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About ants

Photos of various species of ants and interesting features of their life
Фотографии различных видов муравьев и интересные особенности их жизни

Some species of ants differ from each other more than mice differ from elephants. There are giants among ants, and there are real crumbs, there are peace-loving and militant ants, parasites and desperate workaholics. Yes, and each of us regularly meets ants, different and outwardly, and in the way of life. Let's take a closer look at the most famous and interesting types of them ...

About red forest and domestic ants, as well as their differences
Про рыжих лесных и домашних муравьев, а также их отличия

Red ants are quite numerous. These are not only tiny household pests that housewives are constantly fighting. Red ants are also famous forest workers, erecting huge anthills and playing an important role in the life of the forest. And we'll talk about these two completely different types of ants further.

How many ants usually live and how is their life in an anthill
Сколько обычно живут муравьи и как протекает их жизнь в муравейнике

Among ants there are the longest-lived insects on Earth. But at the same time, the life of an average ant is at most several months, and only a very small number of these small laborers die with their death. Let's take a closer look at how exactly and how many ants live ...

About ants bulldogs
О муравьях-бульдогах

The mere name of these ants is already scary: ants bulldogs or bull ants - such names already testify at least to the aggressiveness of these insects. And as a maximum - about the danger that they pose to humans and animals. And they called these insects for a reason - they are really dangerous and aggressive ...

About the life of the leaf cutter ants
О жизни муравьев-листорезов

These insects are considered to be among the most evolutionarily developed living beings on Earth, yielding, perhaps, only to humans. Their behavior and lifestyle is so complex that it may seem absolutely reasonable. Finally, they are the only living beings other than humans who are engaged in full-fledged agriculture. Meet the leaf cutter ants.

How ants are preparing for winter
Как муравьи готовятся к зиме

All ants living on the territory of Russia in the winter reduce their activity and do not appear at all on the surface of the soil. Their wintering is a rather complicated and interesting process, to which the ants prepare for a long time and which is not similar to the state of anabiosis in other, non-colonial insects. In detail about this wintering ants, we'll talk further.

What ants eat
Чем питаются муравьи

Ants are omnivorous insects. Most of the species of ants as food will fit almost any natural organic raw material - seeds, insects, blades of grass. But even among the ants there are those that feed exclusively on one product, and this is extremely exotic. Read about it further.

How much does an ant weigh and how much weight can it lift
Сколько весит муравей и какую массу он может поднять

Do you know that ants of some species can lift a weight 50 times their body weight? Did you know that the jaws of some ants can be used instead of threads for sewing wounds? Some more similar records and interesting facts - further.

About killer ants
Про муравьев-убийц

Ants are not only tiny red pests from under the bedside tables or famous forest nurses who quietly collect huge anthills. Ants are also several species of truly dangerous insects, a meeting with which may turn out to be the last for humans. Fortunately, there are few such ant species.

How many legs does ants have?
Сколько ног у муравьев?

The legs of an ant are the result of many millennia of evolution. It is not only a device for moving quickly enough, but also a universal tool for communication and performing a huge number of operations. A simple person, looking at an ant, can easily distinguish it from some similar arthropods. How? By the number of legs!

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