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What are the reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment?

Постельные клопы в квартире

Bed bugs often appear even in modern residential buildings, which are equipped with all the benefits of civilization. Of course, neat and clean owners are puzzled why the parasites chose to live their apartment, where there is no debris, dirt or pets. And how did these parasites penetrate the housing? ..

In fact, in the case of bedbugs, it does not matter how carefully the cleanliness of the house is maintained. The main and only goal and the victim of bed bugs is a person (sometimes - small animals), so they can settle wherever people spend the dark.

To avoid infection, you must always be alert and carefully monitor the smallest changes that occur in the apartment. Also, it will be superfluous to periodically carry out preventive maintenance and apply insecticide along the perimeter of possible places of insect penetration, communicate with neighbors and pay attention to the condition of their apartment.

In addition, the disappearance of bedbugs in an apartment can be accidental, and here it is only from the owners of the room that determines whether they will admit such an accident. Therefore, it is important to understand how bedbugs can appear in an apartment in order to be able to protect themselves in time from parasites at the right time.

Ways to infiltrate bedbugs in an apartment

On the question of how bugs appear in the apartment, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. Everything depends on the floor on which the housing is located, whether there are parasites from neighbors, whether the owners went by trains or other people's cars recently. There are a lot of ways to infiltrate bedbugs into the house, so the reasons for the appearance of bugs in the apartment can be completely different.

Most often, bed bugs come from neighboring rooms, which is especially important for old houses. Insects can crawl through the damage to wall slabs, cracks, or on the outside wall of the house.

Клопы могут проникать через щели

Also bedbugs often travel through the ventilation shafts. Bed bugs can last a long time (up to several weeks) without food and remain active, so long transitions for them are not a problem.

In addition, the structure of the body of the bug and its small dimensions greatly facilitate penetration into very small holes and cracks.

If the house is in the countryside, then often bed bugs can go to people from small farm animals, on which they parasitize. Of course, the thick skin of rabbits or goats is not so attractive to these bloodsucking insects, like the human.

"Pick up" a bug and transfer it to your apartment can be after spending the night in a new place. It can be like a foreign hotel, a hotel in another city, and an apartment of friends, as well as a train or a train station.

The size of the bug is small, so even if the insect accidentally does not have time to crawl into the shelter before the person gets up and dressed, then no one will notice his presence on the shirt or pants.

Some reasons for the appearance of bedbugs can be quite original and even unpredictable.

  • Appliances. Bedbugs like to hide in secluded places, protected from bright daylight and having a source of heat. Often bugs a day get into the working system blocks of computers, and if such a unit moves to repair or to work permanently in a new apartment, parasites also penetrate it.


"I bugbed one of the customers who brought a repair system. If I dismantled it at once and saw these creatures, I would kick out the system man and the client. And so he spent the night under the table, and the bedbugs scattered around the apartment. Had a few weeks, when they began to bite, pour the apartment executioner, and then advise the executioner and the client himself ... "

Oleg, St. Petersburg

  • Another reason for the appearance of bedbugs in an apartment can be bringing them into the house on their clothes. Bed bugs can not bite the clothes, but it is very convenient to hide in it. Note the bloodsucker is not always because of its tiny size. Therefore, it is very likely, after visiting an apartment inhabited by bedbugs, to bring one or more parasites to your home. The reasons for the appearance of bed bugs may also be in the purchase of contaminated clothing, which, however, happens rarely.
  • One of the most common reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in an apartment is a new or old furniture brought to the house. New pieces of furniture brought from the store are rarely infected - in the store insects simply have nothing to eat, but such cases are also possible (for example - bugs on furniture from the Ikea store). Much more often the abode of bugs is furniture, bought "with hands" and already used. Bedbugs populate its internal surfaces, cracks. It is necessary to carefully check furniture before buying, and in the first place - the middle.

Клопы могут попадать в дом с мебелью

Матрас, кишащий клопами


"If we knew that we would bring this muck with furniture, we would not even go to that warehouse. I never thought that bedbugs in furniture from Ikea can be. But as we understood, everything was clean in the store, and it was the chest of drawers from the warehouse that was infected. I do not know if they process it with something or not, but even such cool furniture can be infected. In short, look carefully before buying. "

Inga, Stavropol

  • Pets, birds. Bedbugs can parasitize on bats, birds, hamsters and rats if they do not have a very long and thick coat of wool. Bedbugs do not drink the blood of cats or dogs, because their skin is too dense for these insects. For the same reason, they do not parasitize on cattle.
  • Bedbugs can appear in the apartment with an accidental person. If a person is in the house who lives in an infected room, he can easily carry a bug on his clothes. It happens that after repairing the apartment owners discover a population of bugs, "left" by the masters. Bedbugs like a lot of people, so they often live in cabins, cabins, dormitories. If the brigade hired for repair lives in such conditions, it is very likely that the bugs will try to move with their help.


"After the departure of Tajiks, the bugs appeared. And so much that I thought, the repair will have to be remodeled. It seems that these guys do not bother bugs at all. Probably live in their mattresses. It took another week to fill the apartment with Karbofos, before the tenants could be let in ... "

Alexandra, Moscow

Infecting the apartment with bugs from the biologist's point of view

Bed bugs are also dangerous because they reproduce very quickly and spread throughout the house. Even if only one female is brought into the dwelling, it can become the ancestor of a new population. How is this possible?

Female bugs have the ability to keep fertilized cells in their body for several months. This means that it can well wait for conditions that are favorable for life and only then proceed with the birth of offspring. At this stage, the male is no longer needed, since he made his contribution earlier.

One female spends 5-6 eggs every few days, producing up to 500 offspring in her life. Considering the fact that young bugs can reproduce after a month after hatching from eggs, their number in the apartment grows exponentially.

Яйца клопов

While the population is small, bed bugs occupy a very small area in the apartment. They can live, for example, between the seams of the mattress or on the back of the sofa.

When the number of insects increases, you can expect them to settle in all secluded places. Most likely, parasites will be found on the bed frame, in the couch, behind the closets, in household appliances and behind the canvases of paintings.

Где найти клопов в квартире

If the situation becomes critical, and the population has grown enormously, insects are looking for ways to expand their possessions. They can start to visit their neighbors' apartments, and eventually new colonies will appear there.

Reproduction of bedbugs is incredibly fast. Just a few weeks the number of insects can multiply increase. Particularly, this is facilitated by a good microclimate of the apartment - a comfortable level of humidity, heat.

Laying eggs bugs all year round, but under poor environmental conditions, this process is suspended, so that then resume with the same strength.

Signs of bugs in the apartment

There are several characteristic signs that indicate the appearance in the apartment of harmful insects. Also, these signs help to determine that it is bugs that are bred, not fleas or other living creatures:

  • A characteristic smell of spoiled cognac, which has a secret, allocated by adult bugs.
  • Restless sleep at night, sensation of itching and crawling of insects along the body. The next morning - a large number of bites in open places in the form of tracks.
  • Brown blood stains on bed linens. After the bite of the bed bug, the blood does not fold immediately, and it can stain the sheets. In addition, the well-fed bugs themselves can be crushed by a tossing person
  • Feces of bedbugs in the form of dark dots in the corners of the apartment and under the beds. They can look like poppy seeds.
  • Discarded after moult chitinous cover of insects. It is he who catches the eye first when examining an infected bed.

If some signs of the presence of bedbugs in the apartment were found , you should immediately start looking for and destroying the parasites. Fighting with them is not so easy as preventing the appearance of bedbugs in an apartment, and every day of delay will require great efforts in the fight against more and more bloodsuckers.

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  1. sergey :

    It's very disgusting when you sleep, and they crawl for you.

  2. Sergius :

    You have to fight with bedbugs, but do not dramatize. They dilute the patient's blood (for 5-7 days) and they treat it! And absolutely healthy - do not bite (google yourself).

    All health and tranquility!

    • Gennady :

      Do not bother to bullshit, I beg. They are interested in blood, so they do not care whether you are healthy or not.

    • Leonid :

      If this is so, then long live bedbugs, substitutes for our modern dilettant doctors!

  3. Hope :

    We have bugs recently, and it seems there are not so many. At once with the husband have started cleaning. We live in Los Angeles, there have never been any bedbugs in Russia, there's nothing to compare with, but the description is the same as in Russia. Fight local means and people. I really hope that helps. But the neighbors around are not clean at all ...

    • Maria :

      Greetings from London. Strangely enough, living in London, faced the same problem, alas. Appeared clearly not from dirt, as the apartment is clean. For the neighbors do not guarantee, but appeared as a snow on my head.

      Having found out, they quickly got rid of the bed and the mattress. Could you advise the people's means? Thank you in advance.

  4. Kama :

    Do you have bugs on TV?

    • Leonid :

      Yes! There the most important bedbug very often flashes on the screen. Bloodsucker!

  5. Olga, Togliatti :

    Horror. When one of the beds sleeps a husband - someone bites him. When the child is not. I read about bugs here - it's not like them. Tell me, who else can bite in bed?

    • Anonymous :

      In the house only I was bitten when I went to bed, or when I was asleep, or when I just lay and watched the movie. I could not catch and see who was biting, but I definitely knew that it was bedbugs, because a huge balloon appeared on the site of the bite. He was burning, and my whole body was itching. Sorry, but they did not believe me and they said that this can not be - they say, why you are bitten alone in the whole house. But here again I was bitten and I caught a creature that bites - it really was a bug!

      • Irina :

        It was the same. We sleep on 1 sofa: I, my husband and my little daughter. And they only bite me, and they did not believe me until I caught it and showed it ((

      • Karina :

        I sleep with my husband tonight, and he starts to itch, bite him, but not me. The apartment is clean, where they come from, do not know at all (

      • Anonymous :

        As it is vital, for a month nobody believed me that they bite me. Then a sister caught a bug at night, but by the time I was already all bitten was terrible. They say, like, they attack the most specific group of blood more often.

      • Den :

        These creatures bite everyone without exception! The thing is that not everyone suffers from an allergic reaction, like you. From personal experience ((

    • Anonymous :

      These can be rat fleas. They can live on mice or rats. In the apartments, look for between the skirting boards and wallpaper. Most often they live in technology. Wake up at night and watch. They can come from neighbors. Good luck )

    • Kostya :


  6. Anonymous :

    Now the house is bedbugs! I have never seen a greater abomination. Two times already did the cleaning and all unsuccessfully (in the apartment there are two small children, I do not sleep at night, I watch the sleep of children).

  7. Olga :

    When I found out that I had bed bugs at home, I was terrified. Could not understand where? I've never seen them, I've never had them, and then suddenly I saw brown spots on the pillows, I could not understand what it was. I did not feel bites, and did not know that there were brown spots on the bed from the bedbugs. And one night she caught a "beast", and suddenly she found bites on her hands and neck, and I suspected that these were bedbugs. At work they talked, and I was 100% sure that it was bedbugs. On the same day she called for a "sanitation". Two days have passed since then, I do not know if they died or are alive, but I can not lie down in bed without even sitting down. I sleep in the kitchen, hoping that they are not there. Just some kind of nightmare, just horror, even though all the furniture change.

  8. Kostya :

    Have died. They would have got you in the kitchen.

  9. Denis :

    After processing, bugs will be displayed?

  10. Egor Chichkov :

    I have bedbugs, they bite me, but I do not feel, because I'm asleep. Some morons brought them, I live in a hostel in Kemerovo. Take care of the house, please.

  11. Alexey :

    How to be? To change everything, the chemistry of these creatures does not take.

  12. Assel :

    My mother has bugs at home. She bought some powerful tool and processed the apartment, but many remained alive and continue to harass. The most interesting thing is that they bitten only my brother, and my mother only crawled. I tell her that maybe she can bring them to us. But she is very offended and pretends that everything is normal. I sit and worry, I have two children.

  13. Anonymous :

    Cucaracha - a good tool for baiting bugs, is sold in hardware stores.

  14. Vitaliy :

    Last night I began to suspect that there were bedbugs in my bedroom. So it is - killed 5 or 6 at night. He switched on the light and began to search and press. Fu. Nasty creatures.

  15. Husan :

    At my house bugs appeared, help, please!

  16. Zarema :

    Hey. I live in France. She also encountered bedbugs.

  17. Aknur :

    I, too, fell victim to a sleepless night because of these creatures ... I went to bed, as always, washing the floor with bleach and went to drink tea. I came back to sleep, I started to climb in the phone from the habit, and then I look - something is moving on the wall. And there are several of them ... They began to kill them, and from them the blood is straight, our blood, clearly. All night long I could not fall asleep, my one-year-old daughter was sitting and on duty ...

  18. Emma :

    I pulled out with a vacuum cleaner and an iron, the bed was washed in boiling water, the blankets and pillows all stroked. Now they are not.

  19. Anonymous :

    Call special services, we were treated 2 times and everything, the end to bedbugs.

  20. Natalia :

    This horror, processed the apartment twice, waiting for the effect ...

  21. Vita :

    We sanitized twice, and carbofos, and tortured. Is there a reliable tool to once and for all? We live in Lipetsk. Please, tell me! Two little children! We do not know what else to get rid of them.

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