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What can lice dream about?

Давайте посмотрим, что может предвещать сон со вшами...

At all times people's attitude towards lice was very negative. These insects give a lot of trouble and inconvenience, cause itching of the scalp and are able to tolerate deadly infections. It is not surprising that, wondering what lice are looking at, people usually project their negative attitudes toward the dreams with these parasites.

However, in fact, not all dream books hold such a negative opinion, and sometimes lice in a dream are also considered as a good omen.

Miller's dream of lice

Miller's dream book is one of the most authoritative guides to which one is most often referred in search of the interpretation of dreams. He explains in some detail how the lice are dreamed, offering several interpretations. Each of them should be considered depending on the context of sleep.

К числу наиболее авторитетных сонников относится сонник Миллера

Most often Miller's dream book is inclined to claim that lice were not just a dream: they signify not very good and expected events for the dreamer. Meanwhile, there is no direct threat of lice in a dream, that is, for example, one should not expect serious illnesses, dismissal or family dramas.

In general, seeing lice in a dream according to Miller's dream book means future troubles, a lot of paper routine work, boring duties that must be done. In other words, the dreamer should prepare for an uneasy period of his life, which will require using all the forces and not stop halfway. Often this may be due to academic activities, exams, or difficult practical work.

To dream lice in oneself and to try to remove them in Miller's dream book means to get rid of problems and start a new life. Such an image characterizes a complex situation that does not allow a person to live in peace and joy. It is something he tries to eliminate, destroying lice in a dream, which bite and drink blood.

Согласно соннику Миллера, вши во сне являют собой образ неприятностей в реальной жизни

Often lice are dreamed in the singular, but to see a lot of lice in their sleep is also not uncommon. A large number of these blood-sucking insects indicate chronic fatigue, constant employment by important and routine deeds that drain a person. Such a dream can be interpreted as a warning: if you do not take urgent measures and do not allow yourself to rest, you can make big troubles with your health.

According to Miller's dream book, to see lice in a child or another family member is not so bad. This mainly speaks of the unwillingness of the dreamer to separate from his beloved people and of fears for their health and life. If such an image and the question of what lice are dreamed about pursues you more and more often, it is worth thinking about: perhaps there is excessive guardianship in the family and it is necessary to take a little quieter treatment of inevitably arising difficulties.

Если приснились вши у ребенка - это может говорить о чрезмерных опасениях за здоровье близких людей

If the lice in the hair of a stranger are dreamed - this means the subconscious fears of a person, the fear of getting into a stupid situation or losing their property. We can say that the value of lice in a dream in this case is self-doubt, complexes, some part of cowardice.

What other dream books say about lice in a dream

Some dream books quite differently answer the question of what lice are dreaming about. Unlike Miller's leadership, there are dream books that tend to see a direct threat to the life and health of the dreamer, as well as his loved ones.

Некоторые сонники рассматривают сны со вшами как знак, предвещающий угрозу здоровью или жизни человека, а также его близких

So, the dream book of Simon Kananit says: lice in a dream mean a serious illness or a bitter loss, which should be prepared in advance. And the dream book gives advice to pay attention to the number of lice: the more of them, the more serious events they portend.

According to this dream book, one louse in a dream is much less dangerous than a few such insects. If lice have been dreamed of in the hair of a loved one or a child - most likely, the danger threatens them. Care must be taken.

Сонник Симона Кананита рассматривает вшей во сне в негативном ключе - независимо от их количества

If a person with lice is absolutely unfamiliar to the dreamer, one should beware of the dirty trick of the casual ill-wisher. Perhaps, the damage will be caused unintentionally.

The modern dream book advises: in order to more accurately determine what lice are looking for, it is necessary to pay attention primarily to their size.

  • For example, to see a giant-sized louse in a dream - to a serious and unpleasant conversation with the authorities, perhaps - to demotion or salary.
  • If you had to see a louse of ordinary size in a dream or look for them in your head - you should tune in to unpleasant surprises in the family.
  • Separately identifies the dream book when the lice are in the child, and explains them by concern for the health of the baby. Very rarely, this dream can mean a real infection with lice in a children's institution.

Sonnik Semenova warns: if lice have dreamed, then you need to quickly check the health of the entire body. Perhaps with this impartial image, the body tries to signal a real malfunction, infection and inflammation. If a louse dreamed of sitting on clothes - perhaps a dreamer is not planning a very good deal that will vilify him before his friends and will not bring success.

Если приснились вши на одежде - возможно, вы задумываете что-то нехорошее

To dream lice in oneself means in real life to be attacked by enemies, to become a victim of intrigues or evil machinations. Perhaps in the environment there is a person who tries to solve his problems at the expense of a dreamer and will not stop at nothing. Such an image in the dream hints at an inadequate selection of friends who are potentially ready to stab a knife in the back.

Sonnik Tsvetkova confidently declares: if lice are seen, this is a very bad sign. If such a dream appeared before the trip or some significant event, then the event must be postponed. Perhaps it will not be very successful or even a major mistake.

To understand what the lice in a child and an adult are dreaming of, you can pay attention to their number. According to Tsvetkovoy, one louse points to a minor problem, perhaps a quarrel or family turmoil. But a large number of lice that are on the head of a man or creep on his body, are a sign in the near future to refrain from risky pursuits, travel and extreme sports.

Сонник Цветковой рекомендует воздержаться от рискованных затей, если приснились вши на голове или на теле

What does it mean, if lice have dreamed, the Modern Dream Book will tell you. He advises to remember the location of insects. So, lice on the head mean making a difficult decision, a painful process of thinking and a difficult choice. And lice on the body indicate the presence of the disease, a long recovery or depression, dissatisfaction with their own lives.

Lice dreams about money: is it true?

If lice have a dream, then do not panic immediately. Some dream books consider them as harbingers of well-being, full and rich life. This interpretation goes back to antiquity: in those days lice were a common phenomenon and met literally everywhere. Moreover, a person who did not suffer from lice inspired suspicions, because it might seem that parasites literally bypass him for some reason.

Hence the notion that a successful, healthy and successful person attracts all kinds of living creatures who want to eat at the expense of his blood. This opinion is supported also by such an authoritative publication as the dream book of Nostradamus.

To see lice in a dream, according to Nestradamus' dream book, is a good and prosperous sign that helps to bring new material opportunities to life. Lice in a dream symbolize good luck, fulfillment of desires and a rich secured home.

Согласно соннику Нострадамуса, вши во сне символизируют материальное благополучие

To better interpret the dream, you need to look at the size of the insects. What lice giants are dreaming of: if a louse has an anomalously large size, you can start to rejoice - it symbolizes a dream or aspiration that will come true in a very short time. Why do lice have a small size: this dream speaks of success in small financial matters, maintaining a decent standard of living.

The louse that the dreamer observes on his own body, speaks of healthy ambitions with a reasonable approach to business. Sometimes it symbolizes the return of debts.

Catch and kill a louse in a dream - what does this portend?

Most of the dream books, which consider a louse as a negative symbol, treat the image of its destruction as follows: a person gets rid of the shackles of fear and evil, becomes the administrator and master of his life. In this case, killing lice in a dream promises a good state of affairs, strengthening their own material and spiritual base.

Убивать вшей во сне - символ грядущей хорошей жизни

It is worth saying that to kill a louse in a dream is from the point of view of some dream books a rather unpleasant symbol. So, the dream book of those who celebrate the birthday of January, February, March and April informs: in a dream to catch lice or kill them will be the person who is threatened with troubles in business, a sad notice or loss of work. If the plot of the dream was such that the dreamer kills other people's lice, he will have to solve other people's problems, having loaded this load on his shoulders.

To kill a louse, taken from the child's hair, means future difficulties in the family, mistakes in upbringing, disagreements and quarrels.

Dreamers also treat dreams differently with lice of different colors. White lice in a dream are usually associated with good omens: enrichment, prosperity, good news. Black lice in a dream are, as a rule, messengers of troubles and diseases of loved ones.

Черные вши во сне могут предвещать проблемы или болезни у близких людей

The English dream book also quite unequivocally asserts: though lice and unpleasant insects, to kill them in a dream does not bode well. Typically, this is due to the deterioration of health and memory, the loss of a good workplace, discord in the relationship with his second half. Sometimes killing lice can mean betraying a friend who will be committed for the sake of gain.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly how you can interpret your dream. To obtain the most reliable results, it is advised to memorize the whole storyline, paying special attention to details. Further it is desirable to note, what sensation has left a dream and that intuition speaks in this occasion. Sometimes actions in a dream can be unpleasant (for example, the destruction of lice), but the dream itself does not seem negative or frightening.

When choosing a dream book, you can be guided by different criteria - from personal sympathies to authority. In any case, do not panic and prepare for bad changes in your life. A prophetic dream just gives an opportunity to replay everything in such a way as to avoid an undesirable event.

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  1. Alex :

    I do not know what to believe - everything is explained differently, and where the truth can not be understood!

  2. Katyusha :

    I do not know what to believe: there are a lot of things here, and everywhere everything is different! )

  3. Olga :

    With health, I agree. I feel bad and have seen terrible lice.

  4. Tatiana :

    What to believe ...

  5. Yana :

    I will believe that lice for money. My grandmother said so.

  6. Lika :

    Yana, I agree with you.

    • Anonymous :

      I checked. Yesterday they dreamed of lice, today they received money ... Works.

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  8. Lonochka :

    My grandmother said that lice to money. Do not push them - then the money will not go away. And here everything is so ambiguous ...

  9. Victoria :

    I saw lice in a dream on the eve of the death of my mother. A week ago, lice again dreamed. I told this to my close friend, she smiled, she says, to the money. And the next day her brother got into intensive care in a critical condition. Still in a coma, the outlook is disappointing.

  10. Olesya :

    I dreamed of lice on September 10 and 11 died grandmother ...

  11. Alain :

    In what you believe, it will happen))

  12. Lyudmila :

    Lice to the money.

    • Anonymous :

      Julia, I think it's true that lice dream about money.

  13. Olesya :

    All my life, as long as I can remember, lice were to money, and now there are so many dream books that you do not know what to believe. So it's best to listen to the first opinion, as previously believed.

  14. Natalia :

    I take an old version, a woman threw a lice on me, wanting to infect, I saw them in her hand, I did not see it myself, but I was going to get rid of them. But the dream was interrupted. I think, to the money.

    • I'm glad :

      I dreamed of lice, but I did not see myself. And I did not even see them, I heard about them - I was told by a woman that she had a lot of lice on her legs and everywhere on her body.

  15. Elena :

    When I dream of lice, within a week I have money, it's true.

  16. Ay :

    To money, it's 100%.

  17. Anna :

    What to believe, there are a lot of skeins. Damn, it's scary.

  18. Christina :

    To money ... I also believe in it. And in general, what you believe in, it turns out. Thoughts are realized.

  19. Svetlana :

    So I dreamed that I caught one louse on my head and killed it. Now I think what to expect ... Of course, most of all you want money!

  20. Alla :

    I dreamed of hordes of lice on my head, they were the sea, I got rid of them with shampoo, and then they began to pour in like gold. So I think, probably, the truth, to the money))

  21. Nastyona :

    Lice dreams about money

    • Vladimir :

      All that dreams, heralds the improvement of health and wealth.

  22. Tatiana :

    And I saw lice on my child's head, and clearly saw how I killed them, there were at least 10 of them. And so I also heard from my grandmother that lice dreams about money. Let's hope that this is true, I do not want to think about the bad.

  23. Galina :

    I also heard that lice for money. I want to believe in the best.

  24. Irina :

    I also know from the older generation that lice to money ... And after my dream again I want to check. The head was full of lice.

  25. Anonymous :

    And I saw lice in my sleep tonight, and lost the ring in the daytime. Still, the bad to remove lice, apparently.

  26. Anya :

    My mother also always said that lice for money, I hear for the first time that I'm dreaming of troubles!

  27. Anna :

    And I here sincerely do not understand why there are so many PHOTOGRAPHS OF OURS on the text? Are you joking? This is a very terrible choice of illustrations.

  28. Nora :

    I do not know about you. I had a dream from Thursday to Friday. I clearly saw that I had lice. On Friday afternoon I quarreled with the closest and dearest person - with my mother. What to believe, I do not know!

  29. Valyuha :

    Lice - 100% to money.

  30. Oksana :

    I had a dream today that I was combing my lice. White some. Today we fly to the Crimea. Also what, to not fly now ?! I still want this dream to be to the money. Another option does not suit me))

  31. Anatoly :

    First there was money, then lice (in a dream).

  32. Tatiana :

    My husband saw lice green, I think, to the money.

  33. Mila :

    I saw black lice on my fair head, and was very surprised! And then she went for her uncle ... And only woke up, realized that he had died long ago. And the lice once again saw in the same dream, as they ran across the white sheet, already in the house of the uncle. What is it for?!

  34. Lucy :

    Lice - to the money.

  35. Galina :

    My mother also told me that lice are for money. But I saw them on some child, on the hair of the hair. She opened locks, and there were lice, dark, then they jumped and for some reason flew. I read the dream books, but I will believe my heart: lice - for money!

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