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Than bugs can be dangerous to humans

Соседство с клопами может представлять для человека значительно большую опасность, чем просто зуд от ночных укусов...

Among all human parasites, bedbugs are one of the most unpleasant. In some cases (even if we do not take into account the harm that these insects can do), one of their appearance and lifestyle characteristics causes particularly impressionable people a real hysterics: they look like hated cockroaches, drink blood at night and crawl in bed. But these unpleasant moments are only the beginning of all ills.

What are dangerous bugs for a man? First of all, of course, their bites, which can cause serious diseases and disorders. Moreover, the more bugs in the room, the more dangerous the consequences of their constant attacks.

Когда клопов в доме много, их укусы уже далеко не так безобидны, как могло показаться при малом количестве паразитов в помещении.

It is interesting

Epidemiologists note a steady increase in the number of bedbugs in developed countries. So, for example, in Florida over the last decade the number of bedbugs inhabiting living quarters has increased 10-fold. If we talk about this country as a whole, in 2007, 80% of urban apartments in the US were ever infected with bedbugs. A similar situation in Europe: in London, an annual increase in the number of treatments of premises from these pests is increasing by about a quarter. In Sweden, the largest share of bug-infested housing falls on the state capital - Stockholm. Apparently, bugs have long been a worldwide problem.

Bites of bed bugs and their consequences

Now let's take a closer look at the main threat from these insects. As it was said above, bugs are dangerous for their way of life: in order to live, they must constantly bite a person and eat with his blood. At the same time, the skin piercing moment itself is generally painless, but a few minutes later the victim will feel a strong itch. in the process of sucking blood, the insect injects saliva into the wound, the enzymes of which prevent it from curling up.

В процессе укуса клоп впрыскивает в кожу особый фермент, не дающий крови быстро сворачиваться.

Личинка постельного клопа в момент укуса

In general, the mechanism of this process is similar to mosquito bites, so often, especially with few attacks, the wounds that appear on the skin may not even attract attention. At the site of bites there are small redness with a visible point in the center, but if a person does not have a particular sensitivity, he may not even suspect that dangerous bed bugs have settled in his house, and write off everything for habitual mosquitoes or allergies.

Another thing is that if a person has already bitten several parasites during the night. In this case, their bites begin to cause a distinct and constantly tormenting itch, and the area where the wound is the most, can even become covered with secondary allergic rashes.

Множественные укусы клопов опасны тем, что вызывают сильный зуд и аллергические высыпания.

It should be noted that with increased individual sensitivity of the person, the allergy can go well beyond the simple rash - there is a headache, nausea, the temperature rises, lymph nodes increase.


"For a long time I could not understand what was happening to my child. He is only a year old, he can not even show a finger, just does not sleep at night, constantly cries, nervous during the day. Constantly I saw some bites on it, but I thought they were mosquitoes, I tried all the means from them until finally I found an accidental bug. I did not even recognize at first, I thought it was a cockroach, and then, as I thought, my hair began to move on my head. A week I poisoned them all, than it is possible, itself was poisoned, the kid at night to the grandmother wore. Forgive me, my dear, for this month and a half of a nightmare. "

Lidiya, Tomsk

One more point can be made about the danger of bed bugs for a person. As already mentioned, the enzymes of the saliva of these parasites cause the victim unbearable itching. Under the condition of constant combing of bites (which is especially important in young children, because they can not tolerate), open wounds are formed in their place, into which various pathogenic bacteria causing pustular inflammation can penetrate.

Детям трудно удержаться от расчесывания укусов, а значит, эти ранки - открытые ворота для инфекций.

In addition, bed bugs are also dangerous because they interfere with normal sleep, and in the conditions of systematic night attacks, the victim may well "earn" a sleep disorder. A person who wakes up from itching, first, for a long time unable to fall asleep, and secondly, finding in bed bugs themselves, is experiencing real stress, which can have far-reaching psychological consequences.

У многих людей развиваются нервные расстройства при длительном наличии клопов в доме

There are cases when the spouses irritated and exhausted by the parasites constantly quarrel and even get divorced against a background of ineffective struggle against bedbugs.

Why are bed bugs dangerous for children?

Especially dangerous are bed bugs for children: the skin of babies is very tender and sensitive, immunity is just being formed, so itching for bites for them is more painful, and allergies - long and deep.

Укусы клопов у детей особенно опасны и могут иметь длительные последствия.

In addition, numerous bites can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which sometimes ends in a vulnerable child's body with various difficult consequences. However, in some adults this factor can not be discounted: serious bites of pregnant women can lead to unpredictable consequences for both mother and future child.

In general, in the apartment where the child lives, bedbugs can be the most dangerous, so you need to get them out of here as soon as possible.

Do bed bugs carry AIDS, hepatitis and other infections?

There is an opinion that bed bugs are also dangerous because they carry the causative agents of various human diseases.

Фотография постельного клопа крупным планом

However, this is not entirely true.

Indeed, for all the time of observations in the bodies of bed bugs in different countries found the causative agents of such infections as:

  • Hepatitis B
  • plague
  • typhus
  • relapsing fever
  • fever
  • tularemia
  • yellow fever
  • leprosy
  • tuberculosis
  • filariasis
  • syphilis
  • leishmaniasis.

Nevertheless, despite a rather serious list, none of the studies revealed reliable facts of the transmission of these infections from an infected person to a healthy one.

Getting acquainted with the issue of carrying bed bugs of serious human diseases, one can not help but dwell on one of the most terrible world problems - the immunodeficiency virus.

Несмотря на опасения многих, что клопы могут переносить ВИЧ, доказательств этому нет.

Special experiments have shown that bedbugs can accumulate in their digestive tract virions of retroviruses, of which the most famous is HIV. However, even when present in the body of this insect, the immunodeficiency virus itself does not multiply, and moreover - passing through the insect's digestive tract, is excreted.

In other words, bug bites can not cause HIV infection: even if the pathogen enters their body, it is not transmitted to the new victim when bitten.

However, you can still get infected with some dangerous diseases through bedbugs. So, for example, observations show that the hepatitis B virus and some other infectious agents are able to remain in the excrement of bedbugs for several days, which means that a person accidentally touching the place where they were left can "catch up" the infection.

Тем не менее, клопы теоретически могут переносить другие опасные заболевания, например, гепатит В.

The second possible variant of infection is inhalation. Breathing in dust with waste products of these insects, a person is also at risk of infection. Therefore, the more bugs in the room, the more different people there are in it, the worse is its overall sanitary and epidemiological condition.

Thus, making simple conclusions, one can understand that the most dangerous in this regard can be hotels (especially those who have very low living expenses), field hospitals, refugee camps and places of homelessness.

On a note

Living in the tropics of South America, the so-called kiss bugs are dangerous because they carry the causative agent of Chagas disease, and the frequency of transmission of infection by insects is very high. This disease in many cases leads to disability or death. Bed bugs, in turn, are also carriers of the causative agent of Chagas disease, but the documented facts of their infection with people are not known.

Bed bugs as the cause of psychological and family problems

As already mentioned above, in addition to obvious infectious diseases, bed bugs are dangerous enough as a cause of serious psychological problems. Science has proved that mental disorders are capable of causing somatic disruptions in the human body, so ignoring this aspect of forced neighborhood with bed bugs is not worth it.

Длительное соседство с постельными клопами опасно еще и тем, что может вызывать разлад в семье.

Many people panically fear insects, and one thought about the possible presence of a bug in their bed does not allow them to fall asleep normally. This is especially true for women and children: psychiatrists regularly record the development of phobias in young children and adolescents who have survived serious bites of bedbugs. In this case, the victims of bloodsuckers become unnecessarily agitated, aggressive, sleep poorly at night, they may develop a nervous tic.

In addition, the itching of bites and constant checking of bed at night disturbs sleep, deprives a person of normal rest, leads to the development of nervousness, a feeling of constant fatigue, stress.

Бессонные из-за укусов клопов ночи становятся причиной нервозности днем.

In the daytime, it responds to a decline in efficiency, a deterioration in mood, and sometimes - and quarrels in the family.


Very often bed bugs bite only one person, even when the couple is sleeping in a room or a couple with a child. Constant "causeless" complaints of one, biting spouse and misunderstanding from another, which is not exposed to bugs, can lead first to irritation of partners, and after - even to serious conflicts in a pair.

Other biting bugs

If we talk about these bloodsucking parasites in general, it should be noted that not only representatives of the Bed Bug family are dangerous to humans.

So, the water bugs of the Gladysha family (the Gladyshev family) are called waterweed for their very painful injections. A bug of the family Water scorpions leave after their bite a serious swelling, which can hurt for several days.

Клоп из семейства водяных скорпионов может укусить весьма болезненно.

One of the biggest bedbugs in general - a giant belovstoma, sometimes feeding on young frogs and fish fry - also bites strikingly and is a real scourge of river and lake beaches in North America.

Клоп Гигантская белостома

However, in fairness it is worth saying that in general, all these bugs bite a person only for the purpose of self-protection. If you do not touch them and accidentally do not step on them, they will try to avoid any contact with the person.

Other numerous bugs that are very common in nature as well as in human settlements - bug-stink, Italian shield or bug, a harmful turtle - can be dangerous only because they leave an extremely unpleasant smell in their hands. Therefore, they, too, without any reason not to bother, and removing from the apartment, it is recommended to observe the maximum delicacy.

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