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What bloodsucking insects can be found in bed or couch

Разберемся, каких кровососущих насекомых вполне можно встретить у себя в постели...

Regular presence of bloodsucking insects in bed is not only a sleep disorder, nightmares at night and itchy bites in the morning, but also a constant risk of contracting fairly dangerous infections. Yes, such that the next day you can be all day busy only by getting rid of such bites. For example, some blood-sucking human parasites are potentially capable of carrying plague pathogens, encephalitis (and not just mites), anthrax and typhus. This alone is enough to ensure that at the first suspicion of having "bed" insects in the house, immediately take measures to remove them.

Do not expect that life in a big city and a comfortable apartment is guaranteed to protect against insects in bed. A characteristic feature of such human parasites is their indifference to the cleanliness and sanitary condition of the premises, because they feed on blood, not the remains of our food.

Кровососущие паразиты питаются именно человеческой кровью, поэтому они зачастую не очень чувствительны к чистоте помещения и его санитарному состоянию.

On a note

Perhaps the most unpleasant blood-sucking insects that you can meet in your bed are home bugs . It may seem strange, but they are a real disaster of Amsterdam, London and Stockholm. According to statistics, in most large European cities, the number of flocks and houses infected with bedbugs is constantly growing, and pest control services do not always cope with rapidly multiplying parasites that manage to develop resistance to the insecticides used. According to statistics, more than half the houses in Florida, the United States, have also been infested with bedbugs.

Finding out which insects bite you in bed, the easiest way is to catch the parasite right at the crime scene, carefully consider it and compare it with the photos below. Here are the photos of the most common "bed" insects, on which you can find out their abusers.

Bed bugs - their length, depending on the age and degree of saturation, usually varies from 2-3 to 8 mm. In the photo below it is shown on the example of an adult bug:

Размеры постельного клопа существенно зависят от того, сколько крови он выпил

And so does the larva of the bed bug:

Фотография личинки постельного клопа

Fleas - bite usually in the morning. Very good jumping, and if you can not catch an insect in bed, it's probably they.

The photo shows a flea on the human body at the time of the bite:

Блоха кусает человека

Linen lice are insects tied not even to bed, but more to the body of a person. They bite around the clock, but at night their activity is particularly noticeable.

Photo of an adult louse:

В наше время бельевых вшей в постели встретить можно лишь в исключительных случаях.

And so look nits - eggs of lice in a dense shell:

А так выглядит гнида на волосе при большом увеличении под микроскопом

And, of course, mosquitoes - everyone knows them, so there will not be any problems with their identification:

Комар является примером типичного кровососущего насекомого

Some of these insects can be identified by the appearance of bites, but it will be most reliable to see the parasite live.

Generally speaking, insects that can be found in the couch or in bed include domestic cockroaches, but such cases are quite rare. Meanwhile, even the usual red cockroaches with a lack of water can eat epithelium around the lips of sleeping people, especially in children. This is just the case when you can say that even cockroaches bite .

Хотя тараканы и не относятся к кровососущим насекомым, но иногда могут обкусывать частички эпителия у спящих людей.

So, if you have already managed to recognize which insects bite in bed, it's time to get acquainted with these parasites in detail in order to find out how you can fight them ...

A little about bugs: photos, behavior, lifestyle

Bed bugs are probably the largest bloodsucking parasites of humans, still quite common in apartments. Below in the photo, several of these insects are shown on the bed (usually this can be seen at night, when suddenly turn on the light):

Если квартира заражена клопами, то ночью их обычно можно обнаружить на постельном белье, если внезапно включить свет.

And in the next photo there is a nest of bedbugs in the couch. These insects prefer to hide as close as possible to places of rest for a person:

Гнездо постельных клопов в диване


"It's a nightmare of some sort. Never in our life in our apartment there were any insects, but here they began to discover that in the mornings some bites appear on the body. We started to find out and once caught a bug at night. Such a thing is disgusting, still fat, it can be seen that the blood was poured. I was hysterical, I went to live with my friend, and my husband called out some kind of services, so that they would all put it out. Now like they are not present, but I all the same in the mornings I check myself ".

Svetlana, Moscow

Every bedbug should eat blood every few days. Larvae need this for growth, and adult insects - for reproduction. Their only food is the human blood that they suck, piercing the skin with a thin proboscis and reaching up to the blood vessel.

The photo below shows traces of bedbugs in bed. The red dots indicate the places where the blood-sucking insects were accidentally crushed by a tossing person:

Обнаруженные утром в постели красные точки могут указывать на присутствие в доме клопов.

It is interesting

Initially, at the dawn of human development as a species, the bugs parasitized in caves at bats. And only when people began to actively populate caves, switched to a new victim. Today, in some caves in Central Asia, there are populations of bedbugs that continue to parasitize bats.

Bedbugs are nocturnal, and you can meet them in the apartment during the day only in exceptional cases. During the daytime, they hide in sofas, under mattresses, in household appliances, behind skirting boards and on bookshelves, and go hunting at about 2-3 o'clock in the morning. It is bugs that are the most common insects in furniture.

Next on the picture are the bugs in the disassembled bed. These insects live in unorganized nests:

Так выглядит небольшое гнездо клопов в кровати, которые вообще любят заселять в первую очередь мебель.

Bites bugs and their consequences

Bug bites look like red spots on the skin with a characteristic point in the place where the insect injected the proboscis. Often the bug leaves a whole chain of 3-7 such bites, piercing the skin in several places. It is through such chains (paths) that these insects, which often live directly in beds, are easily recognized.

Укусы клопов угадываются по характерной цепочке на теле человека

With a large number of bed bugs in the house and high sensitivity to their bites in humans, the attacking field can develop an allergic reaction with profuse rashes on the skin and generalized symptoms. At children at plentiful and regular bugs of bedbugs the anemia can even develop. In addition, a constant itch from bites does not give a normal feel to the victim, and when combing the wound, pustular inflammation can develop.

У детей укусы клопов могут приводить к особенно серьезным последствиям

Bed bugs are potential carriers of many infections, but they have not recorded cases of transmission of such diseases as HIV or hepatitis.

How to deal with bugs

There are two reliable methods for breeding bedbugs:

  1. Harassing them with special insecticide sprays or aerosols. The first include, for example, concentrates for breeding the Delta Zone, Lambda Zone, Get, Carbophos, Executioner, Sinuzan. The second - ready-to-use means in aerosol cans Raptor, Dichlophos, Combat and their analogues. Sprays are more effective, especially with a large number of bloodsuckers in the house, but somewhat more difficult to apply. Бороться с кровососущими паразитами можно при помощи аэрозольных инсектицидных средств.
    При наличии большого количества клопов в доме стоит воспользоваться инсектицидными концентратами.
  2. The second option is the call of special teams of pest control, which bugs bug often with the same insecticides, but relieve the resident of the apartment of the risk of poisoning himself. Профессиональные дезинсекторы помогут вам избавиться от насекомых без риска отравиться инсектицидами.

Self-breeding bedbugs is cheaper, but it takes a lot of time and effort. When appealing to the services of pest control, you need to be careful not to run into scammers or those who do not, in fact, perform work.

In the photo there is a nest of bedbugs in furniture:

Такое гнездо клопов в мебели было бы затруднительно обнаружить, если не знать наверняка, что паразиты в доме точно есть.

If these insects get into the sofa or other furniture, they can be freezed on the street in winter at a temperature below minus 20 ° C. However, this method is rarely effective, because bedbugs often hide not only in the couch, but also in other places in the apartment.

You can also destroy bugs in the apartment with heat, increasing the temperature in the room to + 50 ° C, which is usually achieved with the help of industrial fan heaters. Of course, such a procedure should be carried out very carefully and with all precautions.

Fleas: when they bite and how to deal with them

The flea is a small leaping bloodsucking insect, attacking mainly during daylight hours. Not everyone thinks about it, but potentially fleas can tolerate plague, anthrax, typhoid, encephalitis, brucellosis and many other serious diseases, therefore, these parasites should be taken care of especially carefully.

Если в квартире завелись маленькие прыгающие насекомые - это практически наверняка блохи

On a note

It was fleas and their owners - rats - who in the Middle Ages became the cause of an extensive pandemic of bubonic plague, during which almost a third of the population of Europe died out.

Flea bites are quite similar to bug bites and also can form characteristic paths, only short ones.

In the photo - a flea on a person's skin:

А так выглядит блоха при значительном увеличении

On white linens these insects are well visible, but it can be difficult to catch them: they jump so fast that the jump itself is not noticeable at all.

Fleas must be withdrawn in two stages: first they are poisoned in domestic animals, and then in the whole apartment.

Сначала блох необходимо вывести у домашнего животного, а затем сразу в самой квартире

Sometimes fleas must be re-etched if their contamination of the room is particularly high.

When harassing fleas in an apartment they use the same drugs as against bugs. But for the breeding of fleas in cats and dogs you need to use completely different means, more sparing and safe, with reduced concentrations of insecticides.

Lice: parasites that are always around

Lice in bed are rare. For these insects, it is fatal to fall from the hair or the body of a person - they are slow and rarely able to get back (in this case it is vital for them to eat blood very often). Typically, bed blood-sucking insects lice can not be called.

Хотя вши не обитают непосредственно в постели, они также могут кусать по ночам

На фото множество вшей, напившихся крови

All life lice spend on the head (head lice) or other hairy parts of a person (pubic lice). There are also linen lice living in clothing, but today they are found only in vagrants, who very rarely change clothes and never wash it.

Bites of lice are usually externally less pronounced and less painful than bites of fleas or bedbugs, but because of their large numbers, they can also cause very severe itching.

On the photo there are nits in the baby's hair (louse eggs):

Гниды на волосах выглядят как мелкие белые точки

Lead lice should be given special pediculicide shampoos or sprays. Good against them also work special thick combs for combing the parasites out of the hair.

Does cockroaches bite at night?

Cockroaches bite a person very rarely. They are the inhabitants of the kitchens, eat crumbs from the table and the remains of food in the trash cans. Only with very abundant reproduction and with a lack of water they can crawl onto the bed and gnaw the epidermis around the lips and nose in people. Today, such situations are sometimes found in dormitories.

Мало кто знает, что при большом количестве тараканов в помещении они вполне способны кусать человека по ночам.

Of course, cockroaches are not bloodsucking insects, so even if they bite, it is completely different from fleas or bed bugs.

In any case, if you are bitten by insects, bites should be treated to reduce itching and prevent infection:

  • The bite sites are washed with soapy water
  • the most painful bites are wiped with alcohol or alcohol tincture of calendula, or propolis
  • itching from bites can be reduced with Fenistil Gel.

Зуд от укусов кровососущих насекомых можно уменьшить с помощью геля Фенистил

But if after the bites of blood-sucking insects the temperature began to rise and a characteristic rash appeared on the skin, it is advisable to show the person to the doctor. Allergy to bites can have serious consequences, and even if at a particular moment it does not show itself very much, in the future the reaction to bites can be extremely acute.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Elena :

    Called the service to bug bugs, treated with some very poisonous remedy. She was not at home for two days, then she washed everything and cleaned it. I lay down to sleep in the hope that, at last, I shall now get enough sleep, but they bite the creatures, as they bite, and bite. True, the number of them has decreased, but this is not for long, because they will multiply rapidly. What can I do, I will not make up my mind?

    • Elena :

      To marry yourself, treat all the furniture carefully. I took a closet from my neighbors when I was young, and he was all in bedbugs. I did not regret the means, a whole bubble: they poured in, but killed everyone, and nowhere else have they appeared. I refused the cabinet, but others took it and did not complain.

    • Victoria :

      Then change your place of residence

  2. Anastasia :

    We took out bugs with GET.

  3. Marina :

    I live in a small family room, as a communal apartment, I made a repair in my room, changed furniture! There are neighbors: two men, one disabled, always carrying trash from the street. I look - bitten in the morning, and I can not understand. I began to do general cleaning, in the couch on all sides the bugs run around, 2-4 bedbugs. I bought red dichlorvos - it does not help. And so it's already the second month. How to be? Caused disinfectants, there is no sense. Throw the couch? I do not know, kind people, tell me, please, how to get them out. There are no forces, and I can not sleep because of these parasites! What to do? Answer please!

    • Carnations :

      To sleep to lay down completely dressed, in dense socks and dressed in them dense leggings, a turtleneck with a throat and gloves. You will be funny, but your face needs to be protected too! The more often you bite, the more your immunity is weakened, which means that it is a big risk to get you a steady allergic reaction, which later develops into a chronic allergy, and not just bites, but everything that the body deems unacceptable (for food, summer grass, etc.)

  4. Margarita :

    Humble and live with them.

  5. Marina :

    Contrainsection. Helped me.

  6. Vadim :

    These bugs already got, the third time I throw out the bed, and they bring it back)) Thanks for the article.

  7. Sergey :

    The second day something jumps on me, I do not understand. I thought mosquitoes, but no. Whether lice or what?

  8. Vyacheslav :

    Some blisters remain almost every day, such a horror, one little more, another less, and they are close. Besyat already, I do not know what to do!

  9. Dmitry :

    I bought a house in a village that was empty for a long time. They made repairs, began to live and almost immediately began to feel bites at night. Traces and sensations, like after mosquitoes. They bite like clockwork around three in the morning. And they are growing in the house. Maybe someone can really advise what to do and how to get rid of it? It is desirable to answer the one who has already disposed of and will help with concrete advice.

    • Valery :

      Try the drug Agran to treat or microencapsulated drug based on deltamethrin - it has a prolonged period of validity, up to 2 months. And so, of course, it's very difficult to get these creatures out, but you can.

  10. Maria :

    Brown bugs appeared, they are not bedbugs, they bite all night, they are very smelly! Traces of blood do not leave. Who knows what to poison them with? If someone was like that, then answer, and what were they poisoning?

  11. Lydia :

    And I do some garbage, I can not understand. Something like midges. At night a couple of times I caught red-handed. I began to notice recently that I was scratching all over. On the spot where I itch, small, almost imperceptible blisters (

  12. Shukhrat :

    Every day something bites, I do not understand what.

  13. Julia :

    All the ancient advice. Bedbugs are afraid of grass Mother and stepmother. You can buy it at the pharmacy. Take time to sew bags of about 10 by 10 and put this grass there. Each room has 6-8 bags. Especially in furniture. And forget what bugs are. Good luck to all!

  14. Nadia :

    They bite at night and do not see who exactly. The bite itches, I think the bed tick. I bought Raptor, but it did not help. Tell me, is there any other means of excretion and where can I get it? Or just call a specialist, and then not a fact that will help (

  15. Elmira :

    Goodnight! Awfully I'm afraid of insects, and here I first catch someone on my arm, bite, the second day I catch ooochen little nepoymi whom (on the phone screen). However, I do not know what it is, like a small spider. It seems to me, these are bedbugs. I have two small children, I sit, I do not know what to do. I'm afraid that suddenly the child will be bitten, and at night he gets up, yells. What to do, help, good people? How do you know, tell me, please?

    I forgot to write, they are transparent and sooo small.

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