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Can cockroaches bite a person?

Способны ли тараканы кусать людей?

In addition to the fact that the presence of cockroaches in the apartment is simply unpleasant, they can also bite, and quite noticeably - very few people know about this.

Agree, in the modern age it is difficult to imagine the situation in which cockroaches can bite people. Nevertheless, there is undeniable evidence that they can not only superficially eat up the skin in certain places, but also seriously damage the epidermis until the occurrence of wounds, blisters and skin erosions.

It is often possible to find a denial of the fact that homemade cockroaches bite. This is really quite a rare phenomenon, because in any home for these parasites there will always be food sources in more or less free access.

Nevertheless, back in the 60s of the last century, American scientists Roth and Willis confirmed about 20 cases when cockroaches biting and gnawing small fragments of delicate skin on the neck, elbows, eyelids, fingers of sleeping people, especially in children. In tightly sleeping young children, they could eat up skin particles even in the nose and lips area, infecting the wound, and also gnawing cilia on the eyelids.

Above the place of the bite of a cockroach, a crust usually develops, under which the skin becomes inflamed and does not heal for a long time.

I must say that these parasites have a well-organized oral apparatus for eating and gnawing everything that suits them in their food. It includes not only powerful upper and lower jaws, but also hard chitinous "lips", and also a similarity of the tongue, which also consists of chitin, so it is not surprising that not only exotic species, but also domestic cockroaches are able to bite a man deeply enough.

Ротовой аппарат таракана

Of course, cases of bites of cockroaches are not as common as bites of mosquitoes, flies, ticks and bedbugs, and to a large extent are caused by a shortage of water, without which, as is known, cockroaches can live only a few days. In search of water, cockroaches can bite people when they sleep and are practically immobilized, without any danger.

Голова таракана

Cockroaches try to find water in the leftovers of food around the mouth, in saliva and in tear marks around the eyes. Also, these insects bite (more accurately, eat up skin) sleeping people in cases when their populations become so large that they are not enough to live in freely available food. Such cases were repeatedly recorded on ships, when sailors had to sleep in gloves because ordinary cockroaches gnawed the skin at the fingertips around their nails.

Sadly, bites of cockroaches occur today, in the 21st century, and this happens not only in neglected dwellings, as one would immediately think, and sometimes even in quite decent places like hospitals, dormitories, kindergartens.


In our hostel there are a lot of cockroaches. In our block, we tried to destroy them by various means (from boric acid to aerosols against cockroaches). But on our floor there are students who do not fight at all with these insects, bring food to the block, they do not take out garbage for a long time.

It may seem ridiculous and even fantastic, but recently cockroaches have also bitten. In the mornings I see on my body in the area of ​​fingers and on my face the most real wounds that do not heal for a long time. Before going to bed, I was constantly smeared with a remedy against mosquitoes, and when I went to bed, I carefully examined it every time for the presence of crumbs.

When I tell this to my acquaintances, in response I hear banterings such as that the cockroaches are now completely gone, and the assurance that bites are inflicted on me by bed bugs or ticks. Nevertheless, one day I saw with my own eyes how they creep over the sleeping friend at night. In the morning on her body in the places where cockroaches were crawling, we found small wounds and redness of the skin. What else to take action, just do not know!

Danger of biting the cockroach

Cockroaches in saliva and other secretions contain a special protein tropomyosin, triggering the occurrence of allergic attacks, respectively, after cockroaches have bitten a person, he may have multiple allergic reactions, ranging from hives and ending with an asthmatic attack. However, these are not the only possible consequences of biting of cockroaches:

  1. After weak or small bites, insect-prone places can become inflamed or covered with a long-lasting crust or scar, allergic skin reactions such as redness, irritation and various dermatitis can occur. Аллергия на укус насекомого
  2. There arises the possibility of entering into the open wound (even a small one) of bacteria located on the crotch paws, among which may be pathogens of dysentery or tuberculosis.
  3. It all concerned red cockroaches . But after numerous bites of American and Egyptian cockroaches, accompanied by severe epidermal eating (more typical of tropical people), skin erosions, various blisters and papules accompanied by severe pain, purulent crusts and other pyococcal diseases can occur. In this case, pyoderma (the so-called skin diseases accompanied by abscesses) can, of course, have a rapid course and terminate in a couple of days, but in people with weakened immunity they are able to go on to chronic, poorly healing ulcers.

Myths about bites of cockroaches

In addition to the very real negative effects from biting cockroaches, the people are very popular with some myths associated with these common in everyday life insects:

Myth number 1. Due to the fact that these parasites are not afraid of radiation, but accumulate it in themselves, the bite of a cockroach can cause a mutation.

Тараканы не заражают радиацией

These insects can really withstand radiation exposure, 15 times higher than the level dangerous to humans, but about any accumulation of radiation, and even more so, about a mutation transmitted through a bite, it can not go

Myth number 2. The bite of a cockroach can cause anaphylactic shock. Allergy in the form of skin itching, lacrimation and even dyspnea is a fairly common reaction to the special substances contained in the saliva of the blood-sucking insect (eg mosquito) or in the venom of insects such as a wasp or a bee. In some cases, even the development of anaphylactic shock is possible.

Since cockroaches as a biological species do not belong to bloodsuckers, the likelihood of anaphylactic shock is just a bite.

However, a variety of cockroaches (chitinous cover, discarded during molting, saliva, excreta) alone can cause a severe allergic attack.

Myth number 3. Human hair, nails and earwax are pet food of cockroaches. Cockroaches are known to be omnivorous, and this myth appeared, apparently because of the cases with the sailors who during the long voyage suffered from numerous bites in the zone around the auricles, eyes, fingertips.

On the other hand, with a large accumulation of cockroaches in the room, one of them may well go in search of food directly into the human auricle. Unable to climb back, he can create a dangerous situation for the health, causing the person pain and creating a risk of damage to the tympanic membrane.

How to treat the bite of a cockroach?

If in the morning on the body traces of bites are found, then first we need to determine which insect left them, and then contact the dermatologist for the appropriate treatment.

Most often, traces on the skin in the form of a path appear from bedbugs, in addition, the places of bites of blood-sucking insects (bugs, mites) are strongly itchy due to special substances in their saliva. If there are doubts that bugs are homemade cockroaches, you should pay attention to whether the bite looks like a small open wound in places where the skin is more tender compared to other parts of the body. You can even compare this rank with photos of cockroach bites on the Internet for more confidence.

In any case, you need to treat the wound with an antiseptic such as hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection, and then use an ointment that removes skin irritation.

Мазь для снятия раздражения от укусов насекомых

From folk recipes: in order to calm the inflamed skin after insect bites, use a slurry of plantain or raw potatoes, lotions of black or green tea.

For allergy sufferers, especially with the already existing allergy to insect bites, it is advisable to take a suitable antihistamine.

Measures for the prevention and control of cockroaches

The most effective means of combating domestic cockroaches is the destruction of their modern industrial preparations.

If it is a question of own apartment or the private house to prevent penetration of parasites into a bedroom and other inhabited zones it is necessary to take as a rule not to eat food and any drinks outside the kitchen, to not suppose stagnation of water in flower pots.

If the cockroaches are wound up in the hostel, it will be necessary to combine the efforts of several blocks, and sometimes even the whole floor, to destroy uninvited guests. You can take advantage of several forms of industrial products, including various traps and insecticidal gels.

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  1. Denis :

    Cognitive article, thank you.

  2. Veronica :

    good article

  3. Veronica :

    And they really bite, experienced the whole family on themselves.

    • Anonymous :

      I was bitten by a cockroach, in the leg. And what to do, the inflammation is not great?

  4. Behrouch Yusufov :

    They really bite, they bitten my wife and the wound healed for a very long time and became inflamed.

  5. Tatyana :

    And I still think: maybe it's who else, but I do not see anyone else.

  6. Julia :

    Lied with a five-month-old daughter in a children's hospital with a virus. The first night was shocked by how many cockroaches povylazilo, they walked on foot on the bed of the nursery, on the blanket, which the daughter has covered the sleeper. Frightened - took her to sleep with me. On the second night I woke up, and on me a lot of cockroaches and the neck is bitten and swollen. I was shocked, I did not sleep till morning - I drove away the cockroaches from the child. The light did not bother them. I collected my bags and went home! .. I do not want to feed cockroaches!

  7. UA :

    Poison for the Colorado beetle. Dissolve the ampoule one to one with motor oil. Apply with a brush on the baseboard and around the sink - and farewell to the cockroaches. The cockroach, moving around, probes everything with antennae, licking them. This is his problem. And with such a concentration of poison his stomach can not cope. It was my business. Now the cockroaches are completely gone. I share a secret. I watched them for a long time and then it dawned on me. They paw paws: here you are. And it turned out.

  8. Kolya :

    I have no cockroaches, but from the neighbor crawl. At myself persecution, but in day two again I find them. My neighbor resists categorically. And the whole entrance is on the ears. What to do? Maybe someone will tell?

  9. Natalia :

    At home I found a big black cockroach on the wall and wanted to kill him, it did not work out, I ran away. Later I went to bed with the TV turned on, the blanket was ajar on my back. And someone bit me so badly, it was not like a mosquito. As a result, I found two red dots (pits) on my back. It seemed to me that the cockroaches took revenge for the black cockroach - they conspired.

  10. Natalia :

    I bought a blocker (balm in a syringe) for 2-3 months and economical. It costs about 34 rubles. There are in stores. At the same time, water sources should not be - they drink. I found it in a dog's bowl with water and inside a bath.

  11. Irina :

    Soon I'll go insane, cockroaches prevailed. I tried to get them out with all sorts of syringes and poison with boric acid, there is no water at home. It does not help, so they also began to bite. Please advise what to do?

  12. Olga :

    Struggled with cockroaches in the kitchen, so they went to live in a room, we do not eat in the room, there are not any crumbs, they feed on glue in furniture and oil on the fasteners of the furniture door. I found empty eggs in the room, which means that a generation hatched that does not even know about the existence of the kitchen and lives and multiplies in the room quietly.

  13. Love :

    In the apartment we had cockroaches. Etched - does not help! They also began to bite. What to do? Help.

  14. Diaka :

    Bliiin, they also bitten me on a visit ... And I saw him on my arm, I can not go to bed now.

  15. Dima :

    Long struggled with crap, no expensive tool did not help. I bought a "dohloks" gel for 32 rubles. - From the first time they died.

  16. Pasha :

    I was bitten by a cockroach in my finger and I was worried about what would happen to me and how to remove the itch from a bite, and whether it affected the body. Thanks for the advice!

  17. Yana :

    We do not have cockroaches. But our neighbor is a drunk and a bum. From him they climb a couple of pieces. How and with what to struggle, that they did not want to climb up to us?

  18. Yuri :

    I will share my advice, it works 100% and not for squeamish. Buy boric acid in the pharmacy, it says "powder", but there are small granules ... Take the coffee grinder, grind to the state of flour our acid and in some container, for example, the lid from the jar. We remove to a place accessible to you, so that if necessary, you can immediately take a pinch. Usually you see them in the morning, so, you do not have to kill it, but just sprinkle it to make an albino can)) And let it run. If the cockroach is on a vertical surface, pin it down a little, but do not kill it and also sprinkle it, drink it and run to your burrow. The fact that boric acid causes cockroaches terrible itch, and the sprinkled cockroach in his mink infects his fellow humans. In the end: after about a week of constant hunting, you will be pleasantly surprised at the lack of these creatures in your apartment ... Until the neighbor sprays from you)) By the way, another practical advice - cockroaches are very clever, before you move to permanent residence, they send a scout . If you do not have cockroaches and you suddenly saw one, break into a cake and kill it, otherwise store it with boric acid, because it will return to your own and tell you how good you are))

  19. Nastya :

    Ooh, same story, only with eleven-month. To sleep there is unbearable. And I still have nurses saying: there is nothing terrible here, they everywhere, they say, get used to the situation. And the fact that the child is bitten is nonsense, not their children are there ... An hour ago I came home, I still can not get away from what I saw.

  20. Alexey :

    Yes. Cockroaches really bite. Yesterday a specialist was summoned, and he processed the entire apartment with chemicals. Most of them are dead. And just that something bit me over the hip, and I turned around and saw that there was a cockroach on my hip. I killed him. Now I have a blister on my leg, like a mosquito bite, only wide. It does not itch, but unpleasant sensations when I touch it, and a slight numbness in the place of the bite. Now I've experienced it myself and I'm 100% sure that cockroaches really bite.

  21. Anna :

    From strong itching and swelling from the bite, garlic helped me well. Grate garlic or squeeze a little and well lubricate the cream so as not to make a burn. At hand was "Bepanten", bribed him "wound healing and antiseptic" effect. In the morning there was only a hole from the bite, the itching passed in a few minutes, the swelling passed through the night.

  22. Natalia :

    I was bitten by a cockroach by the leg, I combed it, now I've swollen my legs. How to treat, tell me?

  23. Kote :

    I'm afraid that cockroaches are not what people eat ... And I heard that they both cord and plastic willingly eat, if they have nothing to eat. Well, that laptop did not eat! Well, 3 years ago it was the case: I bought an inexpensive poison - gel. Placed in places of accumulation of these parasites cardboard with poison, they devoured, called their "friends", they also ate muck. For 4 days were gone, but one thing: the corpses were lying: \ I did not bite. The pope brought cockroaches in a suitcase ...

  24. Kote :

    But these creatures in 3 years now again.

  25. Christina :

    Terrible insects. I, of course, was not bitten, and in general, the first time I heard about it from a friend, but now it's very difficult to get rid of them. They bought even this thing with radiation waves. The first day something began to swarm, and on the second as if nothing had happened, only my head ached. The only thing that cockroaches are afraid of - frost, like other insects. You just need to open the windows in winter, create a club, so to speak, and leave for a while. Just do not try to throw the corpses in the trash can wake up and start to crawl again.

  26. Max :

    At night I got up to drink some water and saw a cockroach behind the stove, he managed to leave, but I somehow feel uneasy. We will persecute in all possible ways!

  27. Daniel :

    I was bitten by a cockroach around my neck, and so far there is nothing.

  28. Irina :

    I was bitten by a cockroach - in the morning I got up, something burns my side. There was reddening and itching, so I processed 3% peroxide and smeared with an antimicrobial agent (streptocid). It hurt a lot and redness lasted for a long time. Just do not scratch it, but it's all gone.

  29. Anonymous :

    There were cockroaches from neighbors ... Mom says: "Dichlophos". And I think that will not help. And we, after all, have a small child.

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