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Effective poison for the ants in the apartment

Выбираем отраву от муравьев в квартире...

The struggle with the small red ants in the house is quite a difficult affair. In order to ensure that the poison for the ants in the apartment is effective, it is necessary not only to choose the right remedy, but also to strictly follow the instructions for its use, and also to take into account certain features of the biology of the ants themselves.

It is interesting

Red ants are known for being able to organize so-called supercolonies, combining several scattered nests with several uterus in each. Destroy such a colony, distributed throughout the apartment building, it will be difficult even in the ideal case when all neighbors are consumed with a desire to get rid of these pests.

So, before you remove the ants from the apartment, you need to decide on the choice of an insecticide. For example, aerosol preparations are relatively toxic (they will inevitably have to breathe), but they can get rid of ants in a matter of hours. And insecticidal gels, for example, are very simple to use, but they will have to poison the ants in the apartment for at least several weeks.

При выборе средства от муравьев необходимо учитывать ряд особенностей препарата

All these, as well as some other features of the use of various types of insecticides, need to be well known even before the ants are harassed indoors. Let's get acquainted with these subtleties closer ...

How to choose the right poison: a quick guide

To choose this or that means is necessary first of all taking into account the level of its safety and own requirements to the terms of getting rid of the ants. If an apartment infected with ants has children or pets, it is better to purchase low-toxic drugs - insecticidal gels and pencils, or use boric acid .

Before you poison the ants in the apartment, you need to assess the extent of its infection with insects. To acquire the most lethal aggressive means is necessary only in the most neglected cases. If there are not so many ants, you should not pursue super-efficiency, as it is often associated with increased toxicity of the drug for a person.

Crayons and dusts for baiting ants

The composition of these funds usually includes a potent insecticide, low-toxic for warm-blooded animals. The principle of their action lies in the fact that insects, getting dirty in powder or chalk particles, cleaning themselves, will swallow poisoned particles.

However, recently several products appeared on the market, which also have a contact effect on insects: the active substance in them will penetrate through the outer chitinous cover of the soiled ant independently.

It should be borne in mind that crayons and dusts are designed for a long, but quite simple and quite effective fight against insects.

Not everyone knows, but well-proven in the fight against cockroaches chalk Masha is a very effective poison for ants.

Мелок Машенька вполне эффективен и против муравьев

The chalk contains 0.25% of fenvalerate - it is an insecticide of contact-intestinal action.

It is necessary to smear the walls and floors in places of frequent movement of ants.

Pyrethrum is a powdery preparation made from flower heads of certain varieties of chamomile.

Инсектицидный порошок Пиретрум - готовится из соцветий ромашки

This poison causes paralysis of the muscles in the house ants , and is very effective against insect parasites in general (in particular, from fleas, bedbugs and cockroaches).

Aerosols as the fastest means of ants

The most effective and quick-acting insecticides for rapid disposal of red ants in the apartment are preparations in the form of aerosols and sprays. Not without reason, almost every poison for red ants in the arsenal of professional services of pest control is exactly aerosol.

Аэрозольные инсектициды позволяют вытравить муравьев из квартиры в короткие сроки

The use of aerosols is somewhat laborious, but it allows you to get results almost in one day.

On a note

Against ants, even the most powerful aerosols can only give a temporary effect. This is due to the fact that only workers working in the apartment are poisoned. If the nest of ants is in a neighboring room and remains untreated, after some time after baiting the ants from it will return to the apartment again.

Combat MultiSpray is an effective poison against ants of instant action with a pleasant smell of lemon.

Аэрозоль Комбат Мультиспрей

In contact with the aerosol, the ant loses the ability to move (paralyzes), and then it dies. The average cost of the drug is 150-170 rubles.


"A good tool, inexpensive. At first we were frightened when one bottle was enough for us only half a kilogram, but then did not regret it: with five cylinders we processed the whole house with a balcony. All the ants peretravilis, we did not meet them after that. "

Tatiana Karpova, Pyatigorsk

Another, no less effective aerosol, which can quickly poison ants in the apartment, is Fumitox, the price of which varies from 30 to 65 rubles.

Фумитокс от ползающих насекомых

Thanks to a convenient package with a flexible spout, even hard-to-reach places can be processed.

Raptor from crawling insects is a remedy with a pleasant smell of mint, quite effectively copes with ants, cockroaches and bedbugs. Acts almost instantly, and on the manufacturer's assurances is not very dangerous for humans and animals.

Аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых (тараканов, муравьев, клопов)

Aerosol Raptor should be used with closed windows, and after 15 minutes after use, ventilate the room.

In this preparation, the insecticide is not contained in gaseous or liquid form, but in the form of microcapsules. By clinging such a microcapsule on the paws, the ant will poison itself when it is cleaned, and poison several brothers if it reaches the anthill.

Инсектицидное средство Get, изготовлено по технологии микрокапсулирования

Before etching domestic ants with this drug, you need to carefully study the instructions for use and the procedure.

Gels from ants: safety, efficiency and ease of use

Gel-like remedies against ants do not work quickly and allow you to etch out red ants for several weeks. But they are in general one of the most effective means: a drop of gel has an attractive ant for an odor and a taste, and so finding it, he will try to take the poison to an anthill. When the systematic application of gels with dotted lines along the ant trail can be achieved that they themselves poison the uterus in an anthill and the entire anthill.

Poison Rubs from ants copes well with other domestic pests - cockroaches and flea larvae.

Рубит Зиндан - гель для уничтожения тараканов и муравьев

To combat ants, it should be applied drop by drop with an interval of one centimeter along the skirting boards and known ways of moving the insects.

Гель-паста Штурм для уничтожения тараканов и муравьев

The effectiveness of Sturm is ensured by the fact that the insecticide in its composition has a contact effect. This means that even once touching a drop of gel, the ant will surely die. But the dosage of the poison itself in the medium is sustained in such a way that the insect has time to drag the poisoned bait into the nest.

Gel Raptor is also quite effective against ants and cockroaches.

Инсектицидный гель Раптор

It is often sold complete with aerosol and is used to prevent the appearance of insects after treatment of the premises by the main means.

DETA from ants

DETA is a pasty substance with a sharp sweetish odor. Also available as an emulsion.

Средство ДЭТА в форме эмульсии

Has a pronounced repellent effect, which must be taken into account when using: the most effective will be DETA to prevent the penetration of ants into the apartment.

Folk recipes are poisoned from domestic ants

Effective bullying of ants in the apartment can be carried out and by making baits from ordinary and affordable folk remedies.

In addition, ants can be scared away. Red pests do not tolerate the smell of green parsley, bay leaves, cabbage leaves, wormwood, wild mint, the smell of onion, garlic, lemon and spicy cloves. They do not like the smell of vegetable oil, so it is recommended to lubricate the edges of dishes and food packages.


"I remember that my grandmother from ants was constantly laying sage and mint in the corners of the house. I do not know how effective this is. I tried to scatter the carnation in the apartment (they say, the ants are afraid of it), and they definitely became smaller. However, they did not completely disappear, and they had to finish off from the cans. "

Inna, Bryansk

Conventional yeast is another excellent poison for house ants. In places that are favored by ants, it is necessary to place saucers with a yeast thick mass, to which honey or sugar is added.

With red ants, you can also fight with borax and boric acid.

Борная кислота является эффективной отравой для муравьев

For this, there are several national recipes:

  • dry bait. To prepare it you need to mix boric acid and sugar, and then scatter the resulting powder in the habitat of insects.
  • Liquid bait: 5 g of boric acid, 50 g of sugar, 50 ml of hot water and half a teaspoon of jam (to give the bait a special flavor), mix and pour over clean skeet. After placing in areas where there are often insects.
  • Potato balls. For preparation, take 1 package of boric acid (10 grams), 3 chicken eggs and 3 medium potatoes. From the boiled potatoes and yolks prepare the porridge, add boric acid and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix the whole mass and roll into small balls. С использованием борной кислоты можно готовить отравленные приманки
  • Meat balls: 2 tablespoons minced meat and a half teaspoon of dry boric acid to mix and prepare the balls.

On a note

Any poison against the ants should be placed in such a way that it is inaccessible to children and pets. In themselves, neither borax nor boric acid is dangerous, but given that the lures are not in the cleanest places of the room, and they are constantly running around insects that an hour ago may have been feeding in the garbage chute, getting such a ball into children's hands It is fraught with communication with doctors.

How to eradicate ants

Before you buy poison for ants, you need to organize a general cleaning of the entire apartment. Ideally, ants should be combined with general repair: even if the nest of insects is outside the housing, and in the apartment they are just looking for food, it is easier to treat the apartment with insecticides for repairs.

It should be borne in mind that red ants are able to penetrate from everywhere, including - along the outer wall of the building and the ventilation shafts. Often, even the most diligent baiting of ants in an apartment does not work if carried out by one tenant in one separate apartment.

With a strong infection and the presence of ants in most of the apartments in the house you can buy poison from the ants in concert with their neighbors. But in this situation it is best to resort to professional help from the staff of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, which will help to completely get rid of insects at any scale of the disaster.

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Ivan K :

    No matter how many struggles with ants, boric acid is garbage, the most important thing is to find them NEST, and several nests, and to destroy all the queens, there are too many of them, and after processing with MACHINE. Believe me, friends, this is the most effective, a means of 1000 percent tested ... You have a long and hard work, good luck.

    • Anonymous :

      And you fought all together with an entrance or in your apartment just disappeared?

    • Anonymous :

      In 3 apartments he personally brought boric acid himself, both cockroaches and ants. Here's to you and bullshit.

  2. Anonymous :

    Aa got wound all the same :(

  3. Alexander :

    The site and articles are useful. I learned a lot of interesting and useful things. But there is one but. For example, the recommended "proven" online store "Without insects" is probably not the most reliable. Thanks to your site I chose the tool that suited me, I made an order from them on March 5, I paid it right away. It has been more than two weeks, and the order has not been sent, they are fed breakfast. Be careful, in any case, in this store, do not prepay! If the package is not on the way, I will seek a refund.

    • Constantine :

      And what means ordered? What do they say, is there anything in the warehouse?

  4. Marina :

    We had ants lived at home a year ago. They were so small and lived, so to speak, under the skirting boards, in inaccessible places. I had to spread everything with Mashenka (chalk). It's just horror, how many there were. In addition, they are also what lovers eat things. They will get into the closet with linen and spoil everything, multiply there.

  5. Just a woman :

    I poisoned the ants with a mixture of boric acid, yolk and potatoes, it was so cool. They must have been dragging this mixture for a whole day with the whole colony, and then disappeared in two or three days. I was so happy, but since the house is multi-apartment, in a year and a half they reappeared. They are such clever creatures, no matter how much I bait them with boric acid, adding it to fresh minced meat, then to jam, etc. They do not even come nearer to it anymore. Now I do not know what to do. I treated the kitchen cabinets and walls with a "mascara", really helps - out of the cupboards, but still climbed from somewhere permanently. On the tile run. Now she poured them honey with yeast. We will see.

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