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Types of insects that can live in an apartment, and their photos

Узнаем подробнее о различных видах насекомых, которые встречаются в квартирах, а также посмотрим, как они выглядят на фотографиях...

Insects live in almost every home. This is a fact: even if the owners of the premises do not see them, this almost always means that such "cohabitants" are simply very successfully hiding from the view of the person. In some cases, insects in the apartment can be absolutely harmless, but some of their types represent a serious danger not only for food and things, but for the person himself.

It is also important that many insects that can live in an apartment are absolutely indifferent to its sanitary condition. For example, a scaly (see photo below) may well meet even in an elite apartment with a good repair:

Чешуйница, например, может встречаться даже в самых чистоплотных и элитных квартирах.

And then a nest of bed bugs is shown - they can reproduce well both in dirty shacks, and in the most modern and comfortable apartments:

Постельные клопы способны селиться как в убогих лачугах, так и в самых фешенебельных апартаментах.

That's why you should not expect that if the apartment is constantly maintained order, then there will not be any insects in it. In a number of cases, this practically has no significance.

Of course, in an exemplarily cleaned room, it is unlikely that there will be omnipresent cockroaches or lice in the bathroom, but a certain insect fauna will master it. Therefore, it will be useful for each landlord to know what are the main types of insects found in apartments, what are their features and how difficult it is to fight them. About this and talk ...

All the variety of insects in the apartment

By the degree of harmfulness and danger, synanthropic insects can be classified into several groups. The first is blood-sucking parasites, which present an immediate danger to humans (and sometimes also for domestic animals):

  1. Bed bugs - they almost always bite only a person. They do not have wings, they settle in large groups in sofas, under mattresses, under skirting boards, in various crevices. Bites bite mainly only at night, and with massive bites can cause serious allergic reactions, especially in children. Cats and dogs bugs almost never bite.
    Постельные клопы - это кровососущие насекомые, кусающие преимущественно лишь человека.
  2. Fleas - but they are not at all choosy in choosing a host. These are very small jumping insects in the apartment, biting mostly during daylight hours. They can parasitize on cats, dogs, domestic rodents, actively bite a person. In some cases fleas can be quite difficult to get out of the room. Sometimes they enter the apartment from the basement ( basement fleas ).
    Блохи - мелкие кровососущие насекомые, которые могут кусать не только домашних питомцев, но и вас самих.
    Фотография блохи крупным планом
  3. Lice - small white or grayish insects, constantly inhabiting the underwear or on the scalp of a person. In the apartment, lice themselves are found in exceptional cases, when they accidentally fall from their victim.
    А так выглядит бельевая вошь при сильном увеличении

The second group is insect pests, spoiling products or other property in the apartment. Among them, the following types of insects can be noted:

  1. Cockroaches - perhaps the most famous and easily recognizable. They settle most often in kitchens, feed on various food waste, and are able to carry on the feet of various dirt with pathogens. Обычные рыжие тараканы на своих лапках вполне способны переносить болезнетворные микроорганизмы.
  2. Pharaoh ants are one of the hardest-digesting house insects. Their colonies can be interconnected and cover several apartments in which they arrange their anthills, collecting various food waste in them. Если уж в квартире завелись мелкие рыжие нахлебники - фараоновы муравьи, то вывести их будет непросто...
  3. Mokritsy, usually located on the ground floors in bathrooms and toilets. Generally speaking, the lice are not insects (refer to crustaceans), but they lead approximately the same lifestyle as cockroaches. Мокрицы чаще всего поселяются во влажных помещениях, особенно в ванных комнатах и туалетах.
  4. Mole - scourge of storage tanks and kitchen cabinets. Her inconspicuous butterflies are very annoyed by her flutter, and larvae at this time sharpen groceries or make holes in clothes made of natural and semi-synthetic materials. Так выглядит платяная моль
  5. Bug beetles, very small, the size of a flea. Their larvae can eat a wide variety of organics, including even some toxic substances. Неприметный жук-кожеед способен причинить немалый ущерб в доме
  6. Pests of domestic plants - thrips, whiteflies, springtails, chervets. If there were white insects in the flower pots in the apartment, then this is most likely one of them. Маленькие белые насекомые в цветочном горшке - это ногохвостки, вредители комнатных растений.

The photograph below shows the springtails in a flower pot with earth:

На фото изображены ногохвостки в цветочном горшке с землей.

Photo of an earthworm on an indoor plant:

Червецы на комнатном растении

Living in apartments and insects, not causing significant damage. For example, this includes:

  1. Scales, eating pieces of paper and organic remains in the dust. Чешуйница в квартире может питаться органическими остатками в пыли
  2. Butterflies are small flies, larvae of which develop in garbage and sewage. Most often found in bathrooms and toilets. Мелкая мушка бабочница на стене в туалете.

And the last group is insects that look into the apartment in one way or another, but do not live there permanently. These include mosquitoes, flies, bugs, shields, lacewings, forest ants and many others. Room insects can not be named.

Next, we will consider in more detail the representatives of the most harmful insects, which are permanent inhabitants of apartments.

Cockroaches and the harm they cause

The main danger associated with the presence of cockroaches in the apartment is the spread of pathogens and dirt from the garbage chutes. Constantly moving around the table, food products, dishes, they greatly worsen the sanitary situation in the room.

Imagine: the cockroach first crawled on decaying waste in the garbage chute, and then made his way to the apartment and went over the bread left on the kitchen table ...

Cockroaches - this is perhaps one of the most famous insects living in the apartment, so that everyone knows, as they say, "in person." For example, in the photo below - a red cockroach, small, but incredibly easily adapting to different conditions of existence:

Вездесущие тараканы способны приспосабливаться к самым тяжелым условиям существования, так что условия квартиры для них - настоящий рай.

And then in the photo - black cockroaches, which not all have seen. They are large - up to 4 cm. So if you met a large black insect, similar to a cockroach, in the apartment, then almost certainly it is Blatta orientalis (as in Latin this kind of insects is called):

Черный таракан имеет красивое латинское название Blatta Orientalis, и наряду со своим рыжим собратом является типичным синантропным насекомым.

Cockroaches are particularly easy to start in an apartment in which there is an opportunity to get to food, there is a source of water and shelter places. If it is very diligent to maintain cleanliness in the room and quickly destroy the first newcomers from neighbors, then your apartment may well be the only one without cockroaches, even if they will swarm in all neighboring apartments.

Fighting cockroaches is not difficult, but requires time and money: cockroaches are destroyed by a variety of insecticides, and special gels and microencapsulated preparations (Get, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone, etc.) are especially effective in this fight.

Bedbugs in an apartment

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) - the most unpleasant bloodsucking insects in the apartment. They attack a man at night, crawling to bed and biting for any open areas of the body.

During the day, bedbugs hide in furniture, behind skirting boards, in mattresses, household appliances, behind carpets on the walls. Sometimes they are confused with cockroaches, especially young larvae.

The photo shows the larva of the bed bug:

Личинок постельного клопа иногда путают с маленькими, недавно вылупившимися из яйца, тараканами...

На фотографии показана личинка постельного клопа (нимфа) под микроскопом

Due to the fact that bedbugs feed only on human blood, unlike cockroaches, they can not be destroyed by various poisoned traps and baits. The most effective way to combat bugs is by insecticide spray and sprays.

Ants: the smallest, the most difficult to remove

Domestic ants (they are also called pharaohs) are very highly organized insects. In the apartment or outside it they organize a nest in which several females lay eggs, and the workers serve them and store food supplies. Such reserves can rot, and insects themselves can move both within the walls of the house garbage chute and products in the kitchen in one day.

The photo below shows these apartment insects, who found a delicacy on the kitchen table:

Делая шоколадный торт, помните, что его могут оценить не только ваши близкие, но и вредные фараоновы муравьи.

Муравьи нашли лакомство по вкусу

Due to its ability to organize several communicating nests, ants can capture several apartments and prikvartirnyh rooms. This involves certain difficulties in their deduction: even after destroying ants in your apartment, you can not be sure that in a week they will not begin to colonize it anew, coming from neighbors.

These harmful little insects are removed by the same means and methods as cockroaches. However, it is important to consider that the uterus of house ants has not yet been destroyed - the colony will live.

Fleas: danger, biology, the specifics of the fight

Fleas are another biting insect parasites in the apartment. Most of the time they spend in shelters near the recreation areas of pets, often long in the wool of cats and dogs. Larvae of these small blood-sucking insects can be found in any places where there are rotting organic remains: in garbage, sewage, animal bedding.

The insect on the carpet shown in the picture below is a cat flea (for an uninitiated person, it almost does not differ from other types of fleas - canine, rat, human ...):

Кошачья блоха

Adult fleas feed exclusively on the blood of humans and animals. But their larvae as food are suitable as food products, as well as feces of adult fleas or pets.

All the complexities of fighting fleas are related to the fact that they can be found both in animal wool and anywhere in the room. Of all the insects that live in an apartment, fleas require the most comprehensive approach in breeding: they are first destroyed in animals, then in the room, and finally, the surviving larvae are harvested.

Mole as the main destroyer of food and clothing

Moles are flying insects in an apartment whose butterflies are most often seen on the ceiling, windows, inside cabinets. There are many kinds of them, some of which harm food products (food moths), and some - fur and woolen things (clothing moth).

Actually pests are moth larvae. Butterflies in most cases do not eat at all, but only lay eggs. Moth caterpillars can penetrate into closed cans, bags and boxes at a young age and then feed on the product they are in.

В поврежденных продуктах на кухне чаще всего можно обнаружить не самих бабочек моли, а их гусениц

A clothing or fur coat can damage even semisynthetic fabrics, but they can not eat pure synthetic materials.

In the photo below - typical pests: barn moth and clothing moth:

Амбарная моль

А так выглядит платяная моль

Mosquitoes in the apartment

Mosquitoes - all known summer insects, often flocking to the apartment. In the photo below, you can see a female mosquito, poured blood and clearly demonstrates what exactly these insects are trying to get into our homes:

Эта самка комара прилетела в ваш дом с одной целью: выпить из вас как можно больше крови

In the human dwelling, mosquitoes do not always live, because they need ponds for reproduction. Nevertheless, in apartments they appear in search of a victim, flying in the evenings to the light of lamps.

In most cases, it is much easier to keep them out of the apartment by hanging mosquito nets on the windows, or by scareing them off with special devices (fumigators, ultrasonic repellents) than to look on the ceiling and walls and destroy them.

Mokritsy - not completely insects

In most cases, lice are planted only in those apartments where it is constantly damp, for example, water leaks from the pipes. These insects are excellent indicators of various failures of the water pipe and the depressurization of the flanges.


Мокрицы являются хорошими индикаторами чрезмерной влажности в квартире.

Sometimes, lice can also penetrate into the bathroom or toilet through ventilation from the attic or from the neighbors. They do not cause any particular harm, they are satisfied with various garbage in damp places, but they are very unpleasant outwardly. They are derived in the same way as cockroaches.

Bug Beetles

Beetles-kozheedy in apartments occasionally spoil clothes and food products. They are especially dangerous because they eat cereals or other groceries that are poisonous to humans. In addition, the larvae of these beetles can spoil expensive fur products and knitwear.

These insects are rarely numerous, but can be met almost everywhere: in books, underwear, food, garbage. It is difficult to get them out, and in most cases the struggle is to throw out the contaminated products and regularly clean the shelves and cabinets in the apartment.

In the photo there is a bread grinder (he is also a leather eater), a beetle the size of a flea:

Хотя жук-кожеед размером всего лишь с блоху, он может основательно попортить ваши вещи и запасы продуктов.

Other indoor insects - butterflies, scales, book lice - if they do harm, it is insignificant and very unobtrusive. Book lice, for example, feed on glue in the bindings of books.

Unpleasant pests are also insects on domestic plants, which may well lead to their death due to damage to roots and leaves. Often these are small insects of white color, sedentary and easily destroyed by special insecticidal agents for plant treatment. Generally speaking, there are many species of such pests, and worms, springtails and whiteflies are only a very small part of them

In general, to prevent the appearance of almost any insect in the apartment, it is necessary to carefully check all the purchased products and house plants, protect against infection by fleas of animals and control so that children do not become infected with lice. And the apartment itself needs to be carefully cleaned and maintained in it cleanliness, which with certain reliability will provide protection from the most common pests.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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