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Photos of different kinds of ants and interesting features of their life

Давайте познакомимся с наиболее интересными видами муравьев поближе

There are more than 12,000 species of ants on Earth. They inhabit a variety of natural landscapes, adapt themselves to almost any living conditions and manage to become the dominant group of insects almost everywhere. Of course, the ants of each individual species have many features, and this is not so much about appearance, as about the specifics of behavior and lifestyle in general. And here, even our closest neighbors (from the nearest forest) may be more interesting than the inhabitants of the exotic tropics described in the books.

Даже жизнь привычных нам рыжих лесных муравьев полна интересных и не всем известных особенностей

It is interesting

Among the ants there are both record-holders for heat resistance, and insects-walruses. For example, representatives of the family of runners live in deserts and normally withstand air temperature up to 50 ° C, feeding on insects, which quickly die in this heat. And the Kamchatka ant, on the contrary, experiences wintering, cooling down to -52 ° С, but remaining alive at the same time.

In the photo below - an ant-bullet, capable of withstanding deadly insects for other insects:

Фотография муравья-пули

Муравей-пуля способен выдерживать такие высокие температуры, при которых другие насекомые быстро погибают

Pharaohs ant

Pharaohs ant - one of the most famous person. Especially - a resident of an apartment or a private house. These ants are those tiny pests that slim along the plinths along the plinths, occupy garbage cans and drag crumbs off the table and sugar from the bedside tables.

On the below photo - ants of this species in the apartment:

Фараоновы муравьи - известные вредители квартир

Фото фараоновых муравьев крупным планом

It is interesting

The mixture of acids that Pharaoh ants secrete, is deadly for bed bugs. Therefore, in an apartment that is heavily infected with pharaoh ants, bed bugs almost always die out.

Here are some more photos of pharaoh ants:

Муравейник фараоновых муравьев может находиться как в квартире, так и за ее пределами

На фото - фараоновы муравьи пьют воду

Pharaohs ant is known for its stiffness - not that the extermination of individual foragers in the room, but even the destruction of a separate anthill does not mean removing the ants from the house. The reason for this - in the ability of this species to create a kind of dispersed nests, in each of which she lives or several breeding females and several hundred working ants.

These nests are connected to each other and form a huge colony, which can occupy several floors in a block of flats. And while the last such nest will not be destroyed , the ants themselves will happily "please" the owner of the room with his presence.

Red Forest Ant

Red forest ants are one of the most famous in Russia. It is this species that builds huge anthills up to two meters high in coniferous forests, each of which is inhabited by several hundred thousand inhabitants.

Муравейник рыжих лесных муравьев

It is the red forest ants that are depicted in the pictures in school textbooks. The main diet of the red ants is the allocation of aphids, larvae and adults of various forest pests.

In the photo - a red forest ant drags a caterpillar into an anthill.

Рыжий лесной муравей тащит гусеницу в муравейник

It is interesting

Scientists have calculated that the red forest ants living in a large anthill, on average, bring to it 21,000 different caterpillars and pest pupae in one summer day. In general, such an anthill protects about 1 hectare of coniferous forest.

The red forest ant is an endangered species, the number of which is constantly decreasing. Part of the blame for this lies on the man who destroys the young anthills and catches the ants themselves for the preparation of folk medicine.

Ants-reapers - steppe workers

Ants reapers are famous for their huge food reserves in anthills. For the winter they can collect up to a kilogram of seeds and dead insects in the nest, which is enough for a family of several thousand ants to safely winter in conditions of reduced activity.

Photos of reaper ants:

На фото - муравьи жнецы

Муравьи жнецы и их личинки

It is interesting

Ants-reapers of years occur in the spring, while in other species this event is confined to the summer months. Due to this evolutionary progress, the fertilized female has the opportunity to establish a new anthill in still moist soil.

A feature of reaper ants is that they feed their larvae with ground grain of plants - in most other ants larvae feed exclusively on animal food. At the same time, in the anthill of reapers, soldiers grind the largest grains with their powerful jaws, and the smaller caste ants gnaw out the formed pieces, and those individuals that feed the larvae grind the remaining flour into a kind of gruel.

In the picture - the ant-reaper bears seeds in an anthill:

Муравьи жнецы запасают семена в огромных количествах

Bulldog ants: the giants of the ant world

But the bulldog ants are already representatives of the tropical fauna. They are distributed almost exclusively in Australia and are considered to be one of the most primitive ants that have much in common with wasps. In the photo there is an adult bulldog ant:

Фотография муравья-бульдога

On a note

Bulldog ants are one of the largest ants in the world. The length of the working ant can reach 3 cm. The difference in size between the working ant and the uterus is not so noticeable as in the case of other ants.

Their name is ants bulldogs received for the huge jaws, with the help of which they extract food and ... jump. It is with force pushing away from the ground with jaws, the ant can jump to a distance of up to 30 cm. In the photographs below, it is good to consider these powerful jaws:

Муравьи-бульдоги имеют очень мощные челюсти

Укусы муравьев-бульдогов весьма чувствительны

In addition, bulldog ants swim well. Their larvae feed on their own food, which is brought to the anthill by workers' ants.

Bulldog ants are dangerous. Every year in Australia and Tasmania, several people die from their bites - these insects have a sting, and their poison causes a strong allergic reaction and can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Nomadic ants: fear of all tropics

Nomadic ants are one of the most famous. They are also called killer ants, because during their movements they destroy all arthropods, small rodents and reptiles in those territories on which they find themselves.

Photos of nomadic ants:

На фотографии кочевой муравей кусает человека за палец

Кочевые муравьи являются весьма крупными насекомыми

The main feature of nomadic ants is the absence of an anthill - a colony of several hundred thousand individuals or forms a temporary shelter in the form of a ball of clasped workers, or finds a burrow or a hollow under the stones, in which the uterus will lay eggs for several weeks. After growing a certain number of young ants and depletion of food supplies, the colony is removed from its place and moves to another, more feedable area.

It is interesting

The uterus of the nomadic ant is astounding with its fertility: in Asian species, it lays up to 130,000 eggs per day - about three eggs every two seconds. Such fertility is no longer present in any other insect.


Among the ant-woodworm ants are many species familiar to us - these are the same ants that run along tree trunks and collect honey-dew from leaves. They are called wood-wrenches because they often arrange their nests in stumps or under the bark of living trees, gnawing gently through the woods the courses and chambers. Because of this, they can damage forestry.

Photo of woodworm ants:


Муравьи-древоточцы могут устраивать свои муравейники прямо в деревьях

It is interesting

Among the ant-woodworm ants there is the largest ant in the fauna of Russia - the uterus of the red-breasted ant-tree-dweller can reach a length of 2 cm. This ant is represented in the picture below.

 Матка красногрудого муравья-древоточца

Amazon ants and their slaves

Ants-Amazons - a very specific group of species of ants, in which in principle the working individuals are not hatched. Their offspring are either future uterus or soldiers. To search for food and care for their larvae, either the uterus of the Amazon itself, or a detachment of its soldiers attacks the anthills of more peaceful species of ants and steals from them larvae and pupae. Derived from them, working ants perceive invaders as parents, and in the anthill of the Amazons perform all routine work.

Photo of the Amazon ants:


В колонии муравьев-амазонок нет рабочих особей: есть лишь матки и солдаты

It is interesting

Some species of Amazonian ants are very narrowly specialized: they can only larvae and pupae of one donor species. Of course, the ants on which the Amazons are attacking are defending their brood, and the mortality among the Amazons themselves is very high.

In the photo - an ant-Amazon bears a stolen larva in its anthill:

Муравей-амазонка похитил личинку из другого муравейника

Among the Amazons there are species that live in Russia.

Leaf-cutting ants are human competitors

The leaf-cutting ants are one of the few creatures in the world engaged in agriculture, and at a very high technological level. Working ants of these species nibble pieces of leaves, demolish them in an anthill where these leaves are chewed by other ants, mixed with saliva and infested with spores of a special fungus.

It is the developing mycelium that these ants eat. In addition, in their saliva contains a large number of antibiotics, which prevent the development of dangerous for mycelium parasitic fungi and bacteria.

Photos of ants-sheet cutters:

Фотография муравьев-листорезов

Муравьи-листорезы используют листья растений для выращивания грибов

It is interesting

In the colony of leaf-cutting ants, there are 7 castes of individuals that differ in appearance and behavior. The difference in size between the smallest working ant and the soldier can reach 200 times. In this case, in general, all the ants of the family perform up to 29 different unique operations in the preparation of feed.

In the picture below - a string of leaf-cutting ants:

Вереница из муравьев-листорезов

In habitats large colonies can destroy deciduous cover on large trees, therefore near plantations and gardens they are actively struggling.

Ants parasites

These species are very numerous, and they parasitize in different ways, but, as a rule, at the expense of other ants. For example, in the nests of ant reapers, small ants can never parasitize, never reaching the surface and feeding on the reapers themselves.

Similar parasites are found in leaf-cutting ants, forest ants, and wood-ant ants. As a rule, parasitic ants are very small, and in their colonies rarely more than a few hundred individuals. They build their anthill near the anthill of the master species or directly between its chambers.

Very similar to ants and externally, and the nature of their social structure termites. However, these insects are not to be confused: termites are systematically closer to cockroaches, and ants to wasps and bees. Nevertheless, by the ability to build impressive structures and various features of biology between these insects, there is much in common.

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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