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How many fleas live without an animal and can they live on a man
Сколько живут блохи без животного и могут ли они жить на человеке

When a pet, cat or dog is infected with fleas, it may appear that these bloodsucking parasites live on the pet all the time - they seem to be swarming all the time in their wool, and nowhere are they lost. However, fleas do not live for long, although, like many other parasites, they can set hunger records without food that people would not dream of. So, let's see how much fleas live and how the duration of their life depends on various environmental factors ...

Bed fleas: detailed photos and recommendations for disposal
Постельные блохи: подробные фото и рекомендации по избавлению

Meeting an insect on the bed is considered a bad sign. Especially if it's an insect - a flea. In places where people can rest, if there are arthropods, then almost always parasites that interfere with sleeping, biting, causing itching, and sometimes even infecting with serious diseases. And bed fleas are not an exception. Their bites can not only prevent a calm sleep, but can also cause much more unpleasant consequences ...

What are the fleas most afraid of?
Чего больше всего боятся блохи

Trying to get rid of fleas from an animal or take them out of an apartment, few people take into account that fleas, in general, are afraid of very many odors, substances and natural remedies. Some of these effects can only scare off parasites, but others are a deadly danger to them. So let's get a better idea of ​​what exactly fleas are afraid of and how it can be used in practice ...

Why are fleas dangerous for humans?
Чем опасны блохи для человека

Not many people know that the most devastating epidemics on earth were caused by fleas. Most people bitten by a small parasite brush the insect from the body to stop remembering it, and only with multiple bites begin to worry about how to get rid of fleas. And yet every bite of a flea is fraught with very serious consequences ...

How do flea larvae look and where to look for them in the house?
Как выглядят личинки блох и где их искать в доме

The larvae of fleas rarely come to their eyes and practically nothing and do not annoy anyone. Most people who fight fleas in the house have never even seen these larvae in their eyes, and those who saw did not always discern in them the descendants of those biting parasites. Meanwhile, the flea larvae must be exterminated with the same persistence with which the adult fleas themselves are destroyed - because each of them is the future bloodsucker, carrier of worms and pathogens of dangerous diseases. So let's figure out how and where the flea larvae can be found and what to do to destroy them.

How does flea reproduction occur?
Как происходит размножение блох

Specificity of the reproductive process in fleas poses many problems in the removal of these parasites from home. The matter is that fleas multiply very quickly, effectively and, most importantly, - imperceptibly. The inexperienced owner of the apartment can not even guess where to look for their younger generation and how to deal with it. And at this time the "young shoots", in a week or two, ready to start giving all the inhabitants of the apartment with worms, pathogens and simply unpleasant bites, grows quietly in the most secluded places of the room. Therefore, let's get acquainted with the peculiarities of flea reproduction, so that the fight against parasites is much easier and more effective.

Cat fleas: how they look and are dangerous to humans
Кошачьи блохи: как они выглядят и опасны ли для человека

Cat fleas are one of the most common types of fleas in pets. In most cases, if a man or the brothers living near him bite smaller fleas, it is precisely cat fleas (and there are also rat, dog, human, goat, etc.). Considering the fact that these parasites can carry very dangerous diseases, owners of dogs and cats will be useful to learn more about small bloodsuckers, their way of life and methods of fighting them.

What are moose fleas and whether they can bite a person
Что такое лосиные блохи и могут ли они кусать человека

Hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers know how dangerous moose fleas are. These insects can attack a person several times at a time, and their formidable appearance can frighten not only the impressionable townspeople, but also quite seasoned residents of the countryside. However, interestingly, to the fleas themselves, in most cases these insects have nothing to do with. So what kind of parasites are they?

What is important to know about sand fleas in Vietnam and Thailand
Что важно знать о песчаных блохах во Вьетнаме и Тайланде

A luxurious and gay exotic vacation in Vietnam and Thailand is often overshadowed by very unpleasant little things. In addition to malaria and some unsanitary conditions in large cities, such troubles are also sand fleas - parasites, which spoil paradise seeming paradise on the wild beaches. And sometimes these fleas not only bite, but also cause much more serious problems. We will continue to talk about how to protect ourselves from attacks of these insects and various related troubles.

Human fleas
Человеческие блохи

And is there a specialized - human - flea in nature, or are they only feline and canine? Are fleas from animals able to go to humans and live permanently on his body? What can be dangerous bites of so-called human fleas? Answers to these many other interesting questions read further.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

It may seem surprising that most people have a very poor understanding of flea life: how they multiply, where they live, how long they live and what kinds of fleas exist. Practice shows that the average person, for example, does not know that at some stage of his life the flea is a very inconspicuous worm-like larva, usually hiding in heaps of rotting organic or dust.

Also little known (for the "broad masses") is the fact that fleas hatch from pupae, at the stage where they can survive very unfavorable environmental conditions, including the effect of many powerful insecticides. By the way, if you are fighting these small bloodsuckers in an apartment or trying to get them out of animals, then take this information yourself.

What can we say about exotic species of fleas: for example, about the so-called sand fleas, able to climb a person under the skin and lay eggs there - generally they know about them. But it would be useful to know, especially if you are going to go abroad and relax, say, in Thailand, Vietnam or India ...

Anyway, since you read these lines - you have a great opportunity to significantly improve your knowledge about fleas, good, our website has everything necessary for this. You can not only better know the interesting features of life of these insects, but in case of need to get rid of parasites approach this process, as they say, fully armed ...


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