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Where do cockroaches usually hide in an apartment and can they crawl out of the sewer?

Иногда тараканы способны прятаться в квартире в весьма неожиданных местах, причем даже микроволновка и холодильник тоже не являются исключением...

Further you will learn:

  1. Where do cockroaches hide in the apartment and what do you need to know about their "nests";
  2. Are there so-called sewer cockroaches and what to do if they suddenly appeared in the entrance of the house;
  3. Where cockroaches can live in the kitchen and how to remove these insects from microwaves and other household appliances;
  4. What to do if cockroaches climb from neighbors;
  5. Are there mutant cockroaches in the dwelling?

... and other interesting moments.

Imagine a typical situation: you are sure that your apartment is in full order, cleanliness and comfort are maintained. And do not even assume that somewhere in this very purity cockroaches are already hiding - the feces of garbage and unsanitary conditions.

But one night you find such a pest on the kitchen table, in a cleaned bathtub or just on the floor in the corridor. Usually, however, residents are puzzled by the question: how come, where did the cockroaches come from, because the apartment is almost perfectly clean! And if this escaped cockroach is not the only one, then where are the rest of the people hiding? ..

Если вы обнаружили в квартире одного таракана, то будьте уверены, что эта особь здесь вряд ли является единственной.

We will immediately reassure you: this situation is quite typical, and thousands of people are puzzled with such questions in different parts of our country. At some of them, the apartment is completely different from the standard of cleanliness, and someone - it is quite suitable for a photo shoot in a fashion magazine, but there and there cockroaches appear, scare the owners and most importantly - worsen the overall sanitary situation in the house (because they are potential carriers of pathogens).

The less often the apartment is cleaned and the more food waste accumulates in it, the easier it is for cockroaches to survive. However, these insects are able to colonize and well-cleaned premises: the main thing here is that they support the cockroaches necessary for cockroaches to live. And given that there are very few such conditions, almost everyone can expect to meet with pests in their homes.

Идеальное место укрытия тараканов - раковина на кухне и мусорное ведро под ней, как неиссякаемый источник пищи.

All that cockroaches need is:

  • water - in the sink, toilet, bath, glass on the table or even its remains in a flower pot. Availability of access to water sources is the main condition for the survival of cockroaches in the apartment (and this is often used in practice to get rid of pests);
  • any food products in an accessible place - it can be bread crumbs, fruits and vegetables, groceries, burned pieces of food on the stove or in the microwave. No cockroaches and wallpaper glue, splashes of oil behind the stove and even soap;
  • the temperature in the apartment is above 15 ° C all year round - in colder rooms the cockroaches do not live;
  • the presence of secluded places where you can hide and wait for the bright time of the day - for example, it can be spaces under cupboards, bedside tables and other furniture, closets with randomly wrapped things, the back of the cooker and refrigerator. They like cockroaches to hide in various household appliances (we will talk about this in more detail below).

In practice, the situation is often as follows: food and shelter cockroaches are able to find almost everywhere, and a critical factor for their survival is, first of all, the availability of available water sources.

Таракан пьет воду с поверхности раковины

It is interesting

Experiments show that the glue on the postage stamp cockroach enough for food for about one month. Be sure: in your home, such a mustached neighbor will find something to profit from.

At the same time, with acute water shortage, cockroaches can make up for its deficiency with the help of a human - there are cases when these insects nibbled the moist epithelium from the lips of sleeping people. Especially in this respect, young children are vulnerable.

Another risk factor for the sudden appearance of pests in an apartment is the possibility of cockroaches without much difficulty penetrating into a room, for example, from neighbors. From the places where they breed in large numbers, some of the individuals, sooner or later, "settles down" because of the growing overpopulation in the population.

Wherever the cockroach scouts find suitable conditions, insects "take root" and actively multiply, colonizing the previously uninhabited premises. Especially known are the so-called sewer cockroaches, which in the warm season creep out of the sewage pipes not only through flats and houses, but sometimes even just through the streets of cities.

If next to the apartment or house there is such a hotbed, where cockroaches hide in abundance, it is very problematic to get rid of them in a separate room: here it is necessary either to isolate the room reliably (which in practice is usually not possible) or to fully meet the scouts, fighting them on their own, or contact the appropriate authorities and complain about the breeding ground for insects near you.

Если в подъезде или у соседей постоянно обитают тараканы, то в вашей квартире регулярно будут появляться разведчики, проверяющие, можно ли остаться здесь надолго.

Remember: cockroaches in the entrance are the main candidates for the speedy settlement of your apartment. If you simply perceive their presence on a staircase or near a garbage chute, as a matter of course, not resorting anywhere and not struggling on your own, it is more likely that most of the apartments in a high-rise building will soon be infected and become simply hotbeds of new hordes of cockroaches.

The photo below shows cockroaches on the wall in the entrance of a multi-storey building:

Тараканы на стене подъезда

On a note

In each district of major cities of our country operates its own district SES. If the cockroaches climb from neighbors or from the entrance, then first of all you need to call in SES. And they will already tell you what to do next: wait for the inspector, call private services, or get rid of yourself.

Keep in mind that Sanepidemstantion is a state structure, and while its partially bureaucratic mechanism will be turned out, it is easier to call a private disinfestation service, or nevertheless to agree with neighbors and to poison cockroaches on their own.

Optimal places for shelters of cockroaches in an apartment

If you are serious about taking cockroaches out of your home, it is very useful to have an idea of ​​where these insects are usually located.

So, where are the cockroaches in the apartment most often hiding? As a rule, these are secluded places not far from the source of water and food, for example:

  1. cabinet under the sink;
  2. section of pipe from the top drain hole in the sink to the siphon;
  3. secluded places next to the trash can;
  4. slots behind kitchen furniture;
  5. space under the bathroom;
  6. cabinets in the closet;
  7. heat exchanger of the refrigerator (usually located at the back and top of the housing);
  8. the back of the cooker;
  9. household appliances (microwave, TV in the kitchen, computer, etc.).

На фотографии показан пример огромного количества тараканов, прятавшихся за холодильником и уничтоженных во время травли.

In most cases, insects usually breed for kitchen furniture and large appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker), as there is no one disturbing them, but to a sink with water and a trash can with feed - "paw to submit". The abundance of food, access to water and heat generated by technology, form an ideal habitat for cockroaches in such places.

For example, sometimes tenants are horrified when during disinsection work (or just during repair) they move furniture and discover literally hundreds of fattened cockroaches and their larvae just behind the furniture. In some apartments, insects, for example, behind a refrigerator, are able to form an almost continuous swarming "carpet". Here, on the floor, there are plenty of chitinous covers of cockroaches left after moulting, dry shells of cockroach eggs (ootec) and black points of excrement.

Examples of such shelters are shown in the photos below:

Такое убежище тараканов легко принять за их гнездо - здесь в обилии скапливаются их хитиновые панцири после линьки и экскременты.

Рыжие тараканы очень любят запах древесины и предпочитают держаться поближе к деревянным изделиям.

Пустые оотеки тараканов в квартире - признак того, что насекомые здесь процветают и плодятся уже очень давно.

Meanwhile, intending to take out cockroaches, it must be remembered that they come to the watering place only in those places where there is water available for them - in the sinks and baths. So, it is better to place traps and poison here, and not just somewhere near the refrigerator or stove.

On a note

Actually, the nest of cockroaches is absent - they simply gather in the most secluded places, sometimes forming large clusters. Therefore, sometimes it may seem that such a cluster of them, which usually looks like a rather dirty and very ugly place, is a real nest. However, strictly speaking, it is not a nest, since there is no organization for cockroaches.

However, this does not mean that it is not worth looking for a "cockroach nest": if you find the main places of accumulation of these pests, then it is much easier to fight with them.

In the photo you can see what a large crowd of cockroaches looks like in the apartment:

Пример скопления тараканов в мебели.

In some cases, the main source of infection by cockroaches of your clean and well-groomed home may be the apartment of less prosperous neighbors. Usually it is not the houses of alcoholics that have been cleaned for years or, as it is bitter to realize, the apartments of single and feeble elderly people, who are no longer able to maintain cleanliness and order, are real farms for growing these insects.

It is from here, from neighbors, cockroaches sometimes climb whole hordes in the nearest apartments, settling in the end on all floors. Therefore, if you do not want to meet insects in your room, then hold explanatory talks and educational work with your neighbors, and if necessary, involve SES. Remember: if you do not complain and do not take action, the neighborhood with cockroaches will be provided for many years to come.

It is interesting

The main habitat of cockroaches in nature is leaf litter in humid tropical forests. Here, insects swarm at times in huge quantities in close proximity to the main source of food - rotting vegetation and falling fruit.

In higher latitudes, cockroaches also live in forests, but here their habitats are replaced by meadows and rock breaks, and in South Africa - by mountain slopes. In any case, cockroaches originate from places with an abundance of vegetation and frequent precipitation, so they are so dependent on water.

Тараканы, являясь выходцами из тропических лесов, очень зависимы от источников воды (на фото показан Австралийский кустарниковый таракан).

Симпатичный банановый таракан нередко приезжает в нашу страну в гроздьях бананов из Эквадора.

Unusual places of shelters

Do not forget that besides "standard" shelters, cockroaches are sometimes able to hide in the most unexpected places:

  1. Microwave. Cockroaches here are mainly in search of food, fallen or splashed from food and subsequently burnt. The insects come here usually through a block with the electronics of the device.
  2. Fridge. As a rule, cockroaches accumulate in the warmest place of the refrigerator - from the rear (the heat exchanger heats up to high temperatures, due to the heat taken from the inner chambers). In the cooled chambers themselves, insects usually get by accident along with products - salads, vegetables, bananas.
  3. Dishwasher. Cockroaches are looking for water here, but they can not get out on their own. Sometimes they get here with dishes, on which they were fed with food leftovers.
  4. System units of computers and laptops. The transfer of such a device from one apartment to another often causes the infection of a new room with cockroaches. Системный блок компьютера привлекает тараканов высокой температурой и возможностью здесь укрыться.
  5. Toilet bowls - cockroaches inhabit them mainly because of the proximity to water.
  6. In the entrance cockroaches are most numerous in the garbage chute, but sometimes they are also found in elevator shafts and electric shields.

Тараканы возле вытяжки на кухне

What to do if the cockroaches chose one of these (or some even more unusual) places in your apartment? Of course, it is necessary to remove insects from these shelters, but sometimes it also has to be done in different ways.

For example, you can remove cockroaches from the microwave by turning off the device from the network and plugging one of its technological holes behind with cotton wool soaked in ammonia (a pharmacy 10% solution will do). If some cockroaches hide in the block with electronics, then from the smell of ammonia microwave they quickly leave. However, it is worthwhile to be ready that after the weathering of liquid ammonia, pests can later climb inside again in search of food and shelter.

С помощью нашатырного спирта можно легко выгнать тараканов из микроволновки.

Do not try to drive the cockroaches out of the microwave with the help of powerful insecticides - in this case, not for long and poison yourself.

It is interesting

Cockroaches love the smell of wood and, if possible, keep near wooden objects. Therefore, people often report to the SES that they found a nest in the cage with sawdust where the hamster lives, or in an old plywood messenger box at home.

Finally, in the southern regions of our country, as well as in Central Asia and in Ukraine, cockroaches can normally live in the streets of cities and even in fields around villages in the summer. Black cockroaches in exceptional cases can even spend the winter in nature.

Sewer cockroaches: are there such?

Practically in any city cockroaches inhabit sewer systems. And the reasons for this are quite obvious: there is enough food (do not ask - which one) and water, high humidity and more or less comfortable temperature for them.

Нередко в канализациях тараканы способны размножаться в огромных количествах...

It's no wonder that insects are often taken to houses by the sewer system and creep through the sinks and baths into the apartments. And such people from the sewerage sanitary situation in the room clearly does not improve ...

Sewer cockroaches are no different from "ordinary" apartment. In our country these are ordinary Prusaks and black cockroaches; in Europe, American cockroaches are added to these species.

Американский таракан сегодня все чаще встречается и в российских городах.

In an apartment or a house they can not be distinguished from insects that constantly live behind a bedside table or under a sink. One can only assume that the cockroaches found in the bathroom or toilet could come from the neighbors, and could recently crawl out of the sewer.

On a note

In many newspaper news from around the world, there are regular reports of sewer cockroaches on large and, apparently, prosperous cities. Naples, Paris, Istanbul, San Francisco, Moscow, with an enviable regularity, face such a cockroach epidemic. There is nothing surprising in this: in some years the number of cockroaches in the canal is growing at a particularly rapid pace. In the summer, they crawl to the surface and look for suitable places to settle. And the townspeople who have got used to cleanliness start to panic and break off phones of Sanitary and epidemiological stations.

Get rid of sewer cockroaches can be the same methods that are used to combat any other cockroaches: treating the premises with insecticides, placing traps and poisoned baits, preventing the penetration of insects into the room. All these actions can be performed either by the apartment owners themselves, or these tasks can be assigned to the shoulders of professional pest controlists.

Бороться с канализационными тараканами можно с помощью инсектицидных препаратов и ловушек.

Примерно через 2-3 часа после начала дезинсекции практически все насекомые в квартире будут мертвы, а выжившие погибнут в течение нескольких последующих дней.

Cockroaches mutants from the sewage system - true, or fiction?

But cockroaches-mutants, which are fashionable today to talk at forums or make journal notes - are nothing more than fiction. All known to date reports of mutant cockroaches are easily refuted by even a biologist-specialist, but by a simple enthusiastic Yunnat.

For example, reports of the appearance in the cellars of houses of cockroaches with gills that have adapted to the aquatic environment in the canalization appeared after the discovery of ordinary water beetles in the bathrooms by several residents of Ukrainian cities. As they say, fear has big eyes, and people want to become victims of "mutants" without fail.

Here is a picture of a red cockroach:

Рыжий таракан, он же прусак

But the photo of the beetle-beetle:


Некоторые люди всерьез могут принять жука-плавунца за таракана-мутанта.

On a note

There is nothing surprising in that the cockroach climbs out of the toilet bowl or out of the tub in the bathroom. These insects swim well, and with a full immersion in the water can survive a long time. In the laboratory experiments, some red cockroaches revived after an hour of underwater, so a trip to the sewer for such a Spartan would not be stressful. Therefore, by the way, it is worth remembering that if you lower the cockroach in the toilet, it will simply move down the sewage pipe and almost certainly will not perish, but will only find a new habitat with an abundance of food and water.

The situation is similar to the white cockroaches, which people always meet in homes, but which, with the media, began to be talked about in some places as mutated monsters. A white cockroach is not a mutant, it's just a recently shed specimen that has discarded its colored chitinous cover and has not yet had time to form a new one (see the example in the photo).

Белый таракан в квартире - это не мутант, а личинка, только что сбросившая старый хитиновый покров.

In general, talking about mutant cockroaches is not entirely correct: the appearance of any serious functional mutation and its fixation in the population of insects (especially when it comes to, for example, the development of the aforesaid gills) takes millions of years - it's much more than in this world there are sewerage and water supply. In this regard, it would be very naive to believe that the sewerage system in your house is so unique that the cockroaches in it experience such serious evolutionary changes in just a few years.

However, changes in the body of cockroaches that are inconspicuous to the human eye do occur gradually-for example, under the influence of chemical substances. It's no secret that for a long struggle between man and these insects, the latter has adapted (some will say - mutated) to survive even if it has been poisoned by some kind of insecticide: that is why the industry offers us more and more new and better products.

On a note

By the way, the talks about the fact that cockroaches will be the only living beings who survive the nuclear war are naive. This is another myth. Cockroaches are indeed more resistant to short-term exposure to radiation than humans, but the long-term loss of radiation precipitation is as harmful to them as it is to all living things. Cockroaches do not differ in their "antinuclear" properties from other insects, and in case of a corresponding cataclysm they will die out at about the same speed as, for example, flies or ants.

На самом деле тараканы вряд ли переживут ядерную войну, так как их устойчивость к радиации в действительности не слишком высокая.

Cockroaches are not in the apartment: where else can these insects meet in the city

It is logical to assume that if in some place outside the immediate housing of a person the conditions suitable for the life of cockroaches will be maintained, then insects will be able to live there. Let's recollect at least cockroaches in an entrance and in heating mains on all city.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, cockroaches in the city are hiding in a huge number of places.

  1. Warehouses of food products and imported products. Here, by the way, among the bundles of bananas and boxes with oranges you can meet even representatives of exotic species that have come to us from across the ocean.
  2. Supermarkets and their warehouses. Despite the received certificates from SES, almost every such room gives shelter to a huge number of cockroaches. And here and there insects even manage to seep into shopping halls and frighten their customers with their kind.
  3. Metro. Indeed, the climatic conditions here more or less meet the requirements of cockroaches, especially at stations. In the subway, garbage accumulates in abundance, which can become a food source for non-selective insects. It's no surprise that cockroaches on the subway are, in general, not uncommon.
  4. Kitchens of restaurants and cafes. Yes, absolutely cleanliness in such institutions is observed only in the halls for guests. What happens in the kitchen and who hides there among the pots is hidden behind the well-closed doors.
  5. Greenhouses in which cockroaches simply bliss in the heat, high humidity and an abundance of normal natural food for them.

Таракан на фруктах в супермаркете

This list can be continued for a long time: attics and cellars, markets, MAFs, greenhouses, food industry enterprises, school cafeterias and universities - everywhere, where there is food and maintained warmth, sooner or later cockroaches can start. And the talk about the fact that cockroaches left the cities recently seems to be the same myth as the opinion that these insects will survive the nuclear winter.

On a note

If you find yourself in Egypt, Jordan or Israel and want to experience the thrill - walk through the backyards in tourist areas in the early morning, when the owners open the cafe and sweep out the cockroaches that have been trampled at night. Here you can find marble cockroaches, and American, and even rarer, and in such quantities that it's right to wonder: who in this cafe eats more - tourists or insects ...

So do not worry if you suddenly meet a red-mustothed friend in your favorite supermarket or in a cozy cafe. Even with a careful approach to maintaining order, it is not always possible for hosts to prevent insects from entering it.

Таракан в супе - повод для скандала и жалобы в СЭС.

Ordinary citizens should remember that cockroaches most often fall into the house from neighbors or from the entrance, and hide here in the most unexpected places. And if meetings with these pests become too frequent, then you need to contact the services of pest control, or start an independent struggle.

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