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What are the fleas most afraid of?

Если узнать, чего больше всего боятся блохи, то это вполне можно использовать для борьбы с паразитами в квартире и у животных.

Exhausted fleas apartment tenants and pet owners in unsuccessful struggle with parasites sometimes start to forget that fleas, in general, are the same insects as butterflies, cockroaches or, say, mosquitoes. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that fleas are afraid of many substances, smells, cold, loud sounds and much more, which can be used in practice to combat small bloodsuckers.

About what exactly are afraid of fleas and how it can be used to combat them, we'll go on and talk in more detail.

Insecticides as the main fear of parasites

The greatest fear and, so to speak, horror for fleas are substances that are destructive to their body and lead to destabilization of the nervous system. Fleas are well aware of these compounds and are afraid only of their smell.

In practice, in most cases, leave the room in which such smells have appeared, insects can no longer - simply do not have time, dying from the action of the insecticide. But having smelled such a smell on the processed animal (for example, if droplets on the withers or an insecticaricidal spray were used), parasites no longer treat the pet as their next victim and do not jump on it.

Инсектоакарицидные капли не только убивают блох, но и отпугивают их

It is interesting

Effects on fleas of insecticides of contact action usually begin with peripheral nerve endings. After this the parasite begins to develop paralysis of separate parts of the nervous system up to the central nerve nodes. Finally, the flea loses the ability to move, its internal muscles come in a strong tone (spasm), and it dies from stopping the movement of blood in the body. With a sufficient concentration of insecticide, it all happens very quickly, literally for several tens of seconds. Even having received a very small insect dose, the fleas experience very unpleasant sensations, and therefore it is not surprising that they are afraid of such substances (it is more correct, of course, to say - they avoid such substances, since insects are unlikely to fear in the usual sense of the word) .

Such substances, which present a serious danger to fleas, include:

  • Some compounds that are part of all known Dichlorvos, Carbophos and a number of other preparations for fighting insects. They are to some extent toxic to animals and humans, and therefore are used usually only for the treatment of premises, while for the treatment of cats and dogs, substances of a different chemical nature are used. Fleas are afraid only of their smell, and therefore even having sensed the remedy from the next room, in the literal sense of the word are retired. Современный Дихлофос Нео практически не имеет запаха
  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are insecticides that are not toxic to warm-blooded animals, but are very toxic to fleas and insects in general. Pyrethrins are natural components of plants among them, and pyrethroids are their synthetic analogues. These substances include, for example, Permethrin, Fenotrin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Ethofenprox. They are part of Raptor, Klopomora, FAS, Medilis-Ziper and others, and from animal treatments - in some anti-flea collars, drops of Zipam, Sentry, Bars, and various sprays. Капли Барс от блох для собак и кошек
  • Fipronil and Imidacloprid are a new generation of insecticides that have low toxicity for animals and humans. The fleas have the same effect as the previous substances. They are most often used in the most effective and safe means to rid animals of fleas - in the drops Front Line, Hartz and others. Капли Фронтлайн от блох


Although pyrethroids are considered to be of low toxicity, some animals can react sharply to getting them into the body. Cats are especially sensitive to them. Nevertheless, these substances are a part of many means for disposal of animals from fleas - at their correct use the risk to poison an animal is minimal.

Коты и кошки более чувствительны к пиретроидам, чем собаки, поэтому использовать средства от блох у них следует особенно осторожно

There are a number of other insecticides that fleas are also afraid of - many insect remedies in everyday life or agriculture have not only destructive but also deterrent properties. In the case of such drugs, the effect usually depends on the distance and concentration - near the insects they destroy, and from a distance - they are mostly scared away.

Extreme temperatures, sun and water

Fleas can live and develop normally only within certain limits of the physical conditions of the environment, the escape for which they carefully avoid.

For example, fleas are afraid of cold. For most species of fleas that end up in flats (here primarily feline, dog, rat and human flea), temperatures around -15 ° C are already uncomfortable, at -10 ° they stop multiplying.

Блохи боятся холода

Accordingly, frosts and the whole cold of the fleas are afraid not less than the poisonous substances. Therefore, in winter, flea-infested rooms are useful to freeze regularly. This is especially true for hens and cows.

Fleas are afraid of too high temperatures. At + 45 ° C, cat and rat fleas begin to die. Therefore, for example, when the bedbugs are destroyed with the help of industrial fan heaters, fleas are also killed.

It is also useful to consider that fleas are afraid of water. When bathing fleas infected cats and dogs, most of the parasites try to get out of the hair and do not get into the water , so if the fleas can not be urgently harassed, regular bathing can significantly alleviate the suffering of the infected pet.

Регулярное купание питомца может использоваться в качестве меры профилактики появления блох

On a note

For all the dislike of fleas to the water, it can not be used as a deterrent against these parasites in the apartment: even if you regularly wash the room and spray it with water, the fleas will not go away from it. We can say that fleas are afraid of water only when they are threatened by oxygen starvation due to a full immersion in the water.

Also, fleas do not like direct sunlight and, after hitting a well-lit place, try to get away as quickly as possible from it.

Effects of chemical odors on fleas

Fleas are very sensitive to smells. In many respects this is a consequence of their parasitic way of life - almost all bloodsucking insects have a strong sense of smell, and their harsh chemical scents frighten them.

For example, the following odors are among the most unpleasant for fleas:

  • kerosene
  • gasoline
  • turpentine
  • vinegar
  • alcohol
  • chloroform.

In general, fleas are afraid of the smell of many aggressive chemicals. Thus, insects quickly disappear from the room in which the painting of walls or other work with paintwork materials on organic solvents, they do not like the smell of putty and cement.

Блохи также боятся резких запахов, в том числе запаха свежей краски

The downside of such strongly smelling repellent substances is that next to similar flavors it is difficult to live with a man with pets.

Strong natural odors

But the natural smells of plants that do not like fleas - an excellent way to scare them out of the apartment. Here, every owner of the premises can choose the fragrance that suits him, but which can cause the parasites to get out of the room.

Among the most famous are:

  • tansy
  • sagebrush
  • eucalyptus
  • geranium
  • carnation
  • lavender
  • juniper, pine and other conifers
  • thyme
  • essential oils of walnut, camphor, aloe
  • mint.

Среди растений, запахов которых боятся блохи, пижма и полынь особенно эффективны

It is important to remember that for effective scaring, these flavors should be strong enough - just spraying in the room with an air freshener will not be enough. In the ideal case, the same wormwood, tansy or other grass from fleas should be laid out in the corners of the apartment in the form of brooms of their fresh bushes, and lavender or eucalyptus used as fumigators.

Nevertheless, the smells of herbs and plants will not help to completely get rid of fleas in the room. They can only scare off parasites from the bed or bedding of the dog for a short while, but when the insect faces the problem of choosing to tolerate hunger or smell, it will, as practice shows, overcome its fear of the same wormwood. Thus, such remedies are good only as a preventive measure - they should be kept where they can scare off fleas before they appear and multiply.

Natural enemies of fleas

There is also a certain set of species of living beings that themselves parasitize fleas or simply pose a danger to them. Accordingly, in the natural habitat of fleas they are also afraid and avoided.

On a note

Parasites parasitizing on other parasites are called superparasites. And this is not just a pun, but a definition from the textbook on entomology. Examples of superparasitism in nature are huge - in the class of insects there is even a whole team of riders with many thousands of species of insects that can parasitize on most other insects, including parasites of animals and humans.

So, on the fleas and their larvae actively attacked by ants, including ordinary domestic pharaoh ants.

Обычные домашние (или фараоновы) муравьи - естественные враги блох

It is not known which of these opponents is less desirable in the premises for the owner, but in the presence of a colony of ants in the apartment, fleas in it are unlikely to be able to reproduce normally (their larvae will be particularly vulnerable).

Fleas also suffer from fungal infections and nematodes, but it is impossible to use this with any practical results.

What fleas are not afraid of: do not let yourself be deceived!

There are also persistent myths about the effects and devices that the fleas are not afraid of, no matter how much the advertising agents scream. For example, fleas from a room are almost impossible to scare off by various ultrasonic devices or means generating electromagnetic waves. Advertising of such devices today is massively fed through all means of communication, but the practical experience of using these tools does not confirm their effectiveness.

Ультразвуковые отпугиватели не слишком эффективны от блох

Also fleas are indifferent to all kinds of prayers and conspiracies, which are still popular with the older generation. Perhaps, somewhere in the outback today using these methods and trying to derive parasites, but in practice it is checked: they all do not work.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Anonymous :

    Here are drops from fleas - it's true, they help, and everything else in my opinion is just nonsense.

  2. Gulya :

    Thank you very much for the excellent cognitive site! Special thanks to the author of the articles! The fact is that my friend in the house accidentally got fleas, or rather they stayed after a wandering cat, which her mother brought to catch a mouse. As a result, the cat, naturally, did not catch any mouse, but safely lived 4 days under the bathroom, leaving only in the night to have a bite of sausage and milk. The cat miraculously managed to send out, but the fleas did not want to leave and decided to stay, because under the bath is definitely warmer than in the most comfortable basement. Naturally, such a neighborhood will suit very few people and now, thanks to you, we managed to learn almost everything about the habits and preferences of fleas and ways of their extermination. Especially impressed by the "freeze". Thank you!

    • Nagima :

      Poor cat ... I was just glad that I had found kind people and a house.

      In general, only your home cat will catch mice at home, just to please the owners. A stray - from hunger in the cellars or in nature.

      I was always helped by fresh mint in large quantities (in pillows and wherever my pets sleep). Plus, they wipe their fur with their hands rubbed with mint. Plus I comb out with a flea comb moistened with a little baby shampoo and a little vinegar. Remaining fleas of cats themselves bite perfectly. Chemistry does not want to poison them.

  3. Natasha :

    Excellent help from fleas and ticks anti-block collars - checked for 100%. We live in the forest with a bunch of cats and dogs. Every summer we put on collars for 150 rubles, and no problems!

    • Anonymous :

      Natalia, hello! It's you from red fleas so saved that live on pets. But what to do with basement fleas, are these black? They do not have funds from fleas of red ((Living, reptiles!

  4. Vlag :

    Thank you, it helped me.

  5. Tanya :

    Are scarers, even dear ones, ineffective? But how to be, when it is impossible to process the area affected by fleas for many reasons?

  6. Glory :

    The article is really useful! I went to collect mint with wormwood))

  7. Mari :

    Thank you, very helped

  8. Tanya :

    Vanilla wash the floor.

  9. Irina :

    To my cat neither collars, nor shampoos have not helped or assisted! All hope for drops!

  10. Clara :

    I'm trying to get rid of fleas by all means, the last thing I use is Bi-58.

    • Olga :

      How did the drug help? We have fleas in our house, than we did not fight. How did this drug help you?

  11. Hope :

    Bought a drop and a collar, and not cheap. There is no result. What to do?

  12. Katya :

    Thank you so much! I bought drops, and after a while the fleas did not exist, and I bought the collar so that the flea cat would not pick up again.

  13. Lyudmila :

    Year fighting with fleas after the appearance in the apartment of a small kitten, who infected the purest five-year-old cat. Kotov processed and "Barsik", and "leopard", and "super-barrier", and "insecticide", and "advantage", and "four with a tail" - poor cats. For a week and a half cleaned, then in a new way. The apartment was treated with neostomazan, neo-dichlorvos, wormwood. For half a year I cleaned the rugs - like, nothing. By the winter brought back - the same thing. Again, all and all processed, the result is zero. Maybe someone will tell something radical? And all my life I was helped by the "little dog" kitten from the first time.

    • Anonymous :

      It is better to call SES, they will treat the whole room with their special poison. We brought them out like this.

    • Julia :

      Process the apartment with Butoks. Is in the vetapteke.

  14. Anonymous :

    The apartment and clothes can be treated with steam (iron or steam cleaner), clothes put in the freezer for the night.

  15. Anonymous :

    Thank you for the article!

  16. Irina :

    After the appearance of fleas on small kittens with calcivirosis for 7 years I use Frontline Spray, but in a dosage 3-4 times less than indicated. I do not process the apartment, maybe a bit in the corners of it. The principle of action - absorption in the hair, and not in the blood, means less harm. Always helps. But this dosage helps if there are a few fleas. With a lot of not tried, but, probably, also helps. Read about it - that one girl just sprinkles three times instead of 30 lactating cat and kittens does not handle. And now my cats are sick - kidneys, they can not be poisoned, so 5 times today each peeped.

  17. Anya :

    When my mother was little, her parents just finished building a house, there were also fleas (I do not know what exactly: black or red). Mom told me that they were just washing the floor with bleach and after six months no one was there. Grandfather hunted all his life, and there were a lot of dogs, and they were in the woods for a long time, but there was still no flea in the house and was not. More than 40 years have passed, fleas only on cats, but in the hut there.

    Moved, and on her dog recently found one flea, dripped drops. I began to worry that even the genitalia flew on the ground floor (the first floor), so my mother advised bleach. Now my sex is only with her, my husband periodically bathes a dog with soap tar and bought a collar.

  18. Svetlana :

    Fleas die of washing powder, if they wash the floors periodically, even in a weak concentration. But shampoos for carpets and liquid products for sex for some reason are not afraid.

  19. Eugene :

    What remedy should be applied to the skin of a person to scare the feline fleas away?

  20. Anonymous :

    How and how to get rid of fleas? Drops, spray and collar do not help!

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