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Insects in the apartment

Insect Bug Remedies: An Overview of Effective Options
Средства для защиты от укусов насекомых: обзор эффективных вариантов

Today, there are quite a lot of different means to protect yourself from insect bites: they are all kinds of sprays, creams, pencils, bracelets, and also repelling smoke bombs, spirals and even electronic devices. And all these tools can differ significantly not only in terms of their effectiveness, but also in terms of safety and ease of use. Let's see what the market offers today and what nuances it is useful to consider before buying this or that product ...

Overview of effective traps for flying and creeping insects
Обзор эффективных ловушек для летающих и ползающих насекомых

In many cases, insect traps are indeed a very convenient means of controlling pests and parasites in the premises: cockroaches, house ants, flies, mosquitoes and other flying and crawling animals. It is enough to establish such a trap - and the process of exterminating insects has already begun! However, in practice, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance: all types of insect traps have their drawbacks, and one must still be able to choose one that will show the maximum effectiveness in this particular situation ...

How to fight home insects in the apartment
Как вести борьбу с домашними насекомыми в квартире

Almost in all cases, when insects are planted in the apartment, sooner or later the question arises about the need to somehow fight them. There are no such arthropods, whose unauthorized reproduction in the apartment a good host is willing to endure. Moreover, if we are talking about parasites (for example, about fleas or bed bugs), then their neighborhood is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for health. However, how to fight insects in the room, make it as effective as possible, what methods and means are optimal today - this is worth discussing in more detail ...

Remedy for bugs and cockroaches Delta Zone: description and reviews
Средство от клопов и тараканов Дельта Зона: описание и отзывы

The use of insecticides is today, perhaps, the most effective way to get rid of house insects. However, many tools in practice are completely ineffective, and to some of them pests and parasites quickly get used to and become insensitive. For these reasons, the Delta-Zone preparation appeared on the market - a powerful concentrated insecticide for the destruction of bed bugs, cockroaches and other synanthropic insects. Vendors promise the presence of the Delta Zone of high efficiency, complete absence of odor and safety for humans. Is it true how good the Delta Zone is and how those who have already experienced it react in response to the drug - we will talk about this further and talk ...

In detail about the treatment of premises from various insects: important nuances
Подробно про обработку помещений от различных насекомых: важные нюансы

Sometimes, the only effective way to remove insects from the premises, which are not simply present here in small quantities, but have long managed to settle down and successfully multiply, is quality disinsection treatment. Today, this service offers a lot of specialized firms, but if necessary, processing the apartment can be done independently, giving it enough time and effort. Accordingly, the owner of an apartment or a private house, tired of the constant presence of cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs or ants, always raises many questions: to poison the insects themselves (sometimes once again), or nevertheless to call professional pest controlists, What can be done to make it as effective as possible? Well, let's deal with all these issues together ...

Insecticides for insects in the home: a review of drugs
Инсектицидные средства от насекомых в доме: обзор препаратов

Means from insects in the house had to be sought for almost everyone. And very often the first time an aspiring amateur disinfector with such a tool is mistaken: either the drug does not work for those insects that live in the apartment, or it is not enough, or after the treatment of the room, the smell in it remains for weeks that it is impossible to live normally. Therefore, the choice of an effective insecticide for the destruction of insects must be approached carefully and responsibly - let's talk about this in more detail.

About electrical destroyers of insects
Об электрических уничтожителях насекомых

Electrical destroyers of insects are very popular today - primarily due to a combination of high efficiency and safety for human and animal health (after all, the device does not use poisonous chemical insecticides). However, the practical application of such devices has a number of important nuances and features, without regard to which the destroyer may simply not have the expected effect from it ...

Lamps for the destruction of flying insects
Лампы для уничтожения летающих насекомых

To destroy various flying insects in apartments and on personal plots, special UV lamps are widely used today. Such tools are very effective and at the same time easy to use, but before you buy the device it is useful to first understand the principle of its operation and the attendant nuances that can influence the choice of the most suitable model in your case. So, let's see what lamps exist today for the destruction of insects and what is useful to know about their use in everyday conditions ...

About insect bites and their treatment
Об укусах насекомых и их лечении

It is unlikely that in the whole world you can find a person who would never have been bitten by insects: throughout life we ​​are faced with a huge number of all kinds of their kinds, both in nature and at home. However, despite this, every new attack of insects is always unpleasant and unexpected, and in some cases - very dangerous. If the bite still occurred, you need to try to find out immediately what the insect attacked: this will help in providing adequate first aid, and after it - in treating the consequences. Of course, every insect bites in its own way, and therefore treatment must be different ...

Tumors and swelling with insect bites
Опухоли и отеки при укусах насекомых

The appearance of a moderately expressed tumor and edema is a normal reaction of the body to the bites of most stinging insects. Sometimes these symptoms persist for several days (while in the tissues there are components of the insect's poison and the products of the decay of cells), and then completely pass. However, there are cases when the swelling and edema at the site of a bite can be quite dangerous and require the adoption of appropriate first aid measures to the victim. We will talk about these situations in detail later, and also see how it is possible to reduce unpleasant sensations after a bite in normal, uncritical situations, when the swelling is small.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:


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