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Nits in humans: photographs, features of development and methods of struggle

Фотография гниды на волосе под микроскопом

Nits are lice eggs packed in a special shell of sticky and air-setting substance. Each nit contains one egg and is located on a separate human hair.

Due to the lice secreted by the lice, the nit is firmly adherent to the hair, and a few minutes later it is attached so securely that it can not be removed even with fingernails. The following photo shows such a close-up of nits fixed to the hair:

На фото видно, что гнида прочно приклеена к волосу

On a note

Nits in the hair are noticeable more lice for the reason that because of their light color they come across more often than the parasites themselves. With abundant infection of the head with lice, the number of nits is so great that the hair of the infected, even washed, looks as if sprinkled with croup.

At the same time, adult lice and moving larvae spend most of the time on the scalp and do not come into contact with the eyes. Therefore, in everyday life it is often said not about infection with lice, but about infection with nits, which is incorrect.

Simply, eggs are not called nits in the scientific environment because an essential part of the nit is its shell, which does not participate in the development of the larva and does not provide it with nutrition. It is most correct to define nits as a stage of development of a parasite.

Appearance of nits

With naked eyes, nits are just like a white dot in a person's hair. Below in the photo, nits are presented in large numbers, and at the first impression they resemble simple dandruff:

При большом количестве гнид в волосах они немного напоминают перхоть

When looking at the microscope, the nits look like small, elongated capsules attached to the hairs. In this case, pubis lice look a little different: they are shorter and more rounded.

Below is a photo of the nits under the microscope:

Так выглядит гнида под электронным микроскопом

Еще одно фото гниды под электронным микроскопом

Dimensions of nits are quite small. In head and ward lice, they have a length of about 0.7-0.8 mm, diameter - about 0.4 mm. Nits of pubic lice are even smaller, and reach a length of 0.6 mm.

Each nit looks like a small round shaped capsule shaped like a spindle. In the lower half, it has a small formation, formed by the same substance, of which the shell consists and resembling a wide band, tightly wrapping the hair. In the upper part there is a flat lid, which the larva pushes out when hatching.

It is interesting

According to the shape of the lid of the nitus and the way it looks after the larva leaves the egg, the entomologist can tell what kind of lice the specific nit belongs to.

In the photo below - nits at the time of hatching lice:

На фото личинка вши вылупляется из гниды

With the naked eye, it is very difficult to consider the lid itself, and to say there is a developing larva inside the capsule, or it has already hatched, it is impossible. Both developing and empty nits look almost identical.

With a long enough infection with lice and lack of treatment on the hair, a large number of empty shells from nits accumulate in humans. Because of this, it may appear that the nits in the hair are much more numerous than the lice themselves. Dry nits at the same time keep on the hair for as long as the hair itself, and disappear from the head only with hair loss.

It is interesting

A reliable attachment of nits to the hair is the key to their survival. Therefore, the secret of which the egg shell consists is very durable and resistant to different environmental conditions. Reduce its strength can vinegar, cranberry juice, some natural and synthetic acids (some methods of removing nits from the hair are discussed below).

Nits always have a light, almost white color. This helps to examine them well on dark hair.

In ward lice, nits are placed in folds of clothing, between seams, in pockets, and also firmly adhere to the tissue. It is much more difficult to find them here than on hair.

Below are photos of lice eggs on clothes:

Гниды бельевых вшей на одежде

Development of nits

Each female louse almost immediately after the last moult and the acquisition of maturity mates with the male and after a plentiful meal begins to lay eggs.

In a day the female lays an average of 5 to 10 eggs. In this case, the insect clings to the hair and starts to creep up. In the oviduct at this time, the egg descends to the anus and passes by the glands secreting a sticky secret, enveloping it.

Immediately after leaving the oviduct, the egg comes into contact with the hair, and the secret envelops the hair itself. Part of the secret drains from the top of the nits, where the lid is formed. Within a few minutes the sticky substance hardens, and the nit is firmly attached to the hair.

Below are a few photos of nits on the hair at high magnification:

Состриженные волосы с гнидами

Гниды на волосах (фото крупным планом)

In clothes lice, everything happens usually a little easier: the egg just falls on the surface of the tissue and sticks to it.

Nits develop from 5 to 8 days, depending on the temperature. The optimum temperature for incubation of eggs is 33 ° С. At temperatures below 22 ° C and above 40 ° C, their development stops. At temperatures up to 0 ° C, eggs remain viable for several months, with the temperature rising to 45 ° C, they die.

In the photo below you can see how the nits look like in the person on the eyelashes:

А вот так выглядят гниды на ресницах человека

Гниды на ресницах

Еще одна фотография с гнидами на ресницах

In the case of lice, the development of eggs can be delayed up to six months, if the clothes on which they were laid aside are often removed by the person and they cool down for a long time (all this time the clothing remains potentially dangerous, as a source of possible infection with linen lice). With the constant wearing of contaminated clothing, nits on it develop at the same time as head lice.

The larva can not immediately get out of the egg, because it is very tightly seated in it. She just pushes the lid and starts to breathe. Some of the air enters her lungs, some she swallows and passes through the digestive tract, releasing through the anus. As a result, the pressure in the lower part of the capsule increases, which pushes the larva out of the egg. The whole process usually lasts only a few minutes, after which the insect leaves the shell.

The photo below shows how the nits look like immediately after the larvae exit:

Пустая гнида, оставшаяся на волосе после выхода из нее личинки вши

Where to look for nits?

Nits are not located along the entire length of the hair. As a rule, the female glues an egg at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from the root.

Обычно самка вши приклеивает яйцо на расстоянии примерно 2-3 см от корня волоса

Females rarely lay eggs on hairs, on which there is already nit. This can occur only with a very large number of lice on the head.

We raise the level of literacy

At me the four-year-old daughter began suddenly to scratch constantly a head, I even thought, what is it an allergy, but could not understand, on what. And scabies did not abate. My baby was constantly scratching her head, almost all evening until she fell asleep.

In the kindergarten, I went up to the nurse, but she laughed and said that every day every day she looks regularly, in groups of heat, so the children of the head sweat. But she said she would see my daughter. And after 30 minutes I got a call, they told me to pick up my daughter with the words "She has a full head of nits!" It sounded rather ominous. Moreover, until this moment I have met nits only among people, and not among insects.

But it turned out that nits are eggs of lice.

Alina, Kemerovo

In thick, curly and light hair, nits are more difficult to find than in dark and straight hair. As a rule, to search for nits, it is desirable to use special combs from lice. They allow combing and several nits after combing several strands of hair.

Для вычесывания вшей и гнид используют специальные гребни

Гребни для вычесывания вшей

Nits can be found on virtually all parts of the human body. The head louse leaves them on the head, pubic - on the pubic area and in the groin. Significantly less pubic louse reproduces in the armpits, and only in exceptional cases - on the eyebrows, eyelashes and beard.

Just from a distance to notice a man's nits on the hair is difficult. In the eyes they rush only with a strong infection and a large number of them on the head, and usually this picture is supplemented by the impression of a general slovenly hair and hair.

The photo shows how nits look on the hair with a lot of lice:

Так выглядят волосы при сильном заражении головы вшами

Nits of lice are to be found in the seams on clothing. However, getting them out of there is hopeless. And find them here is very difficult. It is much easier to find adult insects biting the body on the sides and back - these are certainly not pubic and not head lice .

Are nits transmitted from person to person?

Nits on the hair can not move and that's why people are not transferred. Only in exceptional cases with close contacts they can get with the dropped hair on the head of a healthy person.

Sometimes nits are passed on to the healthy person on combs, invisible objects and hair bands (they fall on these objects with hair falling out).

Вши и гниды способны передаваться вместе с предметами для ухода за волосами

Вши на гребне

Even knowing well what nits look like, it's very difficult to notice them on the comb, so it's better not to use someone else's hair care products for reliable protection from them.

Is it difficult to fight nits?

Nits are much more resistant to the effects of various external factors than larvae or adult lice. Most pediculicidal drugs do not allow them to be killed, and only a limited number of drugs with ovicidal activity (usually based on organophosphate insecticides) can kill eggs.

Лишь некоторые препараты способны убивать и взрослых вшей, и гнид

  • It is known that vinegar and cranberry juice promote softening, and in high concentrations - even the destruction of the nitric shell. However, they are capable of causing burns to the scalp, and therefore today for such purposes are usually no longer used.
  • Reliably enough, the nits are destroyed by treating the hair with small portions of vinegar in strong dilutions and combing them further with lice from lice. However, due to the small size of complete removal, nits will not occur.
  • The most effective is the extermination of lice themselves, as sources of nits. After they are removed with special shampoos or creams, only the surviving nits remain on the head. After 5-7 days of all the nits hatch larvae, which are killed by re-treatment with the same means.
  • Sometimes it is much easier, more efficient and quicker to get rid of nits by simply shaving off infected hair.
  • Nits of lice are easily destroyed. Infected things for this should be boiled in boiling water for more than 5-10 minutes and dried. In the seams of clothing after that, there will be eggs, but they will be killed and no danger will be present. After a few washings, they will all be washed.

The main thing that you need to remember when you find nits on your hair or clothes - they are only the result of the reproduction of lice. Therefore, the struggle must be aimed at destroying primarily lice, and with them, nits will also disappear.

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    Fu, this is such a horror ((

  2. Alexey :

    They are like "strangers".

  3. Nastya :

    Oh, fufufu.

    • Natalie :

      Phew, what a horror! I'm straight from the photos of burping (

  4. Eva :

    I have lice.

  5. Olesya :

    I did not think lice were like that.

  6. Anonymous :

    Daughter of lice from somewhere brought, 2 times Paranitum was treated with an interval of 7 days, and pah pah, no more.

    • Anonymous :

      To me in the kindergarten, the medic said that my daughter found empty capsules, lice eggs. But it does not itch, I checked - no lice. Can it be that dry nits are transferred to her from someone?

      • Lydia :

        My son has a lot of living nits, and from them helps chinese water. You just need to smear your head with crooked water, then put the package on your head for an hour, and then wash it off and spread it with an avalanche of skin irritation. And then wash it off, and in 12 hours they will die. The simmering water does not act immediately.

      • Maria :

        Yes, I have the same with my daughter, only there are no capsules, what should I do? Tried Nyuda - it did not help.

        • Christina :

          Pair Plus helps

        • Maria :

          Very good help drops for dogs from fleas. We took out lice from the granny. 4 TITLE the name. And children if you take, then take for puppies (1 processed, after 5-8 days, repeat). Helps without refusal.

      • Anonymous :

        Sometimes children do not feel right away that they have lice, and they do not even itch, but that does not mean that lice do not. I recommend that you go to a dermatologist or try to louse yourself and comb your comb. If the lice are not - it's still superfluous will not. We also did not find anything at first, and then there were so many of them. So it's better not to take chances.

  7. Olga :

    Never had them, did not even know what it was! And now, from where I do not take it, I constantly turn out, and it's useless. Where they come from, no one can understand. All the heads were checked, no one was found.

  8. Karina :

    One girl is studying with me, she has lice and nits. She yelled at me and said that I had told everyone that she had nits and lice. And I did not know. Then the next day he comes up to me and says: let me write down English. I told her - go away. She hugged me and lice crossed over to me ...

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    The train picked up lice, fu, such an abomination. We do not know how to deduce: both antibiotic washed, and paranitom. Advise more effective means.

    • Zina :

      Capricious water helps adults. Well, the kids can buy something from the pharmacy. I bought a daughter NUDA.

    • Guest :

      Try FULLMARKS (fullmark) - it goes with the comb ... The instructions say everything.

    • Anonymous :

      The most effective tool is a razor.

    • Lena :

      Take and smear your head with kerosene, shake your head with a towel and walk in a towel for half an hour, and then shampoo your head with the usual shampoo. All nits and lice will die, kerosene will not harm the head and hair. But still you have to comb your head with a comb, otherwise it will start again.

    • Sofia :

      Kerosene. Helps a lot! It is necessary to keep half an hour.

    • Anonymous :

      Try it with a pedicome, and if it does not help - I advise kerosene.

    • Anonymous :


  12. Expert)) :

    Try Dichlorvos, apply to the scalp, wrap the head with a pack and go for about 20 minutes or even half an hour, then rinse well and brush the head, after a few days it's the same way, I brought it so.

  13. Someone :

    I tried to exclude Paraplus, I took it out within 2 hours.

  14. Lydia :

    Benzyl benzoate baked

  15. Maria :

    Faced this problem a second time! For the first time the couple showed a plus, but still had to remove the nits half-dead (eggs) by hand. No ridges remove anything, do not believe. The second time I decided not to spend money and buy tar tar soap (18 rubles.): Washed, soaped a second time, put on a cellophane bag and towel on top, washed off after 20 minutes. Rinsed with a solution of vinegar with water, I had an essence, so I poured 2 tablespoons of 1 liter. spoons, and began to touch the hair with small strands and remove the eggs by hand. So did five days in a row in the evening! In the morning she also looked at the hair with small strands and was surprised at why she took off everything in the evening, and in the morning there are still eggs ... And only after reading the articles and watching the video about their life cycle and the effects of various drugs realized that I was doing everything right. As a result, after 5 days, nothing remained.

    To heal the scalp, I bought essential oil of tea tree and in the evening added 5 drops to the shampoo. Exactly a week later everything passed without harm to the health of my daughter (6 years). No means will remove the eggs from the hair! Only everyone manually, long, but true. And in reality, even the dead will hold on until the hair falls, and for no reason will it fall away. I hope, my advice will help you, as reading the reviews of other mothers, I took note of the prescription for treatment with tea tree oil. Do not be scared, everything is treated, you need patience and system. Good luck.

  16. Anastasia :

    Thank you, Maria. It helped a lot. And then no trace of lice. Everything healed. Sometimes the experience of another person is better than advertising.

  17. Anastasia :

    This method was told to me by my mother. Earlier, lice were not uncommon. My mother had very thick and long hair. I caught lice. It is a pity to cut it off, that's what their mother put on and smeared them. Spray your head with Date (ointment from mosquitoes). Wrap the head with a food film or a packet. In an hour, wash it off. And lice and nits will die. After dry your hair well, iron it with a hair iron. The nits will all burst. At the daughter from the first time has deduced. Good luck.

  18. Anonymous :

    I was brought out in kerosene as a child, it was unbearable to endure, but there was no trace of lice.

  19. Anonymous :

    Today I discovered a son nit, I first encounter this, so I was hysterical and I frightened my son. I called my husband, he reassured us, said that it was not deadly, but contagious. Now I'm thinking about whether I could get a son from my son, I sleep with my son in the same bed! ((Prompt, I could catch, I was scratching all over!

  20. Dmitry :

    Proven means - FULMARKS spray. 10 minutes - and forgot about this infection.

  21. Gusev :

    Oh! Poploholo even as I saw it on my eyelashes. This is for the homeless, I never saw such a thing in my life. Anonymous, naturally get infected, now you are treated in a complex way. Paranitis shampoo, or spray, also after treatment, comb out everything with a comb. Shampoo, by the way, comes with a scallop, and quite convenient.

  22. Olesya :

    What nasty, thank God, I do not have them.

  23. kroshka_M :

    Gusev, and the spray is not without a comb? We kind of took a spray, there the scallop was so interesting, scribbled. Convenient.
    Dmitri, of all the sparing means of oil type fulmaks, paranitis and nudes in fulmark, the comb for combing is the shortest, some stub of some kind, I'm really pissed off, I'm sorry for the iron on the teeth or something.

  24. Gusev :

    KROSHKA_M, yes in the spray a little different, more comfortable, I agree. It is at an angle, it is easier to scratch, not so the hand is tired. Recently they nearly roped me to the crest, 1500 rubles, I did not buy it well, the girls dissuaded me from work, the scallop activates, like he heals from lice.

  25. Alain :

    For all her 32 years I have never seen live lice and nits. Even when my daughter saw white dots on her hair, she did not immediately understand what it was. And in the morning came the insight - nits! Panic. Bought NUDA, helped. By the way, after his hair is very silky, soft, well-groomed.

  26. Alain :

    By the way, how could it be that the nits were lifeless? The night before, she dried her hair with a hair dryer. Maybe I burned them under high heat :)

  27. kroshka_M :

    Can. Hot hair dryer, ployka, ironing them kill.

  28. Natasha :

    I had neither lice nor nits, and I did not know what they looked like. I decided to score in Google and looked at how they look - such an abomination.

  29. Dashulka :

    My classmate always has nits, she sticks to me. What to do in order not to get infected ?!

  30. Lala :

    Aah, I have lice, and my hair is long and thick, I can not withdraw for 2 weeks, it's just a nightmare.

    • Anonymous :

      I have lice and I'm afraid to tell my mother for 2 years. Advise, people are kind :-(

    • Anonymous :

      Lyalya, do not worry! I was cut under Kare - and not what, alive, healthy, but eggs can come across your eyes ((Fu-fu, muck, abomination, thought they would not leave a single hair to me, but vinegar just helped!)

  31. Olesya :

    I was at the camp and I picked it up. Now the nape is scratched badly. Mom checked - did not find, but I went to the mirror and found eggs from the louse. What to do, my mother is lying.

  32. Anonymous :

    Olesya, to say.

  33. Anya :

    You can try the medicine Paraplus - pimple to. Or go to the doctor, he will say what to do. I once went with my grandmother, he appointed me some medicine, and helped. No more worries and problems with lice. I did this procedure for 12 days and I did not have any more lice.

  34. Natalia :

    To deduce or remove lice not a problem, but thus it is impossible to forget about nits. No infection takes them until you select all by hand. Combing helps, but still something stays. Treat the head after finding nits with means against lice for at least 2 weeks with interruptions of 4-5 days and be sure to boil bed linen + iron even pillows and blankets. In a house, it is best to treat everything once a week with dichlorvos. Treated my daughter and myself (slept next to) Perm, combed, chose. Further, not to climb (from school brought), a couple of times used Lavalinom - there is lavender oil and ylang-ylang - scares. Be sure to inform the class teacher, tutor, doctors about the presence of lice in the child, to take action against other children, otherwise everything will go around in a circle - you brought it out, and after a few days again became infected. There is nothing shameful about this, it's worse if you pick it up again because you did not say anything.

  35. Sofia :

    I have a year of lice and nits, do not poison

  36. Catherine :

    Sofia, if you are not poisoned, you need to get a haircut!

  37. Diane :

    And from the coloring of their hair can they be burned?

  38. Light :

    Now the epidemic is coming, the horror.

  39. Sabi :

    I do not know, but my daughter found a white point on her head, she decided to check whether it was not nit (in the childhood, their mother was shoving their nails). All done, and she crunched! I did not find anything else. Maybe it was not a nit after all? Itself immediately began to itch (Today I will buy shampoo for prophylaxis.

  40. Victoria :

    I already 3 times, probably, I catch. I tried everything, nothing helps. I think, to cut hair. Just no words. But honestly, I was painted 3 times, there were no lice, and nits remained. Now I'm in the hospital alone with a pediculitis, they do not let me go anywhere. They say it helps with flea remedy for dogs. For long hair pour along the middle of the hair, behind the ears and on the back of the head, and roll for 10 minutes. The smell will spread, and the nits and lice will disappear.

  41. Elena :

    A year ago, my daughter had lice, brought out by shampoo Chigiya. Yesterday I noticed that she was scratching her head, I immediately had memories of this nightmare ... I began to look for lice that I did not find, only dry nits. Do you think they could have stayed from last year? (Today I was looking again, I did not find anything, but I myself am scratched, I can not stop).

  42. N.S. :

    The dermatologist has written out: the Pediculum, the Couple Plus (a spray).

  43. Milan :

    Dichlorvos Eco, the fragrance of lavender

  44. Elvina :

    The whole family had lice; everyone slept together. My daughter and husband were tonsured under a little money, and treated myself. It seems that they are over. My husband looks - he says, I have dandruff there, but there are little bumps on my head, is it from bites? And can it be that the old bumps still remain, or are the lice still left?

  45. Anonymous :

    Kapets, I did not know that lice in the eyelashes.

  46. Anonymous :

    And I have such a question: today I discovered lice and nits in the child, processed them, but the result is not yet clear. Can he go to school?

    • Elena :

      It's the same with us. And the same question, let's go to the doctor and call the classroom. Good luck to all in healing this muck.

  47. Tatiana :

    Tried everything. It is better and cheaper MEDIFOXA did not see. Dilute according to the instructions, wet your hair and scalp with a sponge, put on a bag, follow the instructions (I went twice as long to be sure), wash it off. And every 3 days so, then check in a week. As obsessed with everything, I was afraid that ripe nits would hatch. How crazy she combed her comb in a day, not once, her hair is thick and long. Then for a long time it seemed that the hair moved, ran after the comb combing)) I found nothing and calmed down. And do not forget to treat the places of your dwelling, and clothes that do not wear off, steamed with an iron.

  48. Olga :

    Yeah ... Comments zashkalivayut idiocy (some). Firstly, lice are not fatal. Secondly, no one will scold anyone (except for ill-bred and half-witted). Thirdly, all shampoos from lice from pharmacies are effective, but you need to know the life cycle of lice (repeat the treatment or shave your hair, remove the nits for a long time and before the lamp, etc.). Lice appear not only from homeless people or leading dirty, so to speak, way of life, but also for rich cleaners too (lice do not care who you are), and it's not a shame. Apparently, this post-Soviet echoes or what, I can not understand ...))

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