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Bed bugs in the house

Если в доме завелись Постельные клопы

Bed bugs are parasites that spread between rooms at a sufficiently high rate. They can creep from an apartment to an apartment, can be carried by birds and rodents. However, in most cases, the reason for infecting an apartment with bugs is the person. He later also has to fight against parasites for a calm sleep and normal living conditions in the house.

Where does the bed bugs come from?

Know where and why there are bedbugs in the house is necessary to prevent their penetration into the premises. Sources of falling bugs in the apartment a lot. But most often they appear as follows:

  • From the neighbors. Often the reason that there were bedbugs in the house, become residents of neighboring apartments. From them, insects can creep along the outer wall of the house, through the cracks of leaky floors or through ventilation.
  • From farm animals. If near the private house there is a poultry house or a barnyard, the bedbugs can get over to the people. For them, human blood is much more attractive than the blood of chickens or goats. And in cattle, they can not parasitize at all - too thick skin for cows and sheep.
  • Furnished. Bedbugs like to settle in a variety of holes, at the joints and back of the furniture. There they are not visible and can calmly create a new population. Therefore, when buying new and especially used furniture it is very important to carefully check it for the presence of parasites. It is worth doing and when settling in a furnished apartment.

In the photo you can see a typical nest of bedbugs in the couch:

Гнездо клопов в диване


"Recently I had a business trip to St. Petersburg for two weeks. Decided not to stop at the hotel, and rent an apartment - and cheaper and more convenient. The rooms were clean, the furniture is new, all possible equipment is. Who would have thought that I would wake up every morning with painful bites of unknown origin. When I climbed the Internet, it turned out that these bugs bite me. Was just a shock. I thought it was possible only in some hostels, not in clean apartments. I do not even know where the bugs come from in the house ... "

Karina, Moscow

Let's continue the enumeration of the ways in which bedbugs can get into the house

  • With household appliances. Sometimes it's literally impossible to understand where the bugs come from. The thing is that these parasites are very small and can settle even in hollow holes of household appliances. Here they are attracted by coolers and warm engines. If a new equipment was purchased or the old equipment was repaired, it is quite possible that she was already infected in the house.
  • In public. Bedbugs at home can appear with a person. They easily hide in the folds of clothing or become entangled in the lining of the bag. Клопы в складках одежды It happens that bedbugs are brought by gastrobeaters or masters who repair or install windows, doors, connect a washing machine. And sometimes the owner of the apartment himself comes from a vacation or business trip together with new "guests".

Regardless of how the bedbugs penetrated into the house, in a new room for themselves they quickly mastered and began to lead a habitual way of life for them.

Habitat and lifestyle of bedbugs in the house

Bugs do not need special living conditions or the presence of food leftovers in the house. They feed on only human blood, so they prefer to settle near the beds. In this case, insects should choose a corner where it will be possible to lay eggs without hindrance. Often happens so that the optimal place for a bug's life is the bed itself (its back, cracks, space under the mattress), a sofa or bedside tables.

Постельные клопы любят прятаться в щелях

While the population of insects is very small, they sometimes even have enough seams of a mattress or folds of a blanket. But when active reproduction begins and new individuals grow up, parasites have to look for a more spacious shelter in the house.

Then they settle in the furniture, under the windowsills, in the bookcases. If the apartment is heavily infested with bugs, they can be found literally in any secluded place.


"We went out with my wife from the apartment for three months, while we were repaired" turnkey ". When they came back, they also found hordes of bugs with beautiful repairs and new windows. And the parasites were not only around the bed, but even in the kitchen! "

Boris, Minsk

Wherever there are bedbugs in the house , you can always find quite a lot of debris - excrement, chitinous shells, eggs - and the bugs themselves. It's enough just to check all the secluded places in the immediate vicinity of the bed.

Bug breeding takes place almost non-stop, especially if the ambient temperature and the constant source of food contribute to this.

The female mates only once in her life and uses male sex cells as needed. She lays an average of 5 eggs a day. In her entire life she can reproduce up to 500 similar parasites.

Яйца постельных клопов

Find eggs of bedbugs in the apartment is very difficult. The female leaves them only where she herself is in the daytime.


"They could not understand how to find a nest of bedbugs with eggs. Adult individuals were killed when they woke up at night and turned on the light. And only six months later it turned out that they multiplied behind the back of the sofa. "

Marina, Kiev

The only food for bugs is human blood. They attack only a sleeping person who does not pose a danger to them.

The bug is taken to an open area of ​​the body, finds a blood vessel and pierces it. As the blood is sucked in, he injects into the wound a special enzyme, which temporarily pains the place of injury. By the way, larvae of bedbugs of such an enzyme do not yet have, so the pain from their bite can be felt right away.

Biting once, the bug crawls on and continues the meal. One individual leaves up to 7 bites on the body, which are located in the form of a characteristic path.

Checking the room for bedbugs

What if the bugs are at home? First of all, you should make sure that it is bed bugs, not other insects. There are several ways to verify this:

  • It is necessary to make an alarm for the time from 3 to 5 in the morning, and when it sounds, sharply turn on the light in the room. At this time, the bugs are most active, and if they really live in an apartment, they will certainly find themselves on the bed. Клопы хорошо видны на постельном белье
  • To lay a white sheet for the night and examine it carefully in the morning. If bedbugs bite at night, there will be small specks of blood on it and, probably, also feces that look just like black dots.
  • Spend the whole day outside the house (better in nature), and then sniff - did the smell in the apartment change? Bedbugs give the room a distinctive smell of cognac.


"When they did not even suspect that we had bugs in our house, we clearly noticed a change in smell. It smelled of some kind of old, mothball. Mom said that the bedbugs smell so, but we did not believe until they themselves began to notice. "

Inna, St. Petersburg

Methods for getting rid of bugs

Get rid of bedbugs in the house in many ways, but they all have different efficiencies:

  • Purchased insecticides for home use. The industry offers a variety of drugs, produced in various forms. Convenient for the application of chalice Mashenka, in a country house or in a country house, Karbofos will help you very well, the means of executioner and Klopomor are very strong . They effectively destroy domestic bedbugs , but can be dangerous to humans and pets directly at the time of processing the apartment. Choosing what to poison bedbugs in the house, it is very important to carefully read the instructions, and in the process of working with the poison - use personal protective equipment. Средство от клопов Клопомор
  • The call of the brigade of pest control. This method is effective almost always. Its disadvantages - the relative high cost and the need for a few days to leave the apartment.
  • Mechanical method. The simple destruction of bedbugs in the house with improvised means can only slightly reduce their numbers. But until the nest of parasites is found, getting rid of them completely will not work.
  • Freezing. It is effective only when the temperature in the house drops to minus 25 ° C or lower. It is important to consider that if the performance of this method is incorrect, the heating batteries may burst.
  • Folk remedies. Klopov scare off some smells - for example, wormwood, turpentine or tansy. However, such remedies do not destroy parasites, but only reduce their activity. The only plus of these funds is availability and low price.

So, if there are bugs in the house, do not panic and try to use all means at once. An ideal way to get rid of bedbugs does not exist, so it is important to think about what will be most appropriate in your case.

If there is an opportunity for a few days to take the whole family and pets from the apartment, you can ask for help to the pest control or treat the room with a powerful poison yourself.

If it is possible to cool the room to very low temperatures without the danger of damaging the plumbing, the destruction of bedbugs in the house can be carried out by freezing. And only to prevent the penetration of bedbugs from neighbors should resort to folk remedies (they are the least effective).

It is important to remember that even before the destruction of bedbugs, you should find out if they are worried about someone from their neighbors. If parasites exist in neighboring apartments, disinsection should be carried out together and simultaneously.

To the record "Bedbugs in the house" left 37 comments.
  1. Dinara :

    After being a guest at the niece with an overnight stay, the next day she found herself biting. The main thing, they bitten me only, but today they switched to their daughter. The niece warned that there were bedbugs in the cellar and tomorrow they would be poisoned. We stayed, not thinking about anything. The next day, the entire entrance wasted, I carried the child in the midst - maybe at that time they jumped on me. Awfully, the next day at home it was impossible to sleep. At me already mental: I wake up from bites, practically I do not sleep. Help advice! Has already reached that in a dream I see, as at me all face in bites, and not simply, and with the big blisters. Help to get rid.

  2. Sergey :

    Bedbugs were started about three weeks ago. At first I thought I was allergic to drugs, then I caught one, crushed it, smelled deliciously with some berries. It would be good only to smell - it is impossible to sleep, in the morning up to 10 bites. I turned over the entire room - I found adult bedbugs and 10 eggs. But I still can not find the nests, although I dismantled all the furniture, including the skins. Perhaps, while they are simply not enough. Never faced before. Once I treated the room with a poison bought in SES - it did not help, I found a bloody bug, that is, he had successfully survived the baiting, let alone talking about eggs. The struggle continues ...

  3. Ruth :

    Terrible, I never encountered these creatures, for a month my mother and I were scratching. We thought that the allergy, so much medicine drank, but it did not help. One day came home late from work, it was about two o'clock in the morning, and found plenty on the bed. On the wall, I still did not know what the bugs were, I decided to take a picture and show it to my mother. She told me that it was. I killed 30 pieces that night. A month passed, they persecuted as best they could. They, like, disappear. But then after a while they lie around, and not small, but adults. And well fed.

  4. Natalia :

    I had a lot of bites on my elbows. I thought an allergy to ointments, and then I saw this muck. What to do? I do not know. She smeared Mashenka with shallot, went to her neighbor's anointing. And he does not do anything, because he's always drunk. Even to go into the bedroom I'm afraid. If to destroy, it is necessary to all neighbors, and my neighbor is always drunk. Guard!

    • Maria :

      We have the same trouble! On the 2nd floor there is a dirty old woman. She bugs fall right from the ceiling, she does not air the windows, the stink of the apartment is terrible, but with all the above, she does not open the door to anyone, not even her own son! He offered her a neighbor to free her from bedbugs, she did not open the door! You correctly said that you need to poison all neighbors, tk. from the wasted place they will spread to other apartments! Write a collective letter to the CC, SES, the District all the entrance. Today we will also start writing a letter. No one wants to do it (half of the neighbors have bugs, but there is no other half, and they do not care, they think that it will not affect them.) I advise you to smear with red greenery (fukortsin), it is sold in a pharmacy, reduces itching and swelling bites, it is checked on myself that no ointment and tablets against allergies do not help.While you do not call a service to combat bugs and they will not process your apartment, in particular a bed, you will not achieve anything. Spatter dichlophos against bugs , in ventilation, door frame, glue two-sided scotch ventilation in the kitchen and in the bathroom, at least not completely. I wait for the answer and success to you in the fight.

      • Irina :

        You know, everyone tried, and Geradez mentioned above, and professional disinfection. It helped for the summer, then again. But it's strange, it happens that crawl alone, it's me, and a couple of days silence ... Then again alone. I'm beginning to think that they are mocking me.

  5. Natalia :

    Why do not bugs bite everyone in the house? How do they know who to bite? We started to poison them. I do not know what happens. Write your ways to weed bugs.

    • Anonymous :

      It's the same with me - they only bite me. I read: who has the skin tenderer, so that it can be bitten without problems, that's tyapayut.

  6. Irina :

    We have been struggling with bugs for a year: they used folk and professional means, and the sanitary and epidemiological station was summoned in the summer. All the same they are. Wallpaper tear off, hearths found and eliminated. They are. The strangest thing is that they come one by one and not every day. I can not accept, how can this be, one bit at night, I wake up, crush ... A couple of days, no one, then again. Do they exist or not? And what should I do? Dichlorvos already as a deodorant - always nearby.

  7. Nastya :

    A little mystical story. We have a four-room apartment, I found bedbugs in my room, I told my family, I was not found in other rooms. I vacuumed everything, etched and made repairs in the room. Then a week later my bugs disappeared, but my mom appeared in the room, etched the sofa and bought a new one, the bugs disappeared. Then a week later the bugs appeared in the niece's room, of course also etched, disappeared. The brother's room is left, a brother dies in a week (acute coronary insufficiency), more bugs did not appear. I certainly do not believe in all this, but they did not come from anywhere and disappeared.

  8. Lyudmila :

    From Russia, the son brought bed bugs. Where to buy the Executioner in Belarus or where to order in order to get rid of them faster?

  9. Marina :

    We rented an apartment, empty. Furniture all bought a new one, made repairs. A couple of months later she began to find bites on the baby. Once I found a half-dead bug. And today I found it right in my baby's bed. I somehow do not bite. Where could they come from? The apartment was empty for more than three years. Neighbors look at me like an idiot. Maybe it's not bedbugs? What to do?

  10. Nastya :

    This is horrible, last year we touched this mischief. The family is the baby son, the husband and I. I found it by accident. Then it became impossible to sleep, and they only bitten me. Thought I was going to go crazy. A lot more than poisoned and SES called. I could not find the nest for a long time until I opened the lining on the couch from behind. In short, they threw away the sofa, once again they etched everything. For now, pah-pah, the year is quiet.

  11. Katya :

    Bedbugs are horror! All night long you only try to see them. Today I found one, now I'll put the alarm clock on 3-30, I'll look at once ((

  12. Svetlana :

    The son lived 2 years in the apartment, nothing happened. Suddenly, there were bugs. What to do?..

    • Rigina :

      Look for them in bed and buy a special powder for bedbugs. We were very helped.

  13. Elena :

    We had bed bugs, 2 years ago, until now nightmares are dreaming! In general, they bitten our children, came to us from their neighbors. We stood up right at night, gathered the children and went to my mom. Practically the next day they began to struggle with them. In general, they treated everything with Carbophos, washed all the linen, but it did not help. After 2 weeks, they were treated again, plus all the beds and approaches to the beds smeared with soapy water to wash their paths, plus laid out wherever possible, wormwood, and the result finally appeared. We etched them, but I still remember them with great horror.

  14. Galina Ivanovna :

    Kind people! Help, help. In the house bugs began, neighbors - almost all frostbitten on the whole head, whom to poison first: neighbors or bedbugs?

    • Anonymous :

      I also have neighbors freaks. Every time I wake up from bites at night, I wish that their bugs are devoured. How can you live like this? The walls they have black from bedbugs and the stink of an ungodly. First you need to talk to them, so that the specials are called. service and threaten them. If it does not work, then address the complaint to the district police officer, it works without fail. I wish you good luck in the struggle, and yourself too.

    • Anonymous :

      People are easier - the grass of their

  15. Juliana :

    It's unbearable. These freaks pursue me with my husband, my mother lived - there abruptly appeared, moved to another apartment - and there is also such a story. Now we moved to the dacha, now and then they ... And the most interesting is that they only bite me, and he sleeps quietly. How can you get rid of them once and for all? Help me please.

    • Anonymous :

      They ride with you in your things, bags. Until you put it to rest, there will be no peace!

  16. Without sleep :

    They got bastards smelly, they do not give peace. Already afraid of sleeping!

  17. Max :

    They also appeared - they already ate their sister, but they do not touch the peasants?

  18. Natalia :

    Good people, 2 years ago I left the apartment, take off another, pay for my own, because I can not get rid of this evil! And poisoned, and SES poisoned, and themselves in gas masks. All have already been thrown out, all the walls have already been torn off, all the cracks have already been sealed - and there is not even a save. Straight hands fall. What to do? How to destroy? Advise ...

  19. Alina :

    I've been fighting bugs for half a year, nothing helps! I've been sleeping badly for a month now (it's not normal, I'm falling asleep, and these bastards creep in front of my eyes!) Where to find a nest, I do not understand ... I can only get enough sleep from my young man .

  20. Anton :

    Who independently got rid of bedbugs, respond.

  21. Olga :

    As I have bugs, I like cockroaches)) Although I have neither those nor these reptiles used to be. 2 days ago sanitation was conducted, but I am afraid to sleep in my bed, I sleep in the kitchen. I can not understand where these creatures came from: on the one hand, the apartment is empty, and on the other hand there lives a lady of advanced age, very nice and clean. I expect the night with horror, although I processed the apartment, but after reading the comments, I'm horrified!

  22. Paha :

    Burn the room

  23. Rimma :

    This is horrible ... Klopov discovered a week ago. I slept on my brother's bed (he was not at home), woke up from bites. Gad bitten all his shoulder. We looked at the mattress - there were black dofig there, they threw out the mattress. They disassembled the bed, and they, too, in the cracks. Okay, everybody threw it out. Then they were on the armchair. She overdid everything, dichlorvos treated. Day 4 they were not. Then they were in the cracks under the ceiling. And then I remembered the old woman who lives above us. From her, these bugs and climbed. She does not come out of the house and we have not seen her once. She went to her, she did not open the door. Tomorrow I'll go to the district police station. Because of these reptiles in the house it's disgusting to be. Fuuuu ... I'll kill this old woman soon.

  24. Olga :

    Please advise how to deal with this evil spirits. Found out a couple of weeks ago, in the parents' room (they are my elderly). Has thrown out old carpets, a carpet, beds - has bought to them all new. Treated the room. They were living in the hall while they were sleeping on the sofas. In the bedroom, like, nothing happened. Brought new beds, mattresses, new carpets. They moved again to themselves - and then bang - again these bugs.

    In my room, I have not seen them, but in the last days my hands began to itch. There are no characteristic paths, just separate bites. And it itches even when I'm not at home. Maybe it's on the nerves? I'm on my bed, like, there's nothing, I'm looking through the night, the sheet is snow-white, without hints of insects and black dots.

    Help advice, what to do? Are there devices that help fight bugs? Are they effective? Or just cause a sanitization? Some write that even sanitization does not help much!

  25. Natalia :

    Visited on vacation, rent an expensive apartment in a high-rise in Miami. At first I did not understand who bites, thought, mosquitoes. Having arrived home, a terrible itch prevailed, full of bites. The son read on the Internet, said that this is not mosquito bites, only bugs bite the chain. I'm terrified now, I'm worried that I brought them with me. She changed her suitcases and washed everything. Now, in anticipation, maybe I brought them all the same.

  26. Ksusha :

    Lord, help us all! For three weeks I've been struggling with these reptiles, all the sofas, I've transferred all the furniture, I've re-sorted them-there are no nests like they are coming. These creatures already know me, probably. Every morning I wake up, shake all the beds in the bathroom, turn over furniture, sofas, and everything I can not, I spray with dichlorvos (all cracks, backs of sofas, chairs). The cat, poor, is already retreating from me, and I disinfect it.

  27. Olesya :

    They endeavor, they feel sorry for the child. I press the night. Sometimes, they will disappear for a week and again. True, it was that the year did not appear, and again.

  28. Aigul :

    And there were cases, that after a mordant all disappeared? Or you need to constantly be on the alert?

  29. Paul :

    The only way to get rid of it is to persist once a week! If brought accidentally, then dismantle all the furniture on the boards, remove the plinth, throw away the unnecessary trash, spill everything with the poison qualitatively, to the ceiling (it helped me in two months - like, brought out, half a year passed, I do not notice, although I'm allergic to the bites of these creatures). If crawling from neighbors, then seal out the sockets, all the holes in the pipelines and entrance doors, smear it with chalk. Call SES!

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