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Pictures of different cockroaches

Таракан домашний: фото крупным планом

Few people do not know what a cockroach looks like. Every person met them several times in their lives, and probably had time to admire their tropical relatives at various exhibitions or in terrariums.

Nevertheless, even well-known and popular cockroaches should be considered in detail in photographs, inadvertently not to confuse the first conquerors of the apartment with random guests from the street. In addition, it is in the photo you can consider in detail the difference between species of cockroaches and the stages of their development.

Photo of cockroaches at home: all types and stages of development

The most common in human habitation are three kinds of cockroaches: red, it's a cockroach, black and American. In the tropics, even more exotic human friends creep into the houses, but it is difficult to call them synanthropic species.


A synanthropic species of an animal or plant is a species that feels better in a city, village or housing than in the wild. Sometimes such species are not found in nature at all. Examples are house sparrows, rats, bed bugs, pharaoh ants. Do not confuse synanthropic species with species tamed by humans - dogs, cats or pigeons.

A common red cockroach is known to almost every inhabitant of the northern hemisphere. The photo shows several adults of this species:

Самец домашнего рыжего таракана

Самка рыжего таракана

Above in the photo - male, from below - female with egg (ooteca). The females have a slightly wider and denser abdomen, the males are very slender and more mobile.

The larvae of the cockroaches differ from adults in size, slightly more dense physique and lack of wings. The color of the larvae also differs somewhat from that of adult insects: two long black strips pass through the entire body from the head to the end of the abdomen. In adult insects, only two dashes on the cephalothorax remain from these bands. In the photo, these coloring elements are clearly visible:

Личинка рыжего таракана

На фото хорошо видна характерная окраска личинки рыжего таракана

Личинка (нимфа) рыжего таракана крупным планом

It is interesting

Red cockroach has more names than any other insect. Most often it is called a cockroach - this name has been fixed since the Napoleonic wars, when it was believed that cockroaches to Russia were brought from Prussia.

But the Germans on the contrary call these insects "Russian cockroaches." We often call them "Tanchiki", "Stasiki", "Taraki" and "Tram".

Immediately after the eggs leave, the larvae are very small, do not exceed a millimeter in length, and have a practically transparent body. However, a few hours after the birth of a small cockroaches hardens the chitinous cover, and they become slightly darker. The photo below shows young cockroach larvae next to a pregnant female:

Молодые личинки таракана и беременная самка

On a note

Cockroaches like crickets, bugs and aphids are insects with incomplete transformation, and their larvae look like small copies of adult animals. For this, scientists call larvae nymphs, in order to differentiate this stage of development from typical larvae in beetles or butterflies. Adult cockroaches, like other insects, are scientifically called imago.

Having closely scrutinized, at the end of the abdomen of each insect, two small appendages can be seen. They are called cerci and testify to the general primitiveness of cockroaches in general - in more evolutionarily developed insects there are no cerci.

It is the cerci - the most reliable way to distinguish a cockroach from a bug. In the photo of a cockroach at macro shooting, the end of his abdomen is seen, and in the photo below - the end of the abdomen of a bed bug:


Фото постельного клопа

Black cockroaches differ from the red coloration and size. The Prussians are really small next to the adult specimens of the black cousins, barely reaching half the length of their body. In the photo you can estimate the size of the adult of this species:

Черный таракан

As can be seen from the photograph, there is only a coal color in the color of the black cockroach. In the nymphs of this species there are brown transverse stria, delineating segments of the abdomen. In the photo, the difference in the color of the imago and larva is clearly visible:

Взрослые особи и личинки черных тараканов

The females of the black cockroach have very short wings and a broad abdomen. In males, the wings almost cover the entire abdomen. Nevertheless, black cockroaches do not know how to fly, only males are able to jump far and with the help of wings to increase the length of the jump with wings. In the photo to the left - male, right - female:

Самка и самец черного таракана

On a note

The Prusak also does not know how to fly, but if he falls from the ceiling or high altitude, he can flap his wings and to some extent control the fall. Among tropical species of cockroaches there are those who fly very well and can fly at night to the light of lamps.

The American cockroach is less "domesticated" than black and red. He can dwell in forests and in the fields, but falling into the conditions of the city, easily switches to the food of human food and actively multiplies.

It is with the man and his cargo that this species has spread all over the world and is considered today a cosmopolitan. The photo shows an imago of an "American", whose female is only slightly denser than a male:

Американский таракан

Американский таракан

... and here - nymphs of different ages:

Личинки (нимфы) американского таракана

Cockroaches do not have nests, but they prefer to gather in groups in the most comfortable places. Having discovered such a shelter, a person can take it for a cockroach nest or a colony of cockroaches, and even think that in such a colony there is a queen like a bee. This is not true: there is no organization in this settlement.

Eggs of cockroaches: what do they look like?

Reproduction of cockroaches is quite specific. They do not lay off individual eggs, like most other insects, but pack them in a special chamber - ooteca, which the female wears at the end of the abdomen. The photo shows the oecca of the cockroach:

Оотека прусака

Females of different species wear ootecs at different times. In the cockroaches this period is 20-30 days, depending on the temperature in the room. And almost immediately after the deposition of ointecs, larvae are removed from it.

In black cockroaches, the "pregnant" female lays off the ointo after about a week after the beginning of its development, and 2-3 weeks of the egg develop unattended. This is used by the Prussians, who eat ootecs of black cockroaches and thus exterminate them. Perhaps, for this reason, the red cockroach drove the black out of the apartments.

The photo shows the edema of a black cockroach:

Черный таракан и его оотека

In many tropical species of cockroaches, females not only wear ooteca before the end of such a peculiar pregnancy, but also guard and care for nymphs for several days. Their ootheca is usually very soft, white and long.

For example, the photograph shows the oococcus of the Madagascar cockroach :

Оотека мадагаскарского таракана

Unusual cockroaches found in apartments

Of unusual cockroaches, the attention of a man in an apartment is primarily attracted by white cockroaches. These are not albinos, but simply just grown-up nymphs.

In the first hours after the discharge of the chitinous cover, they have a soft white body, which gradually hardens and acquires a color characteristic of the adult. During this period, the insect tries to be in a secluded place, but sometimes it still comes to the eye.

Every cockroach is white once in a lifetime. In the photo below is a white cockroach:

Белый таракан

In southern Kazakhstan, in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, a brown and slightly larger Turkmen cockroach can be found in a person's housing. He is very fond of terrarium players because he can not crawl on the glass. In the photo there is a small group of insects:

Туркменские тараканы

And the next photo shows ashy cockroaches, called even Egyptian:

Пепельный (египетский) таракан

They are interesting in that they are able, like termites, to eat wood and paper. They live in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

And of course, you can not help admiring the separate tropical cockroaches - the famous Madagascar ones:

Мадагаскарские тараканы

... banana, the very same ones that fly well:

На фотографии показан банановый таракан

... and gigantic:

Гигантский таракан

... to make sure that even such seemingly unpleasant neighbors on the planet can be extremely beautiful and interesting.

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