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How to deal with small insects in the bathroom and toilet

Давайте посмотрим, какие насекомые могут завестись в ванной или туалете и как с ними нужно правильно бороться.

Insects that can settle and feel good in the bathroom or toilet are rather few. In most cases, here you can meet the following unexpected "guests":

  • Scales are small light gray creatures with an elongated calf and three long hairs at the end of the body. Below in the photo - these insects in the bathroom: Маленькие белые насекомые, ползающие по стенам в ванной, вполне могут быть чешуйницами.
    Фотография чешуйницы крупным планом
  • Butterfly - small flies of black color with a length of wings about 2 mm. Бабочница
  • Ordinary mosquitoes, preferring to rest in wet rooms. Комаров также можно встретить в ванной или туалете, в которых постоянно держится высокая влажность.
  • Cockroaches, often appearing here when migrating from neighbors - it is from the ventilation moves in the bathroom or toilet that they usually enter the apartment. Тараканы могут проникать в помещение по вентиляции от соседей.

Often in the bathrooms and toilets, creatures settle, which, strictly speaking, are not insects - they are lobsters, centipedes-flycatchers and kivsyaks. Mokritsy is, oddly enough, crustaceans, centipedes also do not have anything to do with insects, but most of the townspeople do not know this and, seeing them, believe that insects have wound up in the bathroom. However, when it comes to fighting, it is not so important.

Довольно часто в ванной можно встретить мокриц, которые любят влажные помещения.

Let's get acquainted with all these undesirable cohabitants and understand how to deal with them correctly

How to remove scales?

Scales have a rather unpleasant appearance, in no way corresponding to their harmlessness. These small insects settle in the baths with the same frequency as in any other room. They have an elongated body without wings, three antennas at the end of the body and reach a size of about 1 cm.

In the photo - a scaly, very harmless insect, which can be found in the bathroom:

Чешуйницы выглядят довольно неприятно, однако они совершенно безвердны и не опасны для человека.

Scales feed on a variety of organic materials: from the remains of food on the table to wet paper. In bathrooms and toilets, their food is mold fungi, pieces of toilet paper, rags, litter under the litter.

It is interesting

Scientists consider scales as the most ancient of living insects. The structure of their body has primitive features, which were supposedly possessed by the ancestors of most modern insects.

No harm is caused to the person by the scales, dirt and microbes are not spread.

Recently faded scales are very light in color, and if white insects are planted in the bathroom, it is most likely they.

После линьки чешуйницы могут иметь белую окраску и даже кажутся полупрозрачными


"Tell me, what insects live in the bathroom? We have some insects in the bathroom, there are not many of them, but we constantly see them. Small such, grayish, some almost white, with a long body and three tails. Kill them easily, but do not want them to penetrate here at all. Maybe there are some means they are afraid of? "

Andrey, Petropavlovsk

Usually scales do not multiply in large numbers, and to combat them there is enough slipper or a folded newspaper. If these insects in the toilet or bathroom become particularly numerous, you can treat the room with any household aerosol such as Raptor or Combat. Scales it will kill for sure.

Moistice and ways to deal with them

Mokritsy are, strictly speaking, small land crustaceans, who prefer to live in wet places, feeding on various plant remains. They are not insects, but they are often called in the people. Many people know the lice because of their habit of folding in a tangle in danger.

Мало кто знает, что мокрицы относятся к ракообразным и не являются насекомыми.

Характерной особенностью мокриц является их способность сворачиваться клубком.

Moistice appear in the bathroom or toilet from dampness and hide where there is always a streak of water. In apartments and houses they are indicators of problems in the water supply or sewerage system: if nothing happens, no woodlice will appear in the house. Therefore, before you destroy them, you need to figure out where and what flows, and fix the problem. Sometimes these insects come from neighbors or from the attic through the ventilation system.

Наличие мокриц в ванной является индикатором чрезмерной влажности - возможны проблемы с вентиляцией и постоянное подтекание труб

На фото показан пример заклеенной скотчем вентиляции, через которую мокрицы проникали в квартиру с чердака.

Мокрицы могут размножаться на сыром чердаке дома, а затем по вентиляционным ходам проникать в туалет или ванную команту.

The cranberries have a characteristic gray color of the body, but those individuals that have only just transfigured seem milky-white because of the soft, unstable shell. That is why white insects in the bathroom may well be mochritsami.

In the photo there are white insects in the bathroom, which in fact are not insects at all, but a kind of crustaceans:

Маленькие белые мокрицы

The lice are harmless enough and only occasionally they can damage the stocks of vegetables and fruits, for example, in closets. They do not bite and do not attack a person. They should be taken out by treating the premises they have inhabited by household insecticides - you can use the preparations Get, Lambda Zone, Executioner, Carbophos, Raptor.

Для того чтобы избавиться от мокриц, можно воспользоваться практически любым эффективным средством от насекомых, например, препаратом Get

If the apartment eliminates leaks and streaks, the lice can be collected by hands - their new brethren here will no longer appear.


These small flies are very easy to learn: they have a dark body and well-fringed wings, which seem velvety. Butterflies often sit on the mirrors and walls of the bathroom or toilet.

On the photo there is a butterfly on a tile:

Если в ванной или туалете появились маленькие летающие насекомые - это вполне могут быть бабочницы

In the toilet, these insects are found as often as in the bathroom.

Butterflies, too, are built from dampness. Their larvae develop in sewers, on permanently wet walls from condensation and in places where dirt accumulates. They feed on various organic remains. And if other domestic insects from high humidity can suffer, then butterflies, on the contrary, just appear from dampness.

Бабочницы предпочитают обитать в местах постоянной сырости

Butterflies are never particularly numerous. These flying insects in the bathroom usually appear one to two, and the bulk of them are kept in the cellars. Especially they are not taken out, but simply clapped when meeting - this usually is quite enough. If necessary, you can treat the premises with any aerosol insecticide (Raptor, Reid, Combat, Dichlophos).

Centipedes: kivsyaki and flycatchers

These guests, too, are not insects, but in general they are usually called "in the society of housewives". Despite family ties, the appearance of different millipedes in the apartment can vary greatly.

For example, in the photo below - Crimean kivsyak:

Кивсяк крымский

Часто крымского кивсяка в быту упрощенно называют многоножкой

This harmless invertebrate is started from dampness and keeps in secluded, warm and damp places. In case of danger, the kivsyak folds into a spiral and releases a foul-smelling liquid, the smell of which is easily recognized.

And so the centipede flytrap looks like:

Еще одним любителем влажных ванных комнат является насекомое мухоловка
Осеннее похолодание заставляет мухоловок перемещаться в жилье человека, однако они практически безопасны

Flycatchers can live in a bathroom and toilet, and in any other room. They are not attached to humidity, but settle in places where mosquitoes, flies, butterflies and scales are constantly found - their main food.

To deduce millipedes from an apartment it is possible any insecticide means. However, these insects rarely settle in the premises in large quantities, and therefore, to destroy them, it is enough just to catch and destroy the seen individuals.

Mosquitoes and their love of the bathrooms

Mosquitoes do not live in the bathroom all the time. Only in the dirty apartments, where under the baths can stand for months with basins or jars with old water, mosquitoes can reproduce.

Комарам необходима влажная среда, чтобы размножаться, поэтому их также часто можно встретить в ванной

Usually in the room they appear to bite people, and in the bathroom are kept for rest. In natural conditions, mosquitoes are tied to water, in which their larvae reproduce, and therefore a suitable damp premise is searched for in a human dwelling.

Eliminate the causes of insects in the bathroom

The main reason for the appearance of any domestic insects in the bathroom or toilet is dampness and leaking pipes. Accordingly, the only reliable way to avoid the appearance of unwanted guests here is to fix the plumbing and ensure normal ventilation.

Лучший способ профилактики появления нежелательных насекомых в ванной - хороший ремонт

Sometimes in private houses or in apartments located on the first floors of apartment buildings, insects creep in from cellars in search of warmer shelter. In this case, it is important to eliminate any cracks and grooves in the places where pipes enter walls and floors, so that even the smallest insects can not penetrate.

Also for preventive maintenance it is possible to disperse boric acid under a bath. Crumbs, scales, cockroaches and other small insects will die after the first consumption of this substance, and even single pioneers here will not be delayed. In addition to the bathroom and toilet, you can arrange bunches of wormwood and tansy or hang sections from moths, the smell of which quite well scares off different arthropods.

Запах секций от моли поможет отпугнуть самых различных насекомых из ванной

Sometimes in a bathroom and a toilet it is possible to meet bugs and cockroaches crawling here on ventilating moves from the neighbor apartments. Constantly these insects do not live in the bathroom, but in the presence of their neighbors can often meet here. And the larvae of cockroaches that have just transfused, are almost white, and they are not always easy to identify an unprepared person.

In the photo - a white insect, which can also be found in the bathroom, it's a nymph of an ordinary red cockroach:

Полинявшие личинки обычного рыжего таракана первое время выглядят как непонятные маленькие белые насекомые

To protect from these guests, tighten the ventilation ducts with a dense mesh, and in them themselves hang deterrent sections from insects. This will be a reliable guarantee that insects will not get caught in the bathroom or toilet.


"We have small white insects in the toilet that constantly sit on the walls or ceiling. Ugly, like worms. We watched on the Internet, it turned out that it was scales. Maybe a week we just slapped it with a sneaker, and so all were taken out. I think there is nothing more serious to use against them. "

Vyacheslav, Gorky

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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