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Than cockroaches are dangerous to human health and what harm they cause

Обычные домашние тараканы действительно могут представлять немалую опасность для здоровья человека - о том, как они наносят вред мы дальше и поговорим...

Further you will learn:

  • What are the dangerous cockroaches in the apartment for a man;
  • What infections can these insects carry on themselves;
  • How much harm from cockroaches in the houses is generally great;
  • And also whether there are really particularly dangerous cockroach mutants, or is it just a myth.

It may seem strange, but not all people understand how cockroaches are potentially dangerous for residents of the premises. Moreover, many refer to cockroaches in the apartment as to something self-evident, believing that these insects are absolutely harmless, and their appearance on the kitchen table, in the bathroom or sink is quite normal, except that slightly unpleasant.

Некоторые люди до сих пор считают наличие тараканов в квартире явлением нормальным, само собой разумеющимся...

In folklore, cockroaches often play positive roles, and in some cases even good signs are associated with them. Perhaps, in part, this explains the lenient attitude toward "stasikas", which in fact are sources of unsanitary conditions and carriers of causative agents of serious human diseases.

However, even knowing that cockroaches are harmful, people often still tolerate their presence in the apartment, realizing that efforts to destroy these insects far exceed the seemingly insignificant harm.

Зачастую жильцы помещений попросту не хотят тратить силы на уничтожение тараканов, так как считают, что вред от их присутствия невелик и опасности они не представляют.

Well, about the harm of cockroaches and their danger to humans, we'll go on and talk in more detail - maybe then these insects will not seem so harmless ...

На самом деле тараканы далеко не столь безобидны, как может показаться на первый взгляд.

On a note

In scientific circles, harm from cockroaches for human health is generally called blattopterosis. This term covers both allergies, and transfer of eggs of worms, and mechanical damage to human skin with bites of cockroaches.

You are surprised and did not know that the usual red cockroaches are capable of biting? They not only bite, but are able to nibble the epithelium in the nasolabial triangle of sleeping people, especially in children, and also eat the skin of the lips in conditions of lack of water. However, we will touch on these nuances just below ...

Cockroaches as carriers of human diseases

The main danger of cockroaches for humans is directly related to the fact that these insects can easily move between the apartment and any other spaces of the apartment house, including sewage, garbage disposal, cellars and attics. In these, frankly speaking, not very clean places, insects collect a lot of different bacteria on their chitinous covers: in the cellars they run where the rats feed, in the attics they swarm in the bird's litter, and in the sewerage they come into contact with human impurities.

На хитиновых покровах тараканов находится огромное количество бактерий.

Бегая в канализациях, мусоропроводах и подвалах, насекомые контактируют с самыми различными нечистотами...

It is not surprising that various pathogenic bacteria settle on their bodies (especially on the legs and abdomen), as well as spores of fungi and helminth eggs (in other words - worms). And then the cockroaches carry the causative agents of diseases and the rest of the collected "household" into the living quarters: in a few hours all this is on your kitchen table, in the breadbox, on the unhealthy foodstuffs or even in the glass from which you are drinking. And thank God, if this does not happen on the baby's nipple.

На лапках тараканов вполне могут оказаться не только бактерии, но и яйца глистов, что тоже может быть опасно для здоровья человека.

Контакт тараканов с детской соской может привести в дальнейшем к заболеванию ребенка.

In addition, regularly eating waste (and which is really a sin, even by excrement of man and animals in the sewers, cellars and attics), cockroaches collect a considerable range of pathogenic microorganisms in their digestive system. Special studies have shown that the usual red and black cockroaches are capable of carrying the pathogens of the following diseases:

  1. Dysentery;
  2. Gastroenteritis;
  3. A number of urogenital infections;
  4. Salmonellosis;
  5. Meningitis;
  6. Mycobacteriosis;
  7. Pneumonia;

... and some others.

On the feet of cockroaches, in their stomachs and feces there may be eggs of dangerous helminths:

  • Ascaride;
  • Pinworm;
  • Lentetsov;
  • Vlasoglava;

... as well as cysts of pathogenic amoebae.

Especially great is the damage from the cockroaches falling into the apartment from the sewerage (some even call them sewer cockroaches ). It is not known where and in what several hours ago this insect was floundering, and what set of filths it will leave on the bread, over which it will run.

Источником опасного заражения человека может стать обычный хлеб, по которому бегали тараканы.

All of the above microorganisms and helminth eggs fall on food, as well as on various surfaces of interior elements in kitchens, bathrooms and restrooms. In the future, human infection can occur not only through food, but also simply by the chain: dirty surface - unwashed hands. As a result, already being in the hospital, a person may not even suspect where exactly he picked up an unpleasant disease.

People often sin on public transport, canteens or dubious products from the market, but in fact, sometimes in such cases it would be worthwhile to see how things are with the cockroaches in their own apartment ...

Источником опасной кишечной инфекции вполне могут стать живущие дома тараканы.

On a note

According to the results of the research, carcinogenic substances are formed in the stomachs of black cockroaches, which are formed from various organics used by insects as food. However, this does not make it possible to state unambiguously that cockroaches are dangerous for humans because they transfer substances promoting the development of cancer to food. In this case, this harm should be considered, rather, mythical, than really existing.

Especially dangerous cockroaches in schools and kindergartens, where they may well become the culprits of the massive spread of infections. Therefore, if insects are regularly found in such an establishment, it makes sense to urgently attend to their destruction. If the employees of the kindergarten and the school are not too smart in this respect, you can always talk with management - it is certainly aware of the seriousness of this situation (including for them personally).

Allergy to cockroaches

No less significant damage to cockroaches can cause a person as a source of allergens in the apartment. A large number of chitinous coverings left after insect moulting, dry excrement, remains of dead individuals - all this is mixed with domestic dust, and when ingested on the skin, in the digestive tract or in the airways of a person, sometimes causes severe diseases:

  1. Allergic rhinitis with a strong rhinitis and conjunctivitis;
  2. Bronchial asthma;
  3. Dermatitis.

Хитиновые покровы, сброшенные насекомыми во время линьки, являются сильными аллергенами.

It is important that the allergy to cockroaches is often chronic: when faced with products of their vital activity every day in their home, a person is constantly in contact with an allergen, and the symptoms of the disease do not go away at all (often found in children). The pronounced symptoms of cockroach allergy are usually sneezing, carvings in the nose and eyes, an abundance of clear mucus flowing from the nose.

Причиной длительной заложенности носа может стать аллергия на тараканов.

On a note

Chronic allergic rhinitis is fraught with the development of polyps in the nose and is dangerous with a complete violation of breathing. And asthma, as you know, seriously reduces the quality of life in general.

It should be noted that black cockroaches have a strong unpleasant odor. When there are few of these insects in the room, it is not particularly noticeable, but when pests reproduce in significant quantities, the apartment begins to characteristically and unpleasantly to smell.

Когда черных тараканов в квартире становится слишком много, помещение зачастую приобретает весьма неприятный запах.

To get rid of such a smell of cockroaches, the only way is to destroy the insects themselves, then remove their remains, excrement and chitinous covers left after molting (all this "good" can be accumulated for years in the corners of the apartment, under skirting boards, behind the stove, refrigerator, ventilation grate and in various slots).

Real pests in the household

Cockroaches are harmful also by the fact that they significantly spoil the food. And, above all, it is spoil, and not destroy.

Scientists estimated that one thousand cockroaches a year consumes about 9.6 kg of dry products. It would seem that this is not so much. However, imagine that you noticed a cockroach on a plate with a salad. Immediately you remembered that a few hours ago the same pest could crawl in the garbage disposal or climb in the sewage. Will you eat this salad?

Большое количество продуктов попросту выбрасывается после того, как на них были замечены тараканы.

The situation is similar with other food products. If cockroaches regularly come to their eyes in the kitchen, then they are likely to have already run through all the products that were not hidden in the refrigerator or in tightly closed packages. So, everything that was not cleaned up is subject to ejection. Most often it's confectionery, bread, fruit.

Не стоит даже пытаться употреблять в пищу продукты, с которыми контактировали тараканы - так вы рискуете нанести серьезный вред своему здоровью.

If the cockroach is found in the refrigerator, then here it is more likely that he has already "familiarized himself" with all the products on the shelves, which should lead to the question of their further edibility.

Do cockroaches attack a person?

The cockroach is not a parasite. Accordingly, specifically these insects do not attack a person and do not cause direct damage to him (in particular, they do not drink blood, such as bed bugs, lice or mosquitoes).

Тараканы не нападают на человека целенаправленно, но способны кусать спящих людей во сне, объедая частички кожи вокруг губ, на пальцах и т.д.

However, even being not parasites, but pests, cockroaches sometimes still not only bite a person, but also create additional troubles:

  1. There are cases when, with a very large number of cockroaches indoors, they gnawed skin particles on the fingers and toes, and also in the lips of sleeping people. Documented evidence of sailors who had to sleep in gloves because of the fact that the cockroaches gnawed the skin on their fingers, which led to the appearance of unpleasant wounds.
  2. Being very much dependent on the availability of water sources in the room, cockroaches can at night lick saliva from the lips, nibble here epithelium, especially in children. It is clear that if there are eggs of worms or causative agents of dysentery on the legs of such a cockroach, then such bites are fraught with dangerous diseases as well.
  3. Red cockroaches can crawl into the person's ear, looking for shelter here. Sometimes it is very difficult to remove an insect from the ear: when trying to make it with a finger, the cockroach will even more stubbornly hide. In some cases, the victim has to see a doctor.

Нередко тараканы заползают людям в уши, и извлечь насекомое оттуда иной раз бывает весьма проблематично.

It is interesting

In one of the Taiwan hospitals, a cockroach from a nose was removed from the nose, which was there for three days, continuously scratching the mucous legs and causing a strong cold. After extraction, the insect was alive.

So, cockroach parasites, which would purposefully and regularly bite a person, do not exist. In the house, cockroaches are dangerous for humans, first of all, by the fact that carriers of pathogens of various diseases and sometimes can cause chronic allergies.

Cockroaches are dangerous, even if they are poisoned!

Even poisoned cockroaches may present a certain danger - that is, after the apartment has been treated with special insecticides. Such poisonous cockroaches are dangerous first of all for pets - cats, dogs, birds - which can be fun for catching disoriented insects and eating them, after which sometimes severe poisoning follows.

Даже отравленные тараканы могут представлять опасность - прежде всего, для домашних животных, которые могут их съесть...

The principle of action of many modern insecticides is that they kill the insect not immediately, but only after a few hours, so that the pest could transfer a part of the poisonous substance to the places of congestion of its relatives. So it's quite a living and, it would seem, quick cockroach can already contain a poisonous filling.

On a note

Cats are especially sensitive to some insecticides (in particular, to pyrethroids): the first signs of poisoning in them can be strong salivation and inadequate behavior.

For the period until the insects are destroyed in the room completely, all pets should be lodged with relatives or friends.

Poisoning by means of cockroaches can occur in the person who is carrying out the treatment of the room, as well as with his relatives who live here. The rules for the use of insecticides require that no one, except the handler, be in the house, and the handler used a respirator.

Во избежание проблем со здоровьем нужно обязательно использовать респиратор при обработке помещения от тараканов.

Of course, in real conditions, these requirements are not always met, and poisoning from cockroaches, in general, is not so rare. Usually it is limited to nausea, vomiting and severe headaches, but sometimes there are also much heavier and even life-threatening conditions.

The dangers listed above are real. But sometimes cockroaches are credited with numerous imaginary abilities that turn these insects into monsters.

For example, the myth is known that from the canal often appear mutant cockroaches, having gills and well floating. In fact, it is a beetle-beetle, remotely similar to a cockroach. In some Ukrainian cities, such beetles in spring, in the period of their mass appearance, fall into apartments and private houses in rather large quantities, which greatly frighten people.

The photo shows a beetle-beetle:

Жука-плавунца многие могут принять за водоплавающего таракана-мутанта с жабрами.

In other cases a mutant is considered to be mutant cockroaches. These centipedes are often found in open spaces, in attics and in summer kitchens. The most interesting thing is that they are good aides of man in the fight against cockroaches, as they actively catch and eat medium-sized cockroach larvae (nymphs).

The photo below shows a flycatcher:

Некоторые считают мухоловку (представлена на фото) разновидностью таракана-мутанта.

Some people are sure that this is the same cockroach-mutant with a lot of legs, the cause of which is radiation.

In fact, mutant cockroaches do not exist - at least in your apartment you will not exactly meet them. Including not known to science and poisonous cockroaches, as a separate species (and such a thing as "cockroach poison" refers to the drugs that poison cockroaches).

However, it is not necessary to consider that if in the house cockroaches are malicious vectors of an infection, then always and everywhere these insects are harmful.

В отличие от домашних тараканов, являющихся вредителями, их дикие собратья являются важной и полезной частью природных биоценозов.

In fact, the benefits of cockroaches in nature are very great: thousands of different species of these insects utilize and process a huge amount of rotting plant residues, loosen the soil in the forests, serve as feed for numerous animals and birds. Therefore, harm from cockroaches is a very relative concept and manifests itself only in a human dwelling.

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