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What makes bed bugs in the apartment?

клопы в квартире

Everyone who has ever woken up in the morning with a chain of red blisters from the bites of night parasites could not help but wonder where the bugs come from. It seems that the apartment is clean and well-groomed, and is in the center of the city, and there are no animals in it, and biting and non-sleeping insects all the same appeared and do not plan to disappear. Here it is necessary to figure out where the bed bugs come from and what are the most common misconceptions about infecting their apartments with the population.

All the ways of the appearance of bedbugs in the house

The main and leading source of infection of the room with bugs are the neighboring rooms. This is especially true for apartments in old, Soviet high-rise buildings and apartment buildings being built in rural areas. There are not even questions about what bugs come about: everyone knows that they come from neighbors.

Bedbugs themselves are not very mobile and not very fast insects. They can not fly, they run much slower than cockroaches, but they can long enough to do without food, and therefore are able to travel long distances.

In suburban areas, bugs smell of human habitation by smell, and move to it from hen-houses and rabbits, where small domestic animals parasitize on the skin. However, parasitism in other mammals and birds for bedbugs is more likely an exception, and more often they move to a new place from another house or apartment, where they were fed by the blood of other people.

In apartment buildings, bugs spread very quickly. They freely move through the ventilation holes, the sampled channels for electrical wiring and simply slits in the entrance doors. Due to their very flat body, they are able to creep even where no crevices or holes seem to be visible.

Often bugs fall into a new room from afar, brought here by the owners of the house or apartment, or their guests. For example:

  • With suitcases, backpacks and things brought from the trip. Especially - from travel to warm countries. Tropical Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia and India - a real paradise for thermophilic bed bugs . In this case, the owners themselves must remember where the bugs come from in the apartment : the place of their last trip before the appearance of bedbugs, most likely, was the historical homeland of blood-sucking parasites. At the same time, it is enough to bring into the house only one adult female, which will lay eggs here and give birth to a new population. A bug can hide or accidentally get into folds on things, in a suitcase, bags, shoes, and, after moving through several time zones, will find itself in new favorable conditions. Particularly relevant is the way to carry bedbugs for backpackers, who often change hotels. It is enough for one parasite from some "klopovnik" to get lost in the folds of a backpack, and with a high probability in a couple of weeks it will move to a typical Russian apartment and begin colonization of new territories.
  • With bought furniture. This is one of the most common ways of infecting bedbugs with new apartments and houses. Especially if the furniture is not bought new. In furniture factories or in shops, bugs have nothing to eat, and therefore new products are almost certainly free of them. But the furniture from the infected houses and apartments is the main breeding ground for bedbugs. For biological reasons, these insects prefer to settle just in beds and sofas, on which their future victims sleep, and therefore such a sofa, even vacuumed, can bring a lot of torment to new owners after the purchase.
  • On clothes. Although bedbugs prefer to bite open areas of the skin, very often they hide in the clothes they take off before bedtime or simply do not have time to escape if a person gets up early and quickly gets dressed. Thus, bedbugs can be brought to their home, having visited a house they have infected, or taking guests from such a house. Here can play a cruel joke case: there are cases of finding bedbugs in expensive clothing stores on unsinked samples. Bedbugs on them fall either from a person living in a "bug" or from a neighbor's room.
  • With the technique. Bedbugs prefer to sit out the bright time of day in warm places. Therefore, laptops, tablets, scanners, microwaves and any other equipment are very attractive for them. Especially often they find tiny larvae, for which even the openings of the speakers are open.
  • On animals. This is an extremely rare way to carry bedbugs, but it has a place to be. Bed bugs are not parasitic on cats and dogs because of thick wool in the last and dense skin. However, bats and birds can be their carriers, and for any reason, such a carrier that has appeared in the house can leave a parasite here.

But often bugs in the apartment do not move and are not carried over. In many cases, they live here for decades, not immediately giving out their presence.

Bedbugs as hosts in the house

Once appearing in a dwelling, bedbugs populate in it such places, from which they are even more likely to be expelled even by professional pest control teams. Therefore, it is not uncommon for situations when the apartment or house is treated with special chemicals in the fall, but the specimens left by chance on summer days on balconies and cold loggias fall into hibernation and survive the baiting of their relatives in warm rooms. New owners, entering the apartment, check its cleanliness, listen to stories about all cleaning activities and the first six months live in comfort. And in the spring, as the temperature of the air rises, slumbering bedbugs wake up and confidently relieve the residents of a quiet sleep.

Often bedbugs in an apartment run into pseudo-anabiosis in the absence of food. This is typical for housing, in which more than a few months no one lives. This room can be perfectly clean at first glance, but behind the skirting boards, in the cracks of cabinets and sofas, insects and their larvae sleep in it, ready to come to themselves on the first night, feeling the smell of the human body.

Клопы в мебели

In addition, if bedbugs in the house or apartment have already lived, then the operations of their persecution with a certain probability will be ineffective. Even if only because they are likely to spread to neighboring apartments and will quickly return here after chemical treatment. Therefore, housing, which has already been conducted baiting bugs , may well turn into a bug in the future.

Bedbugs-conquerors, or as bedbugs penetrate the house from neighbors

But still the most common way to get bugs into the house is to migrate them from neighboring rooms. Here it is impossible to say what the bugs are planted from: they simply spread, attracted by the presence of a person. It is impossible to isolate an apartment from them: bedbugs penetrate through sockets, through external walls through windows, through ventilation, through doors.

What is important is that the bugs are moved to new premises alone, and therefore, with regular wet cleanings and a small amount of furniture, it is not difficult to notice such pioneers. In addition, bedbugs are slow-moving: an adult insect for a minute overcomes the strength of a meter distance, and so just come at night on a visit they can not. And the first settlers are easy to destroy when they wander around the apartment.

Very often bedbugs flock from neighbors conducting disinsection, reminding them of cockroaches. If pest control is professional and effective, then outside the neighbor's apartment they will not be able to get out. But if everything is done in the old-fashioned way, with dichlorvos and tansy brooms, then with a high probability a hungry crowd of refugees literally in a few days will move to a clean apartment before.

Where in the house bugs appear first and how to prevent their appearance

It is important to remember that the sanitary condition of housing does not in any way affect the attractiveness of it for bedbugs. Parasites equally willingly populate both fouled barracks, and elite apartments. Only in the latter because of the smaller amount of furniture and its better condition, there are significantly fewer places for their normal stay, and even the first settlers perish under the sneakers and brooms without having time to reproduce. And figuring out what the bugs in the house appear about, the cleanliness of the room should be remembered last.

The main gate of a house or apartment for bedbugs are ventilation ducts, sockets and water and heating pipes, entrance doors and windows. And the most frequent sources of new insects are clothes, bought furniture, second-hand, tourist backpacks and bags. After entering the rooms, insects hide in those rooms where people sleep, under beds, in wardrobes, under carpets, behind skirting boards, in crevices of furniture and mattresses.

Основные места в квартире, где могут прятаться клопы

In order to block all ways of penetrating bedbugs into an apartment with a certain degree of reliability, you should:

  • purchase a dryer for things, and after visiting suspicious rooms or hotels to process things in it at a temperature of more than 50 ° C. Bedbugs die already at 48 ° C, and such treatment will destroy them guaranteed.
  • After a long journey with overnight stays in the "bug", you can pack things in hermetically sealed vacuum bags and treat them as dry cleaners. This must be done with backpacks.
  • In summer, you should use a mosquito net on the windows. It protects adult bugs well, and small larvae that can penetrate cells are less mobile and less likely to move along the outer walls.
  • Carry out additional insulation of the sockets by covering the glass inserted into the hole in the concrete with silicone.
  • In the ventilation holes, you can arrange a bunch of wormwood, tansy or lavender and change them every two to three weeks. You can regularly treat these holes with vinegar or mothball, but this may not like the rest of the tenants at home. Such means and frighten bugs with a sharp smell, and mask the smell of people living in the room.

But if the apartment bugs appeared in large numbers, they need to start fighting with completely different methods. Namely - to entrust business to professionals.

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  1. Alla :

    I'm in a trance, in our time? In bed found a nest of bedbugs, what to do?

  2. Anonymous :

    These are not bedbugs, they are goats, I am scratched because of these pretentious creatures and covered with allergies. They are not something to harass - they need to be extinguished, found at night and watered.

  3. Maxim :

    What kind of creatures are these bedbugs? Who invented them?

  4. Natalia :

    Their pile is under the wallpaper, I personally saw it - it's a nightmare.

  5. Ilnur :

    We poured the bed completely with boiling water, then repeated a month later. Now they were taken off like a hand. The main thing is to find a nest!

  6. Arthur :

    We live in an elite house, and here on you - bugs! I would never have thought that I would face this misfortune again! And my neighbors are ashamed to say.

    • Anonymous :

      We poisoned ourselves, by all means, did not help. Called special. service, now, thank God, are gone. Call, poison!

  7. Anonymous :

    I drove into the work car alone and at night I was eaten. They hated me from under the mattress, and I thought for two days that it was an allergy. While the night did not turn on the light.

  8. Katrina :

    And I generally never even saw them until I moved to a communal flat. Really, mosquitoes seem harmless in comparison with these creatures. Processed - did not help. Lazyat even in the afternoon in pairs. I thought I had toxins in my body, itched, especially my legs. In general, idiocy uttermost, the 21st century, and I like living in a closet, such a self-Alya-bumzhik)

  9. Valentina :

    Horror - I wake up, but on the pillow the blood is smeared. I talked with a friend. Said that it's bedbugs.

  10. Angela :

    Horror, they are everywhere. And how now to move somewhere, they can also hang on with things.

  11. Dima :

    How to be: I found on the bed 1 bug ...

  12. Catherine :

    How can I get rid of this horror: in the morning I woke up, and on the ceiling and the window crawl little bugs. My mother is paralyzed in the room. How will they get rid of them so as not to harm their mother and children? There are 2 families in the apartment, and there is nowhere to go, to drain them with dichlophos ...

  13. Anonymous :

    All of Turkmenistan in bedbugs, people are tired of fighting them, especially Ashkhabad.

  14. Nick :

    It's just awful! Until the trembling is disgusting with those neighbors in bed. Disdain them madly. Impossible to sleep, scary pancake. How can I imagine this process, how do they dig in, jiggle ((How can I get rid of them? Somebody help, please.) I do not sleep the third day.

    • Gastric :

      Buy the Executioner, the most effective tool. Spend and for a day you need to close the house. It helped me, six months struggled with them. And brought to the apartment from Moscow, from the hostel.

  15. Edward :

    He studied in St. Petersburg in St. Petersburg State University, he lived in the first hostel in the studio. town, between the fleet of the Aviators and Victory Park. Bugs started. Many bedbugs! On the relief I looked like an orange, and all in specks. Disinsection was carried out twice - it did not help! As a result, my roommate - my namesake - bought two balloons of dichlorvos and sprayed them all over the room to the bottom - psihanul, so to speak. Go into the room was a death like) After this happened the following: small creatures crawled out of their holes and sat on the walls. We manually caught them (in any case, do not crush - the smell of blood run their colleagues), and burned. The most interesting thing was the other: as far as I know, the bug is not a wild animal, and the commander-in-chief (like the queen bee) does not have bedbugs. But after the event with dichlorvos, along with small change, two fat creatures crawled to the walls, very similar to the same bugs, but every 8-10 more! After the dichlorophosal procedures and the capture of all the creatures that were in sight - not a single bug did not bite until the end of studies!

  16. Lyudmila :

    I also did not know what it was! I found out when I moved into the apartment. The night has overslept, has woken up - the body itches in bites. One week the bites did not go away, then they passed. Bought money, processed, found the source, where the bulk was, there, too, all disinfected. More have not yet appeared.

  17. Anonymous :

    After treatment by a professional after 2 weeks they again bite. In Soviet times, we did not know these creatures. Or maybe they are being multiplied - all newspapers and ads on asphalt are full of announcements about the destruction of bedbugs. In short, on the bedbugs make a lot of money: they gave 3 thousand for work, and there are still bugs. Have to re-order to order.

  18. Julia :

    Bedbugs are horror! Whoever did not have them, he will never understand the torment of people. I never knew what it was. Relatives made repairs in their apartment, bought cheap building materials, after a while they had bugs. After their arrival to us for a visit in four months and we have them. They bitten the horror like, blisters, an allergy terrible, you scratch like a leper, a nightmare. Gnawed only me, and my husband and child did not touch. Relatives bought the tool "Executioner", processed by their own forces, they have disappeared. We fought folk remedies, set the sofas with steam, put them on the balcony, frosted, dusted and washed everything that they did not do. They're gone! Five months later, a nightmare began again. Again began to bite. Their relatives did not show up like this. They called a specialist, he processed the entire apartment for 1500 rubles. Do not bite. Although in our house he already came to the call, on the tenth floor, and we live on the sixth. If we consider that they are crawling through ventilation, cracks, rosettes, then who knows, maybe this horror will start again ...

  19. Elnur :

    Horror, I killed 4 bedbugs in the evening, so at 2 am they got a whole camp. I do not sleep for a day, I scratch and masturbate ((The next day I went to work day, somehow I stood up for the change, I was a lady, and on the second day the same story is a hollow hell!) Minor freaks, but I do not understand why out of 5 a man just eats me alive. "I chopped down one lesson: you can not put pressure on them." For two days I crushed a pile from a matchbox. The more I squashed them, the more they resorted at the same time! Do not pressure them, otherwise it will come to you a whole battalion, with a jar and a dropper to carry you to a dark corner and drain your blood.

  20. Svetlana :

    How to get bugs out? In bleach can wash? And what is the threat from bites?

    • Anonymous :

      Dust is diluted in water and flooded with cracks, washed clothes at 60 degrees. And dichlorvos, pencil Mashenka - everywhere cracks smear and walls.

  21. Lika :

    Bozhechki, go to bed, and on our white sheet runs a brown beetle, a google is a bug. KLOP in our bed! I can not fall asleep, the other day in my dream I washes my legs madly, compared them - they were biting me. I can not sleep, it's horrible.

  22. Anonymous :

    The whole room is in blood, as if a small animal exploded. Curtains, wallpaper, bed ... Wash, washed and again. Even the ceiling is like a spatter. All I'm scratching, I do not sleep the third day. These things are not afraid of anything. Chloroi was processed and washed with soap. They just got mad.

  23. Anonymous :

    We have an infant at home, bought him a new baby crib. After a while, I noticed a couple of insects next to lyalka. I thought, the windows were ventilated and from there the bugs came galloping up in the summer ... Mummies ((

  24. Anonymous :

    The most effective way is to etch them, and after heat treatment, wash things, etc. Since at 50 degrees they perish.

  25. Cat :

    And we have a baby 3 months. At night, this reptile crawled along the bed, I was stunned. And the husband of his son in the room on the floor mochkanul one. What now to do with them, I will not put my mind into it. Where did they come from, bastards. There were not enough problems.

  26. Nat :

    Today I found a whole battalion, on the mattress cover - on the edges, in a room in which practically no one lives. I almost lost consciousness, I have never seen such a thing. She took off the cover, stuffed it into the tub, and poured Domestos's bladder. Then she twirled twice in the typewriter. The room was sprayed with 2 vials of dichlorvos for 300 and 400 ml. She became ill, almost did not die. Caught them on the wall (I just did not know that you can not push). Since two days I've been as scalded. Now almost 2 nights. Three times I drove to the store, and I also bought 3 bottles of 440 ml each. In the end, like, all vygrebla, but the room was sealed with scotch tape. Tomorrow I will look ... And again sprinkle. Maybe it's in the mattress, it's new, bamboo.

  27. Nat :

    Today I still sprayed 3 bottles ... The result is, but not very comforting. All smoothly crawl on the walls, for an hour for 3-5 pieces I remove from the walls))

  28. Veronica :

    We never had them, and my grandmother had a swarm, even an army. She came to visit, and decided to take lodgers and settle them with us. In general, I killed one at night and went for a poison. Push the sofa away from the wall did not have time, and was horrified: I did not even try to etch the sofa, I threw it away at once. And then she washed the whole apartment with poison. Well, now, like, no. God grant, I will not see them again.

  29. Dmitry :

    Yes, bedbugs are a terrible and unpredictable business. At first the cockroaches were, then did not become, now the bedbugs overcame. 20 days I do not sleep, I poisoned 500 times, zero effect. They are like an army of infantry before the storm subsiding, then again attack. No one will wish these creatures.

  30. Dmitry :

    In short, I'm generally stunned with bug feeder. I'm lying, which means I'm on the couch, I'm eating a kozinak, and then I feel that something is tugging at the elbow. Raised his hand, and there sits a bug, I snorted and quickly crushed it. And, of course, I did not hurry much with this, tk. do not push it. As a result, I found a small company of bedbugs in the couch for the morning. Having vandalized them, I filled them with a remedy called "Cucaracha". After a while it helped, but then again they came running because the neighbors began to starve them. Here's the tin full.

  31. Christina :

    This morning at 10 o'clock with a 5-month-old son lay down on an old sofa and fell asleep. I opened my eyes, and sitting on the blanket, I hardly crushed him. Have already thrown out the sofa and are processing. Horror.

  32. Anonymous :

    Yeah. About two years ago I encountered the same problem. And they only ate ghouls. Etched, steamed, and after a while they reappeared. As a result, threw the sofa, made a serious repair. I changed all the outlets, furniture, laid out the floors with a laminate, laying polyethylene and at the edges of the bay with silicone. They did not appear again in two years.

  33. Anonymous :

    As I recall, so goose bumps ... My mother lived in a hostel when she returned home, transported these creatures along with the bed. She ate only me, she could not sleep. At once did not understand, thought an allergy. As soon as they did not persecute, nothing helped, it only got worse, there were a lot of them ((Only the treatment with the steamer helped, everyone else was stripped off, and only then these creatures died finally.) Indeed, even the enemy does not want this ((

  34. Natalie :

    From bugs repair is needed and processing SES.

  35. Anonymous :

    I also had bedbugs. I remember, then still doing repairs. They started tearing off the wallpaper and you got a bunch of bedbugs. Quickly bought a spray. The entire room was disinfected. Like, it helped. The repairs were completed ...

  36. Dmitry :

    And I was faced with this problem ... Above us on the 4th floor there are many Uzbeks. They have there full Kildam in the apartment ... I'm sure for 150% that they came to us from them. We called the disinfector 2 times - the result was zero. As a result, they threw away the sofa and armchairs, I found them behind the wallpaper and picture. I sprinkled the means once a week with one, then another ("Combat") - eventually disappeared.

  37. Peter :

    And I'm familiar with these insects. I live in a hostel, and there, it turns out, bugs ... They sit in the seams on mattresses and creep out at night. In the afternoon I examine these seams and fry them with a lighter, they run away, but do not have time - they are slow and clumsy! When you burn, stink of horror simply! And if you crushed it - the smell of cognac. At first it was very nasty, and then used. Each time he examined the place where they mostly sit. And surprisingly, they are constantly there. In the afternoon I spend on the mattress disinfection with a cigarette lighter - not one! And the next day they sit there again. Here, I think, critters! Happens, I'm going to the subway to work - and here you run this bastard! I thought it over once - and burned this room with bedbugs. He said that the wiring was closed. And moved out of there - no more foot there.

  38. Yana :

    Spend vinegar, the strongest.

  39. Natasha :

    God, I do not understand where the bugs come from ...

  40. Anonymous :

    Guys, this is horror! I did not know what bedbugs are, I moved to my husband, they only bite me. He told me to press them, well, that's what I do, but they do not get any less. Processed, weeks 2 was not, now again appeared. This is some kind of horror.

    We have a son, he is 4 months old, I'm afraid not to be bitten ((

  41. Anonymous :

    And we have a house like that, hell knows what it's built of. Grass is not grass, still will come running through time.

  42. Anya :

    I read all the comments, we are really many, friends in misfortune ((We call SES every six months, it's already 3 years! There is a heap of Uzbeks under us, probably there is a nursery.) The main thing is that I learned that they can not be pressured, I do not quite understand , what to do and where to put it, when you see it? Pour boiling water or vinegar toss? And I also emphasized that we need a steam cleaner to buy and process everything after processing with chemistry! In general, we will fight with creatures!

  43. Christina :

    I live in a hostel with my husband and daughter, she is 3 years old. And about four days ago, when I woke up, I found out that my daughter was in red spots on legs and arms ... I did not understand and I was thinking, I'm allergic to oranges, and give away new spots again. Three days ago I covered the bed and saw a nest of bedbugs. Although small, but still decided to bring wormwood, laid it under the mattress and ... does not help ((I did not sleep for three days, guarded the child and constantly crushed.) I have not yet read that I can not put pressure on. Tell me, is it worth it to take furniture and things?

  44. The victim, like you all (( :

    Bl, what are they filthy!

    1) Lived in a rented apartment for 4 years, everything was ok. One day I came home from work, and I feel - a concrete vomit, as it later turned out - neighbors were baiting bugs. And where did these people go, do you think? In short, a week later the first bites - pieces 3 rows ... Rising at night 3-4 times, cut the light and those who sat on the walls, caught and burned. But this problem does not solve, of course. I bought 15 ampoules "Executioner" (about 70 rubles per piece then it cost), got up at 6 am and filled the entire room - all the furniture, all the clothes, all the wallpaper, the whole floor, in short, everything! And he went to work. In the evening I came, opened all the windows and went away again. They write - no smell, well, this is cheap lies! The stench was concrete and vomit! He ventilated for more than a day. At that time it helped. Then he lived there another year and did not see a thing, but that's because they did not have time to spread throughout the apartment. You have to poison immediately!

    Now number two. Last time I got off lightly, that's for sure ...

    2) I moved to a two-room apartment, the house is old (70 years old), neighbors are shit. On the one hand, an alcoholic who walks by himself, without taking off his shoes, and leads the same nerds to the guests, and on the other hand - a family of chumpens (6-7 people, no less) ... A couple of months later I see - sitting shit on the wall. Well, I think, pi-ts, have arrived ... I burned it and began to wait for bites - but no, it was carried by. Six months later - in another room - again on the wall, again burned and again nothing, passed the second time. BUT now, after living a little more than a year in this apartment and making repairs in one of the rooms, I found 3-4 bites on my legs. And now it's gone now, now a priest! Threw out the bed, all the cabinets, half of the clothes, but these things are everywhere. He went to sleep in another room and was immediately bitten. Now everyone knows the wonderful feeling that these scoundrels are climbing on you, day and night! Lyapota. And it will not be soon. The other day I will call a special service (will have to pay from 5 to 10 thousand rubles). If they are all over the house (and this is a fact), then it just will not be enough to get rid of it. And, of course, there are no guarantees that after a while they will not crawl from where they came from. You have to poison the whole house! But this will never happen. Good luck, patience and health! All this you will need in the fight against the bastards small.

    P.S. Recently I learned that they can climb over the EXTERN walls in a window or balcony. How sweet it is to live with such information ...

  45. Anonymous :

    First, they got into my mother's house, the neighbor-alcohol brought it. Then they crawled to me. Once they poisoned me - it did not help, they once again persecuted me - it did not seem to happen. Six months later again. I was in the hospital with the children, I come home, and my husband says: we have bedbugs. I did not believe him, I think, he speaks specifically, frightens. The day passed, at night I did not sleep well, after a day the child burst into tears at one o'clock in the morning, it speaks painfully. And I realized that my husband is telling the truth. On the dresser, when the light turned on, she found and killed, then on the couch of two, then on the dresser again. Now neither we nor the child sleep. It's hell, it seems like they crawl for me. Nest and could not find the room 13 meters, we have 5 people: 3 children and my husband and I. He does not care, he is not bitten, but I have blisters and scratching, I thought it was an allergy.

  46. Dan :

    Hey. I'll tell you about my experience. I work in the hospital. Bugs brought from there on themselves. It can be seen that one or two have clung to me. The hospital has many Uzbeks, Kirghiz ... In general, only recently realized that it was bed bugs when there were more of them. If you spray yourself with everything and the bed with any spray-deodorant (even cheap), bugs do not bite during the night. But the smell of perfume is strong. But do not bite. They crawl around and only. Strong smell of perfume bugs disorients, as I understand.

    How do I remove a bed bug from bed so as not to put pressure on it and not wash hands after it? Very simple. I fold the damp cloth four times and carefully take the bug from bed to the napkin. A napkin (with a bug inside) is quickly added two more times and thrown into an empty 5-liter plastic bottle from under drinking water. And tightly screw the lid.

    Things do not have to be washed at high temperature. Bedbugs, like fleas, are choked in the water. Even in the cold (by the way, the best way to deal with a jumping flea caught with two fingers and do not know what to do next is to lower these two fingers (with the flea between them) in a cup of water, unclench fingers under the water, the flea will choke and perish at the moment).

    Yesterday I went to the bath. Especially at home now I go in all white. A big bug crawled across the white shirt. I just clicked on it, it flew into the water in the bathroom and died right there. Choked. Signs of life did not apply.

    Today I bought an aerosol with alpha-cypermethrin from ticks. In nete read that from bedbugs, too, will go. Still something I will buy one of these days. Now not at home. Well, nervously, of course, in the middle of the night I sometimes wake up with a flashlight lying next to the pillow. The candle is nearby - and creeps.

    Yes, it's unpleasant. But! It was much more unpleasant when I was infected with an itch mite. I have been hysterical. He's almost invisible! You have to smear yourself with a smelly ointment to get rid of it. Oh…

    Or the fleas that lived in my room after I picked up a street puppy. Fleas with the onset of colds disappeared. I did not even bite them.

    In general, a new experience! Bach, it will work out. The main thing, do not hysterical!

  47. Tatiana :

    Caused specialists twice, did not help. Then I tried it myself, there was not a month, now again. PPC.

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