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What causes bed bugs in the house and what to do in this situation

Попробуем разобраться, каким образом постельные клопы заводятся даже в самых чистоплотных квартирах и домах...

Many seriously believe that bugs are planted in the house because of the dishonesty of the owners: because there are no cleaning in the room, a lot of garbage, food waste, non-laundered clothes. If you also think so, then we hasten to disappoint you - all this has no (at least, direct) attitude to the appearance of bed bugs in the apartment . These insects are planted even in the most cozy, respectable and clean apartments, and they do not care whether alcoholics live in the house or a pious young couple.

Interestingly, even at the end of the past and the beginning of this century, at the annual entomological conferences devoted to harmful insects, annoying people in modern cities, there was not a single report on bedbugs. And already in 2008, 8 speakers from the prosperous countries of the world spoke about this problem. Now in the year 2015, and the problem is more urgent than ever.

Проблема появления постельных клопов в домах актуальна для многих стран и в наше время.

For example, in London alone, about 80% of homes and apartments have ever suffered from infection with bed bugs. In solar Florida, more than half of the houses were at least once treated from these insects. There is even an opinion that for today, humanity is facing a real threat of a pandemic of bug infestation.

And one of the reasons why these parasites are planted in our homes and so rapidly spread everywhere is the active migration of people, including the fashion for traveling to exotic countries. In the latter case, insects are brought by tourists in personal belongings from hotels and hotels.

Одной из причин активного распространения клопов является миграция людей.

At the same time bedbugs absolutely "do not care" the sanitary condition of any premises. The only important thing for them is the presence in these premises of a source of fresh blood - a person ...

Where does the bed bugs come from?

So, for the appearance of bedbugs in the house, there must necessarily be a transfer of biological material into the room: these can be eggs, larvae or adult individuals of parasites.

Most bugs are planted in the apartment, penetrating into the house with second-hand furniture, bed linen, clothes and household items when moving and moving things from the bug-infested room to a clean one.

Клопы и их яйца могут попадать в новую квартиру с перевезенными вещами.

On a note

Always carefully inspect the furniture and household appliances you buy for eggs and excrement of bugs. Especially if you buy things that were in use.

It should be borne in mind that bedbugs can live without food for about six months. Therefore, they can migrate to long distances, populate even non-residential premises and wait for their time.

According to numerous reviews of the victims, the bugs in their apartment were wound up after baiting the insects in neighboring apartments. This is a common phenomenon that it is difficult for an unprepared person to resist.

With a massive infection at home, the bugs can creep along the outer walls of the dwelling and crawl into the room through the windows.


Meet neighbors and know who lives in frankly unfavorable apartments. Use insecticide pencils for processing the outer slopes of windows and boxes of the entrance door, folk remedies (wormwood, tansy) and scaring sections to protect ventilation ducts from penetrating home bugs .

Для профилактики попадания клопов в дом можно использовать инсектицидные мелки, они эффективны далеко не только от тараканов.

During the day, bugs are hidden in secluded and warm places. Such places can be, for example, a computer, a TV, a laptop or a microwave.

Often, home bugs are planted after the arrival of guests living in an infected apartment: guests can bring parasites on their clothes and shoes. In addition, insects can easily be brought into the house in their own pockets, returning from the same guests, if the owners live in the "bug" and do not know or tell you about it.

Insects can be brought from tourist trips (from infected hotels), brought with any extraneous things. It is enough to bring one adult female, and you can expect that bed bugs will be got in the whole house.

Даже одна взрослая самка клопа, привезенная из путешествия, может стать основательницей целой популяции паразитов в доме.


Do not stop at cheap hotels and boarding houses when traveling. Wash all things immediately upon arrival.

Between neighboring apartments, parasites spread through ventilation ducts, cavities within the walls of the house, and cracks in the ceilings. Having a flat body, which can be compressed and stretched due to chitinous rings, bugs are able to squeeze into the narrowest slots and holes.

Благодаря плоской форме тела постельные клопы без труда проникают в соседние квартиры даже через самые тонкие щели.

Often bugs are planted, running from neighbors in whose apartments the day before the disinsection, especially if it was not effective enough.

Only in extremely rare cases, bugs are planted in an apartment, penetrating into it on animals. For cats and dogs, parasites attack only when they are too long to reach a person.

There are curious cases of importation of bedbugs from elite shops with non-clothes and new furniture from the warehouse. Insects can get into the store or warehouse from a visitor or employee living in the "bug", as well as from nearby residential premises.

Habitat and lifestyle of bedbugs in the house

Most often, the bugs are planted in the first place near the place where a person sleeps. It is a bed, a sofa, seams and folds of a mattress, crevices behind skirting boards and wall-paper.

Как правило, клопы заводятся прежде всего рядом с кроватью или диваном, где спят люди.

Sometimes bloodsuckers settle in other places:

  • behind the paintings and carpets on the walls;
  • in the folds of tapestries;
  • in sockets;
  • in system blocks of computers, in cases of household appliances;
  • in unused clothes and shoes.

На картинке показаны места, где чаще всего клопы прячутся в доме.

Home bugs are mostly active at night, but they can attack early in the morning, and their life depends largely on the presence of a person in bed. Insects attract the smell and heat of the body, as well as carbon dioxide of exhaled air (by the way, this principle is based on the work of some traps for bed bugs).

The sucking apparatus of an insect consists of two tubes. One of them, he punctures the skin and injects special substances that do not allow blood to clot and anesthetize the place of bite. Another tube of the parasite sucks blood.

На фото хорошо видно сосательный аппарат клопа, состоящий из двух трубок.

Usually the meal takes from 3 to 10 minutes. After a while, the action of the anesthetic stops, and the person starts to worry about itching, the skin turns red, blisters appear.

Waking up and discovering chains of bites on themselves, people in most cases do not immediately understand that there are bugs in their apartment and something needs to be done about it urgently. As a rule, everyone is trying to write off allergies or mosquitoes. But bedbugs ... As it is possible, because in the yard there are 21 centuries ... So they live until one day they find a nest of parasites or see an adult insect on a white sheet.

Многие люди не понимают, от чего появляются укусы на их теле, пока не увидят своими глазами клопа на простыне.

It is worthwhile to appear in the house one bug, and we can expect that very soon the number of parasites will reach unthinkable sizes. It also happens that a person drives into a long-empty housing in the fall and does not notice the small bloodsuckers in the neighborhood, because they fell into a hibernation. Perhaps the entrance of the new owners of the apartment was preceded by sanitary treatment of the premises, as a result of which all insects were not destroyed (eggs, larvae or individual individuals remained in the most secluded corners).

На фото показаны яйца и экскременты клопов

В длительно пустовавшем жилье клопы могут находиться в спячке, а потом пробуждаться от нее.

After a while, insects wake up, start eating and very quickly multiply.

We check the room for parasites

To suspect that in the habitation bugs are got on it is possible on three basic signs:

  • bites on the skin after sleeping;
  • presence of insects and their larvae in the room;
  • characteristic smell of sour berries or cognac;
  • appearance of excrement or remains of chitinous cover of insects under the beds and near skirting boards.

Увидев несколько клопов в доме, можно быть уверенным, что где-то уже существует целое их гнездо.

На появление клопов в доме также указывают их экскременты, периодически обнаруживаемые возле кровати.

А вот так, собственно, появляются экскременты клопов

The first signs that bugs are at home are bites, which in the morning itch and look like small red dots lining up in chains of 4-5 pieces. Most often, the hands, neck, shoulders and lower parts of the body suffer.

От укусов клопов чаще всего страдают незащищенные одеждой и бельем части тела - шея, плечи, руки.

Having carefully examined the sleeping place and the entire room, especially near the bed, it is usually already possible to find insects, their larvae and eggs, as well as chitinous shells in crevices, folds of mattress and linen, behind skirting boards, carpets and paintings, near outlets. On the sheets can appear small red spots in those places where tossing at night a man accidentally pressed the drunk blood of a bug.

Мелкие пятна крови на постели могут указывать на присутствие в доме клопов.

The fact that at home bugs are brewing, can speak and an unpleasant smell of almonds or cognac indoors. Some people of the old Soviet hardening know this especially well.

If there is still no confidence, then you can also try to catch the parasites by making traps of adhesive tape. The tape is glued on the edges of the mattress, on the backs of the bed, and in the morning inspect for the presence of adherent insects.

If in the sofa supposedly wound up bugs, you can get an alarm clock and at about 3 am to turn on the light, then make an inspection of bed linen (always white). For sure, bloodsuckers will be found on sheets and blankets.

Methods and means of breeding bedbugs

As a rule, the following methods are used to combat bugs:

  • chemical - with the help of powerful insecticides;
  • thermal - the use of hot steam, rising temperatures in the room, pouring nests with boiling water;
  • with the help of traps;
  • folk ways to combat bugs;
  • as well as calling the service of pest control.

To destroy parasites on their own can be done with the help of special insecticides. Very effective, for example, such drugs as Get, Delta Zone, Xulat micro, hangman and others.

Инсектицидный препарат Дельта Зона

Fighting with high temperatures is also possible, but it is usually difficult to warm up the entire room to high temperatures, as well as freezing it (do not forget about heating batteries that can burst). The use of hot steam from bedbugs is effective only with very careful processing of all furniture, and even in this case it is better to combine this method with simultaneous use of insecticides.

People's ways of fighting bugs in the house today can be considered hopelessly outdated. It is difficult to imagine that a modern person will spray turpentine or kerosene in his apartment, risking damage to furniture, plastic surfaces, carpets. And just breathing all this with the risk of a fire or explosion is a very dubious pleasure.

А вот применять скипидар или керосин для уничтожения постельных клопов не рекомендуется в силу высокой пожароопасности этих жидкостей.

Perhaps the most optimal solution in the case of bugs at home would be the call of a team of specialists who are using the chemical method of persecution. At first glance it may seem more expensive than self-processing, but then you will save your time and health. In addition, there is a high probability that the bedbugs will be re-started - in this case, under the guarantee, you will be able to receive a re-treatment of the premises for free.

Профессиональные дезинсекторы за работой...

It is useful to bear in mind that often bugs are planted in an apartment, penetrating into it from neighbors. Therefore, before calling the pest controlers, it is worthwhile to find out who else in the house suffers from parasites and conduct collective processing.

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    Very detailed article. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the article, I will be more careful.

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    Wonderful article ... Thanks

  4. Dmitry :

    I today threw out a sofa and an armchair, lifted floors and all zafigachil chemistry.

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    I treated everything with dichlorvos today, it also helps.

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    Advise, what is better?

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    Carbophos works well.

  8. Anonymous :

    Earlier washed hands, soap - there were no bedbugs! Now everyone has washing machines, powders ... Bedbugs, just trouble. It seems that they are specially infected. At the same time, ads are glued: treatment from bedbugs.

  9. Vladimir :

    Thank you for the article. He lived and did not grieve in his dorm room for many years. And suddenly in one night hordes of these creatures came from neighbors from above. At night I woke up, I almost did not move. In my life, and I'm 63 years old, this I have never seen. Hordes of bastards creep along the wall from above and I'm all in bedbugs. Of course, the rest of the night was no longer sleeping. In the morning to the store for dikhlofosom. Two bottles poured in the room. In the evening he returned, it seems everything is fine. And at night they are here kat here. Now the persecution, but I sleep only during the day.

    The entire way of life has changed. At night at the computer and I press these creatures at the same time, and in the daytime I sleep. Melatonin, which is produced by the body at night and is very useful for it, is not produced. Then I learned that these creatures are, like insects, carriers of many non-goodness. The result - in a month and a half the body began to disintegrate. Nothing hurts, but it's worse and worse. Guys, beware!

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    When will they come up with a remedy for bedbugs in Russia?

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