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Search and destruction of bugs in the apartment

Клоп постельный и его яйца: фото крупным планом

Bedbugs in the apartment - this is a real scourge of not only rural two-story houses, but also quite modern buildings of megacities. Of all the unwanted insects in the house, it is the bedbugs that until today are a serious problem in apartment buildings, because unlike cockroaches and ants, both dirty old huts and apartments with European-style renovation are equally densely populated. Moreover, a good state of the apartment can sometimes be very favorable for them.

Where do bugs live in the apartment?

Apartment bugs, unlike many insects, do not form colonies with a clear structure, but are almost always found in clusters, the so-called "nests". Such nests consist of adult insects, actively breeding, larvae and ripening eggs. Larvae of older age hardly differ from adult individuals in a lighter color. The younger larvae (nymphs) are fairly light and in a hungry state they have a translucent body. Eggs of bedbugs are very small, and therefore it is almost impossible to detect them with the naked eye.

As a rule, a large number of insects themselves and their larvae of different ages, as well as the remains of chitinous membranes after their growth, eggs, dead insects and excrement are located simultaneously in the clump of clumps. All this resembles a similar place of congestion of cockroaches, only more neglected.

In general, for a fairly rapid detection of bloodsuckers or traces of their life is enough to know where to look for bedbugs in the apartment, and at least a quick look at these places.

Usually in the daytime, such colonies can be seen in quite secluded corners of the dwelling.

Где искать клопов в квартире

For example, if you look at the joints of furniture products, especially soft furniture (sofas, beds, armchairs), for bookshelves, and sometimes between the book covers themselves, in the cracks on the floor and under the wallpaper. In general, there are no specific preferences in the choice of the place for daybugs in apartment bugs except, perhaps, only one: they prefer to settle as close to food as possible, and therefore they are most often found under mattresses of beds, at the joints of sofas, in dressers and behind the skirtings of bedrooms .

How to find out if there are bedbugs in the apartment: turn-by-turn instructions

Before you find out if there are bedbugs in the apartment, you need to talk with your neighbors and find out if they have had problems with bedbugs for a year. If at least one apartment adjacent to the room under examination was disinfected during the year, then there is a risk of contamination of the premises.

Before you start looking for bedbugs in your apartment, it is useful to call the basic disinfestation services in the city and ask whether the treatment has been carried out in neighbor apartments during the year. The services themselves have nothing to hide here, and it will be quite easy to obtain the necessary information in this way.

Nevertheless, even if neighbors do not know about bugs, their housing should be examined in detail for parasites and to examine the most probable habitats of bugs in the apartment. To do this you need:

  1. Sniff. If the apartment is infected sufficiently strongly, the apartment has a distinctly distinct smell, reminiscent of the cognac flavor.
  2. Raise the mattresses of the beds and all the reclining backs of the sofas. In the ideal case there should not be any signs of insects.
  3. Examine the bedsheets on the beds. Sometimes they are crushed by full-bodied insects, after which a brown stubborn stain forms on the sheets.
  4. Examine the corners, plinths and the floor under the beds and cabinets. It is enough to sweep the broom there and inspect the garbage. If it comes across black dots, similar to small poppy seeds, or skins of dead insects, then this is an alarming signal.
  5. Raise the carpets off the floor or push the ones that hang on the wall. Under or behind them are often formed insect populations.

It has been established that more than half of people who bite bugs from time to time do not notice their bites, which makes detection of these parasites quite difficult. During the day, the home bug is difficult to meet: they are active mainly in the pre-dawn hours, between 3-5 o'clock in the morning.

Waking up in this period of time on the bed, in a room that is infected with room bugs, you can find on the sheet or the insects themselves, or their excrement. If a person bites several bugs at once, then the morning on the body will already be visible distinct traces of bites.

Very often bugs in the apartment appear with purchased items, both new and old, and sometimes rare (see the photo below of bed bugs on furniture upholstery).

Клопы в диване

For example, a purchased sofa or chair, stored in a furniture warehouse or even in the store itself, or a picture in a beautiful wooden frame, like virtually any other object, may contain a hidden surprise. And quite unpleasant ...

How to destroy bedbugs in an apartment

To combat bugs in the apartment, many effective methods and chemicals have been developed. More recipes offer folk craftsmen.

The main folk remedies active against bugs, which were used by our great-grandfathers, are kerosene, turpentine, naphthalene, camphor and vodka (sometimes vinegar).

For example, among the recipes based on them there are such:

  • 2 teaspoons of naphthalene diluted in two glasses of kerosene, mixed with turpentine (1: 1);
  • 1 teaspoon of camphor dissolved in a glass of a solution of turpentine and vodka (1: 1);
  • 2 teaspoons of naphthalene added to a glass of methylated spirit.

Any of the solutions obtained should be lubricated habitats of bedbugs, both already established and presumed, for several days, sometimes daily for a month.

Another natural remedy that repels apartment bugs is freshly picked wormwood, which must be laid out in dressing closets, under carpets and in bed. However, according to the results of recent studies it became known that the scents of bedbugs scarcely scare, and if they are hungry, the wormwood will not stop them.

Among the physical factors, exposure to apartment bugs is a high temperature - above 50 ° C. Both adult insects and larvae and eggs can not withstand the treatment with hot steam or air.

Обработка дивана паром

Do it special brigades of pest control, but sometimes you can do it on your own. For example, clothes, bed linens, bedspreads can be washed at high temperatures. You can also load them into a car, close the windows in it and leave it for a day in the sun.

Effective is the freezing of bedbugs. These insects perish during the day with a frost of minus 18 ° C. All you need to do here is take out the infected furniture in winter on the street or just leave the apartment for a few days and leave the windows open.

Among chemicals, drugs based on chlorophos, carbofos and other insecticides are considered the most effective recently. The assortment of such chemicals is wide enough, the number of names exceeds a dozen (Executioner, HET, Tetrix, Fufanon, Reid, Raptor, Forsyth), but, undoubtedly, when choosing, one should remember that any of them can be toxic and toxic to humans or domestic animals.

Средство от постельных клопов Раптор

From the room where the apartment bugs are to be destroyed using the appropriate chemical means, all of its bipedal and quadruped inhabitants, and especially the children, should be removed. Even small amounts of funds from apartment bugs can be dangerous for young children, causing the development of serious allergic reactions in them. Also, you can not handle cabinets with utensils, places behind a refrigerator or a stove with these substances.

Work with such funds must necessarily in rubber gloves and, at least, wearing a cotton-gauze bandage to protect the respiratory system.

При работе с аэрозолями нужно использовать средства для защиты органов дыхания

The person who undergoes the treatment should thoroughly wash his hands and all exposed skin areas with soap. After using the appropriate aerosols or emulsions, it is necessary to ventilate the apartment before re-settling in it, and rinse those areas or apartment objects that are most often touched by hands (door handles, window latches, water cocks, dining table).

When using chemicals for the destruction of apartment bugs, it must be remembered that some of them may be initially ineffective, to which these insects have already managed to adapt, while others will act too slowly, especially given the high rate of reproduction of these bloodsuckers. It may also happen: at first the drug will be effective, and as a result of repeated use, bedbugs will get used to it and will calmly experience the treatment of the room with its use.

The most effective, fastest, safest and most reliable way to combat bugs with the use of chemical insecticides or room temperature treatment will be the call of special pest control teams. Such services are quite expensive, but they guarantee the complete disposal of the apartment from parasites. And if the independent struggle with bedbugs can be delayed for long terms, then specialists perform all operations in a few hours.

We are protected from bedbugs: what to do to prevent parasites in the apartment from appearing

The appearance of bedbugs in the apartment is not always associated with the cleanliness in it and the amount of cleaning performed on the day. However, there are activities that can significantly reduce the likelihood of occupancy of these insects.

It is necessary to make sure that there are no cracks in the floor, walls and ceiling where bugs can settle. Also, you should check and paste, if necessary, the wallpaper; tightly screw the skirting boards, switch panels. If possible, seal the gaps between the joints of shelves and other wooden furniture. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the number of possible shelters for apartment bugs in the house. Dry treatment of the room using a vacuum cleaner should be carried out at least twice a week. After it, a dust bag is desirable either to throw out or clean outside the apartment.

And most importantly - to prevent any possibility of penetration of bedbugs into an apartment from neighbors. It is important to place in the ventilation holes scaring facilities, to securely seal the joints of windows and doors, to isolate the sockets. So you can highly expect that bedbugs in the apartment will never appear.

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  1. Arthur :

    Found bugs, we can not get rid of them.

  2. Tatiana :

    Arthur, we have the same story ... And it all started from the neighbor from the bottom, she has it everywhere, we still have flowers. So we suffer because of it (

  3. Alain :

    At us about five months ago have found one bug, we have checked up all, but so have not found any more. But here again they found it again, but that's the big one, the worst thing that a child has in a wheelchair. Today we will go to my grandmother, and my husband will poison me.

  4. Anonymous :

    It's funny! Although everything is isolated (although this is not possible) and vacuuming twice a day: if it sits under the mattress - no cleaning will help; most bugs are brought from hotels after travel.

  5. Anonymus :

    We have bungalows all over the hostel, because they throw garbage at the entrance, and 10 meters to the container.

    • MozZzart :

      Bugs bark at trash, it's not cockroaches, they settle in both new clean houses and apartments. They do not care, dirty or clean. The main thing is to have food at hand, namely people))

  6. Catherine :

    Tell me, please, in what stores can I buy a remedy for bedbugs? Tortured, we have a small child, very worried about him.

    • Elena :

      You need to call a specialized service. A couple of days will have to live with relatives. Call the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, they'll tell you everything.

    • Marina :

      Catherine, you will poison yourself, only time will be missed. Store tools only work on bedbugs themselves, and eggs remain. More than three years ago, bugs were baited in the apartment of my mother, specialists called, a woman came, spread some powder with tap water and sprinkled everything that could be. She said that this compound kills everyone: eggs, larvae and adults. We did not live there for a couple of days, although the woman said that you can come in a few hours. Since then, we do not remember the bugs, all of them died. And my mother at first tried to bring out folk remedies, so they were bred to horror. Do not suffer, call good specialists, they will help you. Neither furniture, nor things deteriorated, the only negative is a persistent smell, which then disappears for a long time.

    • Anonymous :

      In the economic)

  7. Elena :

    Our husband brought us from a business trip. It's horrible.

  8. Elena :

    We stopped at a new apartment, they started biting me. I found a nest, destroyed it. They began to poison: they flooded the apartment with Cucarach's poison. It seems that you can not see, but children have bites. I do not know where to find them, it all croaked, and they stopped biting me. In general, I do not understand where they are hiding? .. We have already analyzed everything, looked through. I feel sorry for the children, I can not ...

  9. Sergey :

    I have not slept for three days, guess why! They bite all over the body, and it does not matter which part of the house I'm in and what time of day. Remains characteristic traces of bites (unfortunately, without photos). At work I'm afraid to go out.

  10. Faith :

    Yes, of course, it's horrible to live with them in one apartment. We have already been struggling with bedbugs for a year, there are no forces any longer. We were advised to try the medicine Sinuzan. It seems that they are gone, we do not know what will happen next. I hope they will not be seen again.

  11. Sergey :

    It looks like we have bedbugs ... I wake up in the morning all bitten. Who will advise what?

  12. Nikolay :

    It's all garbage, the grass is not grass, everything will return exactly. We must all together with our neighbors. And we have been harassing 1.6 years, still come back. Yes, the neighbors are stupid, they say that they are all right, no. Already enrages, as if they only have us.

  13. Masha :

    We have appeared from neighbors (apartments from neighbors are rented by everyone). As noticed by the bite marks, immediately called a special service for processing. Although they also looked at everything (they took off skirting boards, cash handlers, lifted linoleum, dismantled the whole sofa, all the cracks-no, they did not.) After processing, 3 weeks later appeared again, called up treatment, now we live in another place. ? ..

  14. Katerina :

    2 years ago she was removed from her mother-in-law and found her bedbugs, poured generously with several bottles of insecticide from the store. I was horrified, my mother-in-law knew about them and treated them, almost like pets! 2 weeks ago I invited her to my son's birthday. After the first night, I had an "allergy" on my arm, a week of itching was a huge stain, after the second night there were 3 more "allergies". When the swelling began to subside, she showed her mom - a doctor, and she said that it looks like an insect bite, such as a clip. I waved it off. And tonight on the floor in the hallway I saw this creature. Now I can not sleep, I think what to do. The most interesting thing is that I'm on the 8th month, soon give birth, and at home such rubbish! FEEL!

  15. Rose :

    I do not understand where we came from. First I found a nest, killed, still my daughter bites. The repairs have already started, so nowhere - under the wallpaper, or in the things ...

  16. Tata :

    We rented an apartment with my husband. The first two weeks we lived without problems. And one morning saw a bite path on my leg. At first I thought about allergies, but at night I saw what this allergy was from. Hardly kandraty not enough. Now I can not sleep. What to do with these creatures? People, tell me!

  17. Julia :

    Especially be careful if you have lived at the dacha for a while - there is an ideal habitat for bedbugs, and they will gladly crawl into your things and will come to your apartment as well.

  18. Angelica :

    Yes kapets, damn, how to remove them, all bitten. I do not know what to do.

  19. Anna :

    I have a small child of 9 months. A few days ago I noticed small pimples on my hands. Now she is bitten all over! Face, arms, legs. Sorry, no strength! They also checked everything, there is nothing. Today a disinfector comes. The neighbor from the bottom were in the winter, apparently, and reached us ((

  20. Ivan :

    I am engaged in the daily rent, it happens, the students bring to the apartments ((It is necessary to poison, call specialists.) There, there is a guarantee, and reliably, do not waste time on nonsense.

  21. Tata :

    I'm roaring, I saw bites from my daughter and killed a bug, what should I do?

  22. Faith :

    Since January this year, six times summoned special services, threw out half of furniture and things, spent 20 thousand rubles. At the company they wrote it down in a psycho, and these things are still being eaten, so what to do?

  23. Faith :

    You need hot steam.

  24. Julia :

    I heard that smoke smoke from mosquitoes "Quiet evening" helps from bugs. Not only do mosquitoes die from it, but also bugs, fleas, cockroaches. There is such a checker 500 rubles. But a cool thing.

  25. Oksana :

    We tried Reid, 5 cylinders (somewhere around 1200 rubles), Combat (500 rubles), checking pastels every 2 days. About nothing! Tear off the plinth and poured sealant between the wall and the laminate and ... drum roll ... grandmother's remedy - carbofos (45 rubles). According to the instruction, it is bred for 5 liters of water, we diluted to 2 liters. It seems that it helped, but after 1 month I had red dots. Maybe it's just a pimple or paranoia ...

  26. Irina :

    We fight with bugs since April. Two children. There are no bites in the children. But they used to find bugs in their beds. Now the furniture changed everything. They called different companies, they poisoned themselves. Bedbugs disappeared, but appear again. Doing both barriers and chemical attack - money costs a lot, gave away already thousands of 50. Processed 17 times!

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