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What can cockroaches dream about? ..

Что говорят про сны с тараканами сонники

One can believe or not believe prophetic dreams, but people have long identified a relationship between the images of the subconscious and the events taking place in reality. Sometimes these images are so clear that even an inveterate skeptic has a desire to decipher them.

In such cases, one can refer to various dream interpretations of symbols seen in dreams. And then we'll see what the cockroaches are dreaming about and what different dream books say about it.

Insects surround people everywhere - when traveling to nature, on the street and even at home. In the latter case, cockroaches come to the eyes of urban residents much more often than other representatives of insects.

Most people perceive cockroaches with disgust and disgust, consider them a symbol of dirt and uncleanliness. This is because cockroaches really like places of accumulation of garbage - tanks with food waste, dirty sinks, kitchen cabinets, ventilation holes.

However, many peoples, for example, eastern and southern Slavs, kindly called cockroaches "guest guests", as these insects very much like warm secluded places. It was believed that if the cockroaches wound up in the hut, it means it is cozy and with a good income.

Accordingly, such a different perception of cockroaches leads to the fact that their appearance in a dream is interpreted in completely different ways. Everything depends on the way the dream is interpreted.

For deciphering images, you can refer to various dream books. Some of them say that to see a cockroach in a dream portends joy and prosperity, others frighten with troubles and losses of means.

I must say that the question of what the cockroaches are dreamed of is very popular and considered in every dream book. Such popularity is explained by the fact that these insects have long and firmly entered the life of man, becoming only an unpleasant, but very familiar household trifle.

Тараканы прочно вошли в быт человека

Which dream book is better to trust?

In the history of mankind, a huge number of dream books have been created - from the grants of the 16th and 17th centuries to the quite modern ones, taking into account the features of life in the 21st century. Often, their "testimony" is very divergent, and it is difficult to determine which dream book is the most truthful.

Experts recommend the following approach: first pick up a dream book by its name and purpose (there are dream-books for girls, for men, health or love dreams), and then try to test it.

To do this, you need some time to observe whether the things that are written in the book come true. If most of the predicted events coincided, then here it is - an ideal dream book. Finally, it is better to choose those interpreters who are adapted to modern life.

What says about the cockroaches dream book of Miller

The legendary dream book was invented by American psychoanalyst Gustav Miller back in the 19th century. This is the most complete dream book to date, describing more than ten thousand concepts. In addition, it has the most complex and accurate system of interpretation.

Сонник Миллера

The cockroach in Miller's dream book is a rather complex and ambiguous symbol. It should be interpreted only with reference to other circumstances seen, for example:

in a dream to crush a cockroach "," to catch cockroaches in a dream "," to poison cockroaches ". This is how you can maximize the full disclosure of information and forecasting events.

  • Huge cockroaches in a dream mean the presence of some obsession, from which it is impossible to get rid of. To prevent neurosis and moral fatigue, it is worth trying meditation, quiet pastime, entertainment. In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of and everything will go well.
  • To poison cockroaches in a dream without much success is not such a bad sign as it seems. This means only that soon there will be new worries and worries, which in the end will bring only joy.
  • Cockroaches in food, according to Miller's dream book, are unpleasant little things that take a lot of time and energy. You need to try to reschedule your life in such a way that you do not perform unnecessary actions and do not spend your time on them.
  • But there are cockroaches in a dream - it means to indulge your destructive passions, which do not lead to anything good.
  • Pressing cockroaches in a dream or killing them in another way means avoiding making important decisions, running away from responsibility. It is necessary to be more conscious about the events taking place in life, to try to understand their true causes.

Miller's dream is today called one of the most authoritative sources. However, in order to get the most complete picture and answer all the questions that arise, you can also refer to data from other dream books.

Cockroaches in all other dream books

The newest dream book of the 21st century offers such an interpretation: if cockroaches of red or brown color dreamed , you can expect favorable offers at work that promise good prosperity.

Dream cockroach black? This is for fast and productive career growth without much hassle.

Черный таракан во сне

An insect of large size means a quarrel with a boss or other important person.

A dream interpreter, at times of the year, delineates the interpretation of the season in which you saw a dream. Cockroaches star in the spring to a home quarrel, scandals, disagreements. In summer, these insects predict an increase in wages, and a general improvement in the material condition. Seeed in the fall in a dream cockroach - to long trips and travel, and in winter - to guests and a feast.

The Ukrainian dream book offers a different interpretation: cockroaches in the hair, a cockroach bite or an insect creeping on the body can portend an injury in the workplace. Therefore in the near future it is necessary to be extremely cautious. Many cockroaches in a dream promise wealth and prosperity, improving the material condition.

The dreamer of Nostradamus calls not to be afraid of cockroaches in dreams and considers them a very favorable sign. So, cockroaches in general are dreaming about improving well-being. The more individuals are present, the better the events will develop in the material plan. To kill a cockroach in a dream - to good news, a joyful event, a pleasant surprise.

A large cockroach promises to win the lottery or success in other gambling games, as well as gossip and intrigue.

Dead cockroaches mean that in life there is a situation that can not be controlled. It weighs and presses, but the situation will be resolved soon.

Wangi's dream interpretation, on the contrary, warns people who saw cockroaches in their sleep. According to the manual, they dream of misunderstandings, disputes, quarrels, troubles that await in the future. But to kill a cockroach - to receive an expensive gift or a large sum of money.

The insect, creeping up the wall, talks about the future solid income, creeping aside - about getting a small amount. To poison cockroaches in a dream means that a person is on the wrong path. If we continue in the same spirit, then the matter will end in complete failure and there will be no success in it.

The modern dream book also confirms Wang's dream book. To see a cockroach in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream indicates that you can only hope for yourself, and friends and relatives can be an unreliable support in difficult situations.

If you dream of cockroaches, beetles in large numbers, this is, on the contrary, a favorable sign. He points to a future promotion, an increase in salary. Kill a cockroach in a dream - to a momentous event in life: for example, a grandiose journey, entering a university, getting to know a person who will change life for the better.

And a dead cockroach dreams of women when they have a deceitful and unreliable admirer, a temporary patron.

When a cockroach crawls on the body in a dream, it promises an unpleasant awkward position. To get out of the water, you'll have to be smart and resourceful.

Sonnik Tsvetkov represents a cockroach, as a symbol of a rich visitor, a promising acquaintance.

Sonny Yuri Longo is quite detailed, and connects dreams not so much with the coming events, but with what is happening in the soul of the person himself.

If a person dreams of a cockroach, then he is inclined to pay too much attention to irrelevant trifles. Such a person is demanding to himself and to others, he tries to do everything in the best way. A good performer, however, often lacks joy and fullness of life.

A large number of cockroaches in the dream speaks of secret fears. Most likely, a person is afraid of losing what he has, is very attached to things. We must try to pay more attention to our spiritual world, people close to us, to fill our lives with happiness. Then the fears will go away and will not bother anymore.

Много тараканов

To kill a cockroach in a dream means the desire to get rid of fears, to become free from addictions. The flying cockroach heralds a meeting with a rival or ill-wisher. In this period, you need to be especially careful not to succumb to attacks and provocations, not to go against gossip and intriguers.

What does the dead cockroaches look like?

Since unpleasant insects most often cause disgust among people, they try to get rid of parasites. The image of the killing of harmful insects is often carried over into dreams where they are present. Most often people see in a dream how they kill or poison cockroaches. Sometimes it's already dead insects that are in the house or on the street.

Если приснился мертвый таракан

No matter how disgusting the moment of killing cockroaches, in a dream it is not always negative. The dream book by Yuri Longo, Nostradamus and the Modern Dream Book confirm this fact. All of them unanimously declare that to kill cockroaches in a dream is to profit, interesting adventures, events, happy news. According to the noble dream book, crush cockroaches in a dream - lose money.

Already dead, dead cockroaches some dream interpretations are also treated in a positive way. More often than not, this is the end of unpleasant deeds, seemingly insoluble situations. Although the dream book of Nostradamus, on the other hand, indicates that dead cockroaches are dreaming when there is a complicated situation in life.

Aesop's dream interpretation treats all dreams with cockroaches only in a positive way. To see dead cockroaches in a dream - to receive unexpected profits, resolve doubts, a happy outcome of the case.

According to the noble dream book, dead cockroaches are nothing more than obsolete stereotypes and statements. In other words, this means that a person changes and transforms.


"The house where the hordes of cockroaches ran was dreaming of me. At first, the dream seemed unpleasant, but then I read in the dream book that it was for promotion. Usually I do not believe in such things, and that's why I was very surprised when the chief called "on the carpet" and started talking about my promotion ... "

Olya, Kiev

Is it worth it to trust the dream-books?

Undoubtedly, dreams and dreams reflect experience and generations of generations, but what does official science say about this?

It is believed that insects in a dream can appear after a strong fright or stress. Most often, the human subconscious reproduces images of insects after they were seen in reality, which led to an emotional reaction.

In most cases, such an impulse is the attack of bees, the harassment of insects at home (and before that - the stress of their stay there), a long holiday in nature with all its "delights" in the form of bites, cleaning at the cottage or in the garden.

Especially often suffer from this impressionable people, as well as children. After such events unpleasant insects can quite often dream of them.

Well, as you might have noticed, the information from the dream books is quite contradictory, and therefore one should not rely entirely on their interpretation. You can just take them to a note, but rely more on your common sense.

Pleasant dreams!

To the record "What can cockroaches dream about? .." left 7 comments.
  1. Anya :

    I once had a great cockroach, which I held in my hands, and you know, in a dream he was very nice. Read in the dream book, it is written, sort of like, to a temporary big profit. True, I expected a large one-time salary increase.

  2. Rita :

    Three cockroaches were eating in the meal. Two of them are dead. And I was feeling hungry.

    • Anonymous :

      I dreamed of three large cockroaches, as if I threw them a bucket of water ...

  3. Lesya :

    A large number of cockroaches appeared in my bed, there was a very strong fright and disgust in my dream ... After reading it, I did not understand if the cockroaches were looking good, or still bad.

  4. Vladimir :

    The cockroach, which climbed under my skin in an elbow, was waiting for me, and I squeezed it out then, but I could not squeeze it out. Then he woke up. The cockroach was red with a big white belly. I looked in dream books, I did not find anything.

  5. Maria :

    Dream dream: I am with friends in the room, but for some reason I'm with textbooks, as if from school. It turned out that I took a book with me. I started to open it and cockroaches crawled up from this book, I closed it, then left, something else happened ... I return again to the book, I open it, and again these cockroaches come out of it. But at the same time people see all this, and I felt so uncomfortable. And the dream is over.

  6. Catherine :

    I dreamed that a horde of cockroaches crawling on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen. When she opened the door, she closed it with horror, began to call the landlady of the house. After reading the dream book, I did not understand what it is - good or bad.

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