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Ultrasonic Ants Scarers

Ультразвуковые отпугиватели бывают разными, но есть ли от них прок в борьбе с муравьями?

Ultrasonic ants repeller is a relatively new and today at the peak of popularity a remedy for these pests. The demand for such scarers is due to the fact that their counterparts excel at removing mosquitoes and rodents from their premises. After reading reviews on this topic, most people unfamiliar with biology may develop a deceitful opinion that such means should work against the ants .

Such popular opinion is actively supported by the sellers themselves and their producers. And laziness, as the engine of progress, motivates many housewives to think about how to buy ultrasonic repeller of ants. After all, it's so simple: plug it into a socket and forget about insecticides, crayons and other complex chemistry while protecting the apartment!

But whether such an ultrasonic device works from ants is a separate interesting question. Let's look into it in more detail.

Principle of operation of ultrasonic repellers

An electronic repeller of cockroaches and ants is a device the size of a pack of cigarettes, carrying a plug on its case or on a separate cord for connection to a socket. When you turn on the special speaker of the device starts to generate ultrasonic signals, usually too high for a person to hear.

Человеческое ухо не слышит ультразвуковые сигналы отпугивателя

According to the idea of ​​producers, this sound must destructively affect the central nervous system of ants. As experiments have shown, ants do not yet know about this.

On a note

The term "infrasound repeller of domestic ants" is fundamentally wrong. The prefix "infra-" means, in this context, "ultra-low". Such sounds can produce huge masts of windmills, but not at home devices.

In fact, ants do hear the sounds produced by ultrasonic devices, but the deterrent effect of a fine squeak on them completely does not. Why this happens will be described below.

Operation and safety rules when using devices

Despite the seeming simplicity of use, every electronic ant repeller requires certain safety rules:

  • the device can not be kept permanently switched on in rooms, most of the day used by people for recreation;
  • most repellents are not recommended for bedding;
  • Use scarers in the premises where pets live, only with the permission of the veterinarian.

These measures are related to the fact that some devices generate a signal strong enough to negatively affect the human psyche. And when using them in rest areas, there may be a risk of causing causeless nervous disorders.

It is important!

It is devices that can damage a person's health, can in some cases effectively scare off ants: a powerful ultrasound in this case equally affects both bipedal and six-legged occupants of the apartment. Therefore, by the way, an ultrasonic device from ants, which on the seller's assurances "absolutely safe for humans," will be completely useless in the fight against ants.

Те ультразвуковые приборы, которые могли бы отпугнуть муравьев, будут иметь сильный эффект и на человека

Most ultrasonic ants repel the same type and differ from each other only in appearance and cost. Nevertheless, the most famous samples can be considered in detail.

Repeller Ecosniper

One of the only prefixes of "Eko-" with this facility is enough to attract an impressive number of buyers who are worried about the cleanliness of their apartment. In fact, Ecosniper's environmental friendliness is the same as that of other devices.

Отпугиватель Экоснайпер UP-116T привлекает немало покупателей своим названием

Its cost is from 1000 rubles, and outwardly it practically does not differ from the masterpieces of Chinese industry.


"I longed to try ultrasounds from ants instead of all these crayons. I chose for a long time, consulted, bought this Ecosniper. He worked exactly as much as the crayons on the nightstands. In fact, in general, a useless thing. Ants he to one place. Probably, our Russian ants to these all lotions are stable. "

Olga, Ryazan

Pest Repeller Riddex Pro

Behind the beautiful and attractive foreign name of the device lies the diligent Chinese manufacturer and the standard characteristics of the facility: he squeals just like most other means, costs about 600 rubles, but has a fairly modern acute-angled design.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель Pest Repeller Riddex Pro


"We bought Riddex Pro from ants, turned on his houses and at the dacha. The houses of the ants seem to have become smaller, but large blacks live on the dacha, they did not act on them at all. When they decided to destroy them completely, they caused dezinsectors. "

Mikhail, Alushta

Bell Howell from ants

Bell Howell is an expensive ultrasound ant repeller. Buy it can be in online stores for about 1500 rubles.

Отпугиватель Bell Howell дорог и все так же неэффективен

On assurances of the manufacturer the device effectively works not only in apartments, but also in garages, in warehouses, in public catering establishments.

Feedback on the application of the Bell Howell repeller:

"I would have your problems with one kitchen and two rooms. Here we have the boss concerned with the removal of ants, but at the SES of money regretted. He said to buy ultrasonic devices - and this is a university canteen! We bought the coolest, like - the most effective, Bell Howell. There on the package it is written that they are cockroaches, and mice, and almost no ghosts are expelled. All rooms were hung with 12 pieces. So what? Ants do not hear them at all. Under one directly on the plinth walked. We, in order not to upset the boss, bought a few pencils Mashenka , smeared them on the sly all corners, so he now walks and tells everyone what effective these ultrasound means. "

Alla, Odessa

Repeller Typhoon

Typhoon is a child of domestic production. The rectangular shape of it and the long, stern black wire evoke memories of Soviet receivers and radios.

Дизайн ультразвукового отпугивателя Тайфун напоминает советские приемники

Nevertheless, it is the Typhoon in certain conditions that shows a good result: reviews indicate that this ultrasonic repeller really does not like ants. But at the same time, it has many contraindications: it can not be inserted near the bed and used in children's rooms.


"We bought Typhoon for a private house. He really helped us. The ants did not disappear, but they hardly penetrate the house. We meet them in the garage, the summer kitchen - where the Typhoon was not included. Unfortunately, the appliance must not be switched on permanently and installed in the sleeping rooms. Therefore, for an apartment he is unlikely to fit. "

Maria, Elista

The price of Typhoon is about 1000 rubles. It is sold in many hardware stores.

Zenet XJ-90

Zenet, perhaps - the most criticized repeller of ants. He appeared after hundreds of customers found the absolute uselessness of his predecessor - Air Comfort, negative feedback about which literally flooded the Internet.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель AirComfort XJ-90

И почти полный его аналог - отпугиватель Zenet XJ-90

To somehow keep the production line afloat, the creators decided to rename their offspring. And it would be fine, though the form of the case was changed. But no, buyers, still convinced that ants can be brought out by connecting a plastic box to a socket, already on the websites of online stores began to find the striking similarity of the two models. That does not prevent, however, Zenet'u still somehow to be sold.


"Ultrasound from ants is a deception. Do not waste money, people, for those 800 rubles that costs Zenet, you can buy two cans of Raptor and probably destroy all the infection in the house! I bought and Zenet, and his predecessor, Air Comfort (what I was thinking then?) Daughter in a hostel. And cockroaches and ants on these devices run without fear. I'm writing a review to somehow shame the producer: to cash in on other people's problems without solving them is a great shame! "

Anna, Bryansk

Are ant scares effective?

In fact, ultrasound from ants is ineffective. Like any living being, an ant can experience discomfort while being in the field of sound of very high power. But in the same place the same discomfort will be felt by a person. To scare an ant with a sound that a person does not hear, you can not.

But anti-mosquito ultrasound is really effective. The fact is that mosquitoes use ultrasound themselves, thus transmitting danger signals. It is worth imitating them, and insects will consider that the device is their dying comrade. And from a dangerous place they will stay away.

На комаров ультразвуковой отпугиватель подействует, а вот на муравьев - вряд ли

Unlike mosquitoes, ants do not exchange ultrasonic signals - they have the basis of communication chemical signals. Consequently, he himself is not afraid of ultrasound.

But this is theoretical reasoning. There are experimental evidence, and numerous reviews, which are enough to confirm the uselessness of ultrasonic ants repelling.


"Our company is engaged in the implementation of pest control products. We tested in the institute laboratory all the devices with which we had to work. None of the ultrasonic devices proved effective against ants, cockroaches, bugs and fleas. Their main target is mosquitoes, and only inside the premises. On the street, even the most powerful of them practically do not work. Of course, get rid of ants , with which sometimes even insecticides of recent generations can not cope, with the help of ultrasonic devices can not. "

Ivan Alekseevich, Moscow

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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