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Bed fleas: detailed photos and recommendations for disposal

Заметили в своей постели блох? Значит, пора избавляться от паразитов, причем как можно быстрее...

Bed fleas - a typical, if you can say so, a work of traditional folk thought. Jumping insects, biting people and their main source of food, climbing to where people are resting, were with the light hand of the victims themselves and called "bed".

At the same time, official science of this kind, like "flea bedding," does not even know. Such a collective epithet in the people is called several types of fleas, most often found in human habitation: cat flea, canine, human, rat.

В жилье человека могут паразитировать самые различные виды блох: обычно это собачьи, кошачьи, крысиные и человеческие блохи

Occasionally on white sheets you can find representatives and other types of fleas, which is especially important for rural areas or hotels in exotic countries. But for the ordinary victim of small bloodsuckers it does not matter: all "bed" fleas look the same if the eye is not armed with a microscope. And the habits and way of life they all have pretty similar ...

Bed fleas: look under the microscope

Fleas in bed always meet unexpectedly, and are an unpleasant surprise for those who suddenly found them. And regardless of the country, the type of parasites and the time of the meeting, the fleas themselves look remarkably similar. In most cases, these are very small insects with a dark, shiny brown body about 2-3 mm long, wingless, but very jumping.

Below are photos of fleas that can be found directly in their bed:

Собачья блоха на коже человека в момент укуса

Блохи могут питаться крочью человека с не меньшим успехом, чем паразитировать на животных

In real conditions, it is almost impossible to consider a flea, even on the palm of your hand: an insect always tries to hide from the place where it is in view. At the expense of powerful hind legs, the flea makes such rapid leaps that the human eye can not even notice the movement itself. It seems that the insect simply disappeared from the place where it was just now.

The photo shows that the hind legs of the flea are the most developed and look as if they are kangaroo paws:

На фотографии блохи под микроскопом видно, что ее задние лапки особенно хорошо развиты

A distinctive feature of fleas is a very strong chitinous cover of the body, designed to protect the parasite when it is captured by the victim himself. In addition, the corpuscle is sufficiently flattened from the sides, and it is almost impossible to crush the flea, for example, with fingers. It will die only when crushed with nails or between the teeth of an animal.

It is interesting

Fleas are perfectly "aware" of their invulnerability, and therefore they do not have many reflexes and instincts characteristic of other parasites, who are accustomed to constantly hide, disguise or escape (cockroaches, bed bugs). For example, fleas do not even produce an anesthetic enzyme, which would make their bites less painful. Because of this, the bites of the fleas are almost the most sensitive compared to the bites of other parasites, which, however, does not prevent the fleas from surviving quite successfully: even if their victim grabs an insect or just scratches a bitten place, the flea will not suffer from it.

On the photo - a flea bed with a strong increase:

Так выглядит блоха при сильном увеличении под микроскопом

And the next photo shows how the flea looks at the moment of the bite:

Постельные блохи могут оставлять капельки крови на белье после своих укусов

All the fleas on the bed are occasional and temporary visitors here. Their normal habitats are dark corners, garbage heaps, spaces behind skirting boards, thick carpets, nests and bedding of domestic animals and birds. Here they lay eggs, rest after feeding, just hide.

Fleas in the bed or in the couch can be detected only if a large amount of debris has accumulated in the inner cavities, or for a long time without various ventilation and washing, various tissues are stored. On the bed, parasites move, only being hungry in search of their victims.

Fleas and other insect parasites: how can they not be confused with each other?

Sometimes behind bed fleas are taken completely different insects - parasites or just those that can be on the sheets or under the pillow by accident.

Важно помнить, что в постели помимо блох можно обнаружить и других паразитов...

At the same time from all blood-sucking insects fleas are easy to distinguish:

  • From all their competitors for human blood fleas are notable for jumping. If a tiny parasite has quietly disappeared from a finger or palm, to which it was planted after the capture - it's definitely a flea.
  • From bed bugs, fleas are distinguished by the absence of strict night activity: they can bite at any time of the day. In addition, with fleas can be confused except that only the smallest larvae of bedbugs - adult bedbugs are much larger and look flattened in the horizontal, rather than in the vertical plane. Larvae of the same bed bugs are always light, unlike dark brown fleas.
  • Sometimes on the bed you can meet underwear or head lice. They are roughly the same size as the fleas, but they look somewhat different (see photo) and have a light body. In addition, if the fleas bite mainly at the feet and never penetrate the hair, the lice bite just behind the scalp or the skin in the groin.

Photo of the flea:

Блоха кусает человека

But the photo of linen lice on the bed:

А так выглядит бельевая вошь, которую вполне можно обнаружить в постельном белье

With fleck mites, it's difficult to confuse - an eight-legged transporter of encephalitis has a very characteristic appearance. In addition, the tick in bed - this is practically nonsense. They are found only on the nature, and having uncoupled from the victim in the house, try to hide as soon as possible in a secluded dark place.

Photo of the tick:

Клещ на коже человека: хорошо видно, что у этого насекомого 8 лапок

Why are bed fleas dangerous?

Multiple flea bites (including while a person is in bed) in many cases cause a characteristic skin reaction called a pulicosis.

Symptoms of flea bites are quite specific, and only by them it is possible to calculate the parasites themselves:

  • Painful and highly itchy little red petechiae with a dark dot in the middle of each. Characteristic of the existence of chains of three or four such rednesses - each flea with calm feeding on a sleeping man leaves a few bites located close to each other.
  • Allergic reaction in the form of a rash in the area of ​​multiple bites. Especially it is typical for children.
  • In rare cases - the generalized allergic response of the body, individual for each person, but usually manifested in an increase in body temperature, headache, increased lymph nodes.

The following photo shows typical signs of hacking fleas :

Укусы блох на ноге

In rare cases, with severe bites, nervous system disorders can occur.

In addition, "bed" fleas and fleas generally suffer a lot of human diseases, including - and deadly. Epidemiologists have established that fleas are carriers of pathogens of more than 200 different human diseases , including anthrax, plague, brucellosis, tularemia, hepatitis, trypanosomiasis, encephalitis. In addition, fleas are one of the most active carriers of helminth eggs.

Signs of the appearance of fleas in the room

In addition to simple detection of fleas on the bed, it can be determined by various signs that parasites are present in the house as a whole. For example:

  • Regularly appearing bites on the legs. Many do not pay attention to them, especially in the summer, sinning on mosquitoes and other insects on the street, while the fleas themselves safely bite the inhabitants of the apartment in their own beds.
  • Restless behavior of pets. Their fleas bite much more often than humans.
  • Detection of flea larvae in the corners of the room or in debris. These larvae are similar to larvae of flies, but less mobile and have a translucent body.

Below in the photo you can see how the flea larvae look:

Яйца и личинки блох

На картинке изображен жизненный цикл блохи

Also a sign of the presence of fleas are their excrement, especially well visible on a light bed - tiny black dots are easily conspicuous, and even in a small amount spoil the appearance of the tissue. By the way, sometimes such points can be confused with the excrement of bed bugs.

If you find at least a few fleas in bed, or in pets, you need to start getting rid of parasites as soon as possible, without giving them the chance to multiply and spread to neighboring apartments.

How to deal with fleas

Before you remove the "bed" fleas in the apartment, you must necessarily etch them in pets. It is with them that parasites almost always enter the room, and if several insects remain on the animal's fur, even in a completely etched flat they will quickly restore their numbers within a few months.

Причиной появления блох в вашей постели обычно является наличие этих паразитов у домашних животных

Animals should be treated with fleas by one of the following means:

  1. You can, for example, use drops from fleas to the withers - Stronghold, Frontline, Hartz have proved to be very good.
  2. Effective also special insectoakaricidal sprays such as Frontline, Hartz, Bars , Blochnet.
  3. You can also use shampoos from fleas - Mr.Bruno, Beaphar, Purity, especially often used to remove parasites in cats and dogs of ornamental rocks.

After such treatment, the pet should be clothed with an anti-collar collar to exclude the possibility of repeated infection by its fleas in the interval of time before the parasites are removed from the apartment.

In fact, from the premises of the fleas are excreted by special insecticides designed to combat domestic insects. For this particularly well suited:

  • Concentrates of insecticides, which need to be diluted with water and sprayed with household spray. Among such drugs, the most known are Get, Cifox, Delta Zone, Cucaracha, Medilis Cypher, Tetriks. These funds are quite toxic, when treating the apartment by them they should remove all people and animals from it, and after a few hours after application, they should conduct a wet cleaning and ventilate the room. Such solutions can be treated from fleas to the sofa, body of the bed and especially carefully - bedding and couches of pets, in which larvae often develop.

On a note

Tools such as Get and Delta Zone do not have a strong odor, and with a pronounced sensitivity to aromas, you can use them. They do not require mandatory cleaning in the room and are quite economical in use.

  • Special Aerosols such as Combat, Raptor or Reid. They can bring fleas out of the couch or armchair, simply by treating a particular object with the drug itself and allowing it to "brew" indoors. Also, these aerosols are well suited to get rid of fleas in bed, because they have a pleasant smell and will not be forced to sleep on the bed for several days with the scent of a powerful insecticide.
  • If fleas are found in the apartment in winter, and outside the windows - a real frost, you can ventilate the room well, waiting until the temperature drops to almost zero. Most of the fleas will die in this case, and if after that, a general cleaning in the room, then you can get rid of the usually surviving when freezing larvae.

Применение современных инсектицидов позволяет довольно быстро избаиться даже от большого количества блох в квартире

On a note

If fleas in bed were found in a hotel or hotel during a trip, you can try to get rid of them simply by shaking out the bed on the street or in the bathroom. Perhaps this is just an accidentally "caught" parasites, and they are simply removed from the room so that they do not spoil the dream.

In the future, in order to prevent fleas from entering the room, you should always wear special collars on your pets (the pets are the main parasitic horsemen in the house), and put bunches of dry wormwood or tansy under their beds, in beds and sofas. In this case, even parasites accidentally entering the house will try to leave it, and with a high probability they will not settle here and multiply.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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