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What does the fleas dream of? Interpretation in different dreams

К чему могут сниться блохи

All people want to see beautiful and positive images in a dream, but quite often the opposite happens. Dreams, where there are fleas, can not be called pleasant, because these insects have long won a general dislike for parasitizing other living things.

Dreamers also support this view: no matter what the interpretation of sleep with fleas, it often speaks of the troubles, quarrels and problems that await a person. To get a more accurate and detailed interpretation of the dream in the dream book, you need to pay attention to what the atmosphere had a dream, that is, exactly how the fleas dreamed.

Depending on the context, the interpretation of the dream can be very different. It is important to pay attention not only to the plot of sleep, but also to its general mood.

It happens that sleep with fleas leaves a rather pleasant impression, but more often it is perceived as bad or even terrible. To get a more complete picture of what is happening, it is worth asking for help from a few dream books, and then to choose one of the interpretations for yourself.

Fleas in a dream: what does this say about different dream books?

So, for a comprehensive interpretation of various options for dreams is to see what the fleas are dreaming, in different dream books.

Что говорят сонники

So, Aesop's dream book says that the flea is a sign of unsettledness, uncertainty, dirt, squabbles. If the parasites on the dog were dreamed - it's to the painful envy of another person, to profit by the cost of deteriorating the financial position of a friend. If a person destroys fleas in a dream - he will have to feel frustrated with useless work, interfere in the affairs of others.

But this interpretation is offered by the Ukrainian dream book: fleas bite to some kind of grief, and to destroy small bloodsuckers - to unpleasant moments, griefs.

Very authoritative dream book of the XXI century is more favorable: to catch fleas on yourself or others - to money, gain, to obtain hidden opportunities for your own implementation. To crush fleas - to unexpected income, improvement of well-being. In a dream, try to find fleas on your body - to worries, cares.

If there are insects, you should prepare for family quarrels and anxiety. Bites flew in a dream - to reservations, gossips, false information.

Female dream book: fleas in their hair warn of a coming trick from the side of a man. This will bring anxiety and disappointment. A bite - to slander and baseless gossip, a flea sitting on a man, speaks of his windiness.

Sonnik Tsvetkova says that the fleas are dreaming of making a profit, but if they bite, it speaks of bad changes, quarrels and sorrows.

Wanderer's dream interpretation has a similar interpretation: fleas - to money, but only if they are killed - this indicates disagreements and deterioration of relations. Bites of a flea in a dream to receive the big profit, however at the expense of huge efforts and disappointments.

The dream of Azar is inclined to see in fleas annoyance.

The esoteric dream book states that fleas in a dream are a symbol of hassle, unnecessary fuss, everyday life.

Simon Kananita's dream book recommends not only to fear a serious illness, but also to get money. But to be bitten by a flea - unfortunately, to ruin, there is a risk of being deceived by friends and relatives.

The most famous and authoritative dream book of Miller is in solidarity with others: fleas appear in a dream to the guile of friends, anger and sadness. If fleas bite a woman, gossip will spread about her. Fleas on a loving partner talk about his inconsistency.

Almost all the dream books are solidary in one thing: fleas personify trouble, petty squabbles, quarrels, slander. However, some publications say that this insect in a dream is a harbinger of profit - if a person simply sees fleas. When they bite, the positive meaning still gives way to the negative.

Как правило, трактовка сонниками блох во сне - к неприятностям

It is interesting

Dreamers agree in one thing: if a man or woman sees fleas on their second half, then it's worth checking her loyalty. These insects point to dirt and impurity - including in a love relationship.

To kill fleas in a dream: what does this mean?

Since fleas are unpleasant parasites, people often dream that they are crushing them. There are several interpretations of this unpleasant image:

  • Kill a flea dream book Veles does not advise: it will bring trouble and strife, and even death. The Wanderer's dream interpretation points to internal conflicts and strife, Wangi's dream book - for future embezzlement, which will entail carelessness of close people.
  • To Smofer's dream dream is more pleasant for sleeping interpretation: to press fleas to the final victory over their enemies, establishing their own superiority.
  • Improvement of success in financial matters is promised by the dream book of the 21st century and the dream book of the people of September, October, November, December: according to their interpretation, the killing of fleas in a dream leads to an increase in material wealth and profit.
  • Combing fleas from animals or from their hair speaks about attempts to regain their lives, to return to good moments.

Уничтожение блох во сне сонники трактуют весьма по-разному

The image of a flea as a whole personifies troubles, so there is nothing strange in that killing fleas in a dream means turning the events in the right direction, gaining success. If a person at first simply sees the fleas, and then begins to kill them, it speaks of his consciousness, the strength of will and the ability to make right decisions, to influence others.

To catch fleas is to dig into troubles and minor troubles. Here fleas, like lice, are symbols of everyday garbage.

What does a flea do on a dog?

Most often people are used to seeing fleas on animals, in particular dogs. This is due to the fact that dogs constantly walk on the street, contact other animals - and infection occurs. In dreams, this image also occurs quite often. It is interesting to see what the fleas are dreaming about in different cases.

К чему снятся блохи на собаке

A flea-dog in a dream indicates that the dreamer is inclined to envy the successes or well-being of his friend, who has achieved something more. It also means unnecessary financial waste, foolish waggery and embezzlement of savings.

Fleas on the dog dream book in principle treats negatively, but if a person gets them to destroy - it promises to establish relationships, improve overall affairs, defeat enemies. In the case when the dog suffers or even dies from flea bites, it is worthwhile to warn your close friend: maybe he is in for trouble or health problems.

Trying to catch fleas on a dog, to help her - perhaps a dreamer in real life will face the need to provide substantial help to his friend. As a rule, this entails the appearance of problems of a material nature, frustration and loss of tranquility.

What are the dreams of flea cats and kittens

Like dogs, cats can often be carriers of fleas. However, between the appearance of these two animals in a dream there is a huge difference: a dog is usually treated as a friend, and a cat is like an insincere person trying to gain. And if you dreamed of fleas on a cat, it is usually an omen of serious disagreements with friends.

Если приснились блохи на кошке или котенке

Hence, and what catnip fleas are dreamed of will be radically different from the previous point. Fleas on a cat dream book are usually treated like this: an unpleasant event, causing trouble to another person, libel, slander.

If the cat is domestic, it means that under the influence of a number of reasons a best friend will become someone like an enemy. On a street cat, fleas mean that there is a bad person trying to get into the trust of a dreamer and become his friend. It is better to be protected from this acquaintance.

Trying to remove fleas from a flea cat - be generous with those who have acted badly, forgive the offender. If a flea kitten appears, the dream book warns of troubles in the family and at work, about the need to be more cautious.

If a cat is sick or even dies of fleas - all the undertakings will go to ashes, you should not take up a new business - it will not be possible to bring it to the end.

To play with a flea cat, to be attached to it is to be friends with your enemy, whose intentions are warned by others. And if you dream of fleas on a cat that is trying to go out into the street, it means leaving an unpleasant person out of life.

It is worth more to listen to advice, to be observant, to try to judge things not only superficially. In general, you can answer the question of what the fleas in a cat are dreaming about: a dreamer has a foe, unpleasant changes and small losses are coming, there is an insincere attitude on the part of others. You need to be more careful and careful.

And what does science say?

The appearance in a dream of such an unpleasant image as bloodsucking parasites, whether fleas, bugs or lice - is an alarming and threatening sign. This suggests that a person is literally buried in unpleasant matters and his mind does not know rest, day or night.

Появление кровососущих паразитов во сне может быть признаком стресса

It is possible that a sleeping depressed, he experienced strong emotional unrest and now can not cope with his experiences.

Fleas as the central image of sleep, their large congestion can talk about suicidal thoughts, the desire to harm themselves. In this case, a person needs to put in order his state of mind, to try to gain self-confidence and spiritual pacification.

Do not rely entirely on images from dreams and expect the appearance of a bad event in life. Most of all, negative sleep indicates exactly spiritual anxiety, so you need to try to understand its cause and eliminate it.

It is necessary to try to understand your own life, minimize stressful factors and experiences. It is not out of place to pay attention to the circle of friends and relatives: if someone constantly brings experiences, it is better to communicate with such a person as little as possible. This will help to restore mental strength faster.

If the heart is very hard and all oppresses, do not want to live, you can turn to a psychologist - he will professionally work with fears and wrong attitudes.

As soon as the state of mind of a person is adjusted, his subconscious mind will cease to send gloomy frightening images of blood-sucking parasites.

Have a good dream!

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