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Постельная, или бельевая вошь, на самом деле является разновидностью головной вши. Откуда она берется и как с ней бороться, узнаем дальше.

Strictly speaking, there is no such kind of parasites, like bed lice, in nature. So usually called the people's head louse or a louse underwear (underwear), which is accidentally found on the bed. These insects are blood-sucking parasites belonging to the same species, but to different forms of it.

The head louse constantly lives on the head, and the clothes on the clothes of a man. On the bed, both parasites are completely accidental and can not exist for long. However, it was the rare occasional meetings that gave rise to the people to call the bed linen.

On a note

Human lice can not starve for more than a day, and their larvae - more than a few hours. Accordingly, a louse on a bed is almost a doomed suicide bomber, as she still needs to live up to the next person's visit to the bed. And if the louse solves this problem, settling on the clothes of those people who never change clothes (tramps and various declassed elements), then the head louse could not solve this problem. That is why the head louse only rarely occurs in the cheapest hotels and hostels, where it falls accidentally from the heads of infected guests.

Bed Lice: how they look

Bedding louse is a small insect with a body length of 0.5 to 3 mm, depending on the age and stage of development. The parasite does not have wings and only crawls. Moreover, its paws are poorly adapted for walking or moving on a flat surface: each foot of the louse carries a rounded claw, thanks to which the insect can keep on the hair bundle (see photo):

Благодаря острым закругленным кончикам лапок постельная вошь хорошо держится на волокнах ткани и на волосах

It is here, on the human body hair or the fibers of the woolen clothing of the lice and spend most of the time. On the surface of the body they slide down every few hours in order to pierce the skin and get drunk blood.

It is interesting

The linen (lingerie) louse , spending most of the time on clothes, for many centuries of evolution markedly changed its morphology and adapted to clinging to tissues and skin. Nevertheless, when moving lice head to head, they for a few generations get used to the original conditions of habitat.

Bed lice look unattractive. They have an outstretched abdomen and a small head. Their body color is light gray, almost white, but after feeding, when the abdomen is filled with blood, the louse becomes red or brown.

On the photo below - bed lice on the site of bites:

На фото - постельные вши во время укуса

The following photo shows how the bed lice look under the microscope:

Фотография постельной вши под электронным микроскопом

It is interesting

The pubic louse has a body shape different from that of bed lice. Her abdomen is much shorter, and the paws are more powerful. On the bed, pubic lice almost never occur. The photo of the pubic lice is shown below:

Форма тела у лобковой вши сильно отличается от постельной

The main signs of bed lice, which distinguish them from other parasites:

  • small sizes
  • transparent covers of the body
  • lack of mobility
  • outstretched abdomen.

Larvae of bed lice are very similar to adult insects and outwardly differ from them only in size. They also feed on blood and live with adult insects. Before becoming an adult louse, the larva must be transfused three times.

Bed lice bite a person at any time, the main thing - that the human body itself is near. Below is a photo of bites of bed lice - they are very similar to those of bed bugs, but differ in that lice never leave a chain of several bites:

Места укусов постельных вшей

Eggs of bed lice are attached to the folds of a person's clothing and, in exceptional cases, to the bed itself, on which people often and regularly sleep. Enclosed in a special capsule to attach to the hair, such an egg is called a nit. On the bed and clothes, finding him is incredibly difficult because of his white color and tiny sizes.

The photo shows a bed of lice and her egg on her finger.

Постельная вошь и ее гнида (яйцо)

On a note

Lice on the bed and their bites are often confused with other parasites. For example, a full-fat bed louse looks like a flea, except that it can not jump. But even more often lice are called small larvae of bedbugs, also translucent with a drop of blood in the abdomen. It is bugs with a much greater probability can be found in bed - it's their usual habitat, unlike lice, which on the bed are found only occasionally. And if they found "lice in bed" - under the mattress or on the body - it's guaranteed bedbugs. Lice there simply would not crawl.

Lice on the bed: what are they doing here?

Lice are constantly living on the human body ectoparasites, that is, parasites that do not penetrate the body. By their attachment to the human body, they differ from other parasites: fleas, ticks, bugs live and multiply in apartments and nature, but per person they get only to feed. In lice, the whole cycle of reproduction takes place on the human hair and body.

The main purpose of the presence of lice on the human body is nutrition. Their only food is blood, for which they make a bite, piercing the skin with their jaws in the form of thin stilettos, and suck several micrograms of blood for one feeding. Despite the miniature size, the bites of bed lice are more painful than, for example, mosquito bites, and look like small cones with a hole in the center.

In the photo below - bites of bed lice on the body. Such defeats are typical of cases when there are a lot of lice.

Укусы постельных вшей на внутренней стороне бедра

On the bed, lice are very rare and only on an exceptional basis. There are only individuals that accidentally fall from the body or head, and there are no permanent populations that multiply in bed.

Nevertheless, if a man lies on the bed, on which the louse fell, the parasite will move to its body and again begin its habitual way of life.

Mass lice on the bed do not occur, and even a few individuals in the same bed can appear only if a very infected person has spent the night on it.

If you find a lot of "lice" in bed - then, most likely, it is the larvae of bed bugs.

Why are bed lice dangerous?

Separate bites of bed lice are not the greatest trouble. Especially dangerous they become at large amounts, when mass bites cause a pediculosis in a person - a complex of symptoms similar to a skin disease. Pediculosis is usually accompanied by:

  • a rash on the body
  • the appearance of pustules and scar
  • Cyanotic pigment spots
  • coarse skin.

Укусы постельных вшей, особенно если их расчесывать, чреваты появлением серьезных гнойников и воспалений

In especially neglected cases, ulcers and furuncles develop with pediculosis, pyoderma with symptoms of any severity can develop.

But even more dangerous are the lice that carry the pathogens of several deadly diseases, among which the most common are typhus and recurrent typhus. Today, these diseases are found mainly in developing countries, but they have not lost their danger.

But in general, lice always ruin the quality of a person's life. Constant itching from bites, untidy hair with nits, skin lesions do not give a person a normal feel and push him from others. Therefore, in case of possible infection by parasites, you should always know how to remove bed lice.

Ways to get rid of bed lice

To combat bed lice on hair-covered body parts, usually use special shampoos, aerosols or lotions from lice like Nittifor, Nit Free, Para-plus. They process hair and infected parts of the body, if possible - wrapped in polyethylene for several hours, and then washed.

Аэрозолем Para Plus удобно обрабатывать зараженные участки тела

Previously, kerosene and vinegar were used for these purposes, but modern means are much more effective and less aggressive with respect to human skin.

To get rid of bed lice on your head you can also use special anti-parasitic combs. However, it should be remembered that such adaptations require spending several days to get rid of lice - using their periodic combing out of the hair.

Избавление от вшей с помощью гребня - долгое и кропотливое занятие

On a note

Simple combs, even thick, lice and nits do not scrub out. Antiparasitic instruments have a distance between the teeth, approximately equal to the thickness of several hairs, as well as rigid, stiff teeth. This allows them to hook even the nits, which can not cope with the usual crests.

Specially to process bed from lice it is necessary in the washing machine at the maximal temperature. Already at 55 ° C lice die within half an hour, and with the addition of insecticidal shampoo - even faster.

In most cases, treatment of bed from lice is not required - just remove it and just take out on the street for a day. Insects during this time will die of hunger. After that, the bed is just enough to wash.

It is very important to treat the bed after the lice on the same day when the fight against the parasites is in the apartment owners themselves. This will reduce the risk of possible secondary infection.

But instead of studying how to get rid of bed lice, it is much more rational to apply prevention and protection measures against infection.

Preventing lice from entering the house

Lice fall into any room or bed only with an infected person. They can not crawl or come on a set of bed linens.

Вши могут попасть в дом только с зараженным человеком

Practically excluded cases of falling into a room with the furniture itself - for the time that the sofa or bed is transported, the lice simply peremut with hunger. Therefore, the best ways to prevent lice from entering the house will be:

  • Avoiding visits by people or children living in dubious sanitation.
  • Check the friends of children who come to the house. Usually, when a serious infection occurs, the nits on the child's head are visible to the naked eye.
  • Mandatory quarantine after visiting cheap hotels, hostels, hostels - if you suspect a lice infection, it is advisable to wash your head with insecticide shampoo for several days and monitor the condition of your scalp.

Always remember that protecting the house and bed from lice begins with protecting themselves. Therefore, the most optimal is to exclude one's own contacts with dubious characters, casual sex and communication with disadvantaged adolescents. So with a high probability of infection with lice can be avoided.

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  1. Alexey :

    Thank you for your good advice, but maybe it's on your head, but could not find the lice? Che on the body - and also did not find. How to be?

  2. Oleg :

    An effective way to combat these parasites is ordinary lemon juice. Eat lemons, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, mustard. They are sucked into the blood, and lice bite less. Lemon can be wiped off, very effective. You can make perfume from lemon juice, different perfumes, soaps, shampoos, based on citrus. Secondly, the usual cellophane - it does not let in air, and they choke. You can make a bed, and cover it from above with a clean sheet, or with a silk veil. You can sprinkle a bed with salt, moisten with salt water, soda for food, for washing. When working with chemicals, be careful, wear rubber gloves, take a hot shower, wash yourself properly. Keep clothes in polyethylene bags, ordinary blue 60 liters, for garbage. And wipe with lemon. Washing, ironing, a regular washing vacuum cleaner, a steam mop, an iron, packets are very effective. I wish everyone good health, Oleg Ivanovich was with you!

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