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We choose a remedy for house ants in the apartment

Узнаем, какое средство окажется самым лучшим в борьбе с домашними муравьями

It is impossible to name the best remedy for house ants in the apartment: the possibility of using each insecticide drug depends heavily on the conditions of its application, the requirements for safety, the budget for baiting and the urgency of the whole process. However, the means of combating domestic ants on the market can be analyzed for a number of parameters, after which it will be easy to choose the best option for your case.

Rating of funds for their effectiveness

Each remedy for ants in the apartment differently combines efficiency, security, price and ease of use. All groups of drugs can be placed in the following sequence according to the degree of decrease in their poisoning power:

  • insecticidal aerosols - virtually every remedy for house ants from this category allows you to kill ants in a single apartment in a few hours. However, because of the specific nature of the ants themselves, in many cases the effect of these drugs proves to be temporary: the aerosol destroys only the working ants and individual nests, and the heart of the colony remains alive and quickly restores the population. But if the dislocation of the nest is known at least approximately, most companies for the destruction of ants use exactly aerosols.

    Аэрозоль может не избавить от муравьев в квартире, если матка останется жить

  • Insecticidal gels are very effective remedies for domestic red ants , thanks to which you can sometimes poison the nest and uterus, even without knowing where they are. The principle of most gels is that the ants themselves treat them like delicacies, and gladly carry poisoned droplets into the anthill to feed the uterus. The amount of poison in the gels themselves is selected so that after a meal at a randomly found drop the worker ant did not immediately die, but managed to carry the poison into the anthill. The rate of removal of ants with insecticide gels depends on the degree of contamination of the apartment and usually ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.
  • Insecticidal dusts and pencils, which are very difficult to take out ants for a very long time. Nevertheless, the cases of successful struggle with the help of these funds are known.
  • Folk remedies from ants in the apartment. Among them there are both intimidating substances that do not allow the destruction of ants, and effective poisons such as boric acid, borax, yeast and cornmeal. These substances are available, but they require time and effort to fight the ants.

    Борная кислота - одно из наиболее доступных средств для уничтожения домашних муравьев

  • Traps from ants, among which only individual models can produce a result (read about it below).

There are well-publicized, but useless against ants means. Among them - any magnetic resonance or ultrasound from ants, next to which these insects can prosper safely.

Домашние муравьи практически не реагируют на присутствие ультразвукового отпугивателя

We will next consider exactly reliable means from domestic ants, regularly collecting good reviews and really helping people get rid of small red pests.

Choose an effective aerosol from ants

The effectiveness and speed of aerosols is ensured by the fact that the ant, trapped in the cloud means, can not avoid poisoning: the aerosol penetrates into its body with air through the spiracle, and some substances - directly through the outer covers of the body.

At the same time, active substances in most modern aerosols are relatively insecticides that are relatively harmless to humans and other warm-blooded animals. However, these tools should be used in accordance with the operating instructions and standard safety measures.

Raptor in the form of a spray, is perhaps the most well-known remedy for ants today. The active substances in it are Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide.

Аэрозоль Раптор довольно эффективен против домашних муравьев

The exact name of the remedy is "Raptor from creeping insects". Aerosol is good because it contains a mint flavor and does not leave an odor that is characteristic of many professional products.


"I was looking for and wanted to buy a remedy for house ants, but Raptora was afraid, because it is advertised everywhere. As it turned out - in vain. One cylinder was enough for me to process the kitchen and a small room, and already in three days there was not a single ant in the apartment. I still for reliability sometimes I smear cracks on a balcony gel Raptor, and already a year fie-fie-fie ants in the house are not present. I recommend boldly ... "

Tatiana, Ufa

Get is a reliable microencapsulated anti-ants agent in an apartment with a non-standard operating principle: numerous microcapsules with an insecticide are distributed over the surfaces with the active liquid. The insect, running through the treated surface, willy-nilly collects particles of poison that can penetrate through the covers of the body.

Концентрат Get - микрокапсулированное средство для уничтожения домашних муравьев

To obtain the maximum effect from the use of the Get tool, it is desirable to process them surfaces that can not be washed for several days. Then Get will have time to poison the maximum number of pests.

The cost of one Get vial is 720 rubles. It is enough to process 100 square meters of contaminated area.

Combat battalion is an effective remedy for domestic ants produced in Korea. It is produced in two versions - with lemon and mint aromas, thanks to which use of the Combatant will not lead to the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the apartment.

Аэрозоль Комбат


"We at the store decided for a long time what remedy to buy the ants, stopped at the Combat, although we were all advised by the Raptor. The product was completely arranged, the kitchen was sprayed twice with a pause a week. All the ants disappeared after the first treatment, and the second we carried out purely for prophylaxis. Neighbors complained that after that, they had more ants. But we are not afraid. If they return to us, we know what to poison them with. "

Oleg, Moscow

In its time, Raid was known as the most effective means of ants in the apartment. However, the output of the last years of production is somewhat inferior in effectiveness to other drugs.

Аэрозольное средство для уничтожения насекомых Raid


"Recently I met ants in a new apartment. Out of habit I bought a remedy from ants in the house of Raid and ... was terribly disappointed. If earlier all the ants were dead after one line crossing from dichlorvos, now they are walking along the processed plinth, as if on the boulevard, and nothing touches them. I must say that I bought the product in 2013. If somewhere there is a drug 2010 g.v. - one can take boldly, more modern ones are unreliable ".

Vladimir, Ryazan

Insecticidal gels from ants

The main advantage of gels is their ease of use. You do not need to totally process all surfaces, close and "ferment" the apartment - the gel simply neat rows of drops are applied to corners and walls near the places where ants are found most often. If desired, it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, and there will be no traces left on the site of application. However, the longer this ant-anesthetic is in the public domain, the more reliable it will work.

The effectiveness of the use of insecticidal gels in a number of cases is significantly higher than in aerosols. These are the cases when the nest of domestic ants is outside the apartment, and aerosol insecticides do not reach it. Poisoned the same gel the working people themselves bring to the anthill and feed them their brethren, including the uterus.

However, this requires patience: with the help of insecticide gels ants can be taken at best in a few weeks.

Of all the gels Globol (Globol) - perhaps the most effective remedy for domestic ants (German). One drop of it can kill up to 500 adults! However, when buying this product, one should be careful and choose only a product with German inscriptions and a special hologram on the package, since the original gel is today copied by unscrupulous Russian producers, whose counterfeit products are much inferior in effectiveness to the original.

Покупая гель Глобол от насекомых, остерегайтесь подделок


"I once drove cockroaches Globolom, now and against the ants tried it. He really lived up to expectations. True, with the ants had to tinker longer - more carefully to work on the tables, several times re-miss. But nevertheless, I got rid of them without any smelly sprays. "

Alexandra Pavlovna, Tomsk

This gel became especially popular with owners of private houses as an effective remedy against red ants. Of course, against ordinary domestic Pharaoh ants, it will work with no less efficiency.

Инсектицидный гель Фас от тараканов и домашних муравьев

In the line of funds from the pests of the company Raptor, there is also a gel, which is not inferior to aerosol by reliability of work. This is an excellent ant-cure, which can be used in an apartment in addition to spray.

Гель Раптор от тараканов и домашних муравьев

When using such a tandem, the bulk of the working ants is first destroyed, and then those that are preserved in the anthill, including the uterus, are removed from the gel. Both types of funds can be bought together: sometimes the manufacturer even produces combined sets of aerosol and gel.

This gel is inferior to the famous Globol, perhaps, only in accessibility: it is not so advertised, and therefore it is not always possible to get it.

Гель Штурм не так известен, как Глобол, но тоже вполне эффективен от насекомых

In terms of effectiveness, this means of fighting the ants confidently gives odds to most competitors.

Insecticidal powders and pencils

Powders, called still dust, and their denser form - pencils - have already become real folk remedies against ants and cockroaches.

Средства от муравьев в форме дуста обычно менее эффективны, чем гели или аэрозоли

They are used in the same way as gels, but they are much less effective, if only because ants usually do not eat them, and they are poisoned only after they get soiled in such a poison.

This remedy against house ants is unique in that it has an absolutely natural composition: it consists solely of dried and chopped chamomile flowers containing a strong insecticide.

Порошок пиретрума является натуральным средством от муравьев и других насекомых в квартире


"I used to always use aerosols, but this time I already had a small child, and I did not dare to poison the ants with chemistry. I bought Pyrethrum, I was told that this remedy against ants in the house does not contain dangerous substances. I worked the apartment as a dust - scattered in the corners, behind the bedside tables, near the garbage can. For about three weeks, all the ants disappeared. But now I sometimes pour a tool everywhere, so that the ants do not appear again. In general, a good, effective remedy. "

Inna, Kiev

Meshenka Mashenka is, perhaps, the most famous, and today is truly a national remedy for domestic insects.

Мелок Машенька - одно из наиболее известных в народе средств от насекомых в квартире

This pencil is necessary to draw lines on walls and furniture in places of the most frequent movement of ants. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer of Masha constantly updates the composition of the product with modern insecticides, which allows the drug not only to remain highly effective, but even to compete with the latest achievements of the insecticide industry.

Boric acid - a known antiseptic, used to treat wounds. And in combination - a popular remedy for ants and cockroaches. Boric acid is added to various dough-like mixtures, from which poisoned baits are prepared and laid out in the form of ants. Further such baits work in the same way as gels - the ants classify them in an anthill and poison everyone who decides to regale the remedy.

Приманки с борной кислотой являются доступным и проверенным средством от муравьев и тараканов

Bura is a salt of boric acid, and equally reliable against food ants. Advantages and disadvantages to their chemical counterpart is not and therefore is usually used in those cases when it is more accessible.


When preparing poisoned baits with boric acid and borax, it is important to properly comply with the recipe so as to prevent foraging foraging ants even before they doth poison the anthill. Detailed recipes are given on our website in a separate article.

Traps from ants

Of all the pitfalls that the market is full of today, traps with insecticide poison work well against ants. In fact, this is a common poisoned bait, just placed in a plastic container, so that neither children nor pets can get to it.

Of these traps, Raptor and Combat SuperAttack are particularly effective.

Инсектицидная ловушка против муравьев Combat SuperAttack

Traps acting on the principle of Velcro, or houses with electric discharges, against the ants are absolutely ineffective. Yes, they will destroy the foraging workers, but the anthill will successfully produce a shift, and in general there will be fewer ants in the apartment.

Other means - strongly smelling herbs, turpentine, kerosene and denatured - the ants themselves will not be destroyed, but only scared away. As soon as the smell disappears in the apartment, the ants will return.

But if the owners of the premises are lucky to find the heart of an anthill with a habitat for the uterus, it should be vacuumed or poured with boiling water. This will reliably destroy at least one nest of ants.

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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