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What do people say about the bugs in the house?


The appearance of insects in a person's home has always been associated with troubles and dirt. And with the bedbugs most of the people's decisions are connected mainly with various diseases and troubles - bugs can settle in both clean and dirty houses, but they always carry a restless sleep and a lot of unpleasant sensations.

The anti-sanitation that existed in medieval Europe and Russia and the lack of effective methods of fighting insect parasites in themselves provoked an increase in the population of bedbugs and their resettlement in the homes of both poor and rich citizens. At the same time behind the bedbugs there was always a rumor of messengers of unhappiness.

Signs attributed bugs to the ability to cause storms and floods, destroy families, predict strong illnesses and even death. Most likely, such negative emotions are associated with the perception of bedbugs in general - as extremely unpleasant parasites.

Thus, in Germany in the 15th and 16th centuries, it was believed that with the advent of bedbugs, family happiness left the home, giving way to squabbles and quarrels. In order to lure slipping luck, tried to get rid of parasites as quickly as possible. To this end, they recited special conspiracies, scalded places of accumulation of bedbugs with boiling water and steam.

In Italy and France it was believed that living in the house bugs drove good dreams and cast nightmares, especially children.

In Russia, the bugs were treated as a constant dash, which accompanies other failures and prevents to make life rich and happy. It is in connection with the widespread prevalence of these insects that special signs and rituals appeared for their expulsion.

What are the bugs in the house?

Unfortunately, bedbugs live not only in dirty and not well-groomed, but also in quite modern clean rooms. People are unpleasantly surprised by the presence of these parasites, and they often look for folk signs that could explain the appearance of insects.

The response: "We live in a new high-rise building and have never seen any insects. When the artisans woke up one fine day, they panicked. They searched everything until they found a bed of bedbugs under the bed. They poisoned them as best they could, but the bloodsuckers did not leave. And we have since, as if all wrong, everything went on in the house - all the time we swear, my husband recently broke the car ... "

Sofia, St. Petersburg


If the house has bugs, it means that someone will leave this house. When this person does not become, parasites will also be transferred.

The sign can be interpreted in different ways: the death of one of the members of the family, divorce, or perhaps just the transfer of grown-up children to their own home.

Bedbugs get into the house to tears, quarrels, swearing.

Клопы могут быть предвестниками ссоры

Such a sign is understandable from the point of view of psychologists. Blood-sucking parasites, which are hard to get rid of - this is a great stress for a person.

Often, he becomes irritable, does not sleep well, this causes problems with his health. Naturally, a change in the state of health can not but affect internal family relations.

In a house where bugs live, residents will often have nightmares.

People's signs are not in vain accentuating attention on dreams. Bedbugs mostly eat at night, when people are sleeping. Often bitten wake up, begin to comb the skin. This breaks the rhythms of sleep and introduces a negative connotation.

For example, the pain from a bite in dreams can be transformed into a monster's bite, a knife blow. If bedbugs crawl over the body, in the dream, too, images of unpleasant insects may appear. Hence the nightmares to which children are most exposed.

Bed bug - bad sign. Perhaps someone from your environment is an energy vampire.

This sign is quite modern and it is connected with the fascination of people with magic and esotericism. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, all the malfunctions and unpleasant phenomena in the house (equipment breakdown, roof leakage, the appearance of insects) take energy from people living in it, making them weak and sluggish.

Signs to the rapid appearance of bedbugs

Signs about bedbugs not only explain what the insects get bogged down to, but they can also predict their appearance.

If you burn an old broom in the oven, you can call unpleasant events: natural disaster, invasion of lice, cockroaches or bedbugs.

Such a sign may be needed only at the dacha or in the private sector, since there are no stoves in the apartments.

It's interesting: Bugs most often appear in places of mass congestion - hospitals, prisons, stations, hotels. However, recently, scientists conducted a study of the behavior of these insects in one American prison.

It turned out that there are people who are simply ignored by bugs and do not bite. It is not associated with blood type or Rh factor. As it turned out, one of the factors of choice of a victim for bugs is the mental state of the person himself. Thus, people prone to neuroses and hysteria, depressed, complained more often of bites than balanced, calm individuals.

Experts believe that a person with a disturbed mental state changes the intensity of the blood flow, which serves as the main bait for bedbugs.

Let's go back to the signs:

Bedbugs appear in the house of fornication.

Bugs can really be brought home from another place of spending the night or with someone else's things. Therefore, the sign indicates one of the variants of their appearance.

In an unsettled situation in the country , bugs and cockroaches appear in the houses .

Of course, it is very difficult to give a scientific justification for this decision. In the case of bedbugs it is not confirmed, but cockroaches really at times literally disappear from all dwellings, and after a while they appear in the same mass.

If you often quarrel with close relatives, there are bedbugs in the house.

For all world cultures, the perception of the family hearth as something sacred is characteristic. Therefore quarrels with close relatives are considered a bad omen.

Signs to the expulsion of bedbugs from home

Whatever the reason for the appearance of bedbugs in the house, the main task is to get rid of them. You can find people's signs that indicate the speedy expulsion of insects.

Изгнание клопов

Of course, you should not rely entirely on the reliability of such data, as bugs can only be kicked out with the help of special tools. They are purely informational in nature and can be regarded only as a supplement.

If several nights in a row have good colorful dreams, then insects will not be in the house soon.

When the number of insects decreases, then there will be much less night bites. Consequently, if the quality of sleep has improved, this is the first sign of parasite withdrawal.

To drive out the bedbugs, during Easter, you need to sweep the ditch off the threshold, saying: "All the bugs and cockroaches - out of the hut."

The ritual of balancing out negativity, aggression and anger has been known for a long time and is used to destroy everything bad in the house. Since bedbugs appear to be just such a dark, bad force that prevents a person, this ritual is used against them.

If a wedding is planned in the house or the child is born, bedbugs will not live in such a house.

Bedbugs - the personification of impurity, moral instability, quarrels. When a joyous event is expected in the home, all people are happy and the overall psychological situation is improving. According to the signs, bedbugs will soon leave this house.

Although people's signs give quite a lot of information about bedbugs, and there are many conspiracies for getting rid of parasites, in combating them you need to take complex and most effective measures.

For example, not relying solely on conspiracies and omens, use powerful and sufficiently safe insecticides that can help in the banishment of bugs and the prevention of their occurrence.

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  1. Darius :

    But my bugs bite me and the children, and my husband does not touch, they live only in our room, I do not know how to plague them. They are on my clothes and only on mine, but if you think that someone will leave or die - is that what I get? At home, the devastation has come, in a mess, but the more the baiting, the more they become. What to do?

    • Admin :

      First of all, approach the process of fighting bugs as seriously as possible, without perceiving this problem only as an annoying domestic trouble. Do not be guided by people's signs, act rationally and meaningfully:
      - in detail study the information concerning struggle against bedbugs (or on our site, or on any other). There are many nuances here, and if they are not taken into account and act on "maybe" - parasites can thrive in the house for years.
      - Destroy bedbugs without the back thought that "the more baiting, the more they become" - every destroyed insect is a blow to their population. Each destroyed female (even at the stage of the larva) is hundreds of potentially destroyed bedbugs.
      - Use modern drugs against bedbugs. Forget about kerosene, meth and other obsolete methods. The methodical and correct use of insecticides is the key to success in fighting bugs.
      - Coordinate your actions with your neighbors. Perhaps they also have bedbugs.

      And do not forget that bedbugs are just insects. We can not allow them to become the cause of the devastation in the house and relationships, and even more so do not need to be afraid of them. They must be scrupulously destroyed.

    • Natalia :

      We have bugs appeared in the summer, and in the spring with this apartment my husband and I already moved out. That to swearing - that's for sure.

    • Michael :

      Do not bite because a person smokes. And to bring them along with dichlorvos, use microcapsules, GET, for example. At night, you can smoke a bedroom with aromatic sticks, sometimes it helps.

  2. Darius :

    Here it is written that because of the birth of the child they will leave, but I am waiting for the fifth, and they are all multiplying more and more. I them and Carbophos and Reid and than only did not poison. What am I to think now, what is it for me to move the horses during childbirth?)) But one thing is interesting, in other rooms there is not, but I already got sick at my own. Threw out furniture, mattresses, what else to do, repairs have already begun, and they were in the sockets and in the carpet. I am afraid to sleep already, I run - I check the children.

  3. Anonymous :

    With the move to a new apartment, having discovered bedbugs, I pulled them out with dichlorvos, sprinkled them on the wallpaper, in all the cracks and threw out the old sofa. The worst thing was when I discovered them in large numbers under the old skin of the door at the doorstep, where I also processed them. Just bought everything new. And that's all! But with her husband, happiness in this house did not exactly build, or rather divorced.

  4. Elena :

    At us as days 6 bugs began to appear ... While their gathering is noticed in one place above a bed, but whence they get out - it is not clear. Just suddenly, from nowhere appear, and slowly creep, "mysticism" somehow. And even among the white day, the impression that neighbors are poisoned. And we at ourselves have sprinkled various means, but they, already to a lesser degree and basically in the morning, but all exactly appear. On the morning of the 7th night, 5 were found already in bed. Guard. I went to my neighbors to ask if anyone is baiting, do they have bedbugs? No, they say ... Yes, even if there are, figures who confess, that's the thing ((

    • Olesya :

      We also thought that the bedbugs were in bed, twice weighed the bed. Tolerance is zero. Accidentally ripped off the wallpaper in the corner near the bed, and there are several of them there. Tip: take the wallpaper and see what's going on. The best remedy is the Regent in ampoules, do not take it in powders, because it is full of fake (the sellers said so). Only the need to dilute the ampoule in a glass of water, and not more, as they say in the instructions.

    • Anonymous :

      It's for the death of one of you. My son died when he died - there were no bedbugs either.

  5. Elsa :

    I also first met bugs in 2006, when I rented a room in a communal apartment, I was horrified, since I had never seen them. The whole night I did not sleep, I asked my neighbor in the morning, she said that she did not have them in the room. I bought an aerosol Combat, Dichlorvos, ointment from bloodsucking. I sprinkled everything I could, anointed myself with ointment, I wore pajamas and even socks. It was in the summer, I opened the window and so slept. Bedbugs did not stick out, and even disappeared for a week. It turns out that they ran to a neighbor: she began to poison them, they again ran to me. I again repeated the whole procedure, and already they ran away for good, there were enough rooms for them to move into. By the way, the combat should be taken exactly the one that destroys and bedbugs, they are different.

  6. Marina :

    Bedbugs appeared unexpectedly ... And with them a feeling of incomprehensible anxiety. Some kind of inner pain that was hard to explain. Home peace and harmony, but inside everything turns. And then my mother suddenly died and ... these CLOPS were lost. So for me these parasites became a harbinger of terrible grief and irreparable loss.

  7. Vladimir :

    They create me just beasts, as not grass - they are parallel.

  8. Marina :

    Houses are a mess. Not a day without quarrel does not pass. Than to deduce - I do not know.

  9. Tanya :

    There were nowhere, there was nothing to be persecuted. Divorced from her husband, and soon the bedbugs disappeared, just like her husband, without traces! Swore with him very much. Now the husband lives with another. No strokes, no rest at home and no one bites.

  10. Irina :

    Suddenly, bed bugs appeared in the house and everything went backwards in the family: the car broke down, then another! These are such creatures, bring only misfortune.

  11. Anna :

    You need good expensive tools, such as a draker or solfak, they cost 12,000 rubles for a 5 liter canister. Nobody will tell you about these drugs, but you can ask the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station to sell you at least a small bottle, then you will definitely get off the bedbugs. Processing will have 2 times with an interval of 2-3 weeks and nothing to wash off, somehow it will be necessary to survive this time. But then everything will be fine. And I advise you not to believe in signs, everything will be fine: there will be no quarrels, no deaths. Believe only the best and do not listen to sick people on the head.

  12. Nastya :

    We also got those critters! She lived on removable housing, and moved them to her parents' house. The best option is to go to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and ask them for a remedy for bedbugs. Or call the service on the house, and your problem is solved. And yes, someone wrote that when a person smokes, they do not bite him - it's all nonsense.

  13. Flora :

    I do not believe in any signs, and I do not intend to. Everything is at home. And the bugs are climbing from the street, even a crack was found under the net. I swipe them off the glass from the street, and they again fly to it. Probably, you need to process the tree outside the window.

  14. Lucy :

    A chicken-feed it, all signs. We also had bugs, we struggled with them for 9 months. No swearing, nothing happened, no one was dying.

  15. Hassan :

    Just made a major overhaul, brought new furniture, grief did not know how in half a year these horrible creatures appeared. At first I could not understand where they came from, then I just realized that, it turns out, I bought them together with furniture. Once 5 called people from the organization on these issues, but no good. They forced these creatures to sell the apartment. I bought it on the first floor, lived for a month, spring came, and from nowhere a large flea population appears. I am forced to do major repairs now and in a new apartment. I took everything to the bricks. Carried the mine and the hood, now these things just will not appear. And finally - the old owners did not say anything about the fleas, they sucked them for 30 years. The neighbor told me in confidence. I think I'll finish the repair by the new year. And the furniture, before you buy, I will be vigilant to inspect. I wish everyone happiness, love and good))

  16. Bear :

    These creatures bit me in the blood, 10 vials of dichlorvos varan - and nothing, but they were less. I sleep in the light, then they do not bite. But her wife is tearing and hurting. Maybe she kicked - and they disappear? ..

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