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How many lice are able to live without a man

Долго ли способны вши жить без человека? Оказывается, не так уж и долго

Lice are obligate and very narrowly specialized human parasites. They are absolutely not adapted to life outside his body or on other animals. Only in exceptional cases, lice can live and somehow reproduce in the hairline on the body of some monkeys, but here they feel much worse than in human hair.

On the question of how many live lice without a man, you can give a simple answer - just as much as you can withstand without food. And the question of hunger for lice is very, very acute - usually a louse can not starve for more than 2 days, and only with a decrease in temperature to 10-12 ° C can stretch without food to 10 days.

В обычных условиях вошь не может голодать более 2 суток

On a note

The pubic louse is even less resistant to hunger - with normal temperatures of 28-30 ° C it can not last more than 8-9 hours, and after that time it will die if it does not reach the human body. But in the water lice, especially pubic, can survive for two days, and therefore often transmitted from person to person in places of public bathing.

How many live lice, so much they are continuously fed. Head lice eat four times a day, pubic - every 3-4 hours.

From the above considerations it is easy to understand that long to live outside the head and in general - outside the living being - lice can not.

Вши питаются кровью несколько раз в день

It is interesting

Frequently asked by parents questions like "how many live nits" or "how many live nits without a person" are not entirely correct. Nits are not independent insects, but only lice eggs , each in its shell. Therefore, they do not live, but develop. Without a human, they retain their ability to develop long enough - up to several days.

Specificity of feeding of lice and their dependence on the host

The only food of all types of lice that occur in humans is the blood that parasites suck, piercing the skin between the hair. It is wrong to assume that the lice feed on the hair itself: some think so because the head lice are often found firmly clinging to the hairs.

Все виды человеческих вшей питаются именно кровью, а не волосами

Such a trick insect does only to not fall from the head during human movements, when combing or washing hair. To feed the parasite still have to go down to the skin, pierce it with its stilettos and suck blood.

Each species and even each subspecies of lice morphologically very well adapted to their habitat. The size and shape of the segments on the paws for capturing hairs, the shape of the body, even the general contours of the abdomen of the insect, is to live on a person and even on a specific part of his body.

For example, some lice live outside the head - the louse has adapted to life on clothes and crawling onto a person's body when he clothes. A pubic louse lays exclusively on pubic hair and underarms. Only in children, pubic louse can infect hair on the head.

Head lice live not only on the head, but can also crawl on the beard of men and even on the eyelashes. Although in general the size of adult lice does not allow them to comfortably parasitize on too short hair.

In general, even on a person, lice do not live long. If the insect does not fall from the head and is not poisoned by a special shampoo or kerosene, in an adult stage the louse lives a maximum of 40-46 days, the nymph develops an additional 15-20 days. In general, a louse lives on the head for about two months, and on the pubic - about six weeks.

But to go to animals human head lice can not. In laboratory experiments, they feed on the body of monkeys, but in nature, primates are almost never found. Therefore, these parasites can not exist outside the person. The exception is only louse-dwelling , who do not live on the human body, but they eat all the same ...

Платяные вши живут на одежде, но питаются лишь кровью человека

It is interesting

The inability to bear hunger-striking lice are strikingly different from other parasites. For example, bed bugs can starve for months, and mites - even up to several years. Blok in the room can fast for up to 4 months, and at low temperatures - up to 1.5 years. Lice in this respect insects are striking, but instead of starving they received from evolution a high fitness for life on the human body - practically no ectoparasite has such a high specialization.

A louse something to life without a man is not adapted!

The structure of the body and the way of life of the lice testify to the fact that during their evolution they have managed to fully adapt to life on a human being. Their paws have changed in such a way that they can not do anything, except the realization of the hooks by the hair. The rotary apparatus of lice is adapted only for bloodsucking.

Фотография головной вши под микроскопом

Ротовой аппарат вши под микроскопом

But the most suitable is the fitness of the lice's reproductive organs to the human body: the female lays the egg in a copious, sticky shell, and does so only by moving along the hair. As a result, the egg remains attached to the hair. After leaving the egg, the larva immediately falls on the scalp and can feed.

It is interesting

In nature, human lice do not live. Their close species parasitize on primates, but it is the human parasite that is found exclusively on man.

Outside of a person lice live only on his clothes. So a special kind of lice was formed that can no longer live on the head, but are perfectly adapted to life on clothing (louse-lice). Here they lay the nits, they mate here, and for food they crawl over to the human body. Lice that live on clothing have a slightly different leg structure, which allows them to confidently hold on almost any textile products.

It's interesting that lice lice that live outside the human body are not longevous - their adults live as much as head lice - for about 40 days. Once outside the human body, the louse lives up to 3-4 days, and dies of hunger, if a person does not put on clothes.

Без доступа к телу человека вошь погибает в среднем за 3-4 суток

It is interesting

In laboratories, scientists use the blood of rats to feed lice or simply cultivate them in monkeys. Here every louse lives without a man as much as would live on the person himself.

But lice that live on animals have nothing to do with humans. Accordingly, it is impossible to get infected from pets by these parasites.

Lice in dogs

Dogs are home to specialized canine lice (more precisely - withers). They have somewhat longer stilettos for piercing thicker canine skin, and also paws adapted to be attached to dog hair. Dog lice can not parasitize a person, and even in cases where they accidentally fall on the head or body of a person, die within a few days.

Собачья вошь (точнее - власоед)

It is interesting

Dog lice are a family of withers, somewhat different from typical lice. But, like lice, they are distinguished by a narrow specialization and can parasitize only one species of animals.

Cat's louse and its features

The so-called cat louse, just like the dog, belongs to the group of withers and is adapted only to parasitism on cats. In all felines, these insects cause severe itching and skin lesions, and can also carry the eggs of dangerous helminths.

For a person, cat lice are not dangerous. Lice that live on cats can not even attach themselves to human hair.

Do lice live on cushions and blankets?

Of course, on pillows and bed linens, lice do not live. At least because here they have nothing to grasp and there is nowhere to put nits.

Вши не живут на подушках и постельном белье, но могут сюда случайно попасть с головы

In some cases, head lice can get on the pillows from the hair of an infected person and stay there for several hours, waiting for the opportunity to again crawl over the person's head. Louse lice can even settle in folds of blankets and sheets, but these insects do not form permanent populations.

But lice can be transmitted through towels, combs and hair bands. To prevent infection, you should first check the hygiene products and the person with whom communication occurs.

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  1. Dima :

    I learned a lot of cognitive, when it took my niece.

  2. Injured :

    Persistently and patiently poison everything, than it is possible, and to preparations of last generation they adapted. Lice do not know about the rules of their life and survive in spite of, and need - fall into a hibernation, and under the best conditions are activated. The nit is even more cunning: it hatchs when there are conditions for life.

  3. Anonymous :

    The strangest thing is that I feel like they are crawling all over the body, down to the hairs on their soles! I do not want to pour kerosene on it. I bought an aerosol, pshikayu - I sit in a package. Written 40 minutes, "kills nits" ... While I'm sitting in the package on the head - I feel how they crawl all over the body. Really, starting with the neck and ending with the feet! Armpits, chest, sides, abdomen. On the back somehow do not crawl, like. Hair is not so much, we can say that in general there. But somehow they even manage to crawl along the stomach!
    I read that they are dying of if you lubricate your hair with something greasy. It was coconut oil - smeared, the whole day went mazal. No effect. The oil dries, and again it feels like they are creeping. Hair short - feels good. Shave his head - is it worth it? I wash clothes every day, every day I dress clean. I can not fight these creatures for a week.
    I went to the hairdresser unsuccessfully ... Previously, Soviet cars had removable knives, which soaked in a solution of chlorine. Now machines do not have removable parts. The result is on the head. I want to try to wash my head with tar soap every 2 hours. Only they do not die of this soap, but stupidly run up all over the body. Still there is a little frozen cowberry - read, the juice of this berry is washing off the nits. As for evil, the hot water was turned off. Apparently, you still have to shave your head.

    • Anonymous :

      Have a drink of suprastin, or something like that ...

    • Anonymous :

      Apparently, it's already nerves passed.

    • Anonymous :

      Maybe it's linen lice, there you have to check all the clothes, look in the seams of clothes.

      • Anonymous :

        Just need to iron all clothes and linen. Or when boiled, boil at high temperature.

  4. Anonymous :

    Buy Nittifor, put it on and pack it on your head. And a scallop in the pharmacy. Sit with the package for an hour, and then comb out the nits and lice with a comb.

  5. Tatiana :

    Nittifor, unfortunately, stopped producing. It was told me in the drugstore when I had to fight my daughter's lice.

  6. Sentry :

    And hair coloring - kills lice?

  7. Catherine :

    Staining kills. My daughter Lice immediately brought out the Licener shampoo, but the other on the basis of mineral oil - no!

  8. Anonymous :

    Staining does not help to get rid of lice.

  9. 505 :

    Is there anything else from these creatures?

  10. I :

    Remus lotion is excellent. Another shampoo Antibit helped.

  11. Yulya :

    I saw the child and in horror. Began to treat, and I do not know what to do. The medicine did not help, the vinegar brewed - only stink. Lice themselves 1-2 a day at a maximum, but apparently, nits and larvae are missing. How to get rid of nits? The hair is light, though under the magnifying glass.

  12. Olga :

    We were treated with vodka - spray it on the hair (you can add natural essential oil: eucalyptus, lavender, geranium or bergamot), you dress the package, wrap the blanket and wait for 1 hour. You wash it off. Vodka disinfects everything. Removes even nits. But the procedure I recommend to spend one or two times with an interval of 3-5 days. Rescue this procedure, even the most dense hair. Good luck.

  13. Anonymous :

    Pure alcohol. Pack on the head. 5 minutes. It is not necessary to wash off. That's all.

    • Suffering :

      And did you try vinegar? Does it help? And alcohol just helps, not harmful then for hair?

  14. Larissa :

    In the Soviet era, lice were ejected from cheap cologne. They wetted their hair, put a plastic bag over their heads, on top of a hat (for aesthetics) and walked for several hours, preferably at night. AND ALL!

  15. Natalia :

    Circassian water. The most effective drug.

  16. Nadia :

    I struggle three months. Clothes I cook 30 minutes, dry, then in the freezer for 3 days ... I change the bed daily. Hot showers, essential oils, chinese water, dichlorvos, kerosene, tar soap, dust - tried everything. I sit all in the film for 2 hours, and they, the creatures, creep further! Especially after 5 pm nightmare. What to do?!

    Vinegar did not help - only the skin burned.

  17. Katya :

    Lice is a nightmare! I do not know where I caught them. 10 days ago I treated it with Nyuda, but apparently it does not work well on nits. After 3 days I combed out five small lice. I processed 5 days ago with "Para Plus". I rubbed my hair for this time twice a day. I did not brush anything, but the feeling that they are moving through the hair remains, although there is no itching. It seems that this is already a mental disorder :-) When will all this end ?! Today I'll comb it out again. I hope that these nerves run through your hair :-)

  18. Yulya :

    I read the comments, guys, half of you do not suffer from pediculosis, but a nervous breakdown. If you find nits and lice - it's to the dermatologist, and if you crawl all over your body - it's to the psychiatrist.

  19. Evvaaa :

    Well help means the series "Paranit" (there is a shampoo, but more effective lotion, it is with oil). The child brought it from school, and immediately got rid of it. But just in case a week later repeated. All the rest is nervous, they do not crawl along the body. Be strong and drink soothing.

    And of course, you need to re-wash everything (clothes, bedding, outer clothing), or at least hang it on the balcony for a week, and wear something else. Good luck!

  20. Olga :

    From nits helps ironing, 200C - iron the hair (women), and everything will be ok. They can not stand this temperature. Just take thin strands.

  21. Olga :

    To process a head it is necessary still and in 7-8 days as it is written in the instruction. Also scratch each day with a scallop. They withdrew quickly, but the head scratched and someone walked on it for another month. It's nervous.

  22. Mom :

    Tried shampoo Khigiya, 120 UAH. On the second day they brushed her - it did not help. I washed again - it did not help. Bought a pair of plus, 200 UAH. At intervals of a week, hair was treated twice. Wash laundry, hats. Sprayed this spray on jackets, combs. My daughter disappeared (like), but I do not. Hair is very thick and thick. Two weeks from the moment of discovery (from school). I'll try alcohol.

  23. Mom :

    Alcohol with the addition of old Soviet spirits, wet and wrapped under a polyethylene cap, on top of the usual for an hour or two. I comb out - there is nothing. I hope it's gone)) Thanks for the advice and good article.

  24. Anonymous :

    I got rid of the lice six months ago with the Bars remedy from the pet store, from fleas for cats. Try it, I advise.

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