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Signs of bugs in the apartment

Признаки появления клопов в квартире

Guess that the apartment is inhabited by insects, it's not so difficult. All living beings, including parasites, can not but leave traces of their vital activity. Symptoms of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment are very characteristic and will help to locate the habitats of these insects. If you notice them in time, you can get rid of bed bugs much quicker and return to a quiet life.

Bites of bugs: a sure sign

The only food of bugs is human blood. In order to get it in sufficient quantity and at the same time to protect itself, the bug prefers to hunt in the dark.

He crawls into unprotected areas of the body, pierces the skin with his sharp mouthpiece, getting into a blood vessel, where he sucks out the necessary amount of blood. Simultaneously, a special channel in the proboscis allows the bug to separate out a special substance that makes the skin insensitive for a while, blocking the nerve endings. People often do not wake up from bites and do not feel them.

Regular appearance of bite marks on the body is one of the signs of the presence of bugs in the apartment.

After consuming the first portion of blood, the bug moves slightly further and makes the next bite. In the photo it can be seen that the traces of several bug bites resemble the original tracks:

Дорожки от укусов клопов


"We thought that the children are allergic, it is unclear what. Too many of these red points were. It looked like chickenpox. They began to look at food, look at plants. But I was embarrassed that many points are clearly located along the lines. Like someone creeps under the skin. So the pediatrician told us at once and said that it was bedbugs. They turned the sofa in their children's room and pumped me out with ammonia. I had never seen such horror before. These bedbugs there were swarming, as in an anthill ... "

Anna, Kharkiv

In addition, bed bugs usually do not touch areas of the body with hair. He prefers smooth skin, which can be quickly and easily bitten. A red stain appears on the site of the bite. A sign of a bite of a bed bug - strong itching and burning, often - a strong swelling.

Припухлость в местах укусов клопа

As a rule, traces are found only in the morning and a person can take them for an allergic reaction. However, the corresponding drugs do not give any relief, and the area of ​​red spots only increases every day.

Bedbugs bite everyone, but often more bitten are women and children. This is because the bedbug is easier to bite their thin skin, and the blood vessels in women and children are closer to the skin.

The number of bites depends only on the population of bed bugs in the apartment. There have been cases when, with a strong infection of parasites on human bodies, there were 300-400 bites per night.

It can be stated with all responsibility that bites are one of the most characteristic symptoms of a bed bug in an apartment. It is important only to distinguish them from the bites of other insects and allergic manifestations.

The smell of bedbugs in the apartment

Often you can hear this phrase: "The apartment smells of bedbugs." It seems funny, but it's scientifically based.

Both adult bugs and larvae have a special gland that other home insects do not have. The iron secretes a special secret that exudes a characteristic smell of bugs.

The same smell is also the feces of insects, which are similar to small black dots. Those who felt it, describe a slight stench, similar to the smell of spoiled cognac or sour raspberries.

Experts well know from experience that such a smell in the apartment is a sign of a large number of bedbugs in the house.

The smell of bugs will be most strongly felt near their permanent habitats - in the area of ​​the bed, behind the cupboards, behind the window sills, behind the picture frames.

Запах клопов


"I never believed that the smell could change from bugs in the room. Mother-in-law said that our apartment smells of bedbugs, but my wife and I thought that it was just the smell of old furniture. When we arrived with a two-day fishing, we were horrified: there is really a foreign smell, it's not an invention! They began to carefully review the furniture and found behind the couch these parasites. "

Sasha, Kursk

Of course, the smell is almost an absolute sign of the presence of bedbugs, but people do not always feel it, because the sense of smell quickly gets used to the constant scents. The greatest probability of anew "sniff" to your own apartment - arrival from a rest, from the cottage.

If there is no full confidence that the smell really corresponds to the description, you need to pay attention to other signs of bugs in the apartment.

Traces of bedbugs on the bed

Sometimes the previous symptoms of the presence of bedbugs in the apartment do not give a hundred percent guarantee, and I want to see bloodsuckers, as they say, "live". To do this, there is a way: you need to spread out a white sheet on the bed in the evening (on which the dark insects will be clearly visible), turn off the light and wait for the onset of 2-3 hours of the night.

After that, the light must be turned on sharply. If the house has bedbugs, then at least a few of them will necessarily be on the bed.

Клопы на постели

When bed bugs bite a person, they, unlike mosquitoes, do not inject into the blood of the enzyme, which helps it to curdle faster. Therefore, immediately after the bug bite from the wound, a few drops of blood are released. Naturally, during sleep a person turns on the bed and a small speck of blood often remains on the sheets.

Пятна крови на постели

In order to detect them, you need to remove the blanket and carefully consider the sheet in daylight. Drops of blood on bedding - one of the most accurate signs of the presence of bed bugs.

Traces of bug life

Bedbugs celebrate their presence in the apartment not only with the smell or traces of bites on the human body, but also with other symptoms and signs

  • Like other living beings, they undergo digestion, which ends in the release of the remains of undigested food.
  • Isolations of the bed bug are liquid, dark brown in color. However, in the air they quickly solidify and become hard.
  • Usually a bug gives off feces shortly after eating. Therefore, to find the products of the life of an insect can be anywhere, especially a lot of them will be in the area of ​​the bed and, perhaps, on it itself - this is also a true symptom of hiding somewhere near bedbugs. The feces of bedbugs have a characteristic smell of poor-quality cognac.

Клоп выделяет остатки непереваренной пищи

Черные шарики - это экскременты клопов

To identify the population of parasites in the apartment there is another important feature. After hatching out of the egg, the nymph of the bug grows and moults several times. The insect discards the top chitinous cover, which with each time becomes more dense and darker.

If the apartment is inhabited by a large number of bedbugs, then you can find such "skins" almost everywhere.

All signs of the presence of bugs in the apartment with a high degree of accuracy will determine the presence of insects. However, the most shocking and most accurate confirmation of the fact of infecting an apartment with insects will be to see the parasites with their own eyes.

When the birth of even the slightest doubt, it is necessary to check all possible habitats of bedbugs. Also, this should be done in the event that bedbugs are found in neighbors. It is likely that soon they will settle in neighboring apartments.

To the record "Signs of the appearance of bugs in the apartment" left 12 comments.
  1. Dima :

    How to get rid of them?

  2. Tanya :

    I live with my husband in a rented apartment, the furniture is all mine, a couple of months ago, stains resembling a mosquito bite began to appear and itch. I went to visit, everything went away. A couple of days ago I returned home, there were more bites: on the hands of a path of 5 spots. Can it be that these bugs came from neighbors, since the furniture has long been and this has never happened?

  3. Katya :

    People, help! How to get bugs out? As the evening begins, the whole body itches and itches, bugs are not visible, but only black dots. What is it?

  4. Anonymous :

    Somehow these bugs began to grow in our country, in the middle of the night there was water to drink and discovered. My panic was no limit)) That night with her husband carried a sofa in the trash. Then in 3 visits splashed the entire apartment with dichlorvos - and bedbugs as never happened.

  5. Natalia :

    Two years ago, before moving, we had divorced bugs: very much. Than we just did not splash ... But all in vain. Then they called SES, they arrived, everything was processed (for money, naturally), and there are still no bugs in this apartment (four years have passed already). But now, in a new apartment, a week ago, I noticed a bug on the couch, and without any thought at once called SES. Today they have processed it, and I am sure that these creatures will not be seen again.

  6. Victoria, Moscow :

    I, too, were bitten by these creatures, I woke up in the morning and found on my knee a trace of 5 bites. God, my mother said that they are mosquitoes, but at night I went online, read and found out that it was bed bugs!

  7. Alexandra :

    We have already called twice ... The result is zero, what to do we do not know! Advise!

  8. Alina :

    Dichlorvos, odorless! Need 2 times, interval - a week. It was not 6 months and again appeared, from neighbors - they poured, and again crawled. Simply bad. At many in the house, all on the sly pour! ..

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