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Furniture bugs (they are the same bed)

Мебельный клоп

Furniture bugs are only one of the popular names of bedbugs bed, unpleasant parasites, spoiling the quality of life of a person and able to turn even the most well-kept apartment in an unfit for habitation place.

From the appearance of these bloodsucking insects, not one is insured, even the newest and cleanest. And the usual name "furniture" was given to insects for the fact that most often they settle as close to the victim as possible - in sofas and beds.

As you can see in the photo, the furniture bugs have a very small size of the trunk - from 3 mm in a hungry state to 8 mm in a full body:

Клоп увеличивается в размере по мере насыщения кровью

However, they can deliver a lot of trouble to a person, feeding on his blood at night and leaving an itchy wound.

Laying eggs of furniture bugs most often can be found under the bed, as well as in other dark secluded places - behind cabinets, paintings, under the windowsill. The photo shows a typical clutch of egg bugs in the furniture:

Кладка яиц мебельного клопа

Appearance of the bug and its difference from other domestic insects

Bug furniture has a flattened body and a dark color - from dirty yellow to dark brown. From the head in front comes a special proboscis (see photo), which is divided into two separate channels: wider for blood absorption, and narrower for saliva discharge into the wound. Proboscis this - in fact, elongated jaws of an insect, turned into a specialized tool for feeding blood:

Хоботок клопа

Bedbugs have special glands on the back surface. These glands secrete a special secret that produces a characteristic smell for bedbugs. The same glands have larvae.

To identify the traces of bedbugs on furniture and find their masonry, you need to imagine how eggs and larvae of parasites look.

Eggs of bugs are curved and oblong, whitish in color. There is a lid on one end. Larvae of them can hatch as in a few days, and almost a month. Everything depends on the conditions of the environment, their comfort. To recognize that the egg left the bedbug is furniture, it's easy: usually eggs are in places of clumps, among excrement and skins from the larvae of larvae (see photo):

Яйца клопов (белые) среди экскрементов (черных)

Larvae of bedbugs look almost the same as adults. They are distinguished only by a smaller size and a lighter color. They also feed on blood, but so far they do not have a special substance in the saliva that adult bugs possess. Therefore, the larval bite is painful and you can feel it right away.

The photographs below show the larvae of bedbugs of different ages:

Так выглядит мебельный клоп на разных стадиях развития

In the photo of an adult, it can be seen that the furniture bug is not at all similar to other house insects, such as cockroaches or fleas. He does not have wings, and on the abdomen you can clearly track the segments. The Bug seemed to be divided by transverse bands:

Клоп: взрослая особь

Unlike a bug, the flea has longer limbs, and its upper chitinous cover is equipped with antennae and a certain similarity of thorns. The larva of the flea is very different from the adult, has a worm-like appearance without limbs.

To distinguish a bug from a cockroach is also quite simple. The cockroach has wings, it has a more elongated trunk, the head has a long antennae. In addition, at the end of the body cockroaches are elongated outgrowths, which does not happen in bedbugs.

Often people confuse ticks and bedbugs, which is not surprising, because there are some similarities between them. Ticks are usually very small (up to 1 mm), but increase with eating. However, the mites belong to the class of the Arachnids, so they have 8 legs. In bedbugs, like other insects, legs. You can see the differences in the photo:

У клеща 8 лапок

У клопа 6 лапок

How furniture bedbugs infect an apartment, how to multiply and bite

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent the appearance of bedbugs in a house, since these insects settle even in clean and well-kept rooms. They enter the room in various ways:

  • moving from the neighboring apartments - for this adult bedbug will take one night's power
  • They come in furniture, usually old, but sometimes - and only collected. There are cases when the apartment was infiltrated by bugs in Ikeev furniture. But this is, rather, an exception.
  • Penetrate with visitors to the premises - guests, workers, lodgers.
  • They get on clothes. The owner of the apartment has enough time to spend the night in an infected hotel or train and bring home one female in the shirt pocket or on the toe, and in a few months the apartment will turn into a bug.
  • Penetrate with small animals - rodents and birds, from which they too can drink blood.

After getting into the apartment, bedbugs usually live in sofas, beds, wardrobes and skirting boards. Bedbugs in furniture usually settle where the furniture itself has a lot of cracks and holes.

The bug of furniture is multiplying quite actively, and larvae can be without food for a long time and remain viable.

For mating bugs use a method of traumatic insemination, in which the male pierces its genital body covers the body of the female and introduces sperm into specially designed organs. The photo below shows this process:

Спаривание клопов методом травматического осеменения

On a note

This way of insemination is peculiar only to bed bugs. Moreover, it is thanks to him that insects have a unique organ, Berleza, in which the female retains the sexual products of the male.

It is noteworthy that the sex cells can remain in the female body for a long time and come out only when the conditions are the best. During the life the female bug can lay down to 500 eggs.

Furniture bugs are mostly nocturnal, and spend the day in shelters. At night they crawl out of the shelter, find open areas of the human body and actively feed. The photo below shows the larva of the bug, drinking blood:

Личинка мебельного клопа пьет кровь

The bedrock senses the location of the capillaries due to the tremors of blood, so immediately introduces the proboscis into the blood vessel. Simultaneously with feeding, the insect injects a dose of anesthetic substance, which prevents a person from waking up from a bite.

Then the parasite moves on and makes a few more bites. After such night hunting, the bug will digest food for about 8 days, which is twice its weight.

It is worth noting that the larvae of bedbugs need to eat much more often, sometimes they do it every night.

In the photo you can see in more detail how the bug bites the person:

Клоп кусает человека: фото крупным планом

How to deal with furniture bugs

Getting rid of furniture bugs is quite a laborious, but solvable task. Due to their small size and ability to hide in hard-to-reach places, bedbugs do not succumb to mechanical destruction.

Most common are insecticides for home use. They can be used to destroy bugs themselves and it is quite effective. However, this requires a certain preparation of the apartment and at least one day of work.

No less effective is the call of pest control services. Experts usually know a lot of subtleties of fighting with furniture bugs, and therefore their work is usually more reliable. But at the same time - and more expensive.

There are also folk methods of fighting parasites:

  • room freezing. Bedbugs are afraid of low temperatures and that is why many people try to take furniture out onto the street (or balcony) in the winter. Unfortunately, such a method is ineffective, since bugs die at a temperature of minus 22 degrees Celsius. Most often, bedbugs simply fall into a kind of hibernation, and when they return to heat they come to life. Use this method can only residents of northern regions of the country.
  • Evaporation of insects. Furniture bugs and their larvae die at a temperature above 50 degrees. However, watering the furniture with boiling water is uncomfortable, and the steam condenses on the surface and usually does not reach the cracks with egg laying.

Usually folk remedies help to reduce the number of bedbugs in the house, but completely destroying them will not help. Therefore, in 90% of cases, apartment owners prefer the use of chemical insecticides.

Preparations for the destruction of furniture bedbugs

Most modern means of fighting bugs are very effective, to a certain extent they are safe for humans and can destroy insects in just a few hours.

Препараты для уничтожения мебельных клопов

Among these funds, we note the following:

  • The executioner is a concentrated preparation that must be dissolved in water before use. It is low in toxicity for humans and animals, but for safety reasons it is necessary to remove all residents and pets from the premises for a while. The active substance of the Executioner decomposes in the open air, so the treatment is carried out with closed windows.
  • Klopomor is available in the form of a spray, very economical and effective. One bottle is enough to handle a large two-bedroom apartment. This drug is quite toxic and requires strict adherence to safety measures.
  • Carbophos - used to kill not only bedbugs, but also garden pests. The agent is moderately active, but it must be used with caution - to isolate people and animals, to use personal protective equipment. It is effective enough to destroy both eggs with larvae and adults.
  • Fufanon - a preparation in the form of a concentrate, which should be diluted with water. Treatment is also carried out with extreme caution, insects perish within 1 day.
  • Mashenka - the drug is available in the form of chalk and is very convenient for use, low toxicity. Mashenka needs to handle the places of supposed nests and the movement of insects. Well proven in the fight against furniture bugs.

Fighting bugs can be a long and difficult, especially in neglected cases. Therefore, it is very important not to allow the mass resettlement of insects in the apartment, proceeding to destroy them as early as possible.

If parasites occupy the whole house, you need to interact with neighbors and carry out complex measures - to call a disinfector or to bug bugs together.

In order to prevent the penetration of bedbugs in the apartment , you should periodically handle potentially dangerous places (around windows, window sills, walls near the ventilation hole) with insecticides.

Remember: to prevent the appearance of parasites is much easier than to exterminate them in the future.

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    I moved to live in a hostel. I and my two children, my son is 10 years old and my daughter is 9 months old. In my room they are not, but this does not mean that they will not be at all. Very much I am afraid of them at myself tk I do not want these to bite my little daughter and son ((((Help me how to get rid of them if there are also for preventive purposes.) Only an effective 100% Thank you)

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    Moved a year ago to the hostel, six months ago the cases of son's bites began, at first thought that the mosquitoes, then the son said that the beetles were crawling in the sofa, then I realized that it ... What only did not do, everything is useless, disappear for a month and again horror, already I think to throw out a sofa, or to freeze to try.

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    Try a remedy for Colorado beetles ... 4 packs per 10 liters.

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