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What is the role of nits from the point of view of different dream books?

Попробуем разобраться, что может предвещать появление образа гнид во сне и что по этому поводу говорят различные сонники...

For quite some time now, various interpreters of dreams have given fully exhaustive explanations of what lice and nits are dreaming of. And although these interpretations were largely different from each other, nevertheless, in many respects they overlapped, and also are quite similar to today's explanations. It is noteworthy that most dream interpreters and interpreters agree that nits are usually dreamed of very favorable events.

Многие сонники и толкователи снов указывают на то, что приснившиеся гниды и вши - это в целом хороший знак.

So, for example, most dream books indicate that sleep about lice and nits is a precursor to earning income, as well as the appearance of a large amount of good work. And only some dream books think that nits are dreaming about bad consequences. However, in most cases it is indicated: in order to understand what a particular dream was, one must turn to the context of the dream.

On a note

Historically, lice and nits most of all pestered soldiers and merchants in their constant campaigns. It was from such voyages that the victims of the parasites brought in large sums of money, and sometimes literally made fortunes. It is not surprising that lice and wealth at some point began to be firmly associated with each other, and the appearance of lice in a dream became the forerunner of the appearance of money in a purse.

Некогда появление вшей и гнид на голове было прочно связано с дальними поездками, а вместе с тем и с богатством

Nits in the hair: what do they dream about

In order to better understand what lice and nits in hair look like, it is necessary:

  1. It's good to remember the dream and everything that was present in it, besides the parasites.
  2. It is also useful to study not one, but several dream books, since the interpretations in them can differ significantly in details.

Already after evaluating several interpretations, taking into account the details of sleep, it is possible to draw a more or less unambiguous conclusion about what lice and nits can lose to a particular person.

Интерпретация снов со вшами и гнидами для разных людей может существенно различаться

Гниды на волосах в жизни выглядят неприятно, но во сне они могут сулить благоприятные события.

So, for example, the Eastern dream book says that when the image of nits or lice comes to sleep, it promises an increase in wealth.

A similar opinion is shared by the Russian dream book. Lice and nits in the hair along it - to prosperity and improvement of well-being.

Согласно Восточному и Российскому соннику, гниды и вши во сне - это к деньгам.

Sonnik Shereminskaya not so positively interprets dreams about lice and nits. It claims that to see one louse - to receive money, while multiple lice and nits in the hair, and especially their catch, the dream book treats as coming troubles.

The sniffer of Felomena from a positive position determines what lice and nits are dreamed of. Here it is stated that to see the parasites in a dream is a good sign, indicative of the soonest wealth and prosperity. Purifying yourself or others from lice and nits means getting rid of troubles and illnesses.

In the Modern Dream Book of the XXI century, the opinion is expressed that it is to kill lice in a dream - to unexpected pleasant news, which is somehow connected with money.

Сонник 21 века говорит о том, что гниды и вши обозначают удачу в будущем

In the event that you have dreamed of several lice that creep along your body, then, according to Sonnik Grishina, this promises relief from all ills and an early increase in material wealth. In the question of what it's like to put pressure on nits, this dreambook is well correlated with the dream of the Madame Madame Medium, where it is stated that any purification from parasites can be regarded as the beginning of new positive changes in the life of the person who dreamed such a dream.

А вот в соннике Хассе утверждается, что избавление от гнид во сне может привести к позитивным сдвигам в вашей жизни.


"I rarely dream, but recently there was a very bright dream. The homeless bum slept with lice and nits in his hair. The dream was so bright that I could not forget it for a long time. I decided to look on the Internet, what nits are dreaming about, and the dream books gave me information that this, supposedly to great wealth, only in one dream book it was written that it was to illness. Soon I caught a cold. Now I think that lice are unlikely to appear in a dream for good. "

Svyatoslav, Ryazan

To dream lice and nits in a dream - to trouble? ..

Not all dream books treat dreams with lice and nits as good omens. Many dream books tend to warn dreamers about future problems and troubles. In this case, the dream books are more inclined to the view that lice and nits are always satellites of unsanitary conditions and serious problems.

Есть также мнение, что если приснились вши и гниды - это к беде

  • As the English dream book says, nits or lice dream to people before diseases and on the eve of troubles. Such dreams portend difficulties at work and the beginning of a period of poverty.
  • The American dream book of lice and nits treats unequivocally negatively. It is believed that lice dream about troubles, quarrels and troubles.
  • Sonnik Miller (by the way, one of the most authoritative) argues that catching lice in a dream speaks about the incorrectness of the attitude of the sleeper to those around him. В соннике Миллера говорится, что человек, занимающийся ловлей вшей во сне, некорректно относится к окружающим в жизни.
  • If you look at Aesop's dream book and see in it what nits are dreaming about, you can find the interpretation that lice are a sign of uncleanliness in deeds and thoughts. An attempt to destroy parasites in a dream can be seen as a sign of useless expectations that will not be justified, efforts that will be wasted. Seeing the talking lice - to receive unexpected news. Увидеть во сне вшей, которые разговаривают - это к скорому получению известия

It should be remembered that every dream interpreter treats lice and nits in dreams in different ways, so you need to pay attention to how the parasites dreamed, what kind of atmosphere the dream had (the so-called dream context). So, if the dream was imbued with a negative atmosphere of general uncleanness, then it can indicate an approaching illness. If, on the contrary, in a dream you have caught and destroyed all lice, having cleansed your hair, then this may indicate a speedy recovery and correction in business.

Is it bad to comb and squeeze nits in a dream?

Those dream books who generally talk about some kind of struggle with nits in a dream, as a rule, make a good omen from this process.

Если вы боретесь во сне с гнидами, значит, все-таки пытаетесь найти приемлемый выход из жизненных трудностей.

So Maly Velezov's dream book unequivocally asserts that the appearance of lice testifies to getting rid of poverty: to catch lice - to luck, to comb (as with standard sanitation) with the help of a comb - to get rid of everyday worries.

Малый Велесов Сонник

The modern Sonnyk says that to press nits in a dream means a confident movement towards the goals of life, and to see the nits on your own head - fortunately.

Nits in a dream: what does science say?

From the standpoint of traditional psychology, the answer to the question of what lice and nits are dreaming about is not that simple. Some psychological theories argue that if a person dreams of nits or adult lice, most likely he had previously encountered these insects, for example, he had lice in his or her child.

С точки зрения психологии, гниды и вши во сне являются не слишком-то приятным знаком.

The greatest founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, in his work "Interpretation of Dreams" expressed the theory that in the dreams of the work of our unconscious. All psychological problems existing in human life come in dreams in the form of images that should be brought to consciousness and deciphered. Then it will be easier to solve existing psychological problems.

В своих работах Фрейд неоднократно говорил о том, что в снах подсознание отражает то, что беспокоит нас в жизни.

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, to dream nits and lice in a dream, like muddy, dirty water means that a person has some problem that he is not yet fully aware of, but the feelings already indicate that not everything in life is due way. If nits and lice came to sleep, this may indicate repressed desires that are unacceptable from the point of view of traditional culture and morality.

Психоанализ рассматривает вшей и гнид во сне как искаженный образ проблем.

They also lose their nits in times of severe depression, apathy, stress. If you dream of lice and nits in moments of spiritual heaviness, then try to revise your work schedule and diet. Although there are also life situations, from which it is very difficult to find a way out, and even look at them from a different angle does not work. Then your problems will be reflected in dreams in such a changed form. Well, if you absolutely do not know what to do next, try to switch from your problems at least for a while: to stick to a healthy lifestyle, to have more rest, to go out in nature, to do creativity or read a good book.

And pleasant dreams to you!

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