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What kind of domestic insects can be found in human housing: parasites and pests
Каких домашних насекомых можно найти в жилье человека: паразиты и вредители

To consider that insects do not live in his well-groomed apartment, only the most naive owner can. Even the cleanest and elite housing provides shelter to a certain set of miniature roommates, which a person may overlook for years. And apartments and houses in which sanitary standards are somehow violated are a paradise for various invertebrates that quickly penetrate here and actively reproduce. Today, the story goes about them - all those domestic insects, including parasites, who live next to a person without his consent.

The types of insects that can live in the apartment, and their photos
Виды насекомых, которые могут жить в квартире, и их фотографии

Virtually any apartment, even the most comfortable and well-kept, is a home not only for people and their pets, but also for a large number of different insects. In many cases, these “cohabitants” are not visible at all, or they are caught up with only occasionally, without causing people to suspect their constant presence. But in some apartments there are so many insects and they are so diverse that it is precisely their fit to be considered the real owners of the room. At the same time, an attempt to breed all this fraternity on its own is often complicated by the fact that insecticidal agents that are effective against one type of insect may be completely unsuitable for destroying the rest. So, what kind of insects are found in our apartments and what is important to know about them - let's try to understand these issues together ...

What small insects can be found in the apartment
Каких мелких насекомых можно встретить в квартире

Having seen small insects in an apartment, it is not always easy to understand where they came from and what they eat. Moreover, if most people know cockroaches, moths or bedbugs well and easily distinguish them when they meet in the house, then guests of 1-2 mm are usually all looking at one person and rarely attract attention. But these insects with mass reproduction can cause a lot of trouble, sometimes much more than the notorious cockroaches. Let's find out who is who in this microscopic army, and if any insects are detected, we should rather pick up the etching agent.

What kind of blood-sucking insects can be found in bed or couch
Каких кровососущих насекомых можно встретить в постели или диване

Insects in bed are a nightmare for most people. Moreover, if these insects are blood-sucking: only the thought of this will not let you fall asleep. Meanwhile, this situation is often quite common not only for village houses, but also for some low-cost hotels: bloodsucking insects do not care where they live. It is important for them that a person always sleeps in the apartment. At the same time, parasites crawling into bed can be quite diverse, and some of them, in addition to being very painful to bite, can also endure diseases that are deadly to humans. So who bites us at night in bed? ..

How to deal with small insects in the bathroom and toilet
Как бороться с маленькими насекомыми в ванной и туалете

Insects in the bathroom and toilet are rarely infused - there is very little food and usually not the most suitable conditions for most parasites. But there are exceptions, because of which the rooms in which the last thing you want to see is someone crawling on the walls or flying, “liven up” and please the owner with unexpected meetings. Generally speaking, the presence of insects in the bathroom - a sign of not very good sanitary conditions, and therefore the removal of unexpected guests here is often associated with repairs and restoring order. Who can be found in the bathroom or toilet and how to fight with such insects - let's understand together ...

Small jumping insects in the apartment and methods of dealing with them
Маленькие прыгающие насекомые в квартире и методы борьбы с ними

In the apartment there were little jumping insects that bite painfully on the legs? Be very careful: they are fleas, and with each bite you can catch a serious illness (at least theoretically). Moreover, if the flea is not alone, then these insects, most likely, have already managed to firmly settle in the apartment and began to multiply. In this case, it is rather difficult to fight with them, but the main thing is to start on time, otherwise as the flea population in the house grows, the struggle with them will require more and more efforts. Therefore, start to show these little jumping insects now.

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