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Why do lice on the head and hair

Попробуем разобраться, как следует интерпретировать сны со вшами на волосах

Usual person in most cases it will be completely incomprehensible to what lice in hair are dreamed. With these parasites, a person who lives under normal conditions rarely encounters, and even if they are born, they are delivered in a matter of days, or even hours. Nevertheless, lice on their heads are dreamed even when a person knows about these insects only from school textbooks.

Many dream books and specialists studying the work of the human brain agree that lice only appear as a reference to other events occurring in a person's life, and also as a kind of index of future changes. To understand what the signal refers to, you should look into the dream books.

Louse in a dream in the old days and now

In the old days, the interpretation of dreams with lice mainly consisted in forecasting weather, crop yields or livestock health. Obviously, this was due to the way of life of the whole people, their interests, aspirations and basic pursuits.

In ancient dream books, preserved to this day, you can find such interesting interpretations:

  • lice on the head in a dream mean the health of livestock, the profitability and wealth of the house;
  • dreamed of lice in the hair of a child - you can expect an excellent harvest;
  • to collect lice in a dream from domestic cattle - to the moraine and case.

Сон со вшами на голове у ребенка раньше считали знаком хорошего урожая

In the modern world, the role of agriculture has somewhat decreased, and the dream books began to pay more attention to the person's personal life, his joys and sorrows. Now you can find a lot of guides, which thoroughly explain why dreams of lice in their hair from the point of view of urban realities.

Представление современного городского жителя о вшах обычно существенно отличается от отношения к этим паразитам сельских жителей в старину

For example, you can consider several options for modern interpretations:

  • Dream Book of the World assures that it is a good sign to see lice in your head on a head , as it promises a new good job, augmenting capital and settling debts.
  • The newest dream book explains how to remove lice on your head: they predict the coming resolution of legal issues (division of property, litigation, inheritance), which will be solved by the best way for the dreamer.
  • But Sonnikova Semyonova warns: to see in a dream that there is lice on your head, it means that it is not quite fair to behave towards close people, betray friends and think over plans for enrichment at someone else's expense.
  • Freud's dream interpreter claims that lice are the personification of dark forces that seek to harm a person through his acquaintances or friends.
  • Something else says the right dream: dreamed of a louse in your head - you should take good care of your health. These insects indicate future illness and doctor visits. If there are a lot of lice, the disease will be serious enough and will require considerable material waste to cure or prevent it.

Наличие вшей в волосах во сне Новейший сонник трактует как положительный знак

It is interesting

In ancient times, lice lived in almost every home, and no one even tried to remove them. Firstly, this was originally a meaningless occupation, because the infection happened again and again, and secondly, lice were considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth, confidence in the future.

It was believed that in an empty inhospitable home to a bad host lice simply will not go and it is better to live "on the street." Therefore, a person who has never suffered from pediculosis, was considered a loser, a poor man, and aroused a number of suspicions. This is confirmed in the ancient dream books, which paid much attention to the interpretation of dreams about lice and considered them a joyful symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Lice on the head of a child: what does such a dream

In real life, lice are most often found in children. This is due to their constant presence in large children's groups, joint games and an active lifestyle in general. All this is projected into dreams: people often have to look in the dream books about the interpretation of the lice in the child's head.

В жизни дети обычно чаще взрослых заражаются вшами, что может находить отражение и в снах


"I tried for a long time to find out what the lice in my daughter's hair were dreaming about. The local grandmother said that this was just a sign that I was very caring. I studied different dream books, and they say about the same. There are other interpretations there, but they are more suitable for the business world. In general, I have calmed down, and even if sometimes something so unpleasant will dream, I do not attach much importance to it. "

Sonia, Berdyansk

As a rule, all the sonnets are unanimous in that such a dream does not foretell a big trouble and serious threats to life and health. Sometimes on the contrary - a dream about lice on the head of a child promises wealth to all of his relatives and parents in the first place.

Фото головной вши на волосах человека

Появление головных вшей во сне может сулить богатство

It is worth saying that most often this dream carries information and warnings for parents, and not for the little ones themselves. Here's how to interpret such a plot of some of the dream books:

  • dreambook Tsvetkovoy says that seeing a louse on his head in a child means only excessive care for his health, excessive custody, attempts to prevent him from developing independently. This dream points to the psychological problems in the family associated with the improper upbringing of the child, which in the future will make him dependent and weak-willed.
  • Small Velesov dream book explains why lice in the hair of a child are dreaming: this way parents should be closely monitored, since the dream signals violations in the health of their children. Well, if it turns out to remember which part of the body the louse crawled. Usually it is this part of the body that requires the increased attention of physicians, which may be required in the very near future.
  • Sonnik Grishina explains that to see a lice on the head of your child will be the person who can soon expect to be promoted, an interesting business trip or a change of job to a more promising one. In general, lice represent money, and this image is applied to the parents of the child or other familiar persons, whom he dreamed of. According to the leadership, the more lice and nits were seen, the greater the benefit is promised by changes in life. It is worth saying that this interpretation is one of the most popular, and it is held by many dream books.
  • Dmitry's Dreambook and Winter's Hope warns that it's possible to understand what lice in the hair of a daughter or son are dreaming of only if the dreamer clearly and well remembers all events occurring in a dream. So, if the lice climbed over the child and fell from him - experiences, sadness and longing threatens the whole family. If the parents were able to destroy all lice on time and did not allow them to bite the kids - all the adversities will pass by, they will be very successfully disposed of. We can say that children embody the strength of the family and are equally a reflection of both spouses.

Малый Велесов сонник трактует появление вшей на ребенке во сне как сигнал о проблемах со здоровьем

What does the color of lice in sleep

Lice on the head in a dream can appear in completely different guises. As a rule, they look like in reality, but sometimes they appear in the form of small black insects similar to fleas. Usually this is due to the fact that the dreamer has never seen lice in real life (or it was a long time ago), and the subconscious simply "drew" him the required image, representing the most reliable picture.

Чаще всего вши на волосах во сне предстают в образе черных букашек

Головные вши

In any case, attention should be paid to the color of the louse that has been dreamed, since this has the most direct relation to the interpretation and will help make it more detailed and precise.

So, what are the dreams of white lice in your hair?

White lice, with their usual appearance, dreams of money and easy enrichment, point to the large-scale business reserves of the enterprise, the possibilities of an individual or a whole family. Usually, such a sign should be considered as a signal to action - conceived business will necessarily bring profit even over expected or new business partners will appear unexpectedly.

Белые вши в волосах могут сниться к богатству

There is another option for treating white lice: they indicate the insecurity of a person in front of the outside world, his fears, anxiety and inability to live. Sometimes lice can be messengers of failures, sorrows and anxieties that will fall upon the dreamer.

In general, to explain what dreams of white lice in their hair, it is possible so: this dream is directly related to the person to whom he dreamed. You should closely monitor your health, material and family affairs.

Есть и еще один вариант толкования: белые вши в волосах во сне могут обозначать то, что нужно уделить внимание своему материальному состоянию в жизни

Now let's look at what black lice in their hair are dreaming about.

Black lice point to a world of evil and bad deeds, which literally shrouded a dreamer. This does not mean that they are committed by the person himself. It is possible, he should be afraid of the machinations of enemies and intrigues, cautiously behave when dealing with outsiders.

If you have lice in your head and they are not only black, but also of large size - you need to be alert. Perhaps someone will try to deceive the dreamer or take his property.

Lice in a dream from the point of view of psychology

Any dream about parasites is usually provoked by a powerful psychological background, which does not always lie on the surface to be easily perceived. The subconscious transforms and modifies real events, confuses them with fears and speculation, getting the image of an unpleasant, "unclean" and disgusting insect, which literally consumes the person's head.

Образ вшей на голове во сне может также символизировать определенные проблемы в жизни


"I advise you not to believe all these predictions. My wife was worn with all the dream books and tried to figure out what she was dreaming about lice in her daughter's head. And the child was looking for illnesses, and all kinds of evil eye. As a result, a psychiatrist in the hospital at his wife found depression and manic syndrome at an early stage. Of course, he called it more clever words, but the point is that the problem was not with the child, but with the wife. Now we are treating it. "

Ruslan, Kirov

Psychologists explain that such a dream can be associated with obsessions or excessive obsession in one case, which also "eats" the brain, leaving no room for anything else.

Often it turned out that people who had dreams of this kind found hidden diseases. Perhaps the body thus tries to signal a problem and therefore shows a harmful insect.

Появление вшей во сне может отражать опасения по поводу своего здоровья

To explain why lice in hair are dreamed, it is also possible that a person experiences a negative from someone in their environment. Such an unpleasant person is called an energy vampire and can bring a lot of suffering to the dreamer. Also, such dreams can be explained by increased anxiety, fears, feelings and insecurities in their own abilities.

Do not be too serious about unpleasant dreams associated with lice. They do not necessarily mean something bad, but can only be a casual fantasy of a sleeper. Usually this happens when a person heard about lice on TV or from acquaintances and took them as a threat, was afraid to get infected with pediculosis.

When interpreting dreams, it is very useful to listen to the subconscious and your own intuition: it is she who most often prompts the answer and the most correct interpretation and allows you to better understand your life.

Sweet Dreams!

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