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Find out what happened to the cockroaches and why they disappeared

Гипотезы о том, куда делись тараканы

Many are worried about the question of where the cockroaches are. Lighting the kitchen in the kitchen, people no longer see hurriedly escaping insects. Nobody fumbles at the trash can. Owners carelessly, already out of habit, leave on the table a bowl with cookies. And some even almost forgot how these insects look.

Finally, pests that dragged a bunch of pathogens into human dwellings no longer bother. But something prevents people from rejoicing and enjoying freedom, tormenting strange doubts. Can a person feel themselves in complete safety in buildings, from where do even the insects leave? This question has recently been asked more often.

Really, maybe not all this is good? After all, cockroaches, who are masters of survival, even under unfavorable conditions of existence, could not go anywhere without good reason for that.

The scientists are puzzled, the psychics break their heads, the disinfectants are bored. There are a lot of explanations for this phenomenon, and some of them are quite unexpected ...

Let's consider the proposed explanations in more detail.

Cockroaches do not tolerate electromagnetic radiation?

One of the most reliable explanations for why cockroaches have disappeared is the constant high-frequency electromagnetic effect on them in human dwellings. Residential houses and institutions are stuffed with a variety of equipment. When working, it forms an electromagnetic field, which creates unfavorable conditions for the life of cockroaches.

Источники электромагнитного излучения в квартире

Here are the devices that researchers are ready to call the culprits of the death of cockroaches:

  • Cell phones.
  • Microwaves.
  • Computers.

In recent decades, such devices have become part of our lives. The question of their safety for humans and animals is still being discussed, with more and more arguments about the harmful influence of radio frequencies every year.

Scientists suggested that the Prusaks, with their inherent sensitivity, were the first to react to electromagnetic radiation, so they left the cities, left high-rise buildings, in which they were so comfortable before.

It is noticed that for some reason cockroaches are not in those regions where the former standards of GPRS and GSM operate. These include Russia and most of the countries of the Near Abroad.

Are GMOs to blame for the death of cockroaches?

People are worried about what happened to the cockroaches, because they fed on our supplies? More often in the human diet began to appear genetically modified foods. Is this what is meant to save mankind from hunger or that it will definitively ruin it?

ГМО могли стать причиной массового вымирания тараканов

The study of the safety of GMOs (genetically modified organisms, primarily agricultural purposes) has been devoted to more than one large-scale experiment in authoritative laboratories. And the first results are not consoling.

Most experts sound alarm. Have the cockroaches gone? This is a trifle, compared to the consequences of interference in the genetic code. They are difficult to predict. All the links of the food chain are suffering: an insect that has tasted the product of genetic engineering, a duck that has mingled an unhappy insect, a mammal whose victim is a bird.

Unfortunately, while the harm of this or that product will be proved, not one generation of people will suffer. Researchers believe that cockroaches disappeared as a result of systematic food poisoning from the human table. I would not want to be the next victim.

Created a perfect insecticide that killed cockroaches

People who are tired of fighting the unpleasant Sinanthropus, I want to believe that the cockroaches have disappeared forever. Probably, the workers of the stations started to work perfectly and, armed with a powerful insecticide, saved the apartments from insects, just as doctors defeated smallpox by vaccination.

Гипотеза: тараканы вымерли от высокоэффективных инсектицидов

That's why there are no cockroaches in Moscow. Chemicals for a long time and often without results scattered and sprinkled people on their own home, but the time has come when the new advanced technologies allowed to create drugs, at times more effective than the previous pesticides.

This worries the skeptics. Insects sooner or later adapted to any poisons, and the certainty that certain unique insecticides, capable of finally destroying them, already exist, is highly doubtful. It seems that the cockroaches anywhere just gave us a break.

Science does not stand still. Despite the successes achieved, scientists are preparing for the next stage of the battle with insects. The new weapons, according to their calculations, will lead to the fact that cockroaches living in human dwellings, finally finally die.

Ученые готовят новое оружие против тараканов

The agent with high expectations is a virus that causes a deadly infection, fortunately, exclusively among cockroaches. It affects the cells of their digestive tract. Before the insect perishes, it will have time to transmit the infection to a bunch of its relatives. Then people will finally stop wondering where the cockroaches are.

Cockroaches were too tough plastic and linoleum

The fact that the cockroaches somewhere disappeared, we ourselves are to blame. No one will argue that the appearance of modern apartments differs significantly from the conditions in which people lived 20-30 years ago. In place of paper wallpaper came plastic panels, and the wooden floor of the owners began to hide under the cover of polyvinyl chloride, furniture, too, learned to make from artificial materials that imitate wood or stone.

Возможно, тараканам стало нечем питаться в квартирах

Not every average citizen will afford expensive repairs using natural raw materials. This led the theorists to the idea that it was the excess in the room of synthetics, often with a sharp smell, the reason that the cockroaches left in an unknown direction.

Cockroaches could not stand competition

The fact that the cockroach has gradually supplanted the black cockroach from human buildings is known to entomologists for a long time, and they easily interpret this fact. Fecundity, rapid maturation, caring for the offspring allowed the red cockroach to prevail over its black fellow.

But the question of why the Prusaks themselves have disappeared from the apartments remains open. Could not these peace-loving creatures eat each other? Cannibalism is a phenomenon, cockroaches are not alien. However, it is not so widespread that a whole nosological category of insects ceases to exist. Yes, and as a rule, they are eaten by flawed individuals, or laying eggs, recklessly left in a prominent place.

Тараканам присущ каннибализм

But there are cockroaches one more contender, claiming the same habitat, - a domestic ant. Some seriously believe that this creature, much better organized and, like the Prussian, omnivorous, has a better chance of winning the competition.

Natural competition in the animal world is an integral part of life, a way of regulating the population size, the basis of evolution. But still it's not a very convincing argument, explaining where the cockroaches are.

The disappearance of cockroaches is a harbinger of the economic crisis?

What scared the Prussians? Analyzing the current situation, scientists of different countries came to an unexpected opinion: cockroaches sensed the approach of the economic crisis that broke out in 2008.

Есть мнение, что тараканы исчезли из-за экономического кризиса

This bold conjecture of entomologists is indirectly confirmed. Recently found a huge flourishing colony of cockroaches in the Indian state of Goa. No financial cataclysms affect this territory, probably, therefore, insects live there so freely. Now we know where the cockroaches are.

The cockroaches completed their mission on Earth and retired

Perhaps the most incredible version of where and why the cockroaches are gone, UFOologists put forward. They are sure that these insects, living side by side for thousands of years, are cosmic spies. Having pretended to be stupid creatures, they were able to obtain exhaustive information about the life of Homo sapiens, penetrating into the most intimate corners of our lives, without needing either passports or passes.


Cockroaches disappeared, because now their honorable mission is fulfilled, they were able to safely leave our homes and return to their planet. Only it is unlikely that someone will provide undeniable evidence that incriminating cockroaches in espionage.

Cockroaches must return

It would seem that there are nowhere to disappear the cockroaches. Either they were scared by the bell ringing of restored churches, toli high level of noise of megacities, toli killed food additive E450, or they flew to their planet - for certain nobody knows.

What happened to the cockroaches - this is certainly not the most terrible problem that must concern the mankind. According to biologists, the number of insects is characterized by undulating vibrations. This is a natural process.

And, finally, the most important thing is that it is intended to calm the hypochondriacs: it seems that soon another question will arise on the Internet: why again there were cockroaches. Information about their "safe" return to the apartments and cottages have already appeared.

Тараканы возвращаются в квартиры

They are no longer hampered by European-quality repair, an abundance of mobile phones and modern poison, they are still willing to eat food from our table, including GMOs. It is not necessary to be surprised, after all cockroaches have time and again proved the ability to adapt ...

Someone's news that the cockroaches anywhere and did not disappear, if not happy, then comfort. But think about something else. Will the present stasik, as before, be peaceful and shy, or people will have to deal with a mutant - courageous, wiser, resistant to poisons, able to gnaw the skin of sleeping people at night (there is much evidence that cockroaches do it).

Whatever it was, but a new stage of the struggle for freedom of home from insects began.

To the record "Find out where the cockroaches went and why they disappeared" 30 comments are left.
  1. Vladimir :

    I watched in the district hospital, the cockroaches live safely in the metal casing of the exhaust ventilation, periodically going down to drink. So the version of the disappearance of cockroaches due to the magnetic radiation of the phones seems to be correct.

  2. Natalia :

    We have an invasion of cockroaches, some kind of horror. Do not etch. At the next processing the part dies. The rest are alive. We were poisoned once. We are in a panic.

  3. Alex :

    And yet, which is interesting and is a fact: in the US cockroaches did not disappear, the number of them did not decrease, they live there in houses as before ...

  4. Dm :

    Harbinger of nuclear war.

  5. Anonymous :

    If you watch the news on TV, you can conclude that the cockroaches densely settled in the minds of people.

  6. Yuri :

    I can say with confidence that all the arguments are a complete nonsense. At me a hole in a ceiling and they eternally therefrom climbed, and since autumn of 2014 one, already half a year. I really helped them at that moment with dolhoksom, but would you all wipe out? In nature, there are many changes at the level of insects. So the mosquitoes did not become so much in the summer. I'm not talking about grasshoppers, who used to jump everywhere, or ants, they are almost absent in the city. Yes, and ladybugs are rare. There is clearly something wrong with insects.
    Could affect pesticides, many years strewn on the fields, and reagents used against snow. True in our city there is almost no snow. And, by the way, since the autumn I started to use a microwave ... But somehow I doubt that all the cockroaches of the porch took offense and left.

    • omg :

      We have an invasion in the Emirates! In every house, every month at least a service comes and poisons.

  7. Has casually come :

    Yuri, your opinion I liked most. Do not worry, cockroaches appeared earlier and experienced cataclysms more than a person. Will survive both the atom and the asteroid! Thank you, if you have read it.

  8. Katerina :

    Yeah, how ... They disappeared. My husband brought the expensive from the h / h, as brought is not clear: whether in the package climbed, or in the car stayed ... But the fact remains - we are on the warpath with the cockroaches. First time. And I have not even worried about it until now and did not even think about where they are and how they live there. I hope, we will deduce, therefore as it is necessary to sleep with light, I am afraid before loss of consciousness of red creatures :)

  9. Catherine :

    In Barnaul, they really disappeared long ago, but not in Moscow! ) In Moscow, just a bunch of cockroaches, and we, and many friends. Nothing helps to completely get rid of them!

  10. Kikinda :

    Guys, no cockroaches are not gone anywhere ... They will appear immediately, as soon as there is something to eat and drink, the second is the most important. There is to find them easier than drinking. After all, not so long ago in the country mass counters of water have been installed, people have installed modern plumbing, communal utilities have eliminated leaks as much as possible, all these leaks have become unprofitable. And without those former water leaks, the cockroaches are tight. And I'm almost sure, in houses or areas where there is a heat and there is a leakage of water, you can easily meet cockroaches.
    GMOs, waves, frequencies, electromagnetic fields - all this is nonsense ... If a person survives, then the cockroach is even more so. Water is an integral element of their life.

  11. Vagif :

    I live in the center of Moscow. About 2-3 years ago there were cockroaches. I bought various means to destroy them, I spent a lot of money, but none of them produced a result. And when I resigned, I do not remember when it happened, I suddenly noticed that the cockroaches are no more. Probably this is one of those phenomena that can not be explained.

  12. Pavlo :

    In our village, we lost cockroaches and river and lake crayfish ... And before that, there was both a shaft and a shaft. I was sorting out old sockets, and there ... cockroaches roosts.

  13. Anatoly :

    After the cockroaches, other insects also disappear, then small animals, then the turn will come to us. The reason is banal: natural food products after the 1991 revolution are gradually replaced by synthetic ones. Replace liberalistic democracy with Stalin's dictatorship - and cockroaches will revive again. We have lived that there are practically no healthy people, and they are dumbing year after year ... By the way, GMO is the most powerful sexual sterilizer; and there is a film like this: "E is a sign of death" (this is what food is added to reduce the population). That's it, the democracy of developed capitalism. What ends? Yes, because the angels will soon be talking!

  14. Alexey :

    Cockroaches to the money! No money - no cockroaches.

  15. Kami-sama :

    And figs with them, people that, the desire to live next door to the peddlers of the disease? So there are plenty of fleas and rodents.

  16. Yuri :

    In Thailand there were, so there are many of them, both in apartments and in hotels. Neither mobile phones nor GMOs on them for some reason do not work!

    And in Cameroon there are many of them. They are huge and even fly around the room! I live in Moscow, and in the suburbs too, so 10 years, how they disappeared in the apartments. And also relatives in St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod have no cockroaches, and even in Khrushchev, which has a grocery store. Strange ... You can see some kind of experiment over Russia, on the survivability of insects and people. Maybe special chemicals in food or gmo. Or maybe the waves generated by the zombie generator, which in people causes depression, fear and obedience, and for the cockroach - death in general ... The strongest will survive! All of us will not be killed by poisons, but will make stronger both people and cockroaches. What does not kill us, it makes you stronger!

  17. Oleg :

    It's like the Jews. Before the Union collapsed, they began to disappear. And now they crawled back. So, life in the country will soon be adjusted!

  18. Tanya :

    The cockroaches in the house were darkness darkening, no drugs helped, - only reduced a little total number. But when we left for six months and turned off the water in the riser in the apartment, the cockroaches DO NOT BECOME! Absolutely!

    I thought they would gradually return from neighbors, when we start to use water, but six months passed, and no cockroaches! And individual scouts saw several times, but the invasion - such as it was before, did not happen. It, certainly, pleases, but also frightens. Maybe they, like locusts, are raided in some years?

    Location: Moscow, a large house of 12 floors.

  19. Alina :

    And in my opinion, they left this together with communism.

  20. Moore :

    They will return, wait, they are, as they say, on vacation.

  21. Kuzia :

    In our village, cockroaches disappeared in the early 2000s. And in the village, if there was an electromagnetic effect, it was only from TV sets. Cellular communication appeared in the late 2000s. Linoleum and plastic are still in some houses.

  22. Paul :

    In our village in the southeast of the Moscow region, mosquitoes, which were once very numerous, disappeared. For the third year we do not use a fumigator, ointments and aerosols. Noticeably decreased the number of flies, bees, wasps and bumblebees. With flies, everything is clear: the villagers stopped engaging in livestock breeding; and if there is no manure, then there will be no flies either. With bees, too, it is clear: beekeepers have become smaller. With wasps and bumblebee is not clear. And especially striking to me is that the number of birds has disastrously decreased: swallows, swifts, wagtails, starlings, magpies, rooks, very rarely see sparrows. Crows and jackdaws still fly, but not much.

    About cockroaches and bedbugs: they are not in our house for 30 years. The son-in-law says that no one will get along with me, even these insects.

  23. Anatoly :

    Recently appeared again after a long break. I live in Moscow. Now I'm sure that cockroaches come from hell. They left Russia from Russia during the economic boom. Now we are in a crisis and, apparently, for a long time. Despondency and hopelessness prevailed in the country. The cockroaches felt and returned. And the greater the bottom reaches a sense of hopelessness, the more there will be. Remember the early 90's? Exactly.

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