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We fight with house ants in the apartment

О методах борьбы с муравьями в квартире

Domestic ants are undesirable and very specific visitors in any house and apartment. But they can not be called too difficult to extract insects: knowing the features of their biology and being ready to apply really effective modern means, you can get rid of them quickly enough. Today, the fight against domestic ants is a thoroughly worked out process, taking one day's time off from strength and giving a reliable result.

In order to properly deal with ants in the apartment, you need a little: an effective tool that destroys insects, its correct application, and interaction with the nearest neighbors. If at least one of these three "whales" does not exist - the struggle with the ants in the apartment either does not give any results at all, or the effect of the efforts will be temporary.

Бороться с домашними муравьями нужно комплексно

Therefore, first let's designate the basic rules for effective breeding of domestic ants.

General rules for breeding ants

The main feature of ants is their colonialism. One colony must have a nest in which the uterus is located. Near the uterus are eggs and pupae of ants, here are collected supplies of feed. If you find such a nest and destroy it, all working ants, no matter how many of them, will simply die out in a week or two. If the nest is to live, you can destroy, as long as you please, the working ants running in search of food-the shift will constantly grow in the nest.

Матка домашних рыжих муравьев

Therefore, fighting with ants is precisely the destruction of their nest. And for this, by the way, it is not necessary to find it: today's methods of combating domestic ants make it possible to liquidate it in a peculiar remote mode.

Further, in a large apartment house there are almost certainly several dozen ants. Insects from one nest can scour in search of food at once on several apartments on several floors, and in one housing pests from different colonies can be present. That's why before you fight with domestic ants, you need:

  • coordinate their work with neighbors, and in the ideal case - to conduct joint processing of apartments
  • Consider that ants can temporarily leave the housing in which they are poisoned, and then infiltrate it again
  • when using insecticides, clearly follow the instructions and process the premises as diligently as possible: it takes five minutes to be too lazy, and after a couple of weeks the process will have to be repeated
  • be careful to prevent the ingress of ants into the room.

So, today you can fight with ants in several ways, differently effective and suitable for different conditions.

Ways to combat domestic ants

All the most effective and popular ways to combat domestic ants are divided into:

  1. Use of insecticidal gels
  2. Application of aerosols from insects
  3. I trample the ants with dust and crayons
  4. Calling special teams of pest control
  5. Mechanical destruction of the nest and individual workers' ants
  6. Use of folk remedies.

Сегодня существует много средств для борьбы с муравьями

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The fight against domestic ants in an apartment or a private house with the use of any of them can be quite effective with the right approach.

Aerosols for fighting ants

Insecticidal aerosols are very effective means of combating red ants, if it is necessary to take out insects here and now, without stretching this pleasure for an indefinite period. Their main advantage is the ability to get ants in places where a person can not reach by hand. They spread through the most secluded corners with air and insects can not avoid the penetration of poison into the body.

Аэрозоли позволяют быстро уничтожить уже имеющихся в квартире насекомых или обнаруженное их гнездо

Fighting ants in the house using aerosols requires preparation and at least one day of work to process the room itself. The sequence of application of aerosols in general looks like this:

  1. From the room all people and pets are removed, aquariums and terrariums are covered with coverslips and the compressors are turned off.
  2. Furniture moves away from the walls, hanging carpets are removed, windows and doors are closed.
  3. The maximum number of surfaces is sprayed with aerosol. You need to be prepared that you have to spend at least three conventional balloons (for example, Raptor or Combat) on a one-room apartment.
  4. The apartment closes and leaves for several hours.
  5. After settling in the room, a general wet cleaning is carried out. Surfaces to which pets and children can not get - the walls behind the furniture, the inner walls of the bedside tables - are not rubbed, so that the drug is preserved for as long as possible.

Today the most popular aerosols from ants are DETA, Combat, Raptor, Get, Raid, Carbofos, Microfos.

Аэрозоль Рейд от тараканов и муравьев

Successfully fight red ants can be done with almost any aerosol with insecticide filling. It is important only to avoid obsolete dichlorvos and similar preparations that have an increased toxicity for warm-blooded animals.


"As long as I can remember, my grandmother was always tormented by ants in the house. Only she poisoned them with all sorts of stinky Dichlophos. They returned in a month. My husband and I once bought three Combine tanks, sprinkled the house from head to foot, washed the carpets, and for a year already not insects have returned. "

Marina, Belyaevka

It should be remembered that aerosols from ants can give a "misfire". This is due to the fact that their very nest is outside the apartment - in the front room, in the neighbor apartment, on the dryer - and only workers are killed by the aerosol. Therefore, deciding how to deal with ants in the house for sure, you should prefer drugs that are somewhat stretched in time, but which in any case will reach the heart of the colony of insects.

Insecticidal Gels

The principle of action of insecticidal gels is different from that of aerosols: gels attract ants as a source of food. Insects actively eat them themselves, and then drag them into the nest to feed the uterus and larvae. Moreover, the insecticide itself in the composition of such a gel does not act immediately, allowing the doomed ant to poison several more of its counterparts.

Инсектицидные гели продаются обычно в шприцах или тюбиках

Of course, in one day the fight with ants in the apartment with the help of gels will not give a visible result, but in a few weeks with their help you can destroy even the ants that live in the neighbors.

It is interesting

The ants have a very developed phenomenon of trophallaxis - the transfer of liquid semi-digested food for the exchange of information and identification of fellow humans. Including by means of such communication, the transfer of poisonous bait occurs in house ants.

Трофоллаксис — передача жидкой полупереваренной пищи для обмена информацией и опознавания собратьев.

Gels favorably differ from powders (dusts) in that they can be applied to vertical surfaces. When the fight with house ants ends successfully, the remnants of the gel can be wiped off with a rag, and in their place there will be no greasy spots left.

When choosing gel from ants, you should look at its composition. If it contains Permethrin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Diazinon - it really will be effective in fighting against domestic ants. At the same time, such gels will be quite safe for animals and people: they can lead to allergies only when large amounts are eaten, but in all means producers add natural bitterness. Insects do not feel them, and a child or a domestic pet will immediately begin to spit from a drop of money alone.

The most popular today are Globol gels, Brownie, Raptor and Sturm gel paste.

Гель Раптор от тараканов и муравьев

Powders and pencils as the most famous means of fighting with ants

All known dust and chalk MASHENKA together with its Chinese slaughter analogues are in our country the most popular means for fighting domestic red ants, as well as cockroaches. Sometimes they are even included in the list of folk remedies, despite the fact that their composition is no less synthetic than aerosols.

Инсектицидный мелок Машенька вполне эффективен и против муравьев

On a note

Dust and insecticide powder - this, it can be said, is one and the same. Powders these means are called in the common people.

Measures to combat domestic ants with the help of these tools are quite simple. Powders simply crumble where ants are found most often, the crayons are also drawn strips. Even if the ant runs through such a barrier, on the paws, he will have crumbs, which he will undoubtedly want to clean his jaws and swallow in a calm atmosphere.

The main advantage of the means of this group is availability and cheapness. One pencil Mashenka can process the whole apartment, and all the fun will cost only 10-15 rubles.

Very good dust and crayons as a preventive measure: if the apartment is clean, but the risk of the appearance of ants in it is, the means should be applied in places where insects can enter the room.

Мелки и дусты необходимо использовать на путях возможного перемещения насекомых в квартире

Of the powders from the ants are very famous Piretrum, Ant Killer, Fas, Clean House, and from pencils - Masha and nameless for the Russian user of Chinese means.

Traps from ants

These means against the ants in the apartment are quite inefficient: in any case, only workers fall into the traps , which almost does not affect the life of the colony itself. However, if in parallel to fight the ants at home with the help of other, more effective drugs, then insecticidal traps can be used as an auxiliary.

Ловушки Globol против муравьев

Against ants are also effective hooks, Velcro. If you install one such adhesive tape on the way of moving insects, a day on it can stick a few hundred pests.

It is most effective to use traps if ants visit guests from neighbors and know the ways of their penetration into the house. One set on the trail bait securely protects the room from these insects. It is important only to replace it with a new one from time to time.

Folk remedies for ants

Folk remedies against ants in an apartment are no less diverse than industrial insecticides. In this case, among them there are deterrent drugs, and funds for the destruction of insects.

The first include sunflower oil, bay leaf, garlic, kerosene, turpentine, denatured alcohol. In order to effectively deal with indoor ants, these means need to rub the places of movement of insects, and lay the bay leaf next to the products to which their access should be prevented.

Запах лаврового листа отпугивает муравьев

Natural poison for domestic ants are boric acid and borax, simple and brewer's yeast. There are many recipes for the preparation of effective lures based on these substances, which can be treated with house ants no less effectively than with synthetic insecticides.

Call of special teams

However, no matter how sensitive to different insecticides ants are, fighting them will be the simplest and most reliable if you entrust it to professional disinfesters. Private brigades and sanitary services destroy the ants quickly and effectively, and then give a guarantee that within a certain time the insects in the house will not appear.

Дезинсектор обрабатывает квартиру

This method has only one minus - relative high cost. Fight small domestic ants yourself, even using the most modern means is cheaper than calling a special brigade.

It is very important to fight against ants in the house is to prevent them from entering the room. It does not matter if it's an apartment, a private house or a dacha - if you initially protect the premises from insects, then you will not have to use special means for their destruction in the future.

Важны также меры профилактики от повторного проникновения муравьев в квартиру

For such prophylaxis it is necessary to initially deploy scaring drugs in places where insects penetrate and use simple and cheap traps. But the maintenance of cleanliness in the house to protect it from ants is of less importance than the same measures from cockroaches: ants can constantly patrol even the cleanest rooms in search of food. Therefore, prevention from them requires special measures.

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Irina :

    Hello! At home, of course, while ants are not found, but my neighbor, she lives in a private house, many insects in the garden ... She was advised to tobacco dust to fight them. Like, until it's bad, slowly run up))

  2. Alexey :

    I tried different methods and means. Called "experts" and still appear after a while again. The last time was helped by the destruction of the nest with the uterus, they sewed it in an economic glove, they brought in all the queens. After the destruction, they disappeared. Two weeks the flight is normal. We are waiting for the guests.

  3. Anastasia :

    And what should I choose if the house has pets and ants all the time in their bowls? ((

  4. Andrew :

    Good afternoon, affected by ants. He himself became a victim of pests. More than two years unsuccessfully struggled with these small harmful villains. All the means available on the Internet did not allow them to get rid of them altogether, but allowed them to partially control their numbers. The solution to the problem came completely unexpectedly. In the spring, mosquitoes climbed out of the cellar through the ventilation shafts. It was necessary to include fumigators in the apartment. One morning, on the windowsill with the fumigator working, I noticed a bunch of writhing ants in agony. The decision was born immediately. With closed windows on weekends, we include fumigators in all rooms, we take all the animals, including cats of dogs and fish, and go to the country. And about a miracle, the red bandits die, because the repellent used in the fumigator seems to act equally on all those who are cold-blooded in breathing. The procedure must be repeated several times. So I got rid of the ants. I wish everyone good luck.

    • Ramsey :

      Andrew, hello! Thanks for the recommendation. What kind of fumigator helped, please specify.

  5. Love :

    Domestic ants will disappear forever, for this you need to mix a tablespoon of borax (used in soldering) and two tablespoons of not salted minced meat. Expand in the places where the ants appear. Do not be scared, the first days insects crawl to eat in a crowd, can appear a tape of them. They are eating food in the nest, feeding the uterus and children. In a few days the whole house will forget about them. Pesticides in apartments do not use, the nests are located inside the building structures and always remain alive. The method with borax is tested (not boric acid, but borax!)

  6. Sergey :

    Consulted in the company providing disinfestation services (consultations were free of charge). They said that we must find a nest and destroy it, filling it with boiling water. That's just to find this nest is not so simple, since it is most likely located somewhere in a place very difficult for a person.

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