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Plots against cockroaches

Заговоры против тараканов

Many contemporaries are tired of their own pragmatism and severe reality, they gladly accept help from mystical sources, they want to learn to believe in something unusual, to perceive the world in a different way.

Different household problems, like proliferating and not wanting to disappear with the help of household insects, can encourage a simple housewife to learn some non-standard effective method of getting rid of them, for example, a conspiracy against cockroaches . It happens that the power of faith gives us what is desired, and it is not at all necessary to know the exact explanation of what is happening.

What are the conspiracies based on?

It is better to take a closer look at some of the components of traditional Slavic culture. Our older generation, most of whom grew up in the countryside, probably remembers that the common people often used "whispers," verdicts and conspiracies for everyday and everyday matters.

Заговоры являются составляющей славянской культуры

From small sores, children's ills, to a long road, to a rich harvest, from domestic mice, bedbugs and cockroaches, there were simple conspiracies, quickly speaking at the right time. This method of "helping" oneself in business was common in the life of a simple peasant. He said it, believed it, so he defended himself.

Modern people also pay great attention to nontraditional methods of protection or assistance in cases, but do not know how to do it independently and correctly, or is afraid to put something into their lives that does not have a material basis. But still watching with curiosity, how these methods are used by others.

The practical use of conspiracies is rooted in antiquity. Libraries of ancient Russian cities store birch bark letters of the 14th-15th centuries with preserved conspiracy texts. They were found during archaeological excavations on the land of ancient Novgorod, and examples of ancient European and ancient Indian conspiracies are also known.

Практическое применение заговоров уходит корнями в древность

Researchers believe that on the basis of this one can judge the vital representations of our ancestors, as they contain a large share of the mythological.

The basis of modern conspiracies was given by ancient pagan prayers and spells used at a time when man worshiped the higher forces and phenomena of nature. The structure of any conspiracy is subject to certain laws. The introductory part implies a certain journey with the designation of the helping force to which the forces of nature (rain, wind, sun, stars) traditionally belong, or the Lord, the Mother of God and the saints.

For example:

I drive a creature and scum of small, fleas with bedbugs, ants with cockroaches, from their doorstep to the road dusty. They will disappear from the wind of dry and cold. They will perish in the taiga, disappear in the sand.

The second part of the plot structure is verbally formulated according to the principle of comparison:

Black cockroaches, cockroaches red, here you bitterness and aspen, and in the forest - honey and raspberries. Get out of me, do not come back.

And the fixing part of the plot is a certain reference to the fortress of the word, to the castle:

Go away, cockroaches, into the woods deaf, where animals do not wander and people do not walk. And who will remain - to the fierce death. The key is the language. Mouth is a castle.

As a helping force, a person in a number of Christian conspiracies turns to concrete assistants. To Grandfather Domovoy - reading a conspiracy to get rid of cockroaches and bedbugs in the hut, to the Theotokos - with successful births, to holy Vlasy - for successful breeding of cattle, to the Sun-Father - to save crops, to Daughters of Herods - to cure small diseases.

How conspiracy from cockroaches

Nobody will deny that often there are such life situations, when the usual methods do not help, and it is difficult to find a solution on their own. Then people turn to the higher powers through prayers and conspiracies.

Когда привычные методы не работали - прибегали к помощи заговоров

Prayer is an appeal to God according to certain canons. A conspiracy is a magical ritual speech, which also allows access to higher powers. This prayer strengthens the conspiracy many times. A certain rite makes the treatment clear and focused. Even philosophers believe that the word dominates the phenomenon and is able to determine "fate."

Wanting to save your house from insects with the help of a magical plot, it is worth remembering that the rite should be started in a carefully cleaned and washed room. It is also necessary to wipe all surfaces dry.

If the conspiracy is accompanied by prayer, start it better at dawn. For a successful result, one should turn to St. Nicholas the Apostle or the martyr Trifon, to whom the Lord granted the power to cast out demons. Here is an example of such a prayer:

Aide to God, Nicholas! You are everywhere, and in the field, and on the road, and in the house. Stall and save from all evil!

And then follows the conspiracy:

Black cockroaches, red cockroaches, go away, do not expect anything from me! You are all disgusted that you disappear. So that my eyes will never see you, so that the birds will peck you! Bequeath to you forever for ever to leave my house and forget the way back! Amen!

This conspiracy from cockroaches is accompanied by a certain rite. The cup is poured into water and read the text above it. After all that has been said, water should be used to wash the floor throughout the house.

Researchers of traditional culture specify that it is not necessary to use the text of the plot verbatim. The main thing is to stick to the right scheme, to speak confidently and clearly in the desire. The driving force will be your belief that everything that you asked for will come true.

There are also a few additional recommendations for the proper use of spells and conspiracies. The person who utters them must be calm and sober, in a normal mental state. Intonation and the form of speech are of great importance. It is necessary to speak clearly, calmly, correctly formulating.

In existing ancient spells, worked through the experience of ancestors, it is better not to change the wording at all. Texts of conspiracies relating to the problems of modern life, it is permissible to compose by ourselves, using the conspiracy structure correctly.

The power of conspiracy. Reviews

Despite pragmatism and education, modern man believes that the "people's" means the absorbed wisdom of the people, the centuries-old foundations that should be kept and observed.

Народные методы и приемы популярны и сегодня

Folk signs, folk medicine, folk methods, are not considered as primitive superstitions and baseless hopes. On the contrary, using something that has to do with the experience of many people, you expect to get a better result.

People's ways of getting rid of insects include conspiracies against cockroaches. Comments of housewives who resorted to this method, unites one - it's not known why, but it works!

Here are sample reviews:

Anna: "I read the prayer together with the conspiracy. Just in case three times in a row, for 9 days, in the mornings. The house was then washed with water. It helped until the cockroaches return! ".

Elena: "And I also sprayed water from every corner of the cup, read that it was also done. A month later, I did not see a single cockroach. A conspiracy from cockroaches found out six months ago, from a friend. "

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  1. Olga :

    I tried many different drugs and even bought scarers from cockroaches, but, alas, the result is zero. There were even more of them. Scaremongers have been standing for 3 months. The last hope for MAGIC remains. I really hope for her help. Thank you for your help. I think that together we will cope.

  2. Elena :

    Scarecrowers are a deception, I so hoped for them. A good remedy Clean house, but it helps for a while. I'll try conspiracies.

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