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White cockroaches in the apartment - what kind of albinos are they?
Белые тараканы в квартире – что это за альбиносы такие?

A meeting with a white cockroach in an apartment for many people is a big surprise: a red insect will surprise few people, but a strange translucent albino can be perceived almost as a mutant that has emerged from the sewers or has become such from the use of toxic chemicals. In fact, everything is not so scary - let's see why domestic cockroaches are sometimes white and how this is explained from a biological point of view ...

Why cockroaches are often called Stasik - the origin of this nickname
Почему тараканов нередко называют стасиками – о происхождении этого прозвища

Due to a very long acquaintance with a man, cockroaches managed to acquire a huge amount of the most diverse nicknames throughout the world. Moreover, if in strict scientific terminology, each species is often referred to depending on the characteristic features of its anatomy, appearance or origin, then the common names of cockroaches sometimes puzzled even professional linguists. To explain, for example, the origin of the names "Stasiki", "Shurik" and "Zhevzhiki" is not so simple. But we will try to shed light on such etymological secrets ...

How many cockroaches can hatch (be born) from one egg?
Сколько тараканов может вылупиться (родиться) из одного яйца?

Few people know that cockroaches do not breed as easily as most other insects: the simple “egg-larva-adult individual” cycle during evolution evolved through some features that are not found together in any other group of their close or distant relatives. Therefore, there are often questions about how many cockroaches hatch from one egg and how such eggs look. Let's understand ...

Where do cockroaches usually hide in an apartment and can they crawl out of the sewer?
Где тараканы обычно прячутся в квартире и могут ли они ползти из канализации?

Cockroaches sometimes hide in the most unexpected places. For example, you can turn on the light in the kitchen at night and detect a pest creeping out of an unclosed bottle with concern. And you can stumble upon his fellow, quickly running out of the sink or even from the microwave. But perhaps the most disgusting thing is to notice cockroaches in the bread box or in the fridge: who knows, maybe these pests have recently run through sewage in the sewers, and now they are tasting your supplies. At the same time, for many people it remains a mystery where cockroaches hide during the day, when it would seem that the apartment looks like the cleanest place in the world without any creeping living creatures. About where the cockroaches can hide in the room, if they have a nest and how to drive them out of the most secluded shelters - and so, we will go on about all this and talk ...

The cockroaches are dangerous to human health and what harm they cause
Чем тараканы опасны для здоровья человека и какой вред они наносят

Regular meetings with cockroaches in an apartment bring little joy to anyone. At the same time, many people reasonably suspect that cockroaches are far from dangerous not only because they spoil the mood during nighttime meetings in the kitchen, but they can also carry a very real threat to the health of apartment occupants - for example, being carriers of various pathogens. And this is true: the potential harm from cockroaches to humans can be very significant. Let's understand what threats to humans are carried by these insects and why it is necessary to fight them.

The history of cockroach races and features of their conduct today
История тараканьих бегов и особенности их проведения сегодня

No matter how humorous it may sound, but cockroach races today are a real unrecognized form of gambling, like cockfighting and lingonberry competitions. Not only does it have its own stars, rules and shadow authorities - serious money is spinning in the cockroach races. Those who consider such entertainment to be fun for poor students are the next article.

What do cockroaches dream of: red, black, big and small
К чему снятся тараканы: рыжие, черные, большие и маленькие

No matter how unpleasant cockroaches may be in real life, in a dream they can be both harbingers of problems and symbols of quite successful events. Treat each dream with cockroaches, depending on the context. From what exactly cockroaches and in what quantities dreamed, depends on what you should expect in the future ...

Find out where cockroaches are gone and why they disappeared
Выясняем, куда делись тараканы и почему они исчезли

Many today are interested in what happened to cockroaches in large cities. After all, before they were practically in every house, in every apartment, they could not simply disappear for no reason. What are these reasons? There are several hypotheses about this ...

Photos of various cockroaches
Фотографии различных тараканов

How cockroaches look, many people know. But the entomologists are well aware of the peculiarities of the appearance of their larvae and the differences between the sexes. Ordinary residents of apartments, too, would be useful to get acquainted with the appearance of domestic cockroaches at all stages of development.

Plots against cockroaches
Заговоры против тараканов

Conspiracies have long been popular in Russia, and they have been used for almost everything: from diseases, from failures on the love front, from problems with the harvest and money. Plots have also been used in the fight against insects, in particular, with cockroaches. Each conspiracy has a certain structure, there is also such a thing as “conspiracy power”.

If you think you know almost everything about cockroaches, then with high probability you are deeply mistaken. There are more than 4500 different types of cockroaches, but most people’s ideas about these interesting insects are limited to only their red representative, the so-called Prusak.

Many cockroaches are very hardy and resistant to adverse environmental factors. For example, the well-known red cockroach is capable of:

  • to withstand the strongest radiation, 15 times the safe level for humans;
  • live without food for more than 30 days;
  • to live with a severed head for several weeks (which is interesting, while the head itself is able to maintain a certain vitality separately from the body for a long time);
  • In addition, the red cockroach has repeatedly proved and continues to demonstrate its ability to adapt to the action of the most powerful modern insecticides.

If cockroaches easily survived dinosaurs, then who knows, maybe they will just as well survive humanity - at least, such considerations are expressed even by people close to science.

In the section “About cockroaches” of our site you can find a lot of interesting facts from the amazing life of these insects, as well as from the history of their coexistence with humans. Photos of various types of cockroaches, all sorts of myths, information about the danger of cockroach bites (do you doubt that they bite?) And the characteristics of their rapid reproduction - all this and much more is waiting for your attention.


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