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Remedy for ants DETA

ДЭТА - одно из самых известных средств для борьбы с муравьями

Designed for the needs of the US Army in the far 40s of the last century, diethyltoluamide (short for DETA) after testing its performance and, most importantly, human security - began to be actively used not only for military purposes, but also to protect civilians. It was used by hunters, fishermen, farmers, inhabitants of northern and taiga regions. And later, just the owners of houses began to try to use DETA from ants, cockroaches and other harmful insects in their homes.

And, as it turned out, quite successfully - DETA possesses not only intimidating, but also insecticidal, poisonous properties. And with the proper processing of the facility, the ant-ant agent DETA will help get rid of these pests in a relatively short time.

Диэтилтолуамид (ДЭТА)


"All around are rushing about with these combatants and raids. And I took a simple pshikalku from mosquitoes with death and sprinkled it in the cracks in the basement, from where the ants creep. So they did not even show up from there. The means of this we have the sea, it's worth a penny, so I go with him on a perimeter basement once a week and there are no more ants in the house . "

Sergey, Vologda

DETA Properties

Earlier, during the years of release and release of DETA to the market, it was believed that this drug blocks the transmission of a nerve impulse in the olfactory receptors of blood-sucking insects. Simply put, the insect loses the "scent" and does not perceive the substance processed by the substance, as a source of food.

It is clear that with this approach, the ant-ant agent DETA could not be effective. After all, it does not deter insects and does not prevent them from collecting food, although it hinders their orientation in space: ants use sense of smell to the same extent as vision.

В действительности ДЭТА воздействует на обонятельные рецепторы насекомых

However, more recent studies have shown that the previous hypothesis about the mechanism of action of the drug was incorrect. DETA actually has an irritating effect on the olfactory receptors of insects. In laboratories in the antennae of mosquitoes, even proteins were found that react with DETA molecules and after that transmit powerful impulses to the central nervous system of the insect.

On a note

As it turned out later, DETA effectively discourages not only insects, but also ticks. At the same time, the greater the concentration of DETA in the product, the longer it protects against parasites: if it is applied (or sprayed) only with pure, 100% remedy, the effect persists for 12-14 hours, while treating the body with a 30% solution - about 3-4 hours .

With this explanation it became clear that DETA can be actively used against ants. The first experiments showed that the remedy is really effective, although it has some peculiarities.

DETA from ants: how effective is the tool

Remedy for ants DETA significantly differs from other aerosol insecticides in that it does not destroy and does not poison insects. It effectively discourages them from those places from which they have not yet evaporated.

Препараты с содержанием вещества ДЭТА

Of course, to destroy the ants DETA does not fit. But with the regular treatment of the room with the drug, you can be sure that the insects will very soon stop visiting it.

DETA is most effective as a means of preventing from ants in the apartment. So it works safer than chalk and even boric acid - insects are simply afraid of the smell of the substance. Therefore, it is effective to handle all ways of getting insects into the house, including boxes of entrance doors, external slopes of windows and ventilation holes in the house.

При борьбе с муравьями эффективно наносить средство с содержанием ДЭТА на пути перемещения насекомых


"I was constantly advised by all sorts of eerily stinking dusts to protect ants from ants. I acted simpler: took Off with DETA and sprinkled her doors and windows on the balcony - through them the ants made their way to the apartment. This remedy smells normally and is harmless to humans and dogs. The ants can not get into the apartment, and I'm not afraid for the children and Roy. "

Irina, Ufa

If the way out of insects from their shelters is known - crevices between slabs, plinths or parquet, niches and openings from neighbors, they need to be treated with preparations. It is important to choose the optimal form of release of the product, in which it works for the longest time and reliably.

Form of issue and price of the facility

The DETA preparation from ants is issued in several forms:

  • cream intended for skin treatment. To fight the ants, it fits most: where the cream is applied, it will persist and work effectively for a very long time, until it is wiped out or completely dried. The disadvantage of the cream is the presence of glycerin in its composition, because of which it can leave greasy spots on the places of its application. Крем с содержанием ДЭТА
  • Aerosol, the optimal form for processing the found inputs into the sockets. Organizing the same barriers to the movement of insects with aerosol is irrational, because it quickly evaporates and requires frequent and regular application. Аэрозоль от мошек и клещей (отпугивает и муравьев)
  • Emulsion of DETA - when applied against ants practically does not differ from aerosol. The difference between these forms of release is only in the method of application: the aerosol is sprayed from the bottle, the emulsion is usually dipped in the fabric and the surface is spread. Средство с содержанием ДЭТА в форме эмульсии

All products based on DETA have a strong sweet smell, and thick forms - a white color.

Price DETA from ants depends on the form of release:

  • A tube of 30 ml cream costs about 30 rubles
  • aerosol balloon - about 70 rubles
  • a bottle of emulsion per 100 ml - about 100 rubles.

Buy DETA can be in any hardware store or online. It is produced by many chemical industry enterprises, and it does not make sense to single out a single manufacturer. It is important only to check before buying what the content of the actual DETA in the purchased product.

On a note

On the basis of DETA release means Off, Extreme, Taiga, Angara and many others. All of them are just as effective as the product with the same name.

Safety and rules for the use of DETA in the fight against ants

To combat ants by means of DETA, it is necessary to handle:

  • plinth
  • joints of walls with ceilings
  • Window frames and the front door to the house
  • cracks on the floor
  • the underside and the inner surfaces of the bedside tables
  • surfaces hidden behind furniture
  • The discovered places of penetration of ants into the house.

If an anthill is found and easily reached by a vacuum cleaner or boiling water, DO NOT use DETA. It is more reasonable to destroy it mechanically. It is important only to remember that house ants usually have several nests, and the destruction of one of them ends rarely.

Experiments have shown that with constant and prolonged use and ingression of the human respiratory tract, DETA can cause some disorders of the nervous system: headaches, irritability, loss of sleep.

При использовании аэрозольных препаратов нужно постараться их не вдыхать

However, this is important for the immediate treatment of skin with drugs. When using DETA in a dwelling, it will be practically harmless. It is important only to make sure that children or pets can not lick the already applied drug.

As a result, DETA can really be used from ants. One has only to remember that this is a deterrent, and do not place too high hopes on it, hoping that it will destroy all the insects in the room.

The optimal place for its use are dachas and temporarily populated private houses, in which it is necessary to scare off ants for a short time. In addition, due to the universality of DETA can be used both to repel ants, and to protect the occupants of the premises from mosquitoes and midges.

If you decide to fight the ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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