs on their clothes, and because of the inability to fast for a long time, they mostly meet people who do not take off or change clothes for a long time. It is the clothing lice that can bite the person behind the back, arms, legs and sides of the body - neither the pubic nor the head lice are capable of this.

As a rule, suspicion of bites of lice lice arises in people who discovered on their body unusual itchy lesions, reminiscent of insect bites. Their task is to find out who bitten them and what measures must be taken urgently.

Let's consider the main symptoms of bites of linen parasites to immediately be able to identify them and take action before lice begin to pose a serious threat to well-being.

How Lice Bite Looks

Bites of linen lice look almost the same as bites of pubic or head of their "relatives". Each bite is a small red itchy swelling, usually well defined and located separately from other parts of the affected skin. In the center of each such papule, a red dot is clearly visible - a hole in the hole through which the parasite sucked blood.

The photo below shows the lingerie lice themselves at the moment of bite:

Бельевые вши на теле человека

And in the next photo - individual bites of linen lice:

Укусы бельевых вшей на спине

When bitten, the louse injects into the wound saliva containing anesthetic substances, so that the bite itself is painless enough and can only cause a feeling of mild tingling. Below are a few more photos that show how linen lice bite:

Бельевая вошь на коже в момент укуса

Несколько бельевых вшей


"After a week at the parents' house in the village we began to suspect that we were not bitten by mosquitoes. Firstly, there were no mosquitoes in the house, and we included a repellent on a regular basis. And in the mornings all the same everyone itches, on the body bites red, even where the blanket was all night. At night, neither us nor the child seems to be concerned about anything. They began to understand and found out that the whole bed was infected with lice. And only on one couch, where my dad watches TV. They are small, they sit in all folds. We immediately took this bed and linen from other beds to the dry cleaning center in the district center, the whole house was showered with feverfew, the mattresses and pillows were burned in the sun, and it seems that afterwards we did not worry about anything. "

Anna, Eagle

Bites of linen lice are localized most often in those places of the body, to which the folds of clothing adjoin. Usually it is a loin and an area near the navel, shoulders, neck, upper back, inguinal-femoral fold, armpits. However, bites of parasites can be located on other parts of the body, up to the calves of the legs and forearms.

Укусы бельевых вшей в бедренной области

Bites of lingerie lice after a while become quite painful and cause severe itching.

Normal is the involuntary reaction of a person to comb the place of bite, however, when finding them, you should control yourself and do not comb to avoid infection of scratches.

Symptoms of pediculosis and sensation of the patient

With a large number of laundry lice, their bites are caused by a disease called pediculosis. Symptoms of it are much more extensive and distinct than the signs of single bites:

  • Red dry rashes all over the body, even in those areas where there are no bites. This rash is itchy and it causes pain when combing. The photo shows erythematous eruptions, provoked by bites of lice:

Покраснения на коже в местах укусов вшей

  • Emerging excoriations - small local self-harm to the skin in the form of small scars. They are similar to healing scratched bites, but they can also occur where lice are not bitten at all. At the site of excoriations, later, deep enough scars appear.
  • Cyanotic pigment spots in places of bites. This is a rather characteristic symptom, rarely developing even as a result of allergic reactions to the bites of other insects.
  • In places with accumulations of traces of bites, furuncles and ulcers appear, and in the absence of treatment they grow into pyoderma. In the photo below - triggered pyoderma, caused by bites of lice. Пиодермия (гнойное поражение кожи), вызванная укусами бельевых вшей
  • Symptoms of "vagrancy disease" are: hardening, thickening of the skin, excessive pigmentation and darkening of the skin.

However, the symptoms of pediculosis are typical for people who do not get rid of lice for years and live in unsanitary conditions - vagrants, refugees imprisoned in camps in the tropics. The development of pediculosis is preceded by so obvious and unpleasant symptoms of parasite attacks that, if possible, a person gets rid of lice before serious injuries develop.

How to distinguish bites of lice from bites of other insects

Bites of linen lice in many respects resemble bites of other insects, and a single papule is easily confused with a bite, for example, a bed bug. But if you look at the whole picture, you can find the differences:

  • From the bites of bugs, the bites of linen lice are distinguished by the absence of obvious chains of wounds. Each bug during feeding tries to make several bites at a distance of several centimeters from each other. Every louse bites only in one place, and there are no signs of order in the location of the wounds on the body.
  • From the bites of fleas bites lice can be distinguished by their painlessness. The bites of fleas at the time of bloodsucking are very sensitive and resemble a puncture of the skin with a needle. Bites of lice begin to be clearly felt only after some time after the parasite has already left the wound. In addition, the traces of feast of fleas also in some places are built into characteristic short paths, which when bites of lice does not happen almost never.
  • The bites of mites are very different from the bites of lice lice in size - after the detachment of the mite usually remains a large and hard lump, similar to edema. In addition, the mite usually sucks blood from a few hours to several days, and it can be easily found at the site of the bite. Lice feed on strength for several minutes.
  • It is easier to confuse biting lice with mosquito bites. However, mosquito bites usually do not show a hole in the hole, as in lice. In addition, linen lice bite only under the clothes, and if the symptoms of biting, similar to those shown in the photo below, appeared in places covered with pajamas or nightwear, it was most likely that they were lingerie lice.

Бельевые вши поражают области тела, которые скрыты одеждой, в отличие от, например, комаров

Sometimes biting lice manages to be confused with scabies (caused by itch mites). However, with scabies, there are no visible traces of skin puncture at all, and such errors usually occur when scabies are in places that are not visible to the victim - on the neck, under the shoulder blades, between the buttocks.

The danger of lice bites

Such dangers of lice bites, like pyoderma and the possibility of developing purulent diseases - are not the only potential troubles. History and parasitology indicate that the diseases carried by lice are much more dangerous, among them:

  • typhus
  • relapsing fever
  • trench fever.

Проявления сыпного тифа на коже живота

These diseases at one time were the cause of the death of many thousands of people around the world, today they are affected by the population of only the poorest developing countries.

It is interesting

Lice are one of the hosts of rickettsia - a bacterium that causes a large number of fairly similar diseases. In tropical countries, lice suffer diseases that are unfamiliar to the inhabitants of the temperate zone, and therefore the full list of the infections carried by them is wide enough.

The first symptoms of diseases caused by most lice-borne infections are fever, headaches, nausea, fever. If such symptoms occur within a few weeks after strong bouts of lice, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Means for handling lice bites and pain relief

Usually, occasional and single bites of lingerie lice do not require treatment and pass without consequences after a few days.

In case of serious infection with parasites and the development of pediculosis for getting rid of itching, one should use:

  • Hydrogen peroxide - it handles the freshest bites with a still unprotected wound from the puncture. First of all, such treatment is important for the disinfection of affected areas of the skin.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment, which prevents the development of allergic rashes.
  • Balsam "Rescuer" or an ordinary Vietnamese asterisk, able to calm the itching and reduce the size of the papules themselves.

Средство Спасатель поможет снять зуд от укусов бельевых вшей

When there is pustular rash, rash on the body or other symptoms of pediculosis, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Self-medication - especially with an erroneously diagnosed diagnosis - can be dangerous and can aggravate the situation.

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