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Where does a person get lice and how can they be treated

Откуда у человека берутся вши и как от них правильно лечиться - попробуем разобраться вместе

Almost always the fact of having lice on your head or your child is a big and unpleasant surprise. Whence lice are taken and, most importantly, how to treat them now - these are the main questions that arise in person first and which we will consider in more detail.

First of all, it is important to understand: the main and only source of lice is the people infected by them. Lice do not parasitize animals, they can not live on furniture and household items (except in often worn clothing), and they get to the body or head of a person, only moving from a sick person to a healthy one. In this case, lice do not know how to jump or fly and do not possess any special abilities that facilitate their movement between people.

Nevertheless, lice spread very successfully and very successfully. Practice shows that if there are signs of lice in a person , it means that about a few weeks ago he had close communication with someone lashed.

В большинстве случаев вшей обнаруживают лишь спустя несколько недель после заражения ими

On a note

Unlike most other bloodsucker insects, lice can not fast for a long time: under the conditions of an ordinary city apartment at a temperature of about 23 ° C these insects die without food in about 5 days. Ideally, lice should be fed on the human body 3-4 times a day. This further limits their ability to move between victims. For example, mites can starve for months, and each patient on the blade of grass is patiently waiting for another portion of blood.

When and how are lice transmitted?

Lice are transmitted by tight physical contacts of people with each other. The most common is the pubic louse , which in most cases is transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Фотография лобковой вши


"Even before the treatment, I asked my doctor where the pubic lice were from. He told me - only from sexual partners. I had only two connections in the last six months, and it seems that the star from the club infected me. "

Igor, Moscow

Other types of lice are transmitted in other situations:

  • between family members at games and joint pastime
  • between children in kindergartens and schools - also in games and brawls
  • in crowded places in the absence of normal sanitation - in places where homeless people are staying, in field camps during military operations, in refugee camps and prisons
  • in public transport
  • during crowded events
  • in swimming pools and solariums
  • in hiking.

The important thing is that lice need a certain amount of time to crawl from one person to another. So, with a simple handshake, they are not transmitted - you need, at least for a long time to stand tightly in the trolley bus or play with the child for a long time.

Вши зачастую передаются при игре с детьми

On a note

An important feature of lice is the ability to transmit them from an infected person to others even before the signs of their presence in the carrier become particularly obvious. This complicates the task of prevention and requires special care in dealing with people.

There are also more rare ways of transmission of lice. Parasites can be transferred to hair care products, in caps and on water (swimming pools, for example). However, these methods do not have a leading role in epidemiology of pediculosis.


You still ask where the lice in your head come from! Of course, from your child, you got them even before they took lice from him. They need time somehow to multiply. Consider now before you treat your head that you most likely have your baby re-infected.

From the dialogue on the forum

It is important to understand that if lice appeared on the head in large numbers, the very moment of their transmission was already in the distant past - usually several weeks ago. Usually single insects are transmitted, which then give rise to a new population on the infected person.

In the photo below, lice on a comb with which they can be passed on to a healthy person:

Вши могут оставаться на расческе и передаваться таким образом здоровым людям

In the next photo there is a baby hat infected with lice. This is a clear answer to the question, where do lice come from in everyday conditions:

Вши и их яйца могут оставаться в шапках и других головных уборах

On a note

Local epidemics of pediculosis in children in September are related to their stay in children's camps in the summer. For a month or two every schoolboy has time to mature several generations of parasites, and the itch on their heads usually occurs around the same time.


"Previously, I did not know where lice were taken from children, but everything turned out to be simple. One such lousy in the kindergarten - and in a month all the children go and itch, and the kindergarten is closed for quarantine. Children - they are not ministers. They fought there, head to head play toys, they just fool around - lice between them as they walk along the boulevard.

Raisa, Magnitogorsk

Now a few words about where the nits in the hair come from.

In most cases, nits are not transmitted from a person infected with lice to another. Nits are just lice eggs, attached with a special sticky substance to the hair, completely immobile and unable to self-transfer. Only occasionally can they carry them with falling hair or on combs, but these options are unlikely. Nits on the head appear only from adult lice. If they are, then there are lice.

Фотография гниды на волосе


"To us in the consultation often come and adults, and mothers with children, and adolescents, and ask where the nits come from. I have to lecture them on biology and explain that they are being laid off by lice themselves. But already where the lice are taken from a person, everyone is well informed. "

Maria Georgievna, Krasnoyarsk

The video below explains in detail where the lice come from and what are the main situations of their transmission.

The process of transferring clothes (linen) lice is somewhat apart. They usually sit tightly on the inside of the clothes, on the seams and jams. With the joint use of clothing, they can remain on the body, and then infect another suit, they can also move between people at the contact of clothing. It is lingerie lice should be feared in public transport.


"Now I know where linen lice come from. We rested on a wild beach in Odessa, and bums were hanging out next to each other. It's a nightmare, of course. We left there immediately, as soon as I passed their towels on the stones - they could clearly see how the lice crawl. Tin full! What if the children there just walk alongside? "

Dmitry, Belgorod

Infection of children with lice: all the features of the process

Infection of children with lice does not differ from the same process in adults, except that children:

  • are less likely to follow the rules of hygiene. They easily dress someone else's clothes, enjoy using other people's towels, combs, hairpins and hair bands.
  • Have fewer psychological barriers to close communication. Games and corporal contacts between them are an absolute norm.
  • In general, they are more sociable.
  • Do not avoid contact with antisocial peers, and sometimes even seek to communicate with them.

Совместное использование детьми расчесок, заколок и резинок для волос часто приводит к заражению вшами

As a result, children can pick up lice more likely and in more situations than adults. In general, according to statistics, children are infected with lice 5.4 times more often than adults. For this reason, when lice appear in one of the adults in the family, it is first of all to check the children - it is possible that one of them is infected, but does not yet know about it.

Если в семье найдены вши у взрослого, то обязательно стоит проверить наличие паразитов в первую очередь у детей


"I came to the doctor with a constant itch on my head, I thought I had seborrhea. It turned out - commonplace lice. And the doctor asked where I work and with whom I communicate. I told him that I was a diplomat, and he advised me to inspect the kinder. It turned out that he was right - both the son and the daughter go hungry, mothers do not admit, the nurse looks at them with one eye. Now I know where lice and nits come from in cultural families. "

Ignat, St. Petersburg

It is important to understand that children are usually very complex to admit that they are sick with lice - this will bring them ridicule at school. Therefore, one should always be attentive to the behavior of children and take urgent measures when symptoms of the disease occur.


"Because of the warm climate, the autumn epidemic of pediculosis is especially serious for us - the children are being led in droves. It was necessary in the clinic since the beginning of the summer, and then - and on the parade houses in our area to hang pictures and announcements of where the lice come from and what can be treated against them. "

Oksana Yurievna, Maikop

Lice already have: what to do?

By and large, it makes no sense to guess where the lice come from, when they are already there and the head or other parts of the body require treatment.

Что делать, если вы обнаружили у себя или своего ребенка вшей? Ответ прост - лечиться и как можно скорее!

It is important initially to make sure that unpleasant symptoms are caused by lice. For this:

  • a thick comb combs hair from the roots above the white sheet or bath. Several insects must fall from the head.
  • You need to ask a relative or friend to simply inspect the hair itself, which must be visible to the nits.
  • In case of suspicion of pubic lice - independently examine the hair on the corresponding part of the body. Lice there should be visible to the naked eye.

If the suspicions are confirmed, then it is necessary to begin treatment. You can follow the following instructions:

  • the head is washed with a special shampoo from lice - Nyx, NOC, Veda - or using a spray from lice. The treatment is carried out in accordance with the instructions for the specific agent. This step allows you to kill the bulk of adult insects.
  • The dried hair is pulled into the tail from one side of the head (if their length allows) and combed with a special comb from the lice strand behind the strand. Thus, both the dead and living parasites and some of the nits are removed.
  • After a week, the procedure is repeated to destroy the larvae, which could be removed from the surviving nits.

Гребень от вшей AntiV

In principle, treatment only with shampoos or other pediculicide drugs, or only combing the lice with a comb will also give a result. But at the same time, there is a risk that surviving lice will remain on the head, and the treatment itself will take more time.

Treatment for pubic lice occurs according to the same procedure. It is important only to use specialized drugs from pubic lice.

On a note

It is effective enough for pediculosis to visit spetspriemniki or departments of the sanitary service - there lice will be withdrawn at a time. However, such a visit needs to be prepared morally - a contingent of "customers" of such establishments can cause a shock.

With ward lice fighting somewhat differently. They need to be destroyed on clothes, ideally - in a special steam-coaline chamber. But you can just boil the clothes, wash it with vinegar or pediculicide shampoo.

Бельевые вши в одежде

Treatment for lice with folk remedies is done in the same way as shampoos or lotions. However, it should be remembered that in general, folk remedies are less effective than special insecticides.


"I have no idea why lice are taken, but they came from somewhere. Maybe he picked it up in training, maybe at competitions. There were guys from Armenia with herpes on their fingers - a very dangerous thing for wrestlers. In short, I took out lice with kerosene, in the old-fashioned way. At first I shaved my head, then washed it, then smeared it with kerosene and put it on. I walked like that for an hour, then took it off and washed it with a normal shampoo three times, so that it does not stink. But as I understood, it was enough just to shave his head, lice then there is nowhere to live. "

Daur, Masala

Prevention of lice

Knowing where the head or bed lice come from, you can effectively reduce the probability of infection with them. For this you need:

  • to refuse from casual sexual relations at which infection by all kinds of lice is possible
  • avoid contact with unfamiliar children
  • Do not communicate closely with the homeless, people living in unsanitary conditions
  • avoid crowded places
  • do not use other people's hygiene products and clothes
  • be careful in public transport, avoid "suspicious characters."

And of course, you need to closely monitor your feelings and the behavior of close people. Itching, constant head scratching, anxiety are all signs that a person can be bitten by lice. At the first similar displays of the child or the adult it is necessary to examine and in case of detection of lice as soon as possible to begin treatment.

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  1. Angela :

    And if the head bites lice?

  2. Nadia :

    Good article, quite agree, thank you very much! Of course, no one would like to water his head with kerosene or shave his head. For this purpose, a good, and, most importantly, effective method was invented, it is the scallop Antive. My daughter and I helped with three combings. Whom this problem touched, I advise you to try!

  3. Light :

    You need to bleach your hair. From this chemistry not only lice die, but nits will dissolve.

  4. Nina :

    And what can be cured of lice except kerosene?

    • Diane :

      You can cure many drugs that are sold in pharmacies, and you can also try Dichlorvos.

    • Anonymous :

      You can still home-brewed moonshine

  5. John :

    Peroxide wash and all

  6. Vova :

    You can paint your head and that's it.

  7. Timur :

    As a child, I remember, at school, these parasites were tied in junior classes. My mother rushed me from them with dust. Then he met with them in the army, but there were clothes, they lived in colonies. And do not get rid of them in any way, they drove special cars to the bathhouse once a month, they were steamed overcoats, jackets and everything else, all to no avail. But under the demobilization of the louse somewhere have evaporated in a fantastic way, you look in the barracks - spirits and pheasants are sitting over the belugas, they are pressing something, but the demobilized ones do not and do not attack. So that's it.

  8. Tatiana :

    How do you know if you have a lot of lice, or just one?

  9. Anyuta :

    My child has lice, what should I do? I do not know where they came from. At school nobody has, maybe, on the street where I picked up from a cat or a dog (we live in a private house). How do you put them out? And how to protect yourself and your husband?

    • Anyuta :

      On domestic animals, lice do not live, they only have fleas can start. Have not you checked yourself yet? )) Check. It may very well be that you already have them. Infection occurs with close contact and through household items.

    • Lyazzat :

      They only come from people, here's the daughter also got infected somewhere. Adults dye their hair - that's all. Dichlorvos and dust, I do not advise anyone to kerosene, I did it in school years, I got rid of lice, but my hair died out, it's just that it all started to get stiff. I've read about peroxide, here, I think it's safe.

  10. Anonymous :

    And chaerical water helps

  11. Anya :

    I rubbed the head with children with crocodile water.

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    I also treat my daughter with cynical water.

  13. Ruslan :

    I am in a panic, weekly - pediculist, beating on the wallet.

  14. Tatyanka :

    A very good way to get rid of lice at a time ... You just need to brew tobacco in a liter of water, cool this "brew", pour it on your head, wring out your hair, put a bag on your head, wrap your head with a towel and sit quietly.

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    Class, and I just just had. Only I pshikala Paraplus and all vysechzalo.

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    Indeed, if the hair is discolored and dyed, then they disappear, it's interesting.

  17. Tanya :

    My child got infected somewhere not for the first time. Already learned bitter experience ... All pharmacy means are not effective! We went to a special hospital with the whole family (4 people). We were treated and disposed of at once, given a certificate to the school. Of course, it's paid, but used to spend much more on pharmacy products! About painting for the first time I hear. And another question: is it true that lice can appear on the nerves?

  18. Masha :

    Now my grandmother is combing them out.

  19. Anonymous :

    Hello, my friend got into a bad accident, he was in the hospital for 2 months, he was all broken, he could not look after himself. In general, he had lice on nerves, but they did not last long. As soon as he began to recover, they disappeared somewhere. The riddle of nature.

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    With lice everything is clear. And how to get rid of nits? I can not take it from my daughters.

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    Bars for cats help well. Only it took out lice from my 4-year-old daughter.

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      If Barsom drip into the withers cat, then she rushes like crazy. And how did your daughter behave? ..

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    I had lice, how to get rid of them? Help me please.

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