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What feeds bed bugs and how much they are able to live without blood
Чем питаются постельные клопы и сколько они способны жить без крови

At first glance it may seem that bed bugs are quite vulnerable insects, because after being strongly attached to a person as a source of food, they, in theory, would have to die with the long absence of people in the room. But in practice it turns out that the absence of people in the house even for 6 months often does not lead to the death of the entire population of bedbugs. So what do bugs eat and how long they can live without blood - let's understand ...

Detailed photos of bed bugs
Подробные фото постельных клопов

A detailed description of the appearance of the bed bug, its larvae and eggs. More than 40 bright photos accompany interesting information about bedbugs, which will be useful to everyone who has come across these bloodsuckers closely or is preparing to fight them.

What causes bed bugs in the house and what to do in this situation
От чего в доме заводятся постельные клопы и что делать в такой ситуации

The reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in the house is not so much, and the most common - only one or two. For the reliable protection of the premises from parasites, it is sufficient to know these reasons and to adopt a number of simple rules that will reduce the probability of infection of the apartment. This is much easier than further baiting the bugs themselves or calling professional pest controlists, and often without a guarantee to get the desired result. So, from what are the bugs being planted indoors? Let's understand ...

Than bugs can be dangerous to humans
Чем клопы могут быть опасны для человека

Bed bugs are a serious health problem. And it concerns not only the countries of the third world and very much not well-groomed houses, as it is customarily mistakenly believed in the people, but also has a direct relationship to comfortable, clean and well-maintained city apartments - in them the bugs are planted with the same ease as in rural huts. If the room has been infected, sleep and well-being can be forgotten - bug bites cause severe skin irritation, itching, can lead to various functional disorders of the body, and in some cases even serious illnesses. Therefore, just waving your hand to prevent the emergence of these parasites, thinking that this problem will never touch you, or you can not go after fighting with them in any case. the result can be very sad.

Bed bugs in the house
Постельные клопы в доме

It is often not so easy to find out that bed bugs have settled in the house. However, there are several characteristic signs of the presence of these insects in human habitation. When the existence of bedbugs at home has already been proven, one should begin planning for fighting them. In this case, you can buy purchased poisons for home use, folk remedies, as well as a special team of masters-pest control. Determine which of these ways to choose will help describe the merits and demerits of each of them.

Furniture bugs (they are the same bed)
Мебельные клопы (они же постельные)

To successfully combat parasites living in apartments and houses, it is very important to identify them correctly. The fact is that it is necessary to remove cockroaches, ants and bedbugs in different ways, using the most effective means against each type of insect. It will be very useful to learn how to visually distinguish a bedbug from other domestic pests. Bedbugs and their larvae have several characteristic features that can be examined in detail in photographs.

What are the reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment?
Какие могут быть причины появления клопов в квартире?

Bed bugs in the apartment - it's always a surprise. And the owners of any apartment, regardless of its size, location and grooming by the very fact of the appearance of bedbugs in it, are shocked. But experts can spend hours talking about how and why there are bedbugs in the apartment: the causes and ways of penetration of parasites into the room - a huge variety.

Signs of bugs in the apartment
Признаки появления клопов в квартире

In the infected house you can find many signs that signal the presence of bedbugs. All these symptoms are highly likely to indicate that the fight against bed bugs should be taken now. Like any other insects, bedbugs leave their characteristic traces, which can tell where to look for parasites and how many they live here. And the sooner a counteraction is launched, the easier it will be to clean your house of these insects.

Find out where and how bed bugs live
Выясняем, где и как живут постельные клопы

The habitats of bedbugs in an apartment differ from the shelters preferred by cockroaches and ants. Bed bugs are very specific and extremely unpleasant in this regard parasites: they prefer to settle in bedrooms and beds, just where the person least wants to see any insects. But this is not all the peculiarities of bedbugs that make them unpleasant neighbors of a person and complex for destruction by parasites.

Bed bugs
Постельные клопы

If you have bed bugs in your apartment - it means it's time to learn more about these insect parasites, because the enemy, as they say, you need to know in person. How do they look, where they prefer to hide, how they eat and, most importantly, how to effectively fight them?

If bed bugs are found in your house, then it's time to find out more information about the features of life of these insects. Even if the bedbugs have already overcome you so much that you just think, as soon as possible to deal with them, yet we suggest not to hurry.

Certainly you do not need to rush into the store in search of the first money from bed bugs. It is better to first understand the problem in detail, then to consciously and consciously approach it. In the meantime, just note that you have come to the address: in this section of the site there is a lot of useful information about bed bugs, methods of their detection in the apartment and the basic rules for combating these insects.

The attitude of people to bed bugs is quite ambiguous. Some fall into a real shock, seeing, for example, a nest of parasites under the mattress of their bed and realizing that it was these insects and their larvae that crawled on them for weeks, regularly drank blood, laid eggs ...

Other people, on the contrary, treat bed bugs very calmly, almost indifferently. Well, yes, bugs, well, bite, and what? Mosquitoes also bite. In fairness, it should be noted that in our civilized age this attitude to bed bugs is rarely encountered - as a rule, these are neglected cases in unsuccessful families, as well as places for overnight stays of visiting workers (so-called guest workers).

Of course, with bed bugs to put up in any case impossible. Quiet neighborhood with them is absolutely unacceptable, as it causes real harm to human health, far exceeding the harm from mosquito bites. Bedbugs at one time drink blood almost twice as much as their own weight, do it regularly, their population under favorable conditions grows very quickly (almost in geometric progression), and your apartment, first becoming a real bug, then become a breeding ground for parasites in all neighboring apartments.

Well, to begin with, we recommend you get acquainted with the materials on the topic, why and how bed bugs can appear in the apartment. Then it is worth examining the question of which methods of combating bedbugs are effective, and which are unacceptable and even dangerous. And only after that it makes sense to start choosing a specific method and the specific means by which you will take out bedbugs from your house.

We wish you success in this important and difficult matter!


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