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What do lice appear from the point of view of people's signs

Вши - очень неприятное явление. Немудрено, что с ними связано столько примет и мифов. Каких именно, узнаем дальше...

Lice are one of the most unpleasant human parasites. Any civilized person tries in every possible way to protect himself and his relatives from these insects, but even today they are easy to pick up in public places, kindergartens and even schools. It is because of this negative attitude of people to lice that people's perceptions almost always treat infection as a bad omen, too.

So, let's see what lice come from in terms of popular beliefs and accepts.

Signs of happiness and unhappiness

What do lice appear for? People's attributes explain this by the quick appearance of cases and the hassle that will have to be addressed urgently. By the way, to predict how much these troubles will be, you can by the number of lice: the more of them, the worse.

Некоторые народные приметы утверждают, что чем больше вшей у человека, тем большие неприятности его ждут

There is also a slightly different variant: lice found on the body or in their underwear, predict their future mistakes to their "master." To see the same lice in open areas of the body or even face - to impoverishment of the economy, damage to property. In other words, financial losses or large embezzlements are coming.

Одно из поверий говорит о предстоящих финансовых растратах, если на голове появляются вши

You can determine what exactly lice are predicted and by their location on the head. If most of the lice are concentrated on the occiput, this means that you can not worry - all bad events have already passed. If the lice prefer to gather in the forehead area, it's bad - the troubles are just waiting, and we need to start preparing for them right now.

And here's what another sign says: if lice appeared in the whole family - this may be a sign of a future great disaster. Usually this is due to the death of a close relative, a fire or a robbery. Of course, when lice appear, one should not start panicking, but it's better to be more careful.

It is interesting

Some popular signs say that you can determine where the misfortunes come from. If the lice wound up in a girl, then she will have trouble from a man. For men, this sign acts on the contrary, and they need to fear the dirty trick from the ladies.

There are people's signs about lice associated with children. One of them claims that lice are planted in babies before their parents start experiencing financial difficulties. However, if there is a complete ruin, then the lice disappear as sharply as they appeared.

A few words about the reasons for the appearance of lice

The appearance of lice omens are often associated with certain actions of the person himself. For example, it is believed that lice are planted in those who loved in childhood to regale cherry "glue". In fact, in cherry glue, of course, there are no substances that could somehow provoke the problem.

To avoid having head lice, signs are recommended never to put your hat on the dining table. Most likely, this is due to the original respect for the place of food intake and the inadmissibility of its "desecration" of foreign objects.

Не зря народные приметы советуют не класть головные уборы на общий стол - на шапке действительно могут находиться бельевые или головные вши

And where do lice come from ? People's signs of antiquity assured that these insects are an integral part of man, and they live right in his body. When the time comes and some events come, lice come out (through the skin or bumps on the head) and settle in the hair.

Одно из народных поверий гласит, что вши живут под кожей головы в особенных шишках и во время стрессов выходят наружу

In fact, lice simply can not live in and out of the human body. These insects are ordinary parasites that are transmitted by contact from a person already infected with pediculosis.

You can easily find signs (they are very common today), which say that lice are born of nerves and emotions. Many people believe in this, considering the appearance of lice as a common disease arising from a decreased immunity against the background of stress.

In fact, pediculosis has nothing to do with immunity and is not an infectious disease. If a person has not been in contact with another patient or infected things, then the lice are simply nowhere to appear. They do not spread through the air, like microbes or bacteria.

Lice and weather

As we have seen above, the answer to the question "what do lice appear for?" Responds in different ways. What is interesting is that it is not always connected with troubles or misfortunes, at times, insects simply promise a change in the weather.

Most sources indicate that lice are harbingers of rain and bad weather, but never good weather. Here are a few folk notes about lice and weather:

  • Lice begin to actively crawl on the head and rustle - to the pouring rain.
  • If lice crawl on clothes and worry - be bad weather and thunder.
  • The lice scattered - drive the cattle into the barn (it will rain).

Некоторые приметы связывают появление вшей с предстоящими ненастьями

On a note

The popular belief says that lice are given to a person to fight their own laziness and unwillingness to do something. In a way, this is true: when lice appear, then willy-nilly, it is necessary to solve the problem of their prompt elimination with the help of medical preparations.

Good signs of the appearance of lice

Are there good signs if lice are planted? As it turns out, beliefs do not always promise a black band in their life when they appear.

It has been believed for a long time that a man who has absolutely no lice will be unhappy, since even insects bypass him. Some signs said that the presence of lice prophesies happiness and wealth, although the insect itself was recognized as "unclean."

Есть и такие приметы, которые говорят, что вши появляются у человека на счастье

Некоторые поверья утверждают, что от количества вшей напрямую зависит финансовое благополучие

Find a louse from a friend or guest was a good sign and promised long friendly relations without quarrels, disagreements and divisions. In everyday life even there was a custom of searching for these insects on their guests, which was considered a great honor and a sign of the special disposition of the owners of the house. While the search for parasites continued, it was strictly forbidden to eat.

Also in antiquity there was a passage in the course: "Lousy - means lucky." People who did not live with lice were considered very suspicious.

And if a louse ran through the body of a deceased person and this was seen by relatives, then the righteous man died and his soul goes straight to paradise. Still quite often there are references to lice as symbols of successful work. It was assumed that the hospitable owner in the house must have lice as a symbol of prosperity.

Good signs about these blood-sucking insects are most likely related to the state of hygiene in past centuries. Russian people always liked to bathe in a bath and did not shun this (unlike foreigners), but more often "washing" was arranged once a week. At the rest of the day, there was no hygiene, except washing and washing hands.

Как когда-то давно, так и сейчас именно в общей бане можно заразиться педикулезом

At the same time, large families lived in village huts, the members of which often slept literally "in peace" or on neighboring shops. In this case, all the girls had long hair, men had the honor of beards and curls to the shoulders. Naturally, if at least one person (for example, a child) appeared lice, then pediculosis spread lightly across the whole family.

They did not hurry to get rid of lice and often co-existed with them for many years without finding anything shameful in it. Only at the beginning of the 20th century did hygiene and medicine develop so much that they could stop total infection with lice.

Most of the popular signs about lice come from the deep antiquity, therefore they reflect the opinion of people of those years. Here, for example, a few interesting signs:

  • If you kill lice and do not wash your hands then you will die in torment.
  • You can not shake the crumbs on the floor - there will be lice.
  • You do not need to count lice found in another - they will throw themselves at you.

Еще в одной примете говорится, что если стряхивать крошки хлеба на пол, то в скором времени у человека появятся вши

The information indicated in the people's signs is quite contradictory. You can use it and make predictions for your own future, or you can treat it skeptically.

In any case, lice are found even in the modern developed world, and they can be infected in any public place. The only thing you can say with certainty: the appearance of pediculosis accurately promises financial expenses for a doctor's visit or the purchase of a quality shampoo or comb.

Be healthy!

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