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What is the dream of cockroaches: red, black, large and small

Посмотрим, к чему могут сниться рыжие и черные тараканы, большие и маленькие...

If a person dreams of such unpleasant insects as cockroaches, he seeks to quickly find the answer and interpretation of such visions in dream books. Surprisingly, the dream books pay much more attention not to the usual red , but black cockroaches, making them a symbol not only of quarrels or failures, but also quite a good omen.

However, the decisive factor for treating sleep can not be called color and appearance, but the size of cockroaches. The image of a small and large insect in a dream has a fundamental difference in interpretation.

Miller's dream of cockroaches

Miller's dream book is rightly considered the most authoritative source of interpretation of dreams, the information in it is, as a rule, extensive and detailed.

Сонник Миллера рассматривает тараканов как благополучный знак

In general, this dream book indicates the appearance of a cockroach in a dream as a good sign: red cockroaches were dreamed - so you do not have to worry so much about the existing problem. It will be solved by itself, without requiring a great effort on the part of the person. At the same time, one should not count on the help of other people - it will not exist. You have to rely only on your own strength, knowledge and skills.

Why do you dream a lot of cockroaches? If the number of parasites in the room is constantly increasing, you can expect a busy period in their professional activities. It does not bring change for the worse, it just requires more concentration and effort. As a result, these efforts and efforts will bring satisfaction from their own competence, pleasant sensations and joy.

If the cockroaches dreamed, many and constantly running, which literally run from under the feet - a person is subject to some passions, weakening and corroding it from the inside. We must abandon them as soon as possible in order to preserve clarity of thinking.

Dreamed a big cockroach, literally unnatural size? It means obsession with some idea, an obsession, a mania.

In general, Miller's dream book regards the cockroach as a safe sign, which does not bear anything clearly negative. It is very important to remember the dream in detail, to evaluate other images and try to understand the picture as a whole.

What do the different dream books about red cockroaches say

The dream book for the whole family tells what the red cockroaches are dreaming about: this symbol is very good, it foretells the improvement of financial situation, unexpected appearance of money.

Разные сонники по-разному толкуют появление рыжего таракана во сне

The modern dream book speaks of joy and success. Sonnik Simon Kananita promises a quick win, the solution of material problems and money disputes.

The dream book of the 21st century is not so optimistic: the Prussians dream of strong family quarrels, squabbles and abuse, as well as the sharing of inheritance, problems with relatives, difficulties of mutual understanding. A Wanderer's Dream Book reveals this symbol as empty promises, unfulfilled hopes, dissatisfaction. Red cockroaches according to the dream of Azar talk about the rapid change of residence.

In Vanga's dream book also it is told what the cockroaches of red color are dreaming: they point to the appearance of a kind adviser, good helpers, to solve material difficulties and adversities. If you pay attention to this symbol in time and unravel it, you can learn about the coming joy in advance.

In most sonnics, the Prussian, especially the large ones, are perceived as a symbol of home and home, family affairs and prosperity. We can say that these insects often appear as a good omen, the solution of material problems.

Black cockroach in a dream

Often in the dream appears the image is not a domestic red insect, but his larger black fellow - a large black cockroach. For a more complete picture of the interpretation of the dream, let's see what black cockroaches do in general.

Если приснился черный таракан...

If you look at Velesov dream book, a big black cockroach personifies a rich and influential guest, pleasant fun and troubles. At the same time, a deceptive alarm is possible, a slight destruction of illusions and expectations.

Aesop's dream interpreter warns: a big black cockroach is an influential person with "connections" who starts something against a dreamer. After a while you can find yourself entangled with networks of intrigues and lies, so you should be especially careful.

If you look at the Ukrainian dream book, black cockroaches are not a good sign. This may be an omen of a bad event or simply an indication of minor troubles, scandals and setbacks.

Esoteric dream book advises to consider black cockroach as a symbol of well-being and material prosperity. When such an insect appears in a dream, it indicates the soon improvement of material conditions, the accumulation of wealth and pleasant events.

In the Juno dreambook and oriental dream book, a black mustachioed cockroach indicates an early promotion.

It is interesting

No dream book tells us what white cockroaches dream about. Although it is the white cockroach that has the most vivid image (unusual) and is easily remembered. In the beliefs of the Chinese there is a mention that white cockroaches are harbingers of radical life turns, but they have nothing to say about dreams with these insects.

Why do big cockroaches dream?

According to Aesop's dream book, if there were big cockroaches, this is not a very good symbol. Such a dream makes it clear that something threatens the house or the dreams of a dreamer. With this phenomenon or a man will have to fight for a long time, defend their rights.

Если приснился большой таракан...

The dream book for the whole family also tells you what big cockroaches are dreaming about: they warn that a person pays little attention to reality, preferring to stay in illusions and dreams. This state of affairs is wrong, because all spiritual forces go to think about the nonexistent.

A dream interpretation of the XXI century is encouraging: a huge red cockroach is nothing but a rich patron who can make life much easier.

Small cockroaches in a dream

Sometimes it is interesting to know what the cockroaches are dreaming of - as a rule, such insects appear in large numbers.

Если снится большое количество мелких тараканов

Aesop's dream book and dream book for the whole family unanimously state: many small red cockroaches appear in dreams as a symbol of changes for the better, especially in the material plane. It is widely believed that the number of cockroaches is the scale of future luck and winnings. Accordingly, the more cockroaches, the more likely a happy outcome of an event, an accidental earnings or a large amount of money.

If you look at Wanderer's dream book, small cockroaches, on the contrary, are not very good omen. Their appearance speaks of the dreamer's unclean conscience, making money dishonestly, deceiving others. It is worth paying attention to their own affairs and trying to lead an honest, open way of life.

The dreamer of the White magician is also inclined to represent hordes of red cockroaches a negative symbol: their appearance in a dream speaks of fear for their life and property, the impossibility of simply enjoying what is happening. It is worth trying to reduce the importance of the material side of life for yourself, to come to spiritual sources. This will help balance these two sides of existence and succeed in them both.

Doctors say that a dream in which such unpleasant creatures as cockroaches are present is the result of emotional overloads associated specifically with insects. This can occur after an insect attack, biting or baiting them in an apartment, cleaning up garbage or working in the garden. The image of an insect aggressor is permanently deposited in memory and often causes night images of cockroaches.

In general, it can be said that the appearance of cockroaches in a dream is usually caused by a bad mood and depression, depression. It is worth trying to erase from memory the unpleasant moments, to get new positive impressions. After a while, fears will recede, and dreams will again become light and pleasant.

Have a good sleep!

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  1. Olga :

    And today I had a big black cockroach crawling on the bed. I wanted to do something with him and grabbed the first thing that came to hand. It was a computer mouse. I tried to pick it up and destroy the insect, but realized that my hands completely disobeyed, so I could not help it. About black cockroaches in this article written contradictory information, whether the guest is influential, whether minor troubles, and maybe fast riches? What would it all mean?

  2. Anonymous :

    And today I dreamed that I was driving a lot of small cockroaches on the kitchen table.

  3. Vic :

    I dreamed of a huge red-haired cockatoo with long mustaches, like antennas, he moved them and asked for water! What's the dream for?

  4. Victoria :

    I dreamed that I was asleep, and from under the mattress cockroaches began to get out. I looked under the mattress, and they laid eggs there. Why this dream?

  5. Phil :

    I dreamed of black and red cockroaches in a strange house, there were a lot of them and I trampled them, but not all of them failed.

  6. Diane :

    And it was a dream that we were sitting on a broom in our toilet in the toilet. There were 3 of them, big and black. I called my husband and he killed them.

  7. Sara :

    And today I dreamed that I had a huge black cockroach lying on my palm! And I do not even try to throw it off.

  8. Mach :

    I dreamed a lot of many red cockroaches crawling on the floor, and small flying cockroaches.

  9. Dasha :

    I dreamed that on the floor in a strange apartment run small cockroaches. Soon I began to suck them into the tube from the vacuum cleaner ...

  10. Masha :

    I dreamed that I was pulling large American cockroaches from under my skin and from my mouth. To what it can dream?

    • Anonymous :

      The same trouble, and I also do not know how to decipher.

  11. Maria :

    I dreamed that the cockroaches crawled out from under the cupboards and from under the bed. Why this dream?

  12. Anonymous :

    Many small cockroaches crouched on the floor, I tried to kill them, stepping on them, but they did not die.

  13. Anastasia :

    How many people, so many dreams.

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