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What does the dream book say about bedbugs?

Что говорит сонник о клопах

Dreams in which insects appear are rarely pleasant and calm. Especially when in a dream there are such parasites as bugs, mosquitoes or mites. What dreams about bedbugs tried to explain to many interpreters of dreams, and what is most unexpected - many of them have a relation to such dreams almost diametrically opposite. At the same time, most agree that certain events related to bedbugs in a dream can unambiguously portend certain incidents in reality. Therefore, for proper interpretation of such dreams, it is worth studying the opinions of several different dream books, which we will try to do on the pages of this article.

Bedbugs in a dream: what does this mean?

Most sonnics are unanimous in their opinion: to see bedbugs in a dream is a bad omen. But even this majority disagrees as to what the bedbugs look like. Good predictions related to these insect parasites are more rare, but are found in some very authoritative interpreters of dreams. Therefore, it makes sense to review the main sources and get to know their attitude to bedbugs.

Small Velesov The dream interpretation says that bedbugs dream of boredom, minor troubles and ... annoying acquaintances, who do not want to meet and communicate, but we have to do it by chance. On the other hand, the same source predicts that bedbugs dream about money. However, such money, most likely, will be the result of great troubles and serious hassle. Such predictions are relevant only for the simple observation of bedbugs in a dream. If these insects have to be looked for in a dream, then this is an obvious sign to serious embezzlement and trouble. And to eat a bug, according to Maly Velesov Sonnik, means to run into a quarrel or scandal in the near future.

A similar interpretation of dreams with bedbugs is given by the dream book of Simon the Cananite. In accordance with it, sleep foreshadows a meeting with an unpleasant, annoying person. It is believed that bored, such a person as if drinking energy from us, as a bedbug drinks at this time blood. With this source is one in the opinion of the Interpreter of those born on January, February, March and April, who points out that bedbugs in a dream mean the presence of a sleeping energy vampire in life.

The female dream book states that bedbugs appear in a dream as harbingers of a chronic and serious illness. Sometimes this illness is treated as a mental pain from some misfortune, perhaps - illness of relatives or friends.

According to the Dream Dream Book, bugs are harbingers of troubles with a loved one. Most likely, he will be a two-faced man and will lie a lot. Some commentators believe that a bloodsucking insect can dream of treason or exposure.

But it is not all that bad! Many literary sources interpret the appearance of bedbugs in a dream as a sign of an early enrichment. So, the Dreams of the birthday people of September, October, November, December, the Dream of the XXI century, Sonnik Tsvetkovoy, the Wanderer's Dream Book - they all claim that bedbugs dream about money. And the more these insects simultaneously sleeper saw in a dream, the more he will have money.

Много клопов во сне

But at the same time, all interpreters with such a positive attitude are united in another detail: money will not come by itself, but will bring a considerable number of troubles and worries. In most cases, this is due to the emergence of small cases and concerns, the solution of which will bring a good income.

By the way, the dream book of those born on January, February, March, April additionally indicates that bedbugs dream of a lot of worries, which, however, will save the sleeper from an accident. He does not give connections to money, but as a whole points to a large number of new cases.

The most authoritative dream book of Miller indicates that in itself a bedbug in a dream portends a long chronic illness, perhaps - with a fatal outcome, but not necessarily a sleeper. Just in his life, there will be an event related to death. There is even a more narrow interpretation: if there are dead bugs in a dream, it means that a great misfortune will be associated with the course of the illness, but not necessarily death. Sonnyk argues that the more bugs are present simultaneously in a dream, the greater the likelihood of the death of someone from friends or relatives.

David Lofa's dream interpretation indicates that the appearance of bedbugs in a dream is usually associated with the appearance of envious persons in a person. Bedbugs dreamed of a woman, according to Lof, predict the same as the Dream Dream: the deceit and duplicity of a loved one. And a large number of these insects in bed most often foretells the betrayal of friends, perhaps - even the closest.

And, finally, about what the bedbugs dream of, the Yellow Emperor's dream book warns: to stresses, scandals, problems in business, an abundance of minor troubles and to health problems. But this literary source is still good in its specifics: in accordance with him to see bedbugs in a dream means to get problems with the heart, kidneys, sclerosis, insomnia or serious nervous disorders. At the same time, recommendations are given in the shortest possible time to undergo a medical examination and receive qualified medical care. In addition, the Sonn of the Yellow Emperor recommends working on yourself, calm down, find peace of mind and try to understand your true desires and goals in life. This will give both good health and joy, received from each day.

As a result, which one to use a dream book, bedbugs in almost all mean illness and health problems. And if you dig deeper, then the behavior of a sleeper in a dream or events related to bedbugs, can say even more about the disease itself, and about the ways of its treatment.

What does it mean if you press bedbugs in a dream?

Pressing bugs in a dream is a very bad thing.

  • The interpreter of the birthday men of May, June, July and August indicates that a simply crushed bug - accidentally or intentionally - dreams of various troubles and problems. If a person in a dream intentionally presses these insects, from which water flows, then it is an accident or a serious illness. But large amounts of bugs mean severe illnesses and even death.
  • Virtually the same predictions are given by Miller and Lofth's dream books.
  • A modern family dream book states that the crushing of a bedbug in a dream precedes a disease, but only the expiration of an insect from the blood is a prophecy of a serious, long and possibly fatal disease.

All these warnings to a certain extent coincide with what the dream books say about just running bugs. It is believed that if an insect runs along a white wall, it is an omen of a disease, not severe and not fatal, the fears and experiences about which are vain and pointless.

What science says about bedbugs in a dream

As you know, strict science does not believe in predictions, it needs facts confirmed by experiment. And since there are no statistically significant and thus documented facts, bedbugs in a person's dream for her are nothing more than experiences of certain impressions and imagination games.

Psychologists say that most often they are told about dreams with bedbugs by people who had to face strong feelings, somehow connected with insects. For example, it can be a fight with cockroaches in the country, at which particularly impressionable women can experience real stress.

Very often new settlers, moving to a new apartment, face the problem of bedbugs. Sleepless nights, itching, a nightmarish spectacle of a whole settlement of parasites under the mattress, experienced against the background of caring for moving and a lot of troubles lead to the fact that in a dream, the most vivid impressions are lost in the brain in a distorted form.

Клопы под матрасом

Укусы клопов

A person can see bedbugs in larger sizes, larger quantities, constantly waking up. This is not at all an omen and not a sign from above. So the brain tries to unload from the experienced strong emotions.

Even more often bedbugs can appear in a dream among travelers, tired during the journey and settling in insect-infested hotels. A large number of emotions, fatigue, painful bites and the feeling of insects in bed leads to a restless half-asleep and constant images of insects in a dream.

In addition, the bugs themselves in most people are associated with darkness, darkness, the lack of desire to live and grief. Therefore, dreams with bedbugs by many psychotherapists are treated as a sign of depression. Usually such dreams disturb a person quite calm, sad, prone to drinking and suicide.

In general, in many religions and esoteric teachings, bugs are a kind of negative energy. Her presence near the person testifies to the decline of strength, the lack of desire and the will to live. People who, without objective reasons, regularly wear these insects, have a large number of negative emotions, the cause of most of which are themselves. They are also called people with active negative psychology. And bedbugs in their dreams are a sure sign that they need to change their way of thinking, attitude to things and events, learn to enjoy life and enjoy it.

To the record "What does the dream book tell about bedbugs in a dream?" left 8 comments.
  1. Turtle tortoise :

    I recently dreamed that insects were crawling for me, I began to shake them off with horror and disgust, and then push them with my feet. But the strange thing is that I did not crush them, because after removing my legs and wanting to look at these crushed insects, they were more alive than alive, crawled away and watched me with interest. In this case, no eyes, nothing I have not seen, just a dream internally realized that they are looking at me with interest. My heart was beating wildly in a dream, and then I told myself, do not bother me anymore and thank God and she herself began to look with interest at these insects. And then I understand that these are forest bugs, red at the black point and green and my view has stopped on one green bug. I looked at it with interest for a long time, realizing that they no longer represented danger, but at the same time thinking with apprehension, as though again they did not climb me. A few days after this dream, I quarreled with my acquaintance, who in life simply attacked me with her phone calls and complaints about her personal life. She pulled me out so that I just broke my head after talking to her. Now after I stopped communicating with her, I realized to what I dreamed about my dream, and the sensations are the same as in a dream I'm afraid that this aunt will again show up and endure my brain and at the same time with relief I think it's probably unlikely. After analyzing the last conversations with her, I realized that the last time when I was communicating with her, I felt exactly the same disgust as in a dream, when bedbugs crawled over me.

    • Rambo :

      Oh, how I'm afraid of them ... When I scrolled down, I whimpered and squealed ...

  2. Paradise :

    I dreamed bedbugs in a pillow, that I looked through them through a magnifying glass. At work there was one big and a few small ones.

  3. Elena :

    I dreamed this: someone said that a little pink spot on my knee is the place where the bedbug climbed, and you need to drop some kind of remedy on this speck so that the bug gets out. I dripped. Then I look - on a speck there were stripes, I have got accustomed, and these are paws! ((And then he started to climb out of my knee, and after him again and again.) All in all, about 8 mm in size, I was not hurt, but disgusted, and I felt every movement of them. I know where they went, I woke up, I hope this means that I have a disease or I have got rid of some bad thoughts and everything will be fine.The main thing is to believe in this and treat dreams only in positive thoughts, even if dreams such disgusting)

  4. Venus :

    In a dream I saw bedbugs, many, many. As if I covered myself with a quilted quilt, and there are many bedbugs. I want to crush as if they were alive. What is it for?..

  5. Alyosha :

    You, all the above-mentioned, will soon become rich! Just believe and do everything for it.

  6. Tatiana :

    I dreamed of small kids on me, on my arm, on my leg, they were everywhere, and I bitterly pressed them, but the blood did not come out of them. I had a feeling in my dream that I had to take out bedbugs by any means. But in different dream books write differently. In one case, to money, in another case to a serious and prolonged illness with a fatal outcome. I'm terrified and very afraid, because my daughter now lies in the hospital with ARVI. And what to believe in me, I do not want and I refuse even to think about the bad.

  7. Victoria :

    But I had a dream. I woke up and saw my feed on the bed, namely 4 pieces. Two of them were alive, and two were dead. What is my dream and I do not understand ... But in my heart it's unsettling.

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